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Nate Geno's Autobiography (1994-2011)

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Nate Geno's Autobiography (1994-2011) - Page Text Content

FC: The Chronicles of Nate by: Nate "the Great" Geno

2: The Chronicles of Nate by: Nate Geno Cadel House Publishing

3: Cadel House Publishing Copyright © 2011 by Nate Geno No part of this book may be reproduced, copied, or transported by any means without written permission from the author

4: If you're reading this, then you probably don't know a lot about me. I mean, if you thought you knew me then why would you need to read this book? Well since you have it, you should probably know why I wrote it. I hope that any and all who read this can get a better idea of me and my life, and can also learn a little something to apply to their own life. If there is one thing you need to know about me it's that I have this sort of self-imposed carefree outlook on life. I used to worry about everything, and still do sometimes. At some point I decided to just give up all my worries and to try my best and roll with the punches. While I often catch myself being lazy or letting uncertainty get the best of me, I still try to make the best of my position. In any case, here is my autobiography. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. | Preface

5: Forward | In my sixteen years, I've often heard people say they wish they had an older brother. An older brother is someone who protects you, makes you laugh, and guides you through everything. I am blessed to have that in my brother Nate. Nate has always been my hilarious, understanding, sarcastic brother, and I hope he never changes. As we are also twins, we are especially close. We have always done everything together and this has made both of us stronger. When either one of us doesn't know how to do something, we look to the other for help. There's a special connection between two people who are dealing with the same thing at the same time. With every new challenge I always have someone to look to for guidance. Life is approaching quickly, and I can't wait to see what it has in store for him. -Emily Geno

6: To my parents, for giving me the guidance to stay on the path of righteousness and help me become the person I am today. | To my twin sister Emily, for proofreading pretty much my whole book and for being my first and closest friend. | To Abby, for being such a ray of sunshine and an inspiration to carry on when times seem tough. | And to God, for allowing me to give all my worries to him and for paying the price that I could not.

7: "Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?" Matthew 6:25-27

8: Before I was a student at Freedom High School, I went to a private school. I had gone to private school my whole life up until freshman year. From first grade through fifth, I went to Trinity Christian School, off Braddock Road. Then, from sixth through eighth grade I went to a smaller private school called Ad Fontes Academy. This school influenced me a lot during my middle school years. I made a lot of friends and a lot of memories at that school. Ad Fontes was a very tiny, little thing. The school taught k-12 grade students, but despite this, the school was seriously lacking kids. It was so small, that my entire 8th grade class consisted of 13 people, including me and my twin sister. This was actually more of an advantage for me, because I had the chance to get to know every one of my classmates and form lasting relationships with them. However, because this school was so small, we had almost no options for extracurricular classes and we only had one language class, Latin. | AFA

9: A normal day would usually start around six a.m. for me, so that I could get a head start on the day. Getting up early allowed me to work on homework that I couldn’t complete the night before. By seven a.m. the rest of the house would have already woken up and I would take a shower, have breakfast, and get dressed. We had to get out of the house pretty quickly so our mom could drive us to school before it started at 7:45. Once school had started, we would go to our room, and the teachers would come to us at the start of each class. Each class was 45 minutes, and we had eight each day. At around noon, there would be a short break for lunch. Eighth block would be our “extracurricular class,” and we would alternate each day between PE, art, or chorus. At the end of the day, we would wait outside for our parents to come and take us home. Once we were home, my sisters and I would usually have a snack before starting on our homework. All our homework, except projects, would be due the next day, because we did not run on an A-day/B-day schedule. Our homework would take us a few hours each day, and once we were done, we were allowed to relax the rest of the day until we went to sleep. Eighth grade was the last year that I spent at Ad Fontes. The summer before freshman year, my family and I moved to a house 30 minutes west near South Riding, VA. We decided that it would be easier to start going to Freedom, because we could transition to a new school more smoothly at the start of High School. It was very different at first, going from a tiny little private school to a large public school. It took a while to get used to the late mornings, the A-day/B-day schedule, and the large student body. However, after a while, I got accustomed to life at Freedom. It was very nice to have such a wide selection of classes and extracurricular activities, as well as the greater diversity of friends. While I do still miss my old middle school, I am quite content staying at Freedom.

