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Nathan-3 yrs old

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S: Nathan Ray Andrews 3 years old 2008-2009

FC: Nathan Ray Andrews | March 2008 - March 2009 3 years old

1: Nathan & Molly

2: Traveling to Florida On March 21st we headed to Florida. We drove the 19 1/2 hours in two days. We followed Granny and Papa Davis and Uncle Justin. It was “a long way” as Nate keeps telling me! However, both he and Molly were fabulous all the way there and on our return trip. Nate got to stay in his first hotel (that he remembers!). He thought it was neat! Nate’s first memorable stay in a hotel. We had driven about 14 hours to Kingsland, Georgia on Friday, March 21st. Once in the hotel, we prepared to go to sleep. Granny Davis brought us homemade snacks and Uncle Justin let us use his DVD player. (We have a DVD player but it doesn’t work...we found this out on our day long drive...UGH!) Anyways, Nate and Molly enjoyed a little bit of Bob the Builder before quickly falling asleep and sleeping through the night!

4: At Great Granny Davis’, Nate swam with daddy everyday. The first day we were there he lost his balance on the steps and went under the water. If that didn’t scare us enough...he just laid there! So, needless to say he is now signed up for swimming lessons!

5: Florida Fun Nathan enjoyed riding on the toys at the Port Charlotte Mall.

6: FAMILY We enjoyed spending quality time with our families. It was great to watch Nate interact with and get know everyone! At Aunt Sara’s Nate loved playing trains with Kelsey and Tyler and playing soccer with Jacob and Daddy. While out on the dock at Aunt Sara’s he saw a dolphin close up and two sting rays! That was definitely memorable! Nathan really took to "Big"Ben. That may have had something to do with his stash of candy! One day after school Ben came over, Nate sat down beside him and said, "So, how was your day?" Ben said, "Splendid!" That is Nathan's new favorite answer to this question!

7: Tyler, Nathan, Jacob, Kelsey & Molly | Molly, Great Granny & Nate | Nathan & Jacob | Papa Davis & Nate exercising | Jacob, Tyler & Kelsey | Cousin "Big" Ben | FAMI LY

8: EASTER Aunt Sara, Uncle Dave and kids made Easter very special for Nate and Molly. The kids created an Easter Egg Hunt for Nate. He had a ball! They also gave them wonderful Easter baskets filled with lots of goodies.

9: Englewood Beach We spent a couple of hours on Easter Sunday at the beach. Nate loved the sand and water. Molly slept through some of it and seemed to enjoy dipping her toes in the ocean. It was nice to spend time there with Aunt Sara, Kelsey and Jacob.

10: Charlotte Harbor & Park During our stay at Great Granny Davis' house we walked to a nearby park. We enjoyed being with Papa and Granny Davis and Uncle Justin. Nate played on the playground and got to see a real turtle! Molly slept! On another day we drove a short distance to Charlotte Harbor. Molly and I walked out on the Pier while Daddy and Nate played in the sand. We also got to watch Papa Davis and Uncle Justin play tennis.

11: Superman Nate & Happy 3rd Birthday, Nathan! | *SUPERMAN NATE! He had a great time on Kelsey's gymnastic bar. *Aunt Sara did a fabulous job helping Nate celebrate his 3rd birthday. Jacob picked out a fabulous cake. It was delicious!!

12: On April 3rd we walked to Price Park to feed the ducks! Nate really enjoys this activity. We fed them from the gazebo. Otherwise the ducks would attack us! Then we played at the playground equipment. Nathan is a daredevil this year! He wants to do everything...by himself! I am glad he is spreading his wings however, it sure makes me nervous! He still loves the spiral slide. He also enjoys a good "under doggie" on the swings. He gave Molly a few under doggies. Like brother, like sister, she loved it, too! While we were there a boy walked by us carrying a basketball. Nate said to me. “He’s probably not playing tennis! He’s carrying a basketball!” I said, “You are probably right!” giggling inside and also so amazed by his thought process! | Price Park

13: Fireman Nate Nathan loves fire trucks. He even says he wants to be a fireman when he grows up. However, he currently is deathly afraid of their sirens! | It is so amazing to watch Molly and Nathan’s relationship grow. She watches everything he does! He can make her laugh so easily! On this particular day, Joe sat Molly on the back of Nate’s coaster car. She automatically grabbed onto his shoulders and held on tight. She thoroughly enjoyed being a “big girl” and to be playing with her brother. Now, she didn’t tell me this but her facial expressions said it all! I am looking forward to watching them grow up together. Nate will always be her protector! My wish for them is that they will always be there for each other. | "Hey Big Brother! Can you give me a ride?"

