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Noah Year 2

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S: Noah William Brotherson . March '10-March '11 . Volume 2

FC: The Life and History of Noah W. Brotherson | March 2010-March 2011

1: Notable Events Mar.'10-Mar.'11 2010 Winter Olympics—Held in Vancouver, Canada. Rescue of 33 Chilean miners after being trapped in mine for 68 days. Haiti Earthquake--3 mill affected and more than 230,000 killed. New Orleans Saints won Super Bowl XLIV. Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Title. Apple launched the iPad. President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) into law. Deepwater Horizon oil well exploded. National Average Movie Ticket Price: $7.89 Strict, Controversial Immigration Law Enacted in Arizona 4/23/10. Average Garbage Bill: $18/mo. Average Internet/Phone Bill: $57/mo. Utah Average Price of Gas: $3 per gallon A four-alarm fire gutted the historic Provo LDS Tabernacle The Mormon Tabernacle Choir marked 100 years of recording New LDS.ORG launched Nov 2010. Four LDS Temples Dedicated, One Rededicated. Two new LDS Church handbooks introduced. Noah weight: 33 lbs.

2: Forgotten Pics!!!

3: I realized Grandma had all of these pictures of you from last year so I added them into this book!

4: More forgotten pictures of when you were a baby. | So Sweet!

5: It's the little things that make life beautiful.

6: Bunnies are brown. Bunnies are white. Bunnies are always An Easter delight. Bunnies are cuddly The large and the small. But I like chocolate one The best of them all.

7: Happy Easter | Mom and Noah went to Grandma and Grandma Blake's this year for Easter. You were more interested in the Easter grass than what was in your basket!

8: You didn't quite get the concept of finding eggs and placing them in your basket! | Jamie and Gabe | April 4 2010

9: Jess and Riley | Mom and Noah

10: Journal Entries... April 11 2010 I have been in Idaho visiting my family for the past week and a half. It was so nice to see them and visit. We spent Easter with them, just Noah and I. It was also Conference weekend, which was so nice to celebrate Easter Sunday watching the Prophet and Apostles and hearing their messages. Noah had fun with my family. He LOVES my mom! He laughs with her and smiles at her. It is surprising since he only sees her a few times a year. He had fun on Easter morning finding his basket and going on an Easter egg hunt that afternoon. On a different note...Noah is into everything. He is walking everywhere. He does not stop moving. It is especially hard being tired and sick, and chasing after him all day. I am sicker this time than I was with Noah. I am so excited to have another baby. Very nervous, but still excited! May 6 2010 I have been so busy with dad to day stuff like picking up over and over, doing laundry, bills, cooking, reading and playing with and entertaining Noah. He is so busy and into everything. I don't think he can pass by anything without pulling stuff off of counters, opening drawers, and emptying them, opening cupboards, and getting everything out. He keeps me moving! He is so funny. He has started growling and wants me to copy him and then laughs. He is saying up, nana, down, more, kitty, mom, dad, and more. He knows who Jesus is and can say His name. When I ask him where the temple is he points to the picture of the temple on our wall.

11: June 7 2010 I am at girls camp today. It was hard to leave Noah. I miss him a lot. Lately I have been getting frustrated with him. I wish I was a better mother. He is such a sweet little boy. I am impatient with the fact that he can't say what he needs and just yells and points...of course the only way he knows how to communicate. I love him so so much and I need to do better. He has such a fun, busy personality! He loves to eat. He loves fruits and vegetables. June 11 2010 I am still at girls camp. I went home Wednesday and came back Thursday. It was so so so good to see Noah. I mis him so much. I can't wait to see him today. He watches everything I do and copies it. He learns so quickly. There are pigs down the street a little ways and we have taken him on a walk to see them a couple of times. Now every time he walks to the street, he makes a pig noise and starts walking toward them. He knows animal sounds, body parts, and what most every other word means. He is such a smart boy. Being away from Noah has made me really realize how blessed I am to have him. I have also been thinking about our new child who will be joining us in November.

12: Merlin and Noah | You LOVE spending time at Grandmas!

13: You loved reading books and Brad was so good to read to you! Brad, Noah, Aubrey and Kayden.