10: Bucket List | 1.Visit Every Capital City in Europe. 2.Catch ‘Em All! 3.Learn to play a musical instrument well, such as the guitar or piano. 4.Learn Italian. 5.Participate in making a motion picture. 6.Prevent some kind of disaster, illegal activity, etc. 7.Bungee jump off Sky Tower in Auckland, Australia. 8.Ride an Elephant. 9.Set foot on all 7 continents. 10.Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef. 11.Write a book that ends up on the New York Times Bestseller List. 12.Do standup comedy at an Improv Comedy Club. 13.Perfect my Archery Skills. 14.Learn Fencing or Kendo. 15.Take up Martial Arts. (Karate, Kung-Fu, Jujitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Aikido, etc.) 16.Learn to dance well.

11: 17.Get an outstanding education. (depending on what I want to do w/ my life) 18.Act in a Major Motion Picture. 19.Own at least one Vacation Home somewhere in the world. 20.Start a blog, vlog, or make a viral video. 21.Make enough money to be able to retire relatively early in life. 22.Get married. 23.Take pictures of endangered animals before they become extinct with me in them so I can prove to my grandkids that their grandpa was around when they still had “insert endangered animal here.” 24.Visit Christmas Island. 25.Don’t worry about “it.” (whatever “it” happens to be) | There are a lot of things that I hope to accomplish in my lifetime. A lot of the things on this list happen to be quite ambitious. While I may never get to accomplish all of the things on here, it never hurts to be optimistic. I chose to put a lot of these into my Bucket List because I can see myself as an old man telling people a story about the time I went to Paris, or how I wrote this popular book, or the time I saw a Panda before they became extinct. They are all just fun things that I wish I could do.

12: Cell Phone Thieves | I have a lot of awesome friends. I feel really blessed to have found people who I can be around and rely on. I love all my friends to death, but sometimes they can really get on my nerves. I have a couple of friends who are the kind of friends that you can tease and bully without it being mean or taken seriously. Two in particular are quite the tricksters and we like to badger and annoy each other, in a playful and non-serious way. For the sake of anonymity, we will refer to them as Jeff and Greg. I admit that I am not guiltless when it comes to pranking these two, but what I am about to describe was a particularly annoying action on their part. One day, my two friends, Jeff and Greg, were hanging out at my house for no particular reason. As the day came to a close, we thought that it would be a delightful idea if they stayed overnight. My parents said it would be ok if we could keep quite once everyone went to bed. Jeff, Greg, and I all hurried down to the basement and began to have a good time. Soon after my parents retired to their room, I developed a case of the munchies. I told my friends that I would be right back and snuck upstairs to the kitchen. I proceeded to bring out various food items, and concocted the most unhealthy, impulse-driven, improvised sandwich I had ever made. I began the feasting process, and when I was done with my dish, I realized that my pocket felt much more empty than usual. I reached inside and I discovered that I had lost my cell phone!

13: I looked around on the counters and saw that the phone was not there. I told myself that I had to have put it down somewhere. I looked and looked, but had no luck in finding it anywhere. As the search went on, I became more and more frantic. I tore the house apart in search of that phone. I checked and double-checked all over, even in places I hadn’t even been that day. I don’t think that a whole team of FBI agents could have looked more thoroughly then I did. Finally, I threw up my arms in defeat, and relinquished my phone to its fate. With my head hung low, I trudged back downstairs to Jeff and Greg. To my surprise and delight, I found my friends texting away on none other than my long lost phone! I was overjoyed that they found, until I remembered who my friends were. I dashed over to where they were texting away and snatched my phone from their hands. I quickly navigated to my text messages, and was overtaken with extreme dismay. My horror increased as I shifted through all of the flirtatious, mean, and overall embarrassing texts they had sent out. I slumped to the floor as I thought of all the explaining I would need to do in order to fix my completely broken reputation. My friends took one look at the expression on my face and burst out laughing. They seemed deeply pleased with the effect of their little prank. They had designed most of the texts so that the people receiving them would think that I was the one texting them. While they weren’t doing a very good job impersonating me, I knew that most of the people would assume that I was the one talking to them if the messages came from my phone. The topics of their text conversations were all around the lines of: saying rude things to some of my other friends, flirting with or expressing love for girls I had no interest in, or any other kind of reputation damaging material. In the end, I managed to convince everyone that Jeff and Greg were the ones who had been texting them all night. It wasn’t really that hard, because most of the victims also knew Jeff and Greg and were aware of their funny sense of humor. After all was said and done, I had managed to rebuild most of my reputation, and the worst of it had only been a small fright and some extra texting for me to do.