14: On April 6th we returned to Price Park with Daddy! He is helpful with Nate's adventuresome side! Daddy is tall enough and brave enough to help Nate accomplish his daredevil tricks. If he is going to be a fireman he has to learn how to slide down the pole, right? Mommy needs to let go of her fear of him getting hurt! Otherwise she'll be desperately trying to talk him out of being a firefighter or any other dangerous profession! | Price Park

15: On Monday, April 14th we traveled to the First Christian Church indoor playland. Nathan had a ball however, it was a learning experience for him. He had to learn to play with other kids he didn’t know. How to handle their behavior that he might not necessarily like...for example: other children hugging (choking) him or saying they were going to get him. It was a fun way to learn how to cope with things we can’t necessarily control. He wanted to play in the infant/toddler section so bad. Since he is now 3 he wasn't allowed until Molly woke up and then he played with her! | Baby Nate: In so many ways he is such a big boy. From time to time he just wants to be like his little sister! | Sibling Love

16: On Sunday, April 20th we took Molly and Nate to get their pictures taken at Kiddie Kandids inside Babies R Us. We had such a wonderful experience with Nate there on his 2nd birthday. This time wasn’t quite as successful but we were still pleased. Nate did a great job but Molly would not smile! Her pictures are still beautiful however we miss seeing her smile in them!

17: Nate, The Photographer | Nathan loves to take pictures with the digital camera. His subject matter varies...his finger in front of the lens, the floor, a wall, or even the countertop! He can take a large number of photos in a very short time. I think he took 20 today in about 5 minutes. However, today he actually took this photo of his own foot. On Friday, he had another photo shoot and this time he took a picture of both of his feet! On another occasion he took a photo of Daddy and Molly! I thought it turned out pretty well. Daddy has a wonderful smile! Molly is focussed on something else which isn't out of the ordinary! The fact that Molly is watching others all the time has given her the nickname "Nosy" from Nate!

18: On Thursday, April 10th, I had the fabulous idea to walk to Faith Friends for Nathan’s preschool visit. Unfortunately, on the way I had a low blood sugar attack that I was not prepared for (no appropriate snacks in my purse!). So, I kept trying to walk us there but it makes me very dizzy and ill feeling. So, finally I sat down on the sidewalk. Hoping that would somehow help...Nate kept telling me, “it’ll only take a couple more HOURS to get there.” It was just a few more blocks and would only take 10 minutes but with the way I was feeling...the thought of walking the rest of the way felt like it would take hours! Thank goodness a kind lady, who lived on the street came to my rescue with a jar of peanut butter. We later found out that it was Teri Codispoti, a relative of our good friends Mandy and Joe. Isn’t it a small world? Once we arrived at Faith Friends, we had a fabulous visit and Nate will be attending there 2 days a week in the fall. | Nathan | Over the weekend, we had a garage sale. We put some of Nathan’s infant toys in the sale. He was very good about it but did keep asking us, “why are you selling all my toys?” Now mind you we were only selling maybe a third of them. He did decide he wanted to buy a race track with his garage sale proceeds. haha!

19: On Monday, April 21st we went to register Nathan for Preschool at Faith Friends, the preschool at our church. Afterwards we traveled to KMart to meet Uncle Justin. He had brought us Papa Davis’ sawhorses. Nate kept calling them “seahorses” and later told me that he thought, "that 'seahorses' were animals but they didn’t have a head. However, they do have feet but no head." He did realize that sawhorses were not animals but he kept calling them “seahorses” which are ocean animals. Kind of a difficult concept to clarify to a 3 year old. | Quotables | On Saturday of the garage sale our wonderful neighbor, MacKenzie (a 5th grader) played with Nathan all day. She even fixed him lunch. So, we took her to dinner with us to say, thank you! We went to Best Burger. While we were eating dinner, Nathan looked at the mural on the wall and asked, “why is that lady brushing the sky?” We were momentarily confused...what lady? We turned around and there was a painting of the Statue of Liberty. He thought her torch was a brush which was up in the sky.

