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S: The Concert of a Lifetime!

FC: A Dream Come True!! Blizzard Tour March 3rd, 2011

1: While sitting at home one night over Christmas break I was on facebook and a friend of mine left me a comment saying I bet you are excited for the Nelly concert that was just announced a few minutes ago. Instantly, my heart dropped and I googled it while freaking out!!!..The news was true!! I started texting everyone in my phone, crying, and screaming to my mom who was sleeping. I was in such shock!!!! Xl93 was giving away free tickets to the concert but I could never get through the call line so I bought my ticket the very first day they came out at noon. Everyday after that I was stressing because all I wanted was backstage passes to meet Nelly..I mean I am his biggest fan EVER!! Monday, the week of the concert I heard about this contest you could enter to sing, dance or do whatever you wanted to try and win backstage passes to eat lunch with, take pictures, go on stage to doogie, and hang out with your favorite artist. I was so excited because I had the best idea of singing my favorite song to my action figure Nelly doll. When I submitted the video everyone was commenting on my video and LOVED it..except for the other competitors..they said I was creepy and that the video was recorded like a blare witch project..however I didnt care! I would do anything to meet Nelly!!!!

2: I am the biggest Nelly fan ever, absolutely obsessed! I have liked Nelly since I was in the 4th grade when he performed at the Grammy awards to his hit song "Country Grammar" and his belt buckle broke open and his pants fell down. | I collected his chains, cds, posters, scrapbooks, clothing, calendars, would pretend to write him letters, and recorded his shows. | I even have his action figure! | When I was in the 7th grade I pretended to marry Nelly and still have the wedding ring today! | *Take 5!* -mom | Introducing myself to the viewers! --Words from the video.

3: OW! Uh, Uh Check it, Check it..Uh Uh! | I, love you, and I need you.. Nelly I love you. | I do!..Need you. | No matter what I do | All I think about is You. | Even when Im with my boo, boy ya know im crazy over you. No matter what I do all I think about is you, even when I'm with my boo ya know I'm crazy over you.

4: I met this chick and she just moved right up the block from me. And she got the hots for me, the finest thing I need to see. | But oh no, NO | she got a man and a son, OH-OH, but that’s okay ‘Cause I wait for my cue and just listen, play my position Like a shortstop, pick up e’rything mami hittin’. | And in no TIME, | I better make this friend MINE and that’s for sure ‘Cause I-I never been the type to break up a happy home But there’s something ‘bout baby girl, I just can’t leave her ‘lone So tell me, ma, what’s it gonna be. | She said, "You don’t know what you mean to me," come on

5: No matter what I do, All I think about is you. Even when I’m with my Boo, Boy, you know I’m crazy over you. No matter what I do, All I think about is you. Even when I’m with my Boo, You know I’m crazy over you. | Uh-uh-uh-uh! I see a lot in your look and I never say a word. I know how n****s start actin’ trippin’ , and hate up all the girls. And there’s no way Nelly go for it, Ain’t f****n’ with no dame, as you could see. | But I-I like your steeze, your STYLE, your whole demeanor. | The way you come through and holler, and swoop me in his TWO-seater .

6: Now that’s GANGSTA and I got special ways to thank ya, don’t you forget it. But it ain’t that easy for you to back up and leave him. | But you and me we got ties for different reasons I respect that and right before I turned to leave | She said, "You don’t know what you mean to me," come on. | No matter what I do, All I think about is you. Even when I’m with my Boo, You know I’m crazy over you. | Sing it for me, K! I love you and I need you Nelly, I love you, I DO!

7: And it’s MORE than you’ll ever know. Boy, it’s for sure. | You can always count on my LOVE, Forever more, yeah, yeah. | East coast, I know you’re SHAKIN right. Down south, I know you’re bouncin’ right. West coast, I know you’re walkin’ right. (‘Cause you don’t know what you mean to me). Midwest, I see you swingin’ right. | No matter what I do. All I think about is YOU. | Even when I’m with my Boo, "Nelly" you know I’m CRAZY over you. East coast, I know you’re shakin’ right. Down south, I know you’re bouncin’ right. West coast, I know you’re walkin’ right. (‘Cause you don’t know what you mean to me). Midwest, I see you swingin’ right.

