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S: Happy 21st Day of Birth

FC: 21 Years... 21 Reasons Why I Love You | Nick

1: The bad news is time flies. The good news is we are the pilots. | #1: You are the best big brother, role model, and friend a person could have. This little book tries to explain why I look up to you and why I would not trade you for anything!

2: #2: You haven't killed me yet. Although we have fought, not only as “Skinny-Mini” and “Cat Scratch,” but also as brother and sister, you have always managed to make our fights be not that bad. #3: You know how to make me not mad after we fight. This one goes along with number two obviously. After we have our stupid fights and I say that I am never going to talk to you again, I cry my eyes out, or we both get yelled at and we are both angry, you somehow know what to say and I always forgive you (or you forgive me).

5: #4: You have always been by my side. Looking through these pictures makes me realize that you have always been there. Even though we both don't remember half of these adventures or a load of other ones, you were always my partner in crime. When you are not on an adventure with me, you are the one person who I wish was with me, so I could share every experience with you. | #5: You are good a video games. I mean, you are not as good as me when it comes to gaming, but you are still good. I may get bored with your excessive video game play, but because you like to play them and you are good at doing it, I love to watch you play. I also love it when you teach me how to play new games and let me play them with you, despite how bad I am at playing them.

6: #6: You are funny... sometimes. You and I find the same things to be funny and that sense of humor we share makes the good times even better. It's my favorite thing in the world when we can hold a conversation with each other and we both cannot stop laughing at what we are saying. | #7: You are supportive of my choices and accomplishments. You have always been there for me when I have received an award and I love when you tell me good job or congratulations. You also have never put me down for a decision (a major decision) I have made. When you support the things I do, I know that you are proud of me and I never want to do anything that could possibly make you not proud of me.

9: #8: You have always included me in your plans, even if you didn't want me there. Growing up I remember that I always hung around you and your friends and you hated it. One time I went to one of your friends’ birthday parties with you to Galaxy and you were so mad that I was going. But when I lost a tooth on the skating rink, I remember you skated around with me looking for that damn tooth that we never even found. I know you hate when I tag along, but without you including me, I would be at a loss about what to do with myself sometimes. #9: You are my favorite athlete. I like to think of myself as a soccer sister and not a soccer mom. I loved watching you play sports and I would always get so into it and yell, cheer, and clap. I am sure you didn't like it when you noticed, but I loved going to every soccer game and track meet. I just want to support you like you do for me; I am your biggest fan.

10: #10: You are book smart, street smart, and common sense smart. A lot of people are dumb and I hate them, so it's probably a good thing that you are smart or else I would probably hate you too. I have been blessed to be able to look up to you and know that what you say and do is going to be a smart decision. Your academics and your view on things just blow me away sometimes when I realize how smart you truly are. | #11: You are an individual. You don't wear the Nike socks and have an iPhone just because the rest of the world does. I have been trying to follow in your footsteps here, but I am not as brave as you. I love that you stand out from the pack and are not some douche bag like every other guy in this world.

13: #13: You taught me how to swallow pills. I became a drug user because of you and that's something you can't just forget. You encouraged me to try to swallow a pill because I was in pain and Mom didn't have any drinkable medicine, so you taught me how to swallow pills. It's little things like this that show how you encourage me to do things and know how to get me to not be afraid and just go for it. | #12: You always make me feel safe. I don't really know how to describe this one, but even when you scare me and everything, I still feel content and safe when I am with you. When I am horrified about something and someone else is with me, I am still horrified, but when you are with me in the same horrifying situation, I am not as horrified.

14: #14: You are a decent driver. Although I am way better at driving, I admire your skills. Watching you drive has taught me the ways of the road. I am lucky to be able to ride 4-wheelers, wheel a tractor, cruise on a go-kart, or whatever else we have driven. But I am even luckier that I have gotten to watch you drive and learn from watching you. These observations have made me safer on the road and a badass on the quad. | #15: You are a great public speaker. Because you don't care what people think and you do what you want despite people's judgments, you are fearless (not including your fear of bugs of course). I am so amazed that you can get up in front of a crowd and just talk like nothing is out of place. While listening to your valedictorian speech, although I cried like a baby and didn't hear it all, I realized how fearless you are and how I wish I could be like you in that aspect too.

17: #16: You are protective of me. I know that you would never admit it, but I know it's there. Whenever I like a guy, you always hate them. If I tell you something about someone being mean to me, you want me to ignore them but your face tells me you want to beat them up. I love knowing I have someone who will slit someone's jugular if they break my arm or they break my heart. #17: You are always encouraging and know what to say to me when I am sad. I always want to go to you for advice over anyone else because I know you are going to know just what to say. You know me better than anyone and because of that, you know what to say. Even if you don't say anything that heartfelt, you are still saying enough for me to understand what I should do.

18: go | team | #18: You are a hard worker. We both know that you hate doing work and that you get mad most of the time leading up to the job, but as soon as you get going you are a very hard worker. You always get the job done and get it done right. I guess that's how Pops raised us, but I always admire your work once you do it. | #19: You make up stupid words that are so stupid that they become awesome. Niff, Muff, Woff, W, Mmmbo, Hibbity, do I have to keep going? It's always the best when you make up a word and the cousins and us all start using it and the rest of the world doesn't have a clue. I feel like the way we communicate has that same concept. Sometimes I just feel like we are the only ones who can truly understand each other, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

21: #20: You are a trustworthy person. I can tell you anything and I know you won't go running your mouth about it. There are only three people that I trust like that; God, Lay Baby, and you. I just want to make sure you know that you can trust me with important things too. I want to be able to tell you something and not have you disclose that information to anyone else except me and God forever. Trust is everything and I’m glad I have a trustworthy brother. | #21: You have taught me so much about life. All of these things make me think about everything you have done for me; the little things and the big things. I wouldn't want to follow in anyone else's footsteps and model my life after anyone else. Even with our petty fights and complaining, I could never imagine life without you and I don't know where I would be without your influences. Nick, you are truly the most amazing person I know. Happy 21st day of birth Patty. I love you.

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