14: Dictionary Definition | Ninja [nin-juh]- noun, plural-Ninjas -A person highly trained in martial arts and sneakiness. Usually shown as wearing a black suit that covers their entire body except a slit for their eyes. Have been known to participate in activities such as killing, hiding, making no noise, killing, fighting with anything they can reach, dividing by zero, using smoke bombs, not being seen by you, and killing. -A person who has been trained in the Japanese martial art of ninjitsu, a martial art involving stealthy movements and deception. -A member of a society in Feudal Japan comprised of mercanary operatives. Hired for undercover missions involving things such as assassination and surveillance. -Also known as Shinobi Etymology- Ninja- from the kun'yomi reading "shinibi," shortened from "shinobi-no-mono." Shinobi means "to forbear," and Mono means "a person." The word ninja became popular after World War II because it was easier for Western speakers to pronounce.

15: Example- All of my friends tell me that I am a ninja. Sometimes I do things that are completely awesome, like catching something without looking at it, or saving myself when I trip. Most of the time they are done on accident, but I always feel proud of myself when the happen. Most of the time, no one else will see what just happened. But in some cases, someone does happen to see me. They usually ask me how I did that. I will casually respond, "Shhh... I'm a ninja." This has turned into an ongoing inside joke between me and my friends about how I am a Ninja. However, this is the opposite of the truth. From where I'm sitting, a ninja is someone that is associated with ideas like "awesome," "strong," or "cool." These are some characteristics that I don't find myself applying to a lot of the time. While I may not be a ninja, I do have something that's a lot better than being a ninja. It is something that I rely on every day. It is the thing that helps me through my troubles, the thing that protects me from harm, the thing that keeps me alive and well each and every day. The thing that I am talking about is God. While I don’t want to go into a super long rant, I will say that I don’t think that I could keep up my carefree attitude if I didn’t have him. He is the only thing that is strong enough to take care of me in all of my problems. He is definitely a lot better than being a Ninja.

16: Evil Bunnies | I hate rabbits. There is nothing about them that I find cute or adorable. Rabbits are evil, cruel, heartless creatures. I once believed in the good will and innocence that they portray, but now I see through their ruse. Some of the most devious masterminds of all time include Roger Rabbit, Briar Rabbit, and even Bugs Bunny. They torment others without rest and portray themselves as innocent creatures. These animals are evil incarnate, and are quite clever at avoiding harm. The first time I realized that they were so malicious was when I was twelve. My little sister’s friend was out of town and she had asked us to feed her pet rabbits. When it came time to go check on them, my family and I were out at a restaurant having a nice family dinner, so we all went over to their house together once we were done. We were given very simple instructions regarding what to do with them, and my sister asked if she could handle the feeding part. She opened the cage to put the food in, and out of nowhere, the rabbit lashed out and bit her! She pulled away quickly, and sat dumfounded at the blood oozing from her fingertips. Luckily we snapped the cage shut before the beast could finish her off. I swear that rabbit looked right at me, as if to say, “Come on. Try that again. I’ll bite your legs off.” Unfortunately it was someone else’s rabbit and I couldn’t touch him.

17: I think dogs have had the right idea all along. When you’re walking your dog and it starts chasing after a rabbit, every now and then you should let the leash slip from your hands. People seem to forget that rabbits can be a pest to farmers, and can completely ruin certain crops. These cowardly creatures deserve to die. Not all of them, but certainly most of them.

18: Family Trip | When I was about thirteen my family decided to take a trip to the Dominican Republic. We would be staying in a nice resort, eat amazing food, and live in the lap of luxury for eight days. This was an exciting prospect because I had never been out of the country before. We took a plane to Atlanta, and then transferred to a flight that took us straight to Santo Domingo, DR, and every moment was magical. When we got to the DR we boarded a bus to our resort. The countryside was so different than I expected it to be. It was very dry and rocky through most of it, until we got to the resort. Inside, everything was lush. There were thatched roofs on the cabanas, flamingos in the ponds, lizards climbing the walls, and peacocks wandering the gardens. The part that I will always remember the most is the pool. The water was cool and crystal clear. They had a swim up bar that would serve me drinks. As many drinks as I wanted! And they had a blow up iceberg floating on the surface for climbing. It was huge and tipped over when you climbed the side. That was quite a workout. But I was able to relax on lounges and order fancy strawberry non alcoholic drinks whenever I needed refreshment.

