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My Writing Portfolio

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S: Kristina Smeriglio

FC: A Look Inside | Kristina Smeriglio

1: A Look Inside By: Kristina Smeriglio

2: This is my collection. A look inside my world. To those who have always believed in me, this is for you.

3: friendship | Personal Vision Statement Love is the reason for my being. To meet people and get to know them, to give chances and takes risks, are my passion. Through my relationships I will expand and grow as a person, only making myself even more capable and passionate than before. My compassion for people and their interests are what's important to me. Through my feelings and power as an individual, I will fight for the people in my life and be by their side. I know that I am meant to work with people as a profession, and everyone who knows me would agree. My patience, trustworthiness, communication skills, sensitivity, intuition, and passion for life all contribute. People are what make the world beautiful to me, and I will do everything in my power to protect them and help them flourish into the brilliant human beings that they are, no matter what.

5: friendship | Blog Entries A Trippy Way of Thinking, Call Me Gifted Part of Your World Saying the Right Words The Power of Words To Fly or Not To Fly? To Fly... Just When You Thought No One Was Listening... Poetry One and The Same From What I Know Journalism Single Mother Triumphs In Helping Others Fiction Kristalina | Table of Contents

6: A Trippy Way of Thinking Call Me Gifted | Taking a moment to sit back and think about things can be a way to reflect, but can also open a portal to another dimension of consciousness. I speak from experience when I say, the mind has powers far more superior to what the body can expend. There are all sorts of movies and books that speak of this “oneness” with the world and I can actually say that on my own I’ve felt such a splendor. When I look at myself in the mirror and take an extra second to look directly into the eyes of my own reflection, I know it’s me yet I feel disconnected at the same time as if my mind and body, for that moment, were in fact separate beings. Then there's the time paradox. The statement, “You’ve only one life to live” is constantly spoken by many just like, “life is short.” Is it really? Is this being we call our lives really all there is? I think about these things sometimes and I’ll be honest, it really brings certain thoughts and questions into perspective. What’s it all really about? Am I happy? Will I be able to look back one day, or even right now, and say I’ve lived a full life? It’s a concept that keeps me going. I wonder if the way I perceive the world, everything around me, is universal. Does everyone else see what I see? I will never possess the power to look through the eyes of another person, but I can and will share my vision. I feel as though my mind is a powerful being almost too much for the body it is kept in, and so, I will continue to disburse my knowledge and wisdom as my contribution to this world and leave it as my legacy.

7: Today I sat back and took the time to really let the world in. Sometimes I tend to take my surroundings for granted, but today I was aware. I started seeing things more beautifully, more colorful. That tends to happen to me when I go to the beach. Being by the ocean gives me one of the most relaxing feelings. I usually don’t share this with anyone, but sometimes when I’m in the water I drift off by myself for a little while. When I do, I feel like a mermaid in a world parallel to the one I know. Maybe no one can understand what I’m feeling, or maybe they feel it in another way, but the way I feel connected to the world sometimes is absolutely fascinating. This world really is wonderful. Not only did going to the beach relax me a bit, but also I think there’s something bigger going that has me feeling this way. I’ve also opened my eyes and my mind to many people recently. I’ve been listening to all sorts of stories lately, instead of saying all of them like usual, and have learned a lot about others. More specifically, I’ve opened up my heart to someone. He’s just like me, but at the same time completely the opposite. It’s hard to explain, sometimes I don’t even understand it myself, but this feeling is one that I won’t soon give up. It’s that feeling when you finally feel that someone is giving themselves to you and is making that effort to be in your life, that it’s not just you imagining things, it’s for real. All of these feelings taken into account, I feel as though I have world-viewing contact lenses that have allowed me to see the world in this magnificent new way. Life feels great. | Part of Your World

