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Nathan - 6yrs old

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Nathan - 6yrs old - Page Text Content

S: Nathan Ray Andrews - 6 years old - 2011 - 2012

FC: Nathan Ray Andrews 6 years old 2011 - 2012

1: The year of the DS. Nathan got his red DS for his birthday. He has gotten much joy out of playing games on it alone and also with his cousin, Isabelle. Molly wants a pink one so bad to be like her big brother.

2: My little penguins, Molly & Nathan have such beautiful smiles. They have a way of making everything OK with their big smiles. | The Arways & Andrews at the Akron Zoo over Spring Break. It was slightly chilly however fun was had by all! The Conley's met us there at lunch time. We had to head home after lunch...daddy had a meeting.

3: Nathan wanted a stuffed giraffe from the zoo however we used birthday money and got one from Toys R Us. Nathan modeling his birthday outfit from Auntie Mary in England.

4: Happy Easter! We enjoyed coloring eggs, an egg hunt at the Hanlon's and a picture with the Easter Bunny.

5: Nathan had soccer pictures on this particular day. Molly was dressed for their dance recital rehearsal. They were kind enough to pose for a picture. I love the way they care about one another.

6: Nathan's 1st Dance Recital This is his tap costume. His class danced to "Hey, Hey, Hey, We're all Pirates" by the Wiggles.

7: Nathan loves his mommy!! Nathan enjoyed posing with Daddy and Mommy after the recital. Nathan had a successful year in dance, however he is not sure whether he will take dance next year.

8: The Cool Dad's dance was the highlight of the recital for the kids. They enjoyed participating in this dance with Daddy. (Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner) | Molly, Mommy & Nathan

9: Nathan joined Boy Scouts and marched in the Memorial Day Parade. In Kindergarten he had to take a picture of his favorite pet. He took a picture with Lulu, who is one of Isabelle's dog.

10: Spring Soccer at the North Canton YMCA. Tommy Smart's dad, Bob, was Nathan's coach. They had a great season. | Janet Erickson was also on his team. Her older sisters helped coach the team. Sophia Blondheim from Faith UMC was on the team as well. It was fun to play soccer with friends. Mr. Smart got every player a medal at the end of the season.

12: Nathan is flashing his beautiful smile for the camera. He is also striking a pose... being his cute, adorable self.

13: Sprinkler Fun!! It was a hot summer. Mommy & the kids purchased this sprinkler at Aldi's. We went right home and used it. I think this was the only time we used it!

14: Hoover Vikings Basketball Camp For the first time, Nathan attended summer basketball camp. He had a great time however not sure if he wants to participate next year.

15: The Jaycee Fair June 14, 2011 Nathan had fun riding the swing, roller coaster and the ferris wheel. He enjoyed an ice cold lemonade.

16: Father's Day 2011 We enjoyed a nice day together on Father's Day. We attended church and then went to the annual Davis Family Picnic. Nathan had a wonderful time playing ball with his dad and older cousins. When we returned home we took some additional photos of Nate, Molly and Daddy.

17: Plain Township Park (across from GlenOak HS) On Saturday, June 25th we went to this park for the first time. It just recently opened. It was very nice. It has a cool playground area as well as a large pavilion, a dog park and a frisbee golf course. Nathan enjoyed climbing the rock wall, riding on the swings and attempting the monkey bars.

18: Camp Mamawanda: June 20th - 23rd Monday - Arway's - Snow Days Tuesday - Mutchler's - Ocean Wednesday - Conley's - Circus Thursday - Andrews' - Nursery Rhymes

19: Camp Mamawanda - Snow Days at the Arways Sarah, Molly, Hannah, Andrew, Nathan, Patrick, Maggie, Riley and Charles

20: The African Wildlife Safari This was an experience. The animals practically attacked us to get the food. Molly cried, "I want to go home!" Nathan wanted the windows up immediately. Our mini vacation was off to a fabulous start...they survived and enjoyed the big slide and a pony ride!

22: We had a fabulous time at the Toledo Zoo...We got to see the baby elephant, LUCAS. Nathan enjoyed riding the train.

23: Molly, Daddy and Nate enjoyed riding the traditional carousel. Nathan rode Roxie and Molly rode Taffy. In the center, Nathan is a giraffe. Molly, Mommy and Nathan sitting in front of the polar bears.

24: During our travels to the Toledo Zoo and then on to Elk Grove, IL Nathan and Molly watched videos. Then they started acting silly...they were both laughing uncontrollably. | Nathan loved the hotel pool. He played ball with daddy. Swam with his Cars water ring. Unfortuntately, the ball didn't survive the had a hole in it.

25: We visited Legoland Discovery Center in Schaumburg, IL on Thursday, June 30th. Nathan loved every moment! He especially enjoyed building a lego car with a young boy who was paid to work there...building cars with the children.