19: The restaurants were another source of amazement to me. There were 6 restaurants at the resort. Each one you could go in, be seated, order anything you wanted, and weren’t charged a thing! You could order steak and then just for kicks you could order shrimp or lobster. Every morning we ate at the World Café. It was a buffet style restaurant where every type of food imaginable is served. I ate omelets off the omelet bar (made to order especially for me), green oranges, and Dominican sausages. One day, while swimming, I happened to spy a monkey and his trainer on the side of the pool taking pictures with the tourists. I love monkeys, and had never seen one in real life. I swam up and tentatively asked if I could have a picture. The trainer put the monkey in my arms. I was surprised by how light the little thing was. Still, it was very strong, with the way it gripped my arms. Then as quickly as it began, the moment was over. I had my picture. I went on to do some more wonderful things that week, but I will never forget that special moment with the monkey.

20: I wish I lived in Ireland. I always see pictures of Ireland or what Ireland is supposed to look like, with rolling hills, blue skies, and green everywhere. I’m probably mixing up Ireland with some other European country, like Scotland, but that image always pops up in my head when someone mentions Ireland. I like to imagine that the weather over there is either sunny, or it is covered by gray, rainy skies. I wouldn’t mind either one, really. I always liked it in the spring when it had just finished raining and the dew covered grass looked extra green compared to the light gray sky. That’s how I imagine Ireland. I am not sure what I would do if I did live there. I suppose that I would keep a vacation home there, for when I needed a break from the hustle and bustle of living in the DC area. I could go to enjoy the scenery and steal away from society for a while. I could write a book, visit monuments, or drink some tea. I’m not sure if I’m still talking about Ireland. Do they drink tea in Ireland? I may be thinking of England. Let’s just assume that I am referring to the general area of Britain, Scotland, and Ireland. | Home is Where the Heart Is

21: I suppose that there are a lot of places that I would like to go besides the United Kingdom. It would be really nice if I could just take a trip round the world. But I would start in Europe for sure. There are plenty of places that I would like to visit there. The Eiffel tower would be nice to visit, or perhaps the Swiss Alps. I really want to go to Italy. It would be cool to visit Rome and see what goes on at the Vatican, or visit their hundreds of fountains to throw in wishing coins. I would also like to visit Japan at some point, though that may be difficult with the tsunami and earthquake that just happened. While touring the globe does sound nice, America is a pretty good place to live. There are so many cultures, religions, and ideas converging in America that are so different from my own. America also has some beautiful places to visit, such as the Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountains, and the Appalachian mountains, that I would enjoy experiencing. It also happens to be run by one of my favorite types of governments, the democracy. While it would be nice to visit other places, I am pretty content living here in Virginia.

22: It's Showtime! | One thing I love to do is act. I have been acting for a very long time. My mom is a drama teacher at my old school and she is involved with an awesome group of actors and movie makers. Having a parent like that is very helpful for a budding young actor. I don’t remember when I started acting. One of the earliest memories I have of acting is when I volunteered at my church. I would help my mom act out bible stories for the children in Sunday school. A very memorable time in my acting career came from boy scouts. In Boy Scouts, there is a merit badge called cinematography. The badge was written by world famous filmmaker, Steven Spielberg. In order to earn the badge, I needed to make a movie. I got the idea to re-write a parable from the Bible into modern day action. I then asked my mom’s acting group to help me. They assisted me in directing and shooting the film that I wrote. It was about two workers, one who tries to look nice in front of his boss, but doesn’t do his work, and one who doesn’t care about her image, but actually does her work. The film turned out pretty nice and I wrote a letter to Spielberg thanking him for giving Scouts like me this opportunity.

23: Another big event was when I went to a drama camp over the summer. I went with two of my long time best friends, and we had a blast. The instructors taught acting, dance, and music, split us into teams, and prepared us to perform a play at the end of the week. Our group decided to put on a play that told the story of a group students encountering three aliens who were planning to take over the world. It was my first time in a real play, with costumes and props. Not everything went smoothly, but we worked around it, and it was fantastic. The biggest step for me in acting was when I came to Freedom High School. I joined drama class because I needed an elective, and I got so much out of it. I tried out for the fall play, Ring Round the Moon. I got a small, non-speaking role. However, I was brought into the experience of putting on an actual performance on a stage in front of a large audience. I learned about set-building, makeup, lighting, and all sorts of helpful things. It showed me new ways to improve my acting. The next year I went out for another play in the fall, called Wild Oats, and I landed a much more significant speaking role. It got me a lot more involved with the other actors and in the play in general. My fellow actors were helpful, and they were easy to work with and learn from. At the same time I was enrolled in Drama 2. The drama class itself taught me more and more, from understanding Shakespeare, to auditioning. I have had a lot of fun in drama. It just seems to fit who I am. I’m not sure if acting is my calling or just a hobby but I hope to continue it for a long time.