8: It is often said that it is not what you say, it’s how you say it. Although for the most part I find this to be true, it is truly amazing how a specific phrase, or set of words, can have an effect on someone. This is something I’ve learned throughout the years, sometimes one has to be careful what one says to someone else, one never knows how another can be affected or offended. However, it is ideal that one should have the freedom to speak their mind and share all of their ideas without censor or fear of being criticized. Now, for thought, when it comes to someone you love, if a topic arises and they say those simple little words that strung together have been thrown your way and pained you over the years, what do you do? Now, they may not have been saying them directly to you or your situation, for they are unaware, but they believe in those words and stand by them. Is that means to question everything else? Maybe it has more to do with disconnecting one’s self from those words at the moment and trying to understand, but I’ll tell you, it’s not easy. It’s hard to try and understand where someone’s thoughts are coming from when you for a fact have experienced such a situation before and know what you’ve felt. I myself am very auditory and words and emotions have a big impact on me. Everything another person says goes into my being and is processed through my machine of a mind. That is why I posed the question above: do words really matter? Similar can be said about positive words. Us as humans are tied to specific words and create our own meanings for them when spoken to us, but is it really the word itself being said that matters, or is there an underlying meaning to why such words affect us? Many different people will have many different opinions, but it is interesting to dive deeper into language and really think about why it is that certain words constructed together into particular phrases, will always have such an impact on us. The power of the mind, combined with the power of language, touching the human being and making a statement. | Saying the Right Words

9: Most, if not all of us, have gotten into a fight. They’re not always fun, but they always teach you something. Some people say that when they fight they really don’t mean some of the things they say, but after someone told me different I really took a second and thought, maybe that’s not the case. When we explode from frustration and release everything that bothers us, our thoughts and feelings come seeping through our lips and out as words. Maybe we’re a little harsher to the other person than we would like to be, but no one truly speaks for nothing. People may disagree with me, I can’t speak for the whole world, but through my own experiences I know that no matter what, my words are real and they express the way I truly feel. On that note, I’ve been the recipient of intense words more often than not. Holding back and listening to what I’ve been told, I’ve made the observation that some people really do not have a clue as to the degree to which their words can penetrate someone else and affect them. To some, words are meaningless, but truthfully there is so much power in words that one should really be careful with what they say. People have feelings and maybe some are less sensitive than others, I happen to be someone who is quite sensitive and maybe that’s why I feel this way, but I know as human beings we all feel. No matter how tough some are or seem to be, there is an emotional button, a trigger, in all of us. Tied to meaning, words can be so beautiful, there are so many ways to use language and flip and scramble letters to create sounds that ring in our ears. They have the power to evoke certain emotions in us and express any kind of thought. Don’t underestimate the letter, don’t undermine the word. | The Power of Words

10: Sometimes life presents you with a choice. But who’s to say whether or not the decision you make is right? We often seek advice from others when it comes to hard choices. I don’t think that it’s because we truly have no idea what to do, but in fact such seeking for words of others actually arises from our fear of making the wrong choice. But sometimes we just have to forget everyone else and go with our instincts, trust our intuition. When it comes down to it, it really is true that no one truly knows what’s best for us; only inside ourselves do we know the truth. It is said that sometimes, when in certain situations, we may be “blind” to certain things, but at the end of the day we’re really not that blind at all. We all possess the power and mind to know exactly what’s going on around us, and what we feel inside. So as hard as some decisions may be, just listen to your heart, and in the end whatever you choose, it’ll all work out for the best. | To Fly or Not To Fly? | Sometimes there comes a point in our lives where we have to learn to fly. But before you get ready to spread your wings and take off, take a look in the mirror. Take a nice long look at yourself. What do you see? Everyone has different opinions of themselves; some are in love with themselves, some the complete opposite. For those who don’t love themselves or have doubts, I’m going to say this: there is no one in this world that compares to you. You are one and only. You were born with a gift, or rather born as a gift to share with this life, and that is what makes you unique, that alone makes you beautiful. This was a concept that I had to remind myself of, for sometimes I forget, but I know inside of me there is a light, an array of colors that shine right through me. With this vision I will fly. With that, I tell you all to find your light, spread your wings, and fly. | To Fly...