20: Like Mother, Like Son | Nathan loves spicy foods just like me. My colleagues at work always commented on my taste for spicy foods even when I was pregnant! I had a jalapeno hot pretzel with spicy nacho dip from Auntie Ann's the day I went into the hospital to have Nate! He eats salsa and jalapeno potato chips! I took this photo to send to my friends! Since he looks so much like his father, I am thankful that he shares my love for hot and spicy foods!

21: Nathan Ray & Molly Lynne


23: Nanny returned from England this week with big boy pants for Nathan like she promised. This morning daddy asked Nate what he wanted to wear a pull up or big boy pants. To our surprise he chose big boy pants. He went potty the first time...hitting fruity cheerios in the toilet. Then we had 2 accidents...we were sooo pleased when he chose to put a new pair of underpants on. In the past, he would have immediately wanted a pull up back on! He went potty like a big boy a couple more times today. Right before bed he went into the bathroom and went all by himself....he was so excited! I am not going to get my hopes up however, I hope he wants to try big boy pants again tomorrow!! We are so proud of what a big boy he is becoming! | Nate, wearing big boy pants!

24: On May 6th, we enjoyed a night out on the town with the Arways! We attended Sesame Street Live: Ready for Action! Nathan loved the first part of the show. He was very excited to see Elmo and Super Grover however, he wanted to know where the green guy in the trash can was...Oscar the Grouch came on stage later in the show! Part of which Nate was in the restroom for the third time! (Wearing big boy pants began this week!) The second half was a little long for Nate. He was ready to go home. Part of that might have been the $15 dollar Elmo light he was playing with during the second part of the show. Sometime during the first part of the show he realized that they must be selling them because in his words, "everyone had one." So, daddy took him out at intermission to check things out. Needless to say her returned with one in hand and smile from ear to ear. | TICKETS TO SESAME STREET: $15 A PIECE. PARKING: $5. ELMO LIGHT: $15 THE SMILE ON YOUR CHILD'S FACE: PRICELESS!

25: SPRING FUN & FRIENDS | We have a great time playing every afternoon! Nate has a neighborhood filled with kids to run & play with in our backyard. Alexia, MacKenzie, Laurel, Molly and Nate posed for a photo on our swing...they play together almost every day. Cousin Isabelle also joins them! They like to play house and hospital. They use our swing set and the Leggett's screened in porch for their "house and hospital." The ship sandbox often turns into the ambulance!

26: AKRON ZOO MAY '08 On Tuesday, May 13th we traveled to the Akron Zoo with our friends the Arway’s and Biery’s. It was an absolutely beautiful day! Molly was very good and Nathan had a fabulous time! Nathan got to see the monkeys which made him happy! However, he wanted to touch them and that didn’t happen! Andrew and Nate are best buds! They had a terrific time at the zoo together!


28: On Saturday, May 17th, we attended the wedding of Chelsea Rinehart & Matthew Jenkins

29: Nathan had a blast at the reception. He played with Isabelle. He enjoyed all the food. He had his first pop...gingerale. He told me he wanted to get married. He also wanted to dance with his mommy. I'll cherish that moment forever! | A Nathan Quotable: It was announced at the reception that there were going to be 2 toasts: 1 by the Best Man and 1 by the Maid of Honor. Well, Nathan looked at Joe and asked, "Where are my two pieces of toast?" | THE RECEPTION

30: The Jump-A-Roo did not last long. It wasn't that it broke...it just wasn't able to handle jumping. Imagine that! Nate fell out of it one too many times for mommy. Bumping his head on the floor which was some times cement when it was set up in the basement. Then he would scream and cry...which who could blame him! It was a Marc's special. I guess the old adage, "you get what you pay for" rang true on this purchase. | JUMP-A-ROO

31: Swimming lessons at the Jewish Center with Andrew .