28: While we were there we attended a modeling class and made the Sears Tower. Fortunately, when we drove home we saw the actual Sears Tower. We saw paintings made out of Legos: Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh & The Scream by Edvard Munch We saw a 4-D lego rained and snowed on us. Nathan wanted the shield and sword he is pictured with in the store. | The Dragon Ride at Legoland Discovery Center

29: Prior to Legoland we went to the Woodfield Mall and found this playground. The kids were there with one other child. After Legoland we had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. While Nathan was picking out a lego set at the Lego store, Molly made our family out of mini-legos...Nathan, Mommy, Daddy & Molly

30: We went to Lou Malnati's Pizzeria for Chicago style pizza. We had a bit of a wait so we entertained ourselves...Nathan did the activities on the kid's menu and made funny faces with daddy and Molly. | Mommy & Nathan made funny faces and daddy, Nathan & Molly grumpy crew!

31: Happy 4th of July We attended the parade with the Andrews' family. Maggie Lynne enjoyed riding in the wagon. | Isabelle, Nathan, Jonas & Molly collected plenty of candy. We had a wonderful picnic at Nanny's house.

32: We enjoyed the North Canton fireworks for the first time as a family. Nathan's favorites are pictured below. The "popcorn", as Nathan & Molly call them, are their favorites. | The Fourth of July 2011

33: Back row: Kelsey Tyler Sean Matthew Nick Front Row: Mark Maggie Jacob Nathan Isabelle Molly | L to R John Joe Jane Chris Sara Steve Tim | The Andrews' Children (7) & Grandchildren (16) | Not pictured: Adam Danny Jon Michael Jonas

34: Bethany Beach, DE July 2011 We had a fabulous time at the beach. Nathan loved the ocean and Molly loved the sand. We spent the mornings at the beach and the afternoons swimming in the pool. Nathan gained a lot of confidence in his swimming from being in the ocean every day. Almost every night we walked to town and got ice cream...we loved Kohr's Custard. Later in the week Nathan tried ice cream at Candy Kitchen. He ate birthday cake ice cream.

35: At 25 cents per person this was the best bargain of the trip! | Daddy dug Molly a "house" everyday! It was the highlight of her Beach trip!

36: Penguins Diner | Miniature Golf | Boogie Boarding

37: The park in town | Looking like the man that remodeled our bathroom, Michael | Buried in the sand | Miss Ellen & Molly

39: Pirates of Lewes Anglers Marina Lewes, DE

41: Main Street Fair *We had a wonderful day spent with family. *The kids rode rides and then we attended the Rotary spaghetti dinner. | A highlight of the summer was Nathan learning to ride his bicycle without training wheels. He was so proud of his accomplishment!

42: Nathan's first day of school at Orchard Hill Elementary was Wednesday, October 24th. He is in first grade and Mrs. Shimek is his teacher. Aunt Cheri teaches here so it is nice to have a familiar face in the hallway.

43: September 1st Nathan & Molly's first day at Faith Friends Pre-School together. Nathan only attends for before school care this year. Nathan's school age teachers are Miss Terri and Mrs. Feinman. This is Molly's first year in pre-school. Her teacher is Mrs. Harding.

45: Nathan, Molly & Isabelle on the huge rock outside the Leggett's house. This is where mommy & Aunt Christy wait for the kids to get off the bus. Today...Tuesday, September 6th was the first day that they all got off the school bus together. It was a big deal!

46: Another soccer season... Nathan had a fabulous season. He scored many goals and learned that soccer is a team sport. It was a real confidence builder for him. | *It also provided a quality life lesson in humility. *I know I have said this before however, I will never get tired of seeing Nathan and Molly loving one another.

47: Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear daddy. Happy birthday to you!

49: North Canton Fire Department Open House Nathan never gets tired of visiting the fire station. He got to use the fire hose, sit in the fire truck and watch the firefighters use the "jaws of life" to remove the doors and roof of a car. He enjoyed collecting a treat bag and getting a cookie!

51: Mrs. Shimek sent this home with Nathan at the end of his Star Student of the Week. I learned that his favorite number was 6...I didn't know!

52: Nathan and Daddy walked to Orchard Hill. It was a special event to bring awareness to the safety issues that are of concern with children walking to school. When they arrived at school early daddy took the opportunity to get a picture of Nathan in front of the sign. Then Nathan went with Aunt Cheri to meet other kids who were walking to school. Nathan won a Toys R Us gift card in a random drawing for participating in the event.

53: Nathan's first photo in his Tiger Cub scout uniform. All items were handed down through the Andrews family. Daddy is an Eagle Scout as well as Nathan' uncles. Cousin Michael was also active in scouts. Nathan is a member of Troop 12 that meets at our church, Faith United Methodist Church. He is a member of Den #6 which Daddy is the Den Leader.

56: Nathan chose a template for his pumpkin. Then Daddy created the Jack-o-lantern. We purchased a battery operated light that changed colors to place inside. It turned out very cool! Nathan had to try on his costume as soon as it arrived in the mail. This is the first photo taken of his costume!