11: Life surprises you. Sometimes I get lost in my head, lost in my thoughts, and I think no one is listening. That’s when I’m heard. Sometimes we want something so bad, and we think about it, dream about it, it’s all we wrap our minds around. But what we don’t realize is that our biggest blessings often come in disguise. We beg for things to be perfect, and in that thought things become more and more complicated right before our eyes. Instead of stressing the “perfect” we should appreciate the BEAUTIFUL. That’s been probably the hardest lesson I’ve had to learn, but I know now that as I’ve opened myself up, I’ve realized that there is true beauty in this world even in the most unexpected places. So I’ll leave you all tonight with this one simple thought: next time you’re feeling down, open your eyes and see the colors, hear the sounds, feel the energy. There’s beauty out there I promise, you just have to let it in. | Just When You Thought No One Was Listening...

12: One and the Same | Tall and long, with flowing dark hair, A voluptuous body, do you dare? An enticing seductress not afraid to be first, This is the woman who will quench your thirst. She’s a lady of the night there is no doubt of that, She is caught wearing black, ready for her attack. She takes you on a journey the moment you look in her eyes, Once she has you, there is no demise. But when the night is over and the sun starts to rise, What happens next, may come as a surprise.

13: Oh creature, my how she flies! Galloping through the bright morning sky. Her beautiful white mane flows with the wind, Of which her wings thrive from within. Her protruding horn with twists of delight, A mesmerizing unicorn plain in sight. A mystifying being with a kindly demeanor, She’s the sweetest thing whose ways bring you nearer. She can do no wrong, cause any harm, This might come as a great alarm. Strong and bold, with a powerful stride, You simply can’t help but stay by her side. She’ll never let you down, by no means break your heart, You may not know this right from the start. Blacks and whites, nights and days, Do you understand her complex ways? A one of a kind, a rare special breed, Not just simply a plain and tamed steed. She the unicorn, what a wonderful mystery! Your leading lady, here forever to make history. | From What I Know | From what I know, you’re different from the rest, Nothing like what I have gotten used to. I must confess you’ve been my greatest test, But I can’t help but want to be with you. A sense of freedom when we’re together, Feels like ecstasy to me all night long. Floating on a thrilling cloud of pleasure, I hope this intense high in me stays strong. Is it your voice? Your eyes? Your kiss? Your touch? Whatever it is, I surely don’t mind. If there’s one thing I know which isn’t much, Is that you, to me, are one of a kind. From what I know, I feel a sense of bliss, From what I know, you’re the chance I can’t miss.

14: Tough times, they’re given that name for a reason. No one ever said that everything in life was going to be easy, but it is the way that we perceive and react to the circumstances we are in that really sets the stage for our lives in the future. This was made especially apparent to me upon meeting Liz Becker, a devoted and inspiring Life Transition Coach and Master NLP Practitioner, who also happens to be a single mom. In her practice, amongst other things, Liz particularly specializes in working with individuals going through divorce, as well as their children. She focuses on the how of things, and how in life when we find ourselves “stuck”, with unique techniques we can find the resources within us to move forward and achieve success. By nature, we limit ourselves in many situations by the way that we think, communicate, and ultimately by the choices we make. A significant part of that is based on our belief system, and the beliefs we have, in fact, dictate our behaviors. If we think we “can’t”, then in turn we won’t. So instead of focusing on the difficulties and how something might seem out of reach, we should think of the possibility and ask ourselves, “What if I could?” The secret is to stay positive, as Liz has taught me, and to know that everything will be okay no matter what the situation is. No obstacle is too great to overcome for we all have the power within us to move forward and achieve our ultimate goals. It’s about finding our inner light, and letting it shine. | Single Mother Triumphs in Helping Others

15: Kristalina | a short story...