8: No matter what I do, all I think about is you. Even when I’m with my Boo, Boy, you know I’m crazy over you | No matter what I do, all I think about is you. | Even when I'm with my boo, you know im crazy over YOU!! | Please choose me.Thank you! :)

9: The morning of the concert I received an email stating that I was not chosen for the video but they would still give me backstage passes to meet just Nelly since I was such a huge fan. Around 9am XL93 announced they were giving away another set of backstage passes to meet Nelly but you have to be caller #9 which was a challenge. I called, and the line was busy and I started crying and mom yelled "Keep trying!" So I called again and Trevor D answered the phone and said "Hello XL93" and I said "Did I win backstage passes to Nelly!?" While mom was in the background screaming "DID YOU GET IT? DID YOU WIN!" and Harv was on the couch sleeping. I explained to them that I was the facebook stalker that commented on their wall everyday and was the huge Nelly fan and they said "Ooooh Chelsi the facebook girl, we know you!" They asked to talk to my mom on the phone because she was crying and freaking out! They told my mom that I won the backstage passes and she freaked saying "You don't know how many Nelly cakes Ive had to make since the fourth grade!" They laughed and found us very entertaining because they still replay us on the radio winning. I won backstage passes to meet and greet 3OH!3, Sick Puppies and NELLY!!!!!

10: Getting ready for the BIG night!! And of course..Listening to Nelly!! | I got my hair cut and colored just for this night. Harv styled it and I Loved it!!

12: Getting ready to hit the road!.. | Even Auntie and Mom were excited!!

13: Fiiiinnallly made it to the Scheels Arena!..We were there at 1:30 pm and the doors didnt open until 5:30!..We were the first people in our row! | Flaunting the ring! | Binky Lee..Part of XL93 crew that gave me backstage passes.

14: Waiting anxiously for the guards to let us in!!..We were so excited and antsy! | Girls.. Girls.. Girls!!

15: Laughing at all the people in line down below because we were in the front baby!! | Sold out concert!! | N-E-L-L-Y | Us 3 waving to mom. | Mom down below having to pee!

16: Starting to get super excited! | Scanning the ticket to get in!..Finally!!

17: Aaannd..were finally in! | FRONT ROW.. dead CENTER!! | The 2 Chelsey's we met!

18: Big Reeno

19: Cali Swag District | CSD girls getting ready to go on stage.

20: Teach me how to dougie Teach me, teach me how to dougie Teach me how to dougie Teach me, teach me how to dougie All my b*****s love me All my, all my b*****s love me All my b*****s love me You aint f****n wit my dougie!

21: We were freaking out to get a picture with the Cali Swag girl! | The dancers were SO awesome!

22: The crowd on the floor. Kayla, Harv, and I were at the very front of it all!

23: Sick Puppies

24: "Maybe it's time to change and leave it all behind. I've never been one to walk alone. I've always been scared to try. So why does it feel so wrong, to reach for something more. To wanna live a better life. What am I waiting for? 'Cause nothing stays the same, maybe it's time to change."

25: 3OH!3

26: "3oh!3 blowin' out your speakers." | "My first kiss went a little like this-And twist-And twist! Well my first kiss went a little like this-And twist-And twist."

27: “"Shush girl, shut your lips. Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips. Don't trust a hoe. Never trust a hoe. Won't trust a hoe, cause a hoe won't trust me."”

28: The security guard in front of me took my camera and took a picture of the list of songs that were laying on stage that Nelly was going to sing. | Crying because he was so gorgeous and I was in such shock that I was actually seeing my DrEaM man!!

29: The St.Lunatics were performing with Nelly and they were AWESOME!...At first they were the only ones on stage with the first song "Party People" and Nelly popped out of nowhere right in front of me and I went crazy!!! | All of them singing E.I.

30: Murphy Lee and Nelly singing "Shake Ya Tailfeather"..They did their little dance moves and I LOVED it!!!! | "Here come another man, unlike no other man. Candy coated whoa! Switching every other lane." | "Just shake it for Nelly son."

31: Performing the hit song "CountryGrammar" | My sexy Nelly singing to me! :) | "I need two pairs." | "Well you should see me now, I'm eatin Wheaties now. I'm stealin second and third and lookin home peepin greedy now. See me now, people call me speedy now.”--Bater Up

32: Love this picture! | Some more of those good moves!

33: Performing "Ride Wit me" --My second favoritest Nelly song! | Telling the audience how City Spud helped a lot with this song and how his music went downhill for the time he was gone. | “If you wanna go and take a ride wit me, we three-wheelin in the fo' with the gold D's. Oh why do I live this way? (Hey, must be the money!)”

34: "Smile fo me daddy (What you lookin at) Let me see ya grill (Let you see my what) Ya, ya grill ya, ya, ya grill. Rob the jewelry store and tell em' to make me a grill. Add da whole top diamond and the bottom Row's gold."”