33: Memorial Day '08 *We attended the Memorial Day parade with Nanny & Papa Andrews. *Then we went to Granny & Papa Davis' for a picnic. Aunt Ash, Uncle Kenny Beau-Beau, Uncle Justing and Mikka were there as well. *Don't you look cute in the chef hat!

34: Nate in a booster seat! Tuesday, June 10, 2008 We temporarily moved Nate to a booster seat this week. We had a little accident on Sunday after church. Between Nate and I we spilled an entire glass of lemonade in his car seat! Needless to say that made quite a mess! So, I had to take the seat completely apart. Nathan has really gotten too big for the car seat so, we have been talking about changing his seat. So, we tried the backless booster seat. We really don’t like 1) our sense of his safety in it and 2) putting him in it isn’t as easy as we thought. So, I believe we will be putting this seat back together for Molly to use after she turns 1! Then we have another seat for Nate to use!

35: Father's Day ~ Davis Family Picnic Picnic with the families that have Pattie watch their kids.

36: A cut off tree? Monday, June 16, 2008 We enjoyed a wonderful day at Alpine Park in Plain Township with our friends the Arways. The boys played and we had a delicious picnic lunch! Nathan had a couple of noteworthy quotes today...as we arrived at the park and began walking from the car he said to me, “There’s a bunch of cut off trees!” He is standing beside one of them in the photo above. They were in the parking lot to keep people from pulling their cars forward too far. Later Amanda and I were talking about the restaurant, Subway. After we finished our conversation, Nate looked at me and said, “Can we go on the subway and get more lunch?” He listens to everything!! : )

37: Fun with Cousins Nathan went to see his first movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks, with his cousins. He loved it! Then he tried fried ice cream at El Rincon!

38: Fourth of July We enjoyed the North Canton parade with the Andrews' family and then a picnic at Nanny & Papa's house. It has become an annual event to have all of your daddy's siblings home for the Fourth of July.

39: Back Row: Nick, Nanny, Michael Middle Row: Sean, Mark, Tyler, Jacob & Kelsey Front Row: Nathan, Matt, Molly, Jon, Jonas & Isabelle

40: Dunkirk Conference Center Church Camp with the Codispoti's *What a wonderful family vacation...this is truly a MOM vacation..someone else cooks and cleans up! All activities are planned for you. *Each day someone has to "hop" the tables...set out the dishes. Then we do help clean off the dishes. *We can get snacks from the "Grumpy Men" in the evening.

41: The Wood Shop *Nathan and Daddy enjoyed father-son time in the wood shop. *They made a couple of birdhouses and even bought a couple of kits to make at home. *Nathan painted 2 and gave one to Nanny and one to Granny.

44: Dunkirk Highlights * Nathan enjoyed pushing Molly in the umbrella stroller. *Nathan fell one night and cracked his head on a cement floor and then the next morning he sat up in the bunk beds and cracked his forehead. Thank goodness for the nurse on staff who provided ice and reassurance that he was OK. * On Wednesday evening, we had a camp carnival. Nathan enjoyed playing games at each cabin and collecting treats. *Daddy and the kids enjoyed swimming in the pool each afternoon. *Mommy & Molly enjoyed FLAT ON YOUR BACK TIME each day. A nice afternoon nap makes every day better! *Nathan would sleep in and one morning Molly tried to wake him up. *Ringing the dinner bell is a highlight of the day. The kids will race to be the one to get to ring the bell. *Spending time with family and friends is a fabulous way to spend a vacation.

45: A visit to Lake Erie while at Dunkirk Conference Center. Nathan enjoyed making this hike with daddy. They would throw rocks into the water.

46: Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railway | We enjoyed a sunny afternoon aboard the train traveling from Canton to Akron and back. | We were able to get off and walk around a bit at the Akron station. It was a beautiful afternoon spent with our family.

47: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo We had a fabulous dat at the zoo with Nanny. We saw lots of animals. We ate pizza at one of their cafes. You can tell you enjoyed the pizza because it is all over your face.

48: The Main Street Fair Nathan looks forward to this fair each year! He road a couple of rides and got to climb up into the Fire Station's ladder truck.