16: The year was 1934 and New York City was burning bright, its streets were filled with people. With The Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, and Radio City Music Hall opening in the previous couple years, the spirits of its citizens were coming back and out of the trails of the Great Depression. One person however, did not have many monetary problems during these times, but rather in his personal and love life. Dr. Stefano Amos was a 25 year-old Italian doctor born and raised in New York. He was quite the bachelor. Always wearing his elegant charcoal suit, he strode down the streets of New York standing 5 feet 11 inches tall with a tan lean figure. His face was handsome by far. He had dark brown hair cut to the “Short Back and Sides” style, big enticing dark brown eyes, and an incredible smile to add to his attractiveness. He was the object of many a woman’s affection. Stefano got out of his 1932 Chrysler Phaeton as he arrived at his patient's house. He was visiting the suburbs to check up on Mrs. Smith, an elderly woman who suffered from rickets. He went to follow up on her and give her some more pain relievers. She was a nice lady but her granddaughter, Molly, was always attempting to allure Stefano. He knocked on the door to the small one-story household. Molly opened the door and gave him a smirk as she slid her right arm up the doorway and put her left arm on her hip. “Why Dr. Stefano, what brings you here? Come to finally take me out on a night on the town again?” Stefano ran his right hand through his mane feeling a bit uncomfortable. They had gone out once but after the first night, she proved to be nothing but just another Jane who was in it for the nookie and dough. She had always wanted Stefano to be her sugar daddy, but he wasn’t interested in a woman of that sort, not anymore anyway. “I’ve come to check up on your grandmother and see how she’s doing,” he replied. “Well, come on right in.” Stefano did his routine, finished his check up, and was now on his way home. He arrived at his apartment, dropped his belongings on the tabletop, and made his way onto the sofa. He sighed as he took a look around his abode. It was simply decorated with a sofa, dining table, small kitchen, and his bedroom where he laid to bed every evening. This is me, he thought, this is what I do everyday. I run my rounds, come home, rest, then wake up in the morning and start all over again. Lately, he was not feeling all that great. There was something missing in his life, or rather, someone.

17: That night the moon was full and shining brightly. He decided to go for a walk. As he walked down the avenue he saw different people, some going up the steps and into their apartments coming home from work, dog walkers, passersby, and then there was a couple. That’s when it really hit him. They were sitting on a bench holding hands and sharing careless whispers with each other. Although Stefano couldn’t hear what was going on, he saw smiles and sweet kisses between them. Why can’t I have that? Stefano thought to himself. He shrugged and continued walking with his head down until he finally found an empty bench to sit on. He looked up at the celestial ceiling and stared for a while; he always admired astronomy. All of a sudden a shooting star crossed the night sky. Though he knew it was only a myth, he had always wanted to make a wish on a shooting star. They say that if you do, it’s bound to come true. “I wish to find my one true love,” he said as the star then vanished into the night. He quickly snapped out of it. Oh what’s the use? He thought, there’s no such thing. He made his way back into his apartment and into bed. An hour later, he was asleep. The following morning, Stefano woke up very tired. He got up, got ready, and was out the door. He made his way to his car, got in, and drove to his favorite place, Chock Full O’ Nuts. Chock Full O’ Nuts was not like any old coffee joint, it was cozy and full of humble people. He walked in and sat at an available table by the window. The waitress who had always attended him noticed he was there and brought his usual, a cappuccino, extra sugar. “Thank you Estelle,” Stefano said. “Don’t mention it.” She smiled. That’s when she walked in, this beautiful stranger. She was absolutely gorgeous, and immediately caught Stefano’s eye. She was around 5’7, olive complexion, with notable dark features. Her hair was long, dark brown in color, and her eyes were big, their color so dark they looked black. They were mysterious, breathtaking. Her body was impeccable, very feminine with flattering curves. Where did this woman come from? Stefano thought. He was left staring at her as she looked around, as if looking for someone. He got up from his chair and walked over to her. “Do you need help with something ma’am?” He asked. “Actually, yes. I’m here on vacation and I was told I just had to have a cup of coffee here. I’m Kristalina.” Her voice was enchanting, sultry in nature.