15: First time at Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City. You couldn't take your eyes off of the elephants! | 5.31.10

16: "Cherish your yesterdays, dream about tomorrow but live for today" | You have always been close with your dad.

17: Dad took you to the Father/Son outing. You didn't stay the night but you had a blast!

18: Good times are even better when shared with | Dad and Noah walking down to see Andrew's and Parker's fair pigs

19: "Friends are Flowers that Never Fade"

20: Always a New Adventure

21: Young Women's Girls Camp Kassidy, Annissa, Shelby, Tarrin June 7-11

22: Family, Fun, Food and Fireworks | We went up to the mountains to have a picnic for Independence Day. You loved playing in the you can tell! | Heading to the ward BBQ.

23: Grandpa reading you a book:)

25: You absolutely loved the outdoors, especially when water was involved!

26: July 21 2010 Noah is becoming so much more active and busy. He is running all over and learning more and more every day. He can say over 30 words and quickly catches on to life. Matt is busy working a lot, days and many nights. We found out we are having a girl! We have been in Strawberry this week isolated from people and cell service is terrible. Matt worked last night so Noah and I were here alone. It is scary alone out here. In answer to my prayers, I slept well and my heart was comforted. Noah slept well also, even with a terrible cold. August 30 2010 Noah is growing up so fast. He is a little tank! His is a thick little boy, not fat, but just hefty. He is talking so much and isn't even a year and a half. He's very smart. He will say "men" (amen) and clasp his hands together when he sees a picture of Jesus. He can say at least 50 words. He loves to go outside, especially with his dad, and especially on the 4-wheeler. He loves to be chased around the couch and he screams and laughs. He loves to be tickled in the car, and screams, but once I stop he grabs my hand and puts it back on his leg or tummy and wants me to do it more. He has been boating this summer a few times, ridden a horse, played outside in the irrigation water on our lawn, gone on a week vacation to Grandma Blake's and LOVED it there, has ridden a calf, gone down a slide, gone to our ward swimming party, been to the 24th of July parade, picked tomatoes, peas, peppers, and beans out of our garden, and many other very exciting things! He keeps me so busy and tired. He still takes two naps a day for about an hour each. In fact he is waking up now...I better go and get him! :) | Journal Entries

27: We all went boating and had such a fun time! I had to keep an eye on you the whole time because you wanted to be in the water so much! Uncle Brad took you for a walk out across the rocks. | You had so much fun on the boat!

28: Pioneer Day Parade!!! | 7.24.10

29: It was such a hot morning. We were all toasted! Dad helped you run after parade candy so you could fill your bag.

30: We went boating one afternoon while we were watching the cows in Strawberry. You kept telling us you wanted to get into the water and then you would cry because you were cold so we would take you out and then you would cry because you wanted back in the water! It was a beautiful day and you got to take your nap in mom's arms on the boat.

32: Strawberry | You had so much fun putting rocks into Montana's water. We spent a few weeks off and on in the Summer at the Water User's cabin. I was about 5 months pregnant and hated the heat!

33: “Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” ~Helen Keller | “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.” ~ Helen Keller

34: Duchesne County Fair

35: August is HOT!!!

36: Lake Fork Ward Swimming Party!

37: Your first time at a swimming pool. You loved the water and wanted to jump right in. Although the water was not too warm and you didn't like that very much. I had so much fun with you. I just had to make sure I held onto your little life jacket because you wanted to do it on your own!



40: Family Drive to Moon Lake

41: 8.8.10

42: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers

43: Mom and you went to Grandma Blake's to visit Grandma Straight who was also visiting. You had a fun time with your cousins. You were absolutely fearless on the little slide in Grandma's yard! Typical you :)

44: You were such a wiggle worm in pictures! I was lucky to get you to sit still for this one...and even more be looking at the camera!! | Grandma Straight loved to see you!

45: Grandma Blake and Grandma Straight with their grandkids... two more on the way! | 9.25.10

46: Playing outside was one of your favorite things to do. I always had to make sure you had plenty of sun-screen on so you wouldn't burn your fair skin. You took after mom in that respect. You have always loved being busy!

