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New Eden

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S: New Eden

FC: New Eden | Novus ago, novus sors, novus posterus.

1: Declaration of Independence We the people of New Eden, in order to form a more perfect society, hereby declare our independence from the United States of America. As separate individuals leading honest lives under the United State's rule, the founders of New Eden have discovered numerous faults in both government and society. Many of these faults have accumulated over years of subtle abuse. The corruption of government officials, the dishonesty of medical professionals, the government's blatant usurping of our rights, the growing threat to religious freedom, the ever-multiplying crime rate, and the abundant supply of violence, hatred, and fear are just a fraction of the indignities we have suffered under the blind, selfish eye of the United States. All of these things will be gone in New Eden. When a nation begins to infringe upon its own Constitution, its own Bill of Rights, and its own people, it no longer deserves to be called a nation. And so we, the people of New Eden, offer a home within our borders to all those who merit a better life and long for an honest and happy future. We deserve better, America, and we will get it.

2: "In New Eden, we promise you a new chance at life, a clean slate, a purified past, and a better future. Our goal is to create a home for those who are homeless, and a hope to those who have lost it. Join us in the new future, where tears no longer exist and happiness outweighs all else." -Melanie Sowards, President of New Eden

3: Novus ago, novus sors, novus posterus. "New lives, new fortunes, new futures." | The Star-Bearing Tree

4: The Star-Bearing Tree | The Star-Bearing Tree is the official seal of New Eden. It represents not only the opportunities available to the citizens of New Eden, but also the unique providence of New Eden for each and every individual who lives within its borders. No human will go hungry, and no illness will steal away a youth's life under the banner of New Eden. The Star-Bearing Tree will nourish the citizens of New Eden and shelter them from the evils of the world.

5: The Giraffe | The giraffe is the official symbol of New Eden. They are quiet and peaceful, but are also capable of defending themselves and their loved ones. Giraffes are unique creatures, and New Eden is a unique society. We will always be the ones that can reach the most extreme heights while retaining the ability to observe circumstances from a more honest and accurate vantage point. The giraffe can reach the best opportunities that are available on the Star-Bearing Tree, and its generous nature will benefit all those around it.

6: The 10 Laws of New Eden | 1) There will be no killing of other human beings. -No one has the right to take another's life. 2) There will be no stealing from other human beings. -Every individual must work for his possessions; thievery will not be tolerated. 3) There will be no adultery. -Once committed to a spouse, an individual is sworn to loyalty to that person. Divorce is allowed only if a spouse violates one of the 10 Laws. 4) There will be no violence. -Any differences or disagreements will be handled with maturity, politeness, and a cool temper. 5) There will be no lying. -Dishonesty is unnecessary and volatile, it will not be tolerated.

7: 6) There will be no gluttony. -Citizens of New Eden will learn to take everything in moderation. 7) There will be no slavery. -No one may own another human's life. 8) Every human being is party to his or her own inalienable rights, all the rights named in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights will still apply. -These rights are natural and will never be taken away. 9) Every individual is responsible for a certain amount of productivity. -All citizens of New Eden must contribute in order to maintain the society. 10) No one will be permitted to return to their previous governments, countries, or homes. -Once a citizen of New Eden, such disloyal actions will not be tolerated.

8: The Government of New Eden | New Eden will be run by a democracy. This form of government is by far the most stable, and will allow all citizens of New Eden to have a say in the direction that the society is heading. Officials and leaders will be elected every three years by a public vote. There will be one president with a three year office who will be allowed the capability of three terms. Each president will have one vice president with the same office length and term as the president. Judges will be allowed a single term of 40 years. All other officials may run for unlimited terms, with an election to be held every three years. Enforcement officers may be employed and fired on the basis of individual merit Each decision to be made amongst the government will be presided over by all thirty officials to be elected by the public. Suffrage will be granted to every legal citizen in good public standing that is 18 years of age or older.

10: Join New Eden Today! | Be happy. Be hopeful. Be free.

11: Life in New Eden is characterized by choice. We recognize that each individual is different, and that many people prefer to participate in different activities. The younger generations living in New Eden will attend schools where they will be taught curriculum superior to what is available in the current United States education system. Each student will have the opportunity to accelerate at a comfortable rate for their varying talents. They will attend this school until they pass the grades K-12, and will have the option of attending a college or entering the work force. The adult work force will be widely varied and each employee will receive pay based on merit. Those over the age of 65 will be allowed to retire, and the government will supply any necessities for those who have retired. | Life in New Eden

12: Daily Itinerary | The lives of people living in New Eden will vary, but a typical employed adult's day will roughly resemble the following schedule: Monday-Friday 6:00-8:00am: Wake up and get ready for work. 7:00-9:00am: Go to work. 4:00-7:00pm: Work ends. whenever you get off of work-whenever you go to bed: Do whatever you want within legal limits. Saturday-Sunday No requirements.

13: Students and children in school will have different itineraries. Most will resemble the following format: Monday-Friday 8:00am: Begin school day 4:00pm: End school day 4:00-6:00pm: Extracurricular activities 4:00-6:00pm: Go home Saturday-Sunday No requirements

14: From the Members of New Eden... | "Today was my first day of school. The teachers were fun and nice. We played games and learned fun stuff. I like New Eden a lot." -Benjamin Hutchinson, age 9. "Elections were held today. The government of New Eden is astoundingly efficient--not only does it do its job well, it does it with the support of the people because it listens to what the people have to say. New Eden is a society made beautiful from the inside out, starting with the people living in it." -Janice Williams, age 37. "My friends and I just got home from a government-funded vacation. We decided we wanted to stay in a ski resort, and they found us the greatest hotel with the best accommodations available. None of us paid a dime. Becoming a citizen of New Eden is the best decision I've ever made." -Gavin McGrant, age 24.

15: Become a Citizen Today | Dear Reader, Friends, family, and strangers alike are welcome in New Eden. Welcome to a place where you can live an honest life, and enjoy freedom in its truest form. New Eden is a place of choices, where you can decide what your next step in life will be while you mature within a healthy and responsible society. Enjoy an education designed specifically for you, a job that you excel at, and dreams that used to be fantasies. New Eden will let no life be wasted, and will support each person to his or her fullest potential. Don't waste any more of your time living a mundane, unhappy life. Join today, make the most of your life. Sincerely, The Founders of New Eden

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