18: “I’m Stefano.” He smiled. “Would you like to maybe sit with me? I can help you and suggest a few places to go while you’re here.” “Sure, I’d like that.” They sat at the table and Stefano took it upon himself to order her the same thing he was having. They both had their coffees. “So tell me something about yourself. Stefano is it? What is it that you do here in Manhattan?” Kristalina asked. “I’m actually a doctor. I take house calls around town,” he replied. “Oh, a doctor. You’re quite accomplished. What about with your family? What do you all enjoy doing when you’re not attending to patients?” Kristalina knew he was neither married nor had kids, but had to ask. Stefano chuckled. “I’m flattered you think so, but I actually don’t have any children. I’m not even married. But I do enjoy going to the cinema, maybe even watch a musical every now and then.” “No wife? No children? I find that truly hard to believe, a handsome man such as yourself not wed.” Stefano blushed. “Thank you. But it’s not so simple. I’ve had my share of women don’t misjudge me, I just haven’t found the right one.” “Well looks like we’re going to have to do something about that. I’ll make you an offer. You show me the city, I’ll help you find a date.” Stefano laughed. “You really don’t have to do that. I’ll show you around, but don’t worry about me.” “Oh come on, it’ll be fun.” She winked. He shrugged and smiled. “Alright sure, why not?” * Over the next week, Stefano and Kristalina got to know each other pretty well. Every morning they made it a custom to meet at the coffee shop where they had first met. They would make plans and explore another aspect of the city each day. By the end of the week, Stefano had given her a full tour of New York, showing her the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, taking her to all the finest delis, and more. “How are you liking New York so far?” Stefano asked as they walked through Central Park. It was a beautiful day, the sun was bright. “It really is beautiful. I appreciate how you’ve shown me around. I must say, you’re pretty wonderful.”

19: Stefano smiled. “Why thank you. You’re quite lovely yourself.” They had become good friends, and had really enjoyed each other’s company. While exploring the city they would talk, go out to eat, take photographs, have a good time. Also, throughout their time together, Kristalina attempted at playing her role as his matchmaker. “So what about her? She’s pretty.” Kristalina said as she pointed to a lovely redhead strolling down the pathway. Stefano shrugged uncomfortably. “Yeah, she’s a piece of work alright.” “That’s the fourth lady I’ve pointed out this week that you’ve already been with,” Kristalina joked as she nudged his arm playfully. “You’re making it tough to try and find you someone new, you know.” He laughed. “Well what can I say, I’m quite the bachelor around these parts. Must be my irresistible charm.” He winked. “But I’ll admit, I’m over that lifestyle now. I wish to find a respectable lady you know, truly fall in love.” “Well, don’t worry. By the time I leave, I will see to it that you get your wish. I’ll find you love.” * A week passed. As usual, Stefano got in his car and was on his way for his morning coffee at Chock Full O’ Nuts. On this morning, however, he had left his home an hour earlier. He wanted to spend some extra time alone, to reflect on the past weeks and how grateful he was that he had found Kristalina. She really is wonderful, he thought. He knew he had made a friend in her, but there was something about her that left him wondering, something he couldn’t quite put his finger on. He arrived at his stop and made his way into the coffee shop. Chock Full O’ Nuts was as cozy as ever. With its wooden tables, simple china, and the same ol’ humble people, it was the perfect place to go and unwind. Stefano found an empty table and sat. A new waitress attended him today. She walked up to him and said, “Good morning sir. Are you ready to order?” “Sure, I’d like a cappuccino, extra sugar please,” Stefano replied. The waitress winked. “Coming right up.” The waitress walked away and Stefano started to look around the shop and at the people who sat at their tables having coffee. All of a sudden,