50: Nate is a winner! Monday, August 4, 2008 This summer Nate participated in the summer reading program at the Plain Township library. He listened to lots of books and turned in entries for each book that was read to him for a grand prize drawing. Today we found out that he won the grand prize in the Read to Me category. There were over 3,000 entries! He was so excited he wasn’t sure what to say to Miss Lynne. However, he was agreeable to having a picture taken with her and his prize bag! He loved the sponges and Spiderman and Hulk figurines! Although, I think he might enjoy spending the $25 gift card for Toys R Us, too! Thank you to the wonderful Plain Township Library staff and those who donated prizes for their generosity!

51: Nathan is attending preschool and loves it! His teacher is Mrs. Addessi. He loves her too! He has created some beautiful artwork. The first week of school they learned about apples. During the second and third weeks they made a friendship wreath with their handprints, they played a handprint matching game for math using numbers. He also used stamps! Over the first 3 weeks of school, he took several items beginning with the letter A for show-n-tell: a picture of Aunt Ash and Andrew, an ambulance, 2 different airplanes and a decorative apple from Nanny’s. This might be part of the reason that Mrs. Addessi has asked that the children only bring one show-n-tell item per week! OOPS! : ) He has made three new friends: Zachary, Mateo and Ryan. Mateo Codispoti is his friend Sofia’s cousin. Mateo’s mom, Teri, is also the kind lady that came to my rescue when I had a low blood sugar attack while walking to Nate’s preschool in April! What a small world it is!! | Nathan began Preschool! Tuesday, August 26, 2008

52: Nate loves preschool! Thursday, September 11, 2008 Nathan absolutely adores Mrs. Addessi. He loves going to preschool just as much! He can’t wait to go in the morning and will ask when does he get to go again in the afternoon. He has made a new friend since the last entry, Marcello, which is Mateo’s little brother (he is Molly’s age). Nate has started to sing songs! Most of them totally made up and silly however a joy to hear. He continues to come out of his shell...if he ever had one! He seems so outgoing not afraid to talk to or entertain anyone who will listen or watch! Some times it is a little too much however most of the time we are thrilled to see him interacting with the world!

53: Silly Molly & Nate Tuesday, September 16, 2008 Molly and Nate continue love each other very much! Their faces light up when they see each other. However, let’s be honest they have their moments. They both can be extremely jealous of the attention the other receives from mommy or daddy. Nathan is also struggling with taking things from Molly. Nanny gave him a good way to handle this...give Molly something else to play with before taking something from her. However, he is having trouble remembering this strategy. : ) Tears and screaming follow these incidents. They mimic each quite a bit...like in this photo. We were headed to the park for a quick swing. Molly was chewing on her sleeve so Nathan did the same!

54: Plain Family Fun Day & Rotary Pancake Breakfast Saturday, September 20, 2008 We enjoyed a morning out at the Plain Family Fun Day. We started by eating pancakes and sausage. Nathan ate at least 6 sausage links! He does love meat (particularly pork products)! Unfortunately, he wanted to show us his food already in the process of being eaten! Molly ate pretty well. She likes pancakes and sausage as well. Then we walked throughout the high school to do activities. Nathan made some crafts and then we went to the Plain Township Library to visit with our library friends, Miss Lynne and Byrun. We also saw the Arways while we were in the library.

55: His favorite things: To eat: Macaroni and cheese Color: Blue Toy/game: corn hole To do: play all day (riding his airplane) TV show: Bob the Builder or Handy Manny | Nathan is the STAR of the week! Monday, September 22, 2008 Nathan was selected STAR of the week for preschool. He took pictures of his favorite things to school for Mrs. Addessi to hang up. He also took one of his favorite snacks, goldfish, to share with the kids.

56: Shopping with two children is almost always an adventure. Our local Target remodeled their store and got these nifty new carts that like to ride in and Molly can , too! I thought I'd get a quick picture of them. Nate, in his defense, gently went to put his arm around his sister and she started screaming! I am not sure what Molly thought he was going to do but obviously she didn't like it!

57: Nathan and Molly enjoy playing together (most of the time). Here they are playing in their very own kitchen that was down to them through the Andrews' family.