24: Journal | October 31, 2010 Dear Journal, Today was a night for the history books. I actually went to Homecoming! I know I said that I didn't like big parties or school dances, but I had a good excuse. Emily asked me to. She said she didn't want to miss out on this highschool experience. She said she was going with a couple of her friends, but that it wouldn't be the same if I wasn't there. She can be so pushy sometimes, but what could I say? She really wanted to go and she really wanted me to be there. It wasn't actually all that bad. We got all dressed up and went to Emily's friend's house where we had dinner. Then, after a few pictures, we headed over to the school. We got there and signed in with the people out front. The music was really loud in the auditorium and people were dancing everywhere you looked. It was crazy. I got pulled between my various groups of friends, who were all intent on getting me to hang with them. Soon enough, the party died down and we all headed out. It wasn't quite the magical experience it's made out to be, but Emily looked happy so that was enough. We were both really tired and I fell asleep as soon as I got home.

25: I was thinking today about my twin sister and all that I do for her. We are like to peas in a pod. We help each other with everything. We know just what to do to make each other smile. She is my bestfriend, and I am so glad that she was born my twin. I don't think I could find someone quite like her anywhere. She is definitely my favorite person ever.

27: I made this Mandala because it feels like my life is going in a circle sometimes. The two different colored halves of the Mandala represent me and my twin being like two halves of a whole. The cross and compass show that I use Christ as my compass in life. The heart represents the love that I have for my family. The smiley face shows my carefree outlook on life, and the theater masks show my gift for acting. The book and the eight represent two different things that I love, reading, and the number 8. | Mandala

28: Order In the Court! | I thought I might just die this weekend. I sat patiently as the lawyers gave their opening statements. Our Mock Trial team has worked so hard to get to this point, and after a three hour car trip up to Williamsburg, we were finally at the state competition. I managed to stifle a yawn and tried to look on the positive side. At least we were at the last round of the day. Then I remembered how tired I was from having had to play another witness already today. I asked myself why I had decided to take on two different witnesses. I snapped to attention as Natalie Gibson said, “We would like to call Pat Donovan to the stand.” I rose from my seat and made my way to the stand. I sat down and mentally prepared myself for the direct examination. “Please introduce yourself to the court,” Natalie said as the direct began. I responded, “My name is Pat Donovan. I am the plaintiff in this matter.” She then began to ask me various questions that I answered as Pat Donovan. Everyone knew why we were there. I was playing Pat Donovan, a father whose daughter, Jaime Donovan, was killed by her suicidal boyfriend, Alex Winters, who committed suicide immediately after the homicide. I, Mr. Donovan, was suing Alex’s psychiatrist, Lindsay Peterson, for malpractice and a failure to warn my daughter about Alex’s desire to harm her. We went through our direct exactly as we had planned it. Everything was going exactly as planned, until we neared the end of the direct. Things were going alright, and I let out a little sigh of relief. “So, when did Jaime die?” “May 25th,” I replied. Almost immediately after I had said it I realized that I had messed up. Jaime’s death had been on the 23rd. By the time I had realized this we had already moved on. I cursed myself in my head for my stupidity and hoped that the other team hadn’t realized my blunder.

29: Soon it was time for the defense team to make their cross. They hounded me with questions that required me to employ all of my knowledge of my witness. They forced me into corners that I could only barely escape from. I silently begged for them to slip up and give me a break. Soon enough, my slip of the tongue came back to haunt me. Near the end of the cross, the lawyer asked me, “So you said that your daughter died on the 25th?” “Yes,” I responded nervously. She continued, “Oh, because in your affidavit you said that she died on the 23rd.” I could see that she was trying to embarrass me, to psych me out if she could. I racked my brain for a way out of my situation, but couldn’t think of anything. To give myself time I asked, “Did I say the 25th?” “Yes,” she stated as mockingly as she could. I realized that she had already humiliated me, but I could still try to remedy my plight. I looked her in the eye, trying my best to look upset, and replied, “I’m sorry. I meant the 23rd. I can’t believe that I would forget the worst day of my life.” I could almost hear the silent cries the judges emitted for this grief stricken father. The lawyer looked quite miffed that she would have to work around the sympathy the judges had for me. This seemed to throw her off her game, despite how small of an action it was. “No more questions your honor,” retorted the irksome lawyer. The judge then released me to my seat, and I breathed a sigh of relief that my job was done. The hard work of our team paid off in the end, winning us the position of third in the state.