20: Stefano looked out the window of the shop and was left dumbfounded. Could it be? He thought to himself. The woman walked through the doorway. It was her. Stefano got up off of his seat and approached her. “Rose?” The woman looked at the man who had just called her by name. She was confused at first, but instantly realized who he was and smiled. “Stefano. What a surprise! I didn’t know you lived in Manhattan. How are you?” Rose replied and gave him a hug. Still shocked at who he was standing in front of, he replied, “I’m doing fine, how are you? And yes, I actually moved out here a couple years ago.” He paused for a moment, cleared his throat and continued, “Rose, pardon me for what I am about to say, but you look as beautiful as ever.” Rose was Stefano’s first love. She was of Italian background as well, but had fairer skin than Stefano. She was tall for a woman, around 5’9, and had beautiful dark brown hair with gorgeous pale green eyes. Her silhouette was also very beautiful. She had a slender body. But now with fully developed enticing curves, she was absolutely striking, even more so now than before. He had courted her when they were younger, but when Rose moved away out of Little Italy, they had broken it off. Stefano was heart broken at first when she left, but he knew he had to let her go. But that was long ago, they were older now. And they were both in Manhattan. “Why, thank you.” Rose smiled. The waitress walked up to them and said to Stefano, “Honey, I’m sorry to interrupt, I just wanted to let you know that your cappuccino is ready.” “Oh. Thank you, I’ll be right there,” Stefano replied. He looked directly at Rose and asked, “Would you like to join me?” Rose replied, “Sure, I’d like that.” They walked back on over to Stefano’s table and sat down. The waitress brought Stefano his coffee, took Rose’s order, and soon they were both sipping on their java. They started to talk about their present situations. Stefano shared how he was a doctor, and learned that Rose was a teacher. “That’s great. Being a doctor is a highly respectable career.” Rose paused. “So, are you married? Have any children?” She then asked. “As a matter of fact I’m not. And no, I don’t have any children either.” Stefano replied. “Oh, what a surprise. I would’ve thought an eligible bachelor such yourself would’ve had a wife by now.” Stefano chuckled a bit. “Well thank you, but no I haven’t found someone to commit to yet. What about you?”

21: “I haven’t wed either.” “What a shame. A beautiful woman such as yourself deserves a man in her life. Someone to love and cater to her.” The truth is, Rose had awful luck with her relationships after Stefano. She never really had closure with him and so it served as an issue for her with other men. Besides that, nowadays so-called gentlemen were starting to fade. “Who knows what the future will bring. Everyday brings a new surprise, like seeing you today. And I hate to have to say this but I must get going to work.” She drank the last sips of her coffee and began to get up off her seat. “It was really nice seeing you.” He got up as well, they hugged. She began to walk away and head towards the exit when Stefano finally called out, “Rose.” She turned around, looked at him, and replied, “Yes, Stefano?” He hesitated for a moment but then walked up to her and asked, “Would you like to maybe join me this evening for dinner? It’d be great if we could spend some more time, reminisce on old memories.” She took a moment and thought, it really would be wonderful to spend some more time with him. It had been so long and she knew a part of her never truly stopped caring for him. Maybe there was still something there. “Sure, I would enjoy that. Meet me at Mario’s, 8 o’clock?” Mario’s was their favorite place. Stefano smiled. “That’d be perfect.” * "So are you ready for your date tonight?” Kristalina asked. “I guess. I am a bit nervous though I must admit,” Stefano replied. “Why? What’s the matter? Aren’t you excited? She’s a pretty one,” Kristalina said nudging him. “No, there’s nothing wrong with her, it’s just been a while.” “Okay then, practice with me. Come on, let’s dance.” Kristalina turned on the record player and the music started to fill the dimly lit living room. She strolled on over slowly toward him and wrapped her left arm over his shoulder, extending her right arm. She glanced up at him waiting for his move. He accepted and clasped her right hand putting his other hand on the small of her back. They started to dance, and as they did, they both smiled. They were having a good time.