58: Colorful Pancakes Monday, October 13, 2008 Mommy did not have school today. So, Nate wanted to make colorful pancakes. We mixed the batter and then used food coloring to make the different colors. Nate added the coloring so they came our quite dark. “Just a dab” is not a concept that 3 year olds understand. On a recent weekend, he made colorful pancakes with daddy. This time he mixed colors to make other colors...red and yellow makes orange, red and blue makes purple, all the colors mixed together...he wanted brown or black...however he ended up with a shade of gray!

59: Nate with his Grandparents! Saturday, October 18, 2008 On November 11th, Faith Friends will be having Grandparent’s Day. Nate’s class is making gifts for their Grandparents. Mrs. Addessi asked for pictures of Nate with his grandparents. These are the photos we sent in for him to use to create his gifts.

60: Molly's 1st Birthday On Sunday, October 12th we honored Molly's first birthday at church by donating flowers for the alter. We got a family photo taken with the flowers. When we had Molly's birthday party and Nathan helped her blow out her candle.

61: October 2008 - Family photos taken at Monument Park in Canton, Oh by Becki Swartz

63: On Sunday, Oct 12th we traveled to Wooster, OH to Ramseyer Farms. We had a fabulous time. Nanny and Papa Andrews went along with us. Nate, Molly, Nanny & I went on a covered wagon ride. There are slides made out of large black tubes, obstacle courses and mazes made out of hay bales, straw mazes, a large pile of pumpkins, a corn box, hay rides and of course a pumpkin patch. We did not go into the pumpkin patch. We had already gotten our pumpkins. Nate has already asked when we can go back!

64: Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat 2008 On Sunday, October 26th North Canton held their trick or treat. Before trick or treating while Molly was sleeping, Nate and I started carving our pumpkins. He tried removing the seeds however he wasn't thrilled about the "goop" on his hands. To be honest neither was I! In the middle of our carving, Daddy joined us and finished Molly's pumpkin. Then it was time for trick or treating. Nate was so pumped. He had been telling people for weeks that he was going to be a Dragonfly. Well, not exactly but to his knowledge he was going to be a Dragon that flies therefore a "Dragonfly". He wanted to go to houses as soon as it was time! However, Molly was still asleep so he had to be patient. He did a pretty good job of waiting. When Molly woke up, we put on her giraffe costume (which was Nate's 1st costume). Then daddy took him and Molly up and down our street. Upon returning to our house, Nate wanted to do more. So, Molly stayed with me and helped hand out candy and Nate & Daddy went to a few more houses. After trick or treating we went to Minerva to show Granny and Papa Davis their costumes and get our annual photo with them. Aunt Ash, Uncle Justin and Mikka were also there to see them in their costumes. Then we went out to dinner at Doug’s at Nate’s request. Nanny and Papa Andres were on vacation in California so we don’t have any photos with them. We hope they are having a fabulous time! It was a beautiful day for this event. The rainy, cooler weather held off until trick or treat was just about over!

66: On Halloween evening we gathered along with the Codispoti's, & Conley's at the Arway's household for good food and fellowship! The children wore their costumes long enough for a few photos. Then we ate, played, decorated Halloween cookies and roasted marshmallows outside over a fire. | The children played very well together. Nate and Andrew had their usual battles with sharing. As Amanda says, it is how they learn! They both have their moments and eventually get it worked out! It always amazes me how calm it can feel at times even though there are EIGHT little ones messing about! : ) We had a great time and feel so blessed to have such fabulous friends.

67: Cousins Nathan & Isabelle are like siblings! They enjoy playing together...inside, outside, at Aunt Christy's, Nanny's or our house. They can argue just like siblings sometimes however most of the time they are best buds.

68: Nathan, Molly & Daddy dressed for Nathan's preschool Christmas program at Faith Friends. Afterwards, Nanny & Papa Andrews, Aunt Ash, Uncle Justin & Mikka came to our house for ice cream & Cookies. On Sunday, December 7th we visited the Hoover Historical Society to see Santa. We got our picture taken and had cookies & hot chocolate. They had horse drawn wagon rides however it is extremely cold!