30: Poetry of Japan | Eight is my number It is my lucky symbol It rhymes with my name

31: I have always enjoyed the number 8. One day in elementary school I was looking at a poster with some numbers on it and saying them in my head. All of the sudden, I realized that the number 8 rhymes with my name! This was quite exciting information for the 2nd grade me. I spent the rest of the day repeating "Nate eight, Nate eight..." over and over. Since then, 8 has sort of become my symbol. That is what inspired me to write this Haiku.

32: Recipe for Nate Chili | 1.Boy 2.Awesome sauce (8 tsp.) 3.ADD 4.Mom-actor, director, understanding 5.Dad-Lawyer, hardworking, leader 6.Twin- Womb buddy 7.Older Brother 8.Loving Family 9.Uncertainty 10.Small fry 11.Christian influences 12.Love of Reading 13.Boy Scouts 14.Passive nature 15.Private school education 16.AFA 17.Small community 18.Close friends/classmates 19.Influenced positively at school 20.Raised with manners 21.Public school | 22.Diverse people, opinions, etc. 23.Increased Responsibility 24.Greater Opportunity 25.More Choices 26.Matthew 6:25-27 27.Caring 28.Overactive conscience 29.Drama/Acting 30.Developing own opinions | Ingredients

33: Directions | 1. In a large soup pot, take one boy, add a sister womb buddy, add a dash of acting from his mother’s side, add a dash of argumentative spirit from his father’s side and stir over heat until well mixed. Add in 8 tsp. awesome sauce, season with a passive and caring nature and heat, stirring constantly for 9 months. 2. After ingredients are aromatic and well mixed add Christian influences, a loving family, private school, Boy Scouts, and the love of reading. Add a dash of uncertainty and ADD, and stir slowly for 11 years. 3. Bring pot to a boil in a small community of close school friends, add positive influences, and good manners. And simmer for 3 years. 4. Put pot in public school, add diverse people with varying opinions and morals. Increase responsibility, opportunity, and choices. Allow contents of pot to develop own opinions for 2 years. Serve chili in deep bowls and top with Matthew 6:25-27

34: When I was fourteen, my Boy Scout troop decided to go to Florida for a week over the summer. In Florida is Sea Base, a Boy Scout camp situated in the Florida Keys. This was an exciting bit of news for our troop. Sea Base isn’t exactly a tiny little summer camp in Florida; it’s a really big camp with different locations all over Florida and even in the Bahamas. It has every activity you can imagine at an ocean-side camp, including snorkeling, scuba-diving, boating, among other things. Still, I was a tad bit nervous because I would be going without my parents. Not that I wasn’t thrilled to go to Florida without my parents, but I wasn’t so sure about the plane trip. Whenever I flew anywhere, which was rare, I simply let my parents worry about the baggage and I.D. and such. The thought that I might do something wrong and slow everyone down or not be allowed on the plane terrified me. We got to the airport early and my parents left me with my troop. I nervously got my bags through baggage check, and went on to tackle the Security check. I looked at the signs explaining what to do. I removed my shoes and took out everything out of my pockets. I stood there in line in an overly air-conditioned airport in my socks, awaiting my turn. When I was finally at the front of the line I timidly stepped through the metal detector. The next sound I heard was the loud siren of defeat. The burly security guard came up to me, and I awaited my fate. In a steely cold voice he informed me that I still had my belt on. Of all the stupid mistakes! I slipped off my belt and tried again, with more success this time. | Sea Base

35: After my blunder I could fully enjoy the rest of my trip. The whole week was fantastic and I had a lot of fun. We went boating, snorkeling, and deep sea fishing. My favorite part was when we went to an island way off the mainland and got to see more stars then I think I will ever see again. Finally, it was time to go home. I would have to conquer the airport again. This time however, I wasn’t quite as worried. Unfortunately, disaster would show its face once more. We all arrived at the airport sweaty and laughing. We all went up to the baggage check to do our business. But when we got there, we realized that some of us didn’t have our ID’s, including me. I started to freak out, despite my best attempts to stay calm and composed. I couldn’t imagine what might happen if I got stuck in Florida because I had lost my ID. Fortunately, some of the adults who were following behind us arrived, with the missing IDs! I felt like a colossal weight had been lifted off my shoulders. We finished up at the baggage check, went right through security, and were finally on our way home. When I arrived back in Virginia, my parents asked me how the trip went. I said to them that the trip went perfect.

