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OConnor Family 2012

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FC: 0 | O'Connor Family 2012

1: The O'Connor's 2012 Day to Day Life

2: Blessing Day January 1, 2012

5: *2 months* Adisyn is such a good baby and we are just LOVING every second of her. Here are a few things about her at 2 months. *She has started getting up just once in the night. (as opposed to the two times she has been doing) *She LOVES to be patted on the bum. When she is fussy (and not hungry) all you have to do is pat her on the bum and she quickly calms down. *She is a stubborn 'smiler'. It is so difficult to get her to smile. Funny cause that is exactly how Ashtyn was. It's so cute when she smiles, though! *She VERY rarely has a blow out or spits up.

6: Check-ups Addie and Collin both had a well-check visits Addie's Stats @ 2 months 11 days: 12 pounds 3 ounces (75%) 22.8 inches (55%) She is a happy healthy little baby girl!

7: Collin's stats @ 2 years 2 1/2 months: 20 pounds 5 ounces (0%) 3.6 inches (14%) He is a perfectly healthy little boy, just super scrawny. Our pediatrician wasn't worried about him at all this visit, so that is a relief. He just needs to EAT a lot more!

8: Bling, Bling When I was about 6 months pregnant it occurred to me that we would be able to get Addie's ears pierced. It made me just THAT much more excited to have a baby girl. Oh, the fun of getting to be girly! We took her to Claire's and she only cried for about thirty seconds and then was all smiles the rest of the night. I LOVE them (and I am sure she does, too ;)

10: Making Memories 02.11.12 | The weather was so nice today so I was itching to go do something fun as a family outdoors. We decided to take a "walk/hike" on this trail just down below our house. It was fun to do something as a family but it was WAY longer than we anticipated and WAY warmer than we thought,too! What's important is that we made some memories as a family!

13: Valentines Day! & Adisyn is 3 mos. *sleeps in her crib *All I have to do to get her to sleep is lay her down in the crib and she goes to sleep on her own! LOVE THIS! *Gets up once in the night (sleeps from 8-4, then until about 8 a.m.) *Such a happy, content baby *Wants to start grabbing things

14: This past week was spring break so we wanted to go visit Grandpa and Grandpa in Phoenix. We left on Wednesday afternoon. It took us about 7 hours to get there. I was so worried about the trip because of how long it is plus Beau and Candice rode with us. We had a FULL van! Our kids surprised us and were absolutely incredible. It was pretty much peace and quiet the entire 7 hours! Thursday we first went to a chocolate factory. They showed us how they make some treats and then gave us each a marshmallow covered in white chocolate with sprinkles. Yummy! | Spring Break 03.15.12

16: Mesa Temple On Friday we drove out to the Mesa temple. It is a really pretty temple with GORGEOUS grounds. They have tons of fruit trees like lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit.

18: Stuffington Bear Factory Grandma and Candice were TOO nice and told the kids they could each choose a bear to make their selves. So after the short tour was over they each picked out a bear. First they had to get it stuffed by the stuffing machine, then take it to get the back hole sewn up, then get it "fluffed", then they had to "comb" it, "bathe" it and then put ribbon on it, and get the "birth certificate." It was really cute and the kids LOVED it.

20: Each day as soon as Ashtyn gets home from school she asks, "Can I go get Branson and Maycie to play?" and every morning while Ashtyn is as school Camden asks if he can go get Maycie to play. Camden calls her his girlfriend most of the time. All four of them get along really good for the most part. Most days in the afternoon one of my babies are sleeping so they play "out front." They ride bikes and also play house." Hours and hours are spent playing together, finding sticks, rocks, and other little treasures. I love that they play pretend and just make up stuff to do with only some empty lots. We are so lucky to have such good friends that live just around the corner. Ashtyn 6, Branson 6, Camden 4, Maycie 3 | BFF'S

22: Stats @ 4 1/2 mos: Weight: 15.13 lbs (84%) Height: 25 inches (66%) Head: 16.2 in (48%)

24: The kids woke up to a fun scavenger hunt for their baskets. They thought it was really cool. After they found their baskets and rummaged through their stuff, they were ready to go outside for the egg hunt. Lucky kids, each plastic egg was filled with candy and coins. Ashtyn was really excited to count how much money she had in her eggs. The kids hurried to get bathed for the Coral Canyon Easter egg hunt.We had perfect timing: JUST before they started. It lasted a whole TEN seconds and we were headed home to get ready to go to our picnic. | Easter

26: Easter at Cedar Pocket

27: Chris packed up our four wheeler and we headed to our Cram family Easter picnic down at Cedar Pocket. We had a blast riding the four wheeler, playing in the river, frisbee, baseball, and kites. It was perfect weather and SO fun.

29: 5 months: starting to eat solids

30: Candice and I decided to make a last minute trip to Phoenix since Chris was gone fishing, and dad was sick in the hospital with Pancreatis. We packed really fast and headed down. We lots of swimming, shopping, visiting grandpa, and eating. We had a lot of fun! | Phoenix, Arizona 05.15.12

34: Kindergarten Graduation 05.21.12

35: Ashtyn graduated from kindergarten this morning. The program was super cute! They sang some cute songs and then they got their certificates. I may, or may not have gotten teary eyed a couple times ;) She is growing up too fast. She has grown up and learned so much this year. There is such a difference in her reading, writing, and math skills it is just crazy. I am so proud of the little girl she is! LOVE HER!

36: Spring Dance Recital 05.19.12

38: Spring Soccer Camden played soccer this spring. He really liked being a part of a team and felt really grown up. It was a lot of fun to go watch him each Saturday!