69: On Friday, December 12th we headed to Heather Ridge to see their light display. We were so pleased that our friends, the Arways, could join us for a winter evening of fun! We saw lots of differemt light displays, spoke with Santa, ate cookies and got to ride the Polar Express (a tractor pulling a wagon of hay). It was a beautiful evening as the snow was lightly falling down around us!

70: Christmas Eve 2008 Our house & the Andrews Nathan and Daddy made a cake for Baby Jesus and took it to Nanny's on Christmas Eve. It was a chocolate cake with peppermint chips in it and on top. It was quite a hit! We didn't bring a single piece home with us! Christopher Pop-in-kins (the elf that spent most of December visiting us) left to return to the North Pole early on Christmas Eve day. He left a letter for Nate & Molly and a present for each of us! Nathan got Handy Manny pajamas and Molly got pajamas with pigs on them. Nathan loves to watch the cartoon, Handy Manny, and Molly often picks up the round green sorting shape, puts it in her mouth and snorts likes a pig. So, Christopher thought that pig pj's were perfect. Mommy & Daddy also got new pajamas. As always we were blessed with many special gifts from aunts, uncles, Nanny & Papa. However, we are always reminded that spending time with family is the biggest blessing of all!

71: Christmas Day Christmas morning everyone slept in except mommy...not sure why...mommy couldn't get back to sleep so I decided to get started with my day before everyone else woke up...thinking that would be soon! I made the cinnamon rolls we were having for breakfast...still nobody was up. I watched some TV...still nobody was up. I though I was going to have to wake them up! Molly woke up about 7:30 am. It was about 8:30am before Nate & daddy woke up! Nate was ready to open gifts! He called Nanny & Papa to see if they were coming to watch him open his gifts. Which they did and ate cinnamon rolls with us. It was very nice to have them share in our morning. Santa brought Nathan his Christmas wish: a John Deere Gator! He was thrilled!! Christmas Day at the Davis' was a little different this year. Aunt Ash and Uncle Kenny were not there. They were in Pennsylvania with Uncle Kenny's family. So, at Granny & Papa's it was our family, Great Granny Edwards, Uncle Justin & Mikka. Molly was still not feeeling 100%...running a low grade fever and just wanting to be held and not really knowing what she wanted. We enjoyed a delicious meal and then opened our gifts. Again this year, Nathan wanted to open everyone's gifts which everyone was accommodating to that wish! He wasn't very grateful when opening clothes which didn't make me very happy. I had to remind myself that he is 3! He was however very excited about his new Cars suitcase on wheels from Uncle Justin & Mikka. He totally remembered telling them that he wanted it when we were in Sears together right after Thanksgiving! A memory like an elephant! He also really like his own digital camera from Granny and Papa. He was snapping all kinds of picture and then almost immediately deleting them!

73: Homemade Pretzels ~ Nathan & I had a wonderful time making these delicious homemade pretzels!

75: This photo of Nathan & Isabelle was in the Canton Repository on Sunday, December 28th in article about what residents were doing during winter break. The temperatures were in the 60s. Mommy was quoted in the article about your gator...being your most wanted Christmas gift, you used it to pick up Isabelle & help Nanny pick up apples in her yard. We were so glad that the weather cooperated so you could ride the Gator outside.

76: On December 29th, we were able to get outside for a little while! The sun was shining and it wasn't too cold! Molly & Nathan love playing outside. Nathan is doing a great job riding his tricycle!

77: On January 3, 2009, we went on an adventure according to Nate. We went to "Wooster City" tp the Everything Rubbermaid store. Nathan & Molly had a ball on the Third floor where all the Step 2/ Little Tikes slides, swing sets and little houses set up. They climbed, slid down slides, played in the kitchens and rode different cars. Molly had the most fun on the toys! Nate was really too big for most of the stuff. Then we headed to Lehman's hardware in Kidron, OH. We ate lunch in the Cast Iron Cafe and then walked around Lehman's. Nate had fun looking at all the John Deere stuff! He also thought it was cool that in the toy area there was a train going around a track about our heads!

78: Nathan is such a nice big brother...he gives Molly lots of rides around the yard, to Isabelle's house and of course to Nanny & Papa Andrews for a visit.