36: Top Ten Things That Annoy Me | 10. Vegetarians. Why limit your diet to only vegetables when meat is so tasty? It just makes no sense! 9. People who all need to be the 1st person on an airplane. People don't have to push and shove each other out of the way in order to make their flight. In most cases, the plane won't even take off for another 30 minutes. 8. Scorpions. 7. People who force you to dance at a party when you can't dance and aren't willing to dance. 6. People who say that all humans are naturally born good. How can people think this when it is obviously not the case. When you were little, you probably did something wrong, and when asked why you did that you could only say, "I don't know." People are capable of doing good things, but if all people are naturally good, then why do we still fall prey to temptation? Often times we find that doing the right thing is a lot harder than doing the wrong thing. 5. Glee. When I say this, I am talking about the show on Fox. I have no problem with actual glee clubs.

37: 4. Spiders. 3. Members of PETA. 2. Radical Feminists who say that all guys are jerks. This annoys me because not all guys are jerks. I happen to be a guy and I'm not a jerk. It's like racism, but with half of the human population. 1. Sin. This thing annoys me more than anything else. Sometimes I am only slightly annoyed by it, in other cases I am completely horrified by it. One thing about it that annoys me is that it can feel so good to do it. Another thing about sin that annoys me is that in most cases it is the cause of some of the most terrible events in human history. It causes people to hate, fueled the holocaust, and caused a flood that obliterated 99.99% of all humans on Earth. Without sin, most of the things on this list wouldn't even exist. | Me annoyed

38: The night was still and dark, the perfect conditions for the job I had to do. I began absent-mindedly playing with the sleeve of my white cloak, and I shifted my body so the breeze wouldn’t pull my hood off of my head. I asked myself again why I was sitting on this roof top waiting. My mind wandered back to what the man had said. “My daughter only wanted some bread; he didn’t have to hang her. Please, kill him and avenge my daughter.” I groaned to myself at my stupidity in taking his offer. Then I saw him, followed closely by his two henchmen. He was wearing the black mask of an executioner, exactly as in the description. He was a large, muscular man, the kind you wouldn’t want to see in a dark alley. His two buddies were dressed rather plainly, and muscular like their friend. I crouched down low, ready to make my move. They didn’t even notice me. All of the sudden, I leapt out of the shadows! I noticed my mistake even before I landed. Instead of on top of him, I hit the ground a few feet from where he stood. The effect my sudden appearance had on them was quite astounding to see. Then, recovering their wits, they drew their swords and surrounded me. The man I was to kill stood a few feet away, out of reach. “Kill him,” he shouted. The first one ran up and swung his sword at my head. I ducked down low before his sword got me. I twisted my palm up as a blade hidden in my sleeve sprang out. He didn’t even have a chance to react before I plunged it into his chest. As his lifeless body fell to the ground, I twirled around to face the other two. The second one was more cautious as he circled around me. He made a move to my left, but quickly changed direction and swung from the right. Luckily I had expected this, and the only thing his sword met was empty air. He turned to face me as I flicked my blade across his throat. Then, it was only me and the executioner. | Virtual Hitman

39: We squared off as he drew his sword. He made a jab at my chest, but I jumped just out of reach. I jumped forward as he was regaining his footing, but he grabbed me with his left hand and shoved me away. I cursed under my breath. This one would require a little more effort. I pointed at his sword and shouted, “Never had to actually use it?” A look of animosity crossed his face as he made a blind swipe at my head. This was the chance I had been waiting for. I ducked down in a crouching position as I flicked a symmetrical blade from my adjacent sleeve. I suddenly sprung forward, one blade aimed at his throat, the other at his heart. All of the sudden, time and space stopped altogether, as I was transported to a white menu screen. “What did you say mom?” I hollered up the stairs. “I said it’s dinner time. Come up from the basement,” she replied. I put down the controller on the table and got up off the sofa. Finishing the mission would have to wait until after dinner.

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