35: The BEST concert Ever.!!! It was soooo much fuN!!

36: "Move that body Work that body girl Twist that body Shake it shawty."

37: Murphy singing "What Da Hook Gon' Be" | Murph singing to me!..He Loved me!..Was always winking, smiling, and singing to me! | Crowd going crazy and trying to grab him!

38: This was THE BEST night of my entire life!..I never would have thought I would actually get to see Nelly perform.

39: And..He was AMAZING!!

40: Nelly had a special guest performer..I was kind of upset because he took up some of the time for Nelly's songs. | Nelly said we are going to sing one of my favorite songs and dedicate to the ladies out there and it was "Nothin on You."

41: "Beautiful girls, all over the world. I could be chasing but my time would be wasted. They got nothin' on you baby, nothin' on you baby. They might say hi and I might say hey, but you shouldn't worry about what they say; cause they got nothin' on you baby, nothin' on you baby."

42: Die For You | Tipdrill | Errtime | Fly Away | Luven Me | Iz U

43: They performed the song Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow.

44: Singing and dancing to "Body On Me."

45: "Over and Over Again" | "I think shes leaving, oh man..shes leaving." | "Cuz its all in my head, I think about it over and over again."

46: Flap Ya Wings Drop down and get your eagle on, girl (Flap Ya Wings) She's got that sweat drippin' all over her body

47: Hot In Herre You know dance in front your mirror while your on the phone. Checkin your reflection and tellin your best friend, like "girl I think my butt gettin big."

48: Nelly kept pointing to all the girls in the audience during the chorus of Hot in Herre. During the part of "I gotta friend with a pole in the basement (What?) I'm just kiddin like Jason (Oh)" Ali was singing to me and winking!! | Nelly listened to his song and took off some clothes!

49: "Nelly got me gone, gone, gone, gone boy you know you got me gone. You know I still got that love for you baby. You still be driving me crazy."

50: Nelly singing my favoritest song, Dilemma. He said ok now I need to find a girl who's birthday it is and everyone was pointing to me and I was freaking out!..He said "Is it yo birfday?" and I said "no" because I was so shocked and nervous and he said "ahh well I need someone who's birthday it is"..and this girl got to go up on stage and sing dilemma with him and I cried my eyes out..BIGGEST mistake of my life! :(

51: The final song.. JUST A DREAM "I was thinking about her, thinking bout me. Thinkin bout us, what we gunna be? Open my eyes, (Yeah) it was only just a dream..."

52: The last shots of the show.."Just a Dream" was probably sung the loudest by the crowd. I LOVED IT!!!! | Nelly walking off stage..:(

53: After the concert! | There must have been a cat fight when Nelly threw out his wife beater to the crowd.

54: Big Reeno..The first performance of the night. | Backstage pass ticket! | Waiting in line to meet NELLY!!!!!!

55: Nellys security guard! Mom walked by him with her camera and said "Smile" but he wouldn't crack a smile or make any eye contact.

56: Waiting in line and watching everyone meet him and him signing their stuff took forever!! | I was freaking out just standing there staring at him! | While I walked up to him I sang Dilemma and he said "Ohh thanks I appreciate it. I member you babygirl you was the one in the front row and I asked if it was your birthday." | He was sooo handsome and gorgeous!!! | He has a Perfect Smile!!

58: This was more then "Just a Dreeeaam!"

59: "Nelly I am your biggest fan, I even have your action figure!" | Best first kiss ever!!!!

60: So happy because I am actually meeting my fantasy man! | *Love at first site* | Nelly was actually kind of short, not much taller then me. Also he seemed very shy and cautious of everyone,

61: Mom got one picture with him and she pulled him back in for another and he said "We good ma." and she said "No I didn't get a picture with you!"..haha!

62: Got pulled over for speeding...A LOT..but he gave me a little break by decreasing the speed..My first speeding ticket. Pooped out after the big night!

63: After meeting Nelly mom and I walked all over to buy a Nelly souvenier and they did not have any but Krysta and James found one for me since I gave them my extra tickets.!

64: My love for Nelly continues today and always will! He is an amazing artist and I have so much fun listening and dancing to his music; plus he is the most gorgeous man in the world! I waited for this day to come for years. and was the happiest girl in the entire world!! I'm glad I went with the friends I did and brought my mom was the BEST night EVER!! I pray to meet Nelly again and go to more of his shows..hopefully sing "Dilemma" with him!!

65: I gave my backstage pass ticket to my aunt to meet 3OH!3 and Sick Puppies because I didn't want to lose my spot in line after waiting all day. But she got their autographs for me!

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