79: One Smart Cookie! Friday, January 16, 2009 On the way home from work today we past the Hoover Historical Society which we had visited before Christmas to see Santa. As we passed by Nathan asked me, “Is Santa still there?” I said, “No, he has gone back to the North Pole.” His reply was. “How many are at the North Pole?” I asked him, “How many Santas?” He said, “yes” I thought to myself, how do I answer this question. So I said, “Well the story says one.” Without missing a beat he says, “Well if there was one at the mall and one at Hoover then maybe there are two!” I said, “Well yes then maybe there are two but we can’t be in both places (the mall and the Hoover Historical Society) to check if there are two.” He said, “Daddy could be at the mall and we could be there (Hoover).” I said, “You are one smart cookie!” Nathan responded with, “I am not a cookie!” “Well then you are one smart kid!” I said. He never ceases to amaze me!

80: Nathan & Molly have been on a popsicle kick this month. I am not sure why...it has been quite cold. Nate likes to eat part of it and then let it melt and drink the juice. Molly crunches it up and eats about a fourth of it and then she is done. When they come in boxes of 100...I guess it isn't a huge deal that they don't always finish them!?!?

81: Sibling fun and games! Nathan and Molly get such a kick out of playing "piggy nose".

82: A Broken Boy! Saturday, March 14, 2009 On Saturday, March 14th we went to a birthday party for a friend, Garrett, of Nathan’s at Fun Fortress. Unfortunately it did not end up to be fun for us. Nathan fell inside the obstacle course. Initially appeared to just have scratched his chin. Then when the crying did not stop, the complaining about his foot hurting did not stop, he wouldn’t put any pressure on it without more crying and a four year old who would not leave his mother’s lap to play in a room full of inflatable toys with his friends....I suspected that something more serious was wrong. We left the party and went home. The crying stopped on the drive home. Once home we iced his foot for about a half hour and then try to get him to put some pressure on it and he wouldn’t. So off went Joe and Nate to the Aultman Statcare at the end of our street. An hour and half later, I called Joe to see how things were going...they were waiting for the temporary cast to dry. A broken bone in his foot. We now have to call Spectrum Orthopaedics on Monday and get an appointment. Sunday, March 15th Update: Aultman Statcare just called and said that the x-ray was negative...no break just a bad sprain. We still have to follow up with an Orthopaedic doctor tomorrow and continue the same care (no walking on it, keep it propped up and ice it). We’ll keep you posted. Monday, March 16th Update: Went to see Dr. Candage at Spectrum Orthopaedics. Nate’s foot is just sprained and he is allowed to walk on it. No planting of the foot and twisting. Therefore no jumping on a trampoline. Dr. Candage also said this coming week would not be a good time to take up ballet! haha! : ) Even though Nate was allowed to walk on it he refuse. Tuesday, March 17th Update: In the AM he continue to protest walking on it. However, when I returned from work to pick him up from Nanny’s he was walking. He had started walking while at Preschool. Yippee! : ) He hasn’t hardly sat down since!

84: On March 19th, we headed to Wisconsin to visit Uncle John, Aunt Marcie & Jonas. On the first day we traveled 9 hours to the Wisconsin Dells. Nathan looked at books, held Molly's baby & slept!

85: We spent the night at Great Wolf Lodge. Molly really started to warm up to the water park Thurs. evening however didn't want anything to do with on Friday morning. | Nathan loved all of it! He rode the slides with Mommy & Daddy. He had a blast and can't wait to go again!

86: We spent Friday, Saturday & Sunday playing with Jonas. Everyone enjoyed going to the park. We actually purchased a excavator like the one at the park for our playground at home. Nathan enjoyed afternoon visits to Ernie's farm with Daddy & Uncle John while Molly & Jonas napped. Taking turns...Molly would push Nate on the tricycle and then Nathan would push her. It is so wonderful when they get along!

87: Nathan, Molly & Isabelle enjoy playing on the swing set in our backyard.

88: Happy 4th Birthday, Nathan! We had a fire truck themed party.

89: We had a fire truck pinata! That was an experience...whacking it to get the candy to fall out.

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