22: “So, Kristalina, if this was our date and I asked you ‘what attracts you to me?’ what would you respond?” Stefano asked. Kristalina looked right into his eyes, got ever so close to him and replied, “I’d say, I have never met a man like you. One who is strong, wise, knows what he wants. A man who knows how to make a woman feel vibrant and alive, yet respected like a lady. You are a true man.” Stefano was left speechless. He caught his breath, smiled, and replied, “No one’s ever said anything like that to me before.” He pulled her even closer, now holding her in his arms. He softly caressed the back of his hand against her soft cheek. He then brushed the locks of her dark, long, flowing hair away from her face. Stunned by her beauty, he caught her glance once more. “You know Kristalina, you really are beautiful.” She glanced down smiling. After a pause, she looked back up at him and said, “You see, I told you were ready. You’re going to have a great time tonight and trust me, you’ll have her blushing the entire time.” Stefano looked down and thought, that’s right, Rose. They released each other. Stefano cleared his throat and put on a sheepish smile as he graced the back of his neck, nodded, and said, “Yeah, I’m sure it’ll be great.” “Good. So then, now that we’ve gotten through the dance, it’s time to pick an outfit.” Kristalina gave him a little pat on the shoulder, then made her way to his bedroom. Stefano was left glancing at her as she walked away. * It was the following day and Kristalina and Stefano were walking down Fifth Avenue. It was a sunny day, with a nice breeze blowing through the trees. “So how was your date last night?” Kristalina asked. “It was pleasant actually. We went to Mario’s, it’s our favorite Italian restaurant. It was delicious,” he replied. “Well that’s wonderful, I’m glad you had a good time. But tell me, how was she?” “She was lovely. We reminisced on the good old days, enjoyed each other’s company. She’s really come a long way since secondary school. She’s quite wonderful. I think there’s something still there between us.” She paused for a moment. Suddenly struck with a pain in the pit of her stomach, she looked down and thought to herself, why does a part of me wish he hadn’t had such a nice time with her? Remember Kristalina you’re here on assignment. Oh who am I trying to fool? He’s so dreamy. She looked back up at him and forced a smile. “Well look at that, seems like you’ve found your match.”

23: “Well it’s like I always say, ‘only time will tell’. But it’s true, I did enjoy myself. You may find this a bit surprising, but I mentioned you in conversation last night.” Kristalina was surprised indeed. “Oh. Well I hope it was all good things you mentioned.” She giggled softly. “Yes, only good things I promise. I told her that you were here from out of town and that I’ve been showing you around. She wants to meet you. Tonight we were actually going to attend the movie premiere of It Happened One Night. You should join us.” “Sure, that sounds wonderful.” “Grand. Wear your most elegant dress and meet us at the cinema at 8 o’clock, okay?” “Sounds perfect, I look forward to it. Well then, I shall go now. I’ll see you tonight. By the way, again I’m glad you had a nice time last night. You’ve worn a great smile all day today.” She winked. They parted ways. * A couple of hours later, Stefano and Rose made their way to the theater. They both looked marvelous. Stefano was dressed very sharp wearing his elegant black tuxedo, his hair was slicked back nicely. Rose, wearing a long and elegant emerald dress, was looking gorgeous herself. They entered the theater and waited in the lobby. There were hundreds of people, with everyone dressed for the occasion. They were sharing a bottle of champagne when Rose looked towards the entrance and tapped on Stefano’s shoulder. “Look at the woman at the entrance. She’s absolutely radiant.” Stefano turned around and looked towards the main doorway of the theater. He was left awestruck by what he saw. Kristalina stood at the entrance looking regal as ever. She was wearing a stunning long dress. It was pearl in color, covered in diamond accents, and with remarkable style as it was low cut in the back, flattering her already beautiful body. Not only was she wearing an amazing dress, but she wore her hair slightly pinned back, flaunting her gorgeous face. Stefano held his glance, he could not look away. He cleared his throat. “That’s her.” Rose looked at him as he stared at Kristalina. She saw the look in his eyes that he had once had for her. It was at that moment that Rose knew the truth. She decided not to comment on it. “She really is striking.” Kristalina looked around and soon found the two. She went to them and gave Stefano a hug. “Hi! Wow, you both look great.” She then turned, smiled, and introduced herself to Rose. “You must be Rose, I’m Kristalina. Stefano here has told me many things about you. It’s nice to finally meet