47: Love the Sun

48: 10.03.10

49: Journal Entries October 20 2010 Noah is so much fun! He is talking so much and is starting to say two word sentences. He answers all of our questions with "ya". This morning I went into his room to get him out of his crib and he was naked! He took off his jammies, AND his poopie diaper! His diaper was upside down on his blankets and he had poop on his bottom and legs. I'm sure he just didn't want to be poopy anymore so he decided he would just care of hit himself! I hope this isn't the start of a habit! It will be interesting to see how he deals with a new baby sister. I think I'll have my hands full. November 5 2011 Noah is adjusting to having another member of the family. I will write more tomorrow. I'm exhausted and am going to bed. November 14 2010 Noah is so sweet to Olivia, He had a hard time adjusting the first week, but is now getting used to the fact that she is here to stay! He gives her kisses and hugs all on his own. He calls her "Libila". When she is wake he says, "oh, awake", and he will go up to her and certain times and say "cute...Libila cute". He is SO much fun. he will do something he knows he shouldn't and as he does say "no, no" or "oh oh". He is literally into everything.He has been spending lots of time with Matt lately to give me a little time to rest. About two weeks before Olivia was born, Noah learned to climb out of his crib. So after three or four days of staying by his bed at naps and bedtime, we decided to try putting the childproof knob on the inside of his door so he couldn't escape. He hated it the first couple of naps but soon learned that he needed to stay in his bed and sleep. He can get out and back in his crib if he wants, but he is pretty good just to go to sleep. He is talking like crazy. He LOVES to read books. He is a little more picky with eating lately. he loves going to feed steers with Matt and check cows and haul hay, and anything else Matt takes him to do. He is so funny and has so much personality. He has also become obsessed with taking off his clothes and diaper. We have been leaving his zip-up jammies on and safety pinning them so he can't get out. I will be so sad when these days are gone. Kids grow up so fast. I need to cherish these days more. I love being a mom, even though some days seem never ending!

50: You went with everyone to the sand pit at the ranch to celebrate Grandma's birthday. I can't remember where dad and I were. Uncle Randy and Aunt Serena were always so good to take care of you while we were gone! | 10.20.10

52: Your costume was a hit! And once would NOT sit still for pictures!

53: We went trunk-or-treating at the church parking lot. Two days later mom had Olivia.

54: Raking leaves is a lot of work!!!

55: We Rake, We Pile... WE JUMP!!! | FALL

56: 11.26.10

57: Christmas Tree Hunting | 11.26.10 | Mom stayed home with three week old Olivia.

58: Family Pictures December 2010

59: You were so excited to be on your "own" special little chair to get your picture taken.

60: The Winter of 2010 brought so much snow! we got dumped on! Here are a few pictures of you "playing" in the snow!

61: 12.20.10

62: Ward Party | LDS Visitor's Center in Salt Lake City.

63: Grandpa and Grandma Blake came to visit for Olivia's baby blessing. | Still not thrilled to meet Santa Clause! | Ward Party

64: Christmas Eve Live Nativity | “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6)

65: 2010

66: Christmas morning brought so much joy! Your favorite was a candy marshmallow sucker.

67: 12.25.10

68: Just hangin' out at home! You loved to pose for pics.

70: Happy Birthday Mom!! January 17th | 28 yrs. old

72: 2.01.11

73: Pup and Bun...Best Friends Forever

74: Always wanted to fill Dad's Shoes!

75: The Sunsets' are Beautiful in Altamont! | "Even though you are in my home for a short time You are in my heart forever."

77: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. ~Cathy Allen | NOAH="Dad's Best Buddy"

78: I love you, not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.

79: Dad was so sweet to give mom flowers for Valentines Day.

80: Grandma and Grandpa Blake gave you these overalls for Christmas. You looked darling wearing them!

81: 3.3.11

82: Keeping an eye out for dad to get home!

83: We had so many fun memories at home together. | 3.07.11

85: HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS SEASON | Dad wanted nothing more than for you to play basketball with him!!! Or should I say REBOUND for him? :) Dad actually bought you that basketball hoop before you could walk! It's pretty obvious who loved basketball...