57: On Sunday, November 6, 2011 while eating Progresso Chickerina soup and ciabatta bread Nathan lost his second tooth (the bottom middle right tooth). Needless to say we think it is in his belly. So we left the tooth fairy a note in hopes that she would still leave him some coins. **the pictures are extras that didn't make another page in the book.

60: Cinderella - Backstage Fun Nathan and Alec Pilati enjoy their time together at dance. In these photos they are having some backstage fun prior to one of the all school ballet performances of Cinderella. They were playing in the smoke with the dog's bone and toy ball. They are easily amused!

62: Christmas Eve at Faith United Methodist Church Nathan sang with the Cherub Choir. Then Nathan and Molly participated in the story of Jesus' birth. Molly was an angel and Nathan was a shepherd. They did a wonderful job and made all of us very proud. Aunt Cheri, Uncle Chris and Matt were able to join us to see their performance.

63: Davis Christmas Dec. 18, 2011 | Fun was had by all...everyone received many nice gifts. Several sets of trios were opened by Nathan. Peyton loved Molly's gifts more than her own. Jordan and Jamacyn loved their gifts as well!

64: Holiday Fun While making Christmas cookies Nathan & Molly wanted to lick the spatula covered in marshmallow creme. I think they ended up wearing more than they actually licked off the spatula!

65: Christmas Gift Fashion Show | Nathan received the blue jeans and shirt from Great Aunt Mary in England. Molly and Nathan got pajama bottoms from Pat Schaffer.

67: Tommy Smart's 7th Birthday Party Grand Slam Austin Appleby, Hoover football quarterback, attended the party. He will play college football at Purdue in the Fall. The kids had a great time playing soccer!

68: Nathan created this vehicle out of Legos. He has gotten better at following the directions and building the Legos himself this year. He also has started to create his own cars/buildings out of Legos.

69: Nathan, Molly and Mommy had a fun winter afternoon creating these Valentine t-shirts. We used heart shaped doilies and white fabric paint. Molly used a small more detailed heart. Nathan and Mommy started out with the bigger heart and then decided the small heart would fit inside our large heart! They turned out nice however it was wonderful to just spend time together having fun!

70: TIGER CUBS ~ On December 11, 2011 Nathan earned his Bobcat Badge. ~ On January 10, 2012 his Den had a Go See It to the Canton Repository. ~ On January 24, 2012 they had another Go See it to the Jackson Safety Center (police & fire stations). ~ On January 29, 2012 he participated in his first Pinewood Derby. ~In February, he earned his Tiger Cub Badge.

73: Happy late heart day to all of you, too! I really loved the photos. Nate and Molly are getting so big! I really like your cool! Love, Aunt Sara | We couldn't have asked for a better Valentine, especially with Molly & Nathan. Those two really are special and warmed our hearts as you did by thinking of us! Thanks so much! Glad your found time to share pizza together. Lots of love & thanks, Great Aunt Wilma & Uncle Bill | Darling shirts - it looks like you all had a great time celebrating Valentine's Day together! Love, Aunt Marcie | What a fun day for all of you! The kids are growing up so fast! Enjoy every moment! Love, Aunt Jane | Very cute - love those shirts! What a great idea! Love, Aunt Christy

74: Valentine's Day Party at Orchard Hill The students made this adorable caterpillar. Then they had a relay race where they wore socks on their hands and had to open a Hershey kiss. An ice cream sundae completed the festivities!

75: Happy Birthday to Mommy! Daddy, Nathan & Molly always do a wonderful job of making my birthday special. Daddy brought dinner home from Best Burger and we had this delicious birthday cake!

76: Nathan played a tapping sailor in the all school musical, Anything Goes. He performed wonderful "coffee grinders" at center stage. He is such a brave little boy. He says that he is looking forwarding to participating, if asked, again next year!

77: I loved watching the video and looking at his pictures. Love & hugs to you all and tell Nathan...Great Job! Great Aunt Wilma & Uncle Bill | Love it! Cute little sailor! The Murleys | WOW! Nate has some fabulous dance moves! I can't wait to see them at the wedding this summer. He must be so proud of himself - he did a great job! Aunt Marcie | Love it! Thank you! I think it is great that Plain permits the elementary kids to participate! He looks great! Kim Leggett | What a handsome sailor! I like the action dance photo where you were close to the floor. WOW that must have been hard. Love, Aunt Cheri

78: As we did last year, we are having two birthday parties for Nathan. One with his cousin, Peyton for the Davis side of the family and one for the Andrews side. We used this invitation for both...just changed the information.

79: Happy 7th Birthday, Nathan! Nathan had two wonderful parties. He only wanted books for his birthday which he received lots of...many Magic Treehouse and Diary of the Wimpy Kid books as well as gift cards for Books A Million. He went once and bought a game for the family, a craft for himself and a book for Molly. What a thoughtful young man he is becoming!!

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