24: you.” “It’s a pleasure meeting you as well. You look amazing by the way,” Rose said. “Why, thank you. Same goes to you.” Stefano, finally composing himself, turned towards both ladies and spoke, “So then, shall we make our way into the theatre? The movie’s about to begin.” * It was the following week, and Stefano and Rose had decided to meet each other at Stefano’s usual place, Chock Full O’ Nuts. They sat down at a table and had their coffees. However, they were not speaking. The sparkle between them had faded after the night of the premiere, and they both knew it. Stefano could not even look Rose in the eye. He knew the real reason why she had invited him there that day, and it wasn’t for the coffee. Stefano finally looked at Rose. “I’m sorry.” Rose stared at him right in the eyes. “What are you sorry for?” “You’re hurt, and it’s my fault.” Rose crossed her arms and looked away. “Don’t apologize. You can’t help who you love. Don’t hesitate, go after her.” Her eyes started to water. She shook her head slightly and wiped the tears from her eyes as she began to get up off of her seat. “I have to go. I hope everything works out well for you.” “Rose, wait!” Stefano called out. But it was too late. Rose had already made her way to the exit and out of the shop. She’s right, he thought. It’s not her I truly love, it’s Kristalina. Later on that night, Stefano and Kristalina had arranged to meet in Central Park. It was Kristalina’s last night in New York and she didn’t want to leave. But she knew that she had done her job and found love for Stefano, and so now it was her time to go back into the night sky and go home. Stefano stood in front of her. His shoulders hung low, his left hand in his pockets as he looked down on the ground, while his other hand graced the back of his neck. He sighed. “So you’re leaving now huh?” Kristalina walked over to him and gave him a hug. Finally, she let go of her embrace but stayed close. She lifted his face softly, making him look at her. “Look at me. These past couple weeks have truly been unforgettable. I’m really glad to have met you Stefano, but it’s time for me to go. Now you take care of yourself and,” She paused for a moment as she stared into his eyes. She released him and took a step back. She looked away. Her eyes started to water.

25: He moved closer to her. “Darling, what’s the matter? Why are you crying?” She then looked right at him and asked, “Is she the one?” Stefano was speechless. He had no idea how to answer her question. He stood there thinking to himself, no Kristalina she’s not, you are. But he knew from the start she was never there to stay, and so he made a choice. “Yes. She is.” There was no way of preventing the flow of tears that now heavily rushed down her cheeks. Kristalina nodded and turned around. She began to walk away. “Kristalina, wait!” Stefano called out. “Don’t leave.” She stopped walking and turned to face him. “I lied.” Kristalina was confused. “About what?” “Rose. We’re not together anymore, we went our separate ways this morning. We both knew she’s wasn’t the one for me.” “What do you mean? I thought.” She paused. “ Wait, why would you lie to me?” “I was being selfish. But I realize now that the woman of my dreams has been right before my eyes this entire time. Kristalina please, don’t go.” He grabbed her and pulled her close. “This may sound crazy but you have to understand, this has never happened to me before. This feeling I have for you is like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I knew it that night when we danced, and I tried to ignore it but I can’t lie to myself anymore, and I can’t lie to you. You’re like no other woman I’ve ever met before. You really are something out of this world. Kristalina, you are exquisite. You’re beautiful, charming, kind, and the love inside your heart is like no other.” He looked right into her eyes. “I love you.” She smiled. Her eyes were shining as brightly as ever. “And I love you.” Stefano smiled, his moment had come. Their lips connected and the passionate kiss they shared was like no other. They released and stayed glancing into each other’s eyes. “I know now in my heart what it is I feel when I look at you. You make my wishes come true.” | The End

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