86: A Smile As Sweet As Spring

87: You spent many hours in your little young life in that faded pink swing. | 3.16.11

88: Journal Entries January 3 2011 Noah is so much fun and slightly defiant! He is talking so much. He is afraid of an owl in his closet and keeps saying "owl care you". I tell him to show me and he opens his closet and moves stuff around but I can't see what he is talking about. He is so smart and loves to read. He loves to look at church pictures and can tell me who Moses, Joseph, Mary, David, Goliath, Jesus, Baby Jesus, Temples, Moroni, Adam, Eve, and many more are. He loves to feed cows with dad. He loves Olivia and sometimes gets a little too excited around her and ends up hurting her. We also have to tape his diaper on because he insists on taking it off! I LOVE my kids. I love Matt. We make a good team. I'm so thankful for the gospel and the pure joy it brings to our family. February 22 2011 Noah is growing up so fast. He can count to ten, sing "I Am a Child of God", knows all of the colors, says sentences very clearly, can repeat quite a few nursery rhymes, knows my full name, Matt's and his own. He keeps us laughing all day! The other day Noah was feeding cows with Matt and they passed an oil rig and Noah was calling it a temple! He can also name the First Presidency of the Church and the Twelve Apostles. He is very smart. He loves to watch Dora the Explorer and Diego. He has learned quite a few Spanish words which he incorporates into his every day language! I love love love being a mom! February 24 2011 I'm still working with Noah trying to teach him not to hit Olivia or poke her eyes or jump on her, etc. He is usually pretty sweet though. March 12 2011 Noah has been waking up at five and six o'clock in the morning! All to early for me! Yesterday I took Noah outside to play and he found a dead mouse and picked it up and looked him in the eyes and said, "Hi!". I said "NO!", and hit it out of his hands. Then Noah said, "Oh...he's so cute!". I took him straight inside to wash his hands! He is a handful and is kind of aggressive. He hits, kicks, yells, and gets frustrated very easily. I'm afraid I have lost my cool in front of him a few times and maybe that's where he has learned it. I try so hard to be patient but he is a little stinker sometimes! I need to be a better mom! He has a hard time not picking Olivia up also. Noah loves her so much, and she loves to watch him!

89: I love you! | 3.19.11

91: Such a sweet, peaceful, sleeping child. | 3.20.11

93: "The more you laugh the longer you live" | "Good times are even better when they are shared"

94: We went to the Rec Center in Vernal for your 2nd Birthday! You LOVED it! That was one of the funnest days of my life to see you so happy :) | 3.21.11

96: I don't know if you got sick from the swimming pool or just got the flew, but you were sick for about 4 or 5 days straight, starting on your birthday. You opened only a few presents each day until about a week after your birthday. We felt so sorry for you. I made you a Diego cake, since you enjoyed watching Diego.

97: I AM 2!!! | 3.22.11-3.26.11

98: Journal Entry March 22 2011 Today is Noah's birthday. It was a horrible day for the poor little guy. He woke up around midnight and came into our room covered in throw-up. We spent the next thirty minutes changing his bedding, cleaning him up, and getting him some medicine. He went back to sleep but woke up around four o'clock and threw up again. He woke up for the day at five thirty. He couldn't hold anything down all day and kept crying saying how thirsty he was. When I gave him a drink, he would throw it up ten minutes later. He spent the entire day laying on the couch watching Dora, Diego, and Mickey Mouse and sleeping in our bed. He will actually cuddle when he is sick. :) He wasn't interested in opening presents or reading the new books Grandma gave him. He also had a terrible diaper rash from his diarrhea. I changed over twenty diapers today! Finally by tonight he could hold down a little food and had an appetite. He was acting much more like himself before bed. I hope and pray he sleeps well. We will celebrate his birthday tomorrow. Yesterday we went to the Recreation Center in Vernal. It has a swim park indoors with slides and water toys. Noah had so much fun! He wasn't sure what to think at first but once he got used to the water he had the time of his life! Serena brought Autumn and held Olivia so Matt and I could both play with Noah. I think there is nothing more rewarding and joyful than seeing your child have so much fun! We think he may have gotten a bacteria from the pool that made him so sick. I can't believe he is two! I love him so much. He is definitely in his "terrible two's". I pray for patience and guidance every day!

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