40: Summer Fun! Crystal Schmutz and I switch play dates two days a week. This day we were playing with puffy paints and jello jigglers! Ashtyn-6 Branson-6 Camden-4 Maycie-3 Collin-2

41: On TWO WHEELS! 06.21.12 | Camden learned to ride a two-wheeler. He pretty much just hopped on the bike, and rode off!

42: 7 1/2 months *She started scooting at about 6 months, and about 2 weeks later she was crawling. She finds EVERY little teeny weeny thing she can and puts it in her mouth :) *She got her bottom 2 teeth in around 6 months, and any day her top two are gonna poke through. *She said "mama" for the first time at about 7 months, and she also says "more." Just last night she was sitting on my lap while I was on the computer. She looks up at me and starts saying "mama, mama, mama." I thought it was the sweetest thing EVER! *She is basically grown out of 6-9 months clothes, but 9-12 months are a little big. *Her 6 1/2 month stats were: 17.2 lbs (65%),and 26" (56%). JUST RIGHT! Perfectly chubby legs and cheeks! *After she is done nursing, or in between bites of baby food, she smacks her lips. It is so funny and cute!

44: Sick of Being Sick 06.30.12 We all had a nasty 7 day "flu." It included days and days of fevers, coughing, etc. We are so glad it's over and we are back to our normal selfs!

46: 4th of July Since we were leaving early in the morning for Phoenix, we didn't want to go into town and watch the fireworks like we usually do. We bought a small box of fireworks at Walmart and made our own show!

48: My dad graduated from UTI,so we went down to Phoenix for his graduation. We are just SO SO proud of him (and my mom and Kaden) for all his hard work. He got straight A's in all his classes. We did a bunch of swimming, eating, graduation, shopping, hanging out, and went to the Arizona Science Center. | Grandpa's Graduation 07.16.12

50: Our kids have been quite the fishy's this year. Ashtyn can swim anywhere, anytime. She swims all the length of our Coral Canyon Pool, she loves to dive for things, and floating on her floatie. Camden has really started to love the pool. While we were in Phoenix, he tried SO hard to swim withOUT floaties! That is huge for him! Collin also has decided that swimming is SO fun. He loves to just float around the pool! Adisyn LOVES her floatie too! As long as noone touches her, she loves it!

52: Arizona Science Center

54: Pine Valley Mountain My mom and brother were here all week visiting us. Today we went up to Pine Valley for a picnic and play in the stream. We had a lot of fun and got some cute pictures.

58: Adisyn 8 months

60: Summer Olympics 2012

61: It was my turn for play date. Since the Olympics are starting in 3 days, I thought it would be fun for the kids to have our own Olympic Games. We started by making an Olympic flag. Then we went outside for the games. First, we had to take the athletes oath! (Basically saying that they would be fair, good sports, and have FUN!) We did the shot put, javlin, long jump, and hammer throw. I think the kids really liked it. We came in for lunch and then watched a few quick clips on YouTube of actual Olympians doing the events . After that we made some medals.

62: Yankee Meadow Half Marathon Finishing time: 2hrs. 40 min.

63: I trained for a half marathon for about 10 weeks. In a really weird way I have loved it. It's been hard, time consuming, exhausting, satisfying and fun all in one. I learned so much about running and exercising. After I am done running, I feel like I've accomplished something more than just laundry and dirty diapers. My sister and I drove up to Parowan to run the Yankee Meadow Half Marathon early in the morning. We started at the Yankee Meadow Lake and ran down into Parowan ending at the Fair Grounds. I really enjoyed running in the peaceful beautiful mountains. I could hear the rushing of the river as I ran beside it. I had a hard time the first 3 miles breathing in the high altitude. The road/dirt road/gravel was downhill nearly the entire time. It was, however, tough on my calf muscles and thighs! When I reached mile 6 I was feeling REALLY good and the time was flying by. By mile 9 I started to slow a bit. Then by mile 11 it was getting really hot and my body didn't have much energy left! I knew I only had 2 more to go, so that kept me going. When I saw mile marker 12 I was elated! I ended up walking about 3/4 of that last mile (since I was walking as fast as I was jogging, ha, ha!) My family was there at the finish line. It brought tears to my eyes to see them there cheering me on. I was so happy to see them! I finished in 2 hrs. 40 minutes, which averages to 12 minute miles. I am happy with that time, even though I was one of the last.

64: 1st Grade

65: Best Buddies!

68: Minute-to-Win-It Friday Night Fun Night!

70: Camden's Friend Birthday Party! 10.13.12 Camden wanted a Spider Man birthday party. We had it up at the Highland Park.First, as the kids arrived, I took pictures of them in a super hero costume holding up a bar bell. They looked really cute! The first game was to use your "X-Ray Super Hero Vision" and find the pieces to the Spider man puzzle. Next, we played "Vaporize the Villain" using Silly String to kill Spider Man's enemies. After that, we had a Super Obstacle Course. They had to: Bounce a Super Ball, Spider Crawl, Spider Leap, Spider Jump, Spider Balance, and run "faster than a speeding bullet" to the end! We sang to Camden, opened presents, ate cake and played on the playground for the rest of the time.

72: Collin's Broken Arm Collin and Camden were playing outside on the "teety totter" swing. Camden said,"Look, no hands," and let go of the handle bars. Collin thought he could do the same thing, so he too let go of the handle bars. For him, he wasn't so lucky. He fell back onto the grass. He came in screaming and holding his arm and we could tell he was really hurt. He didn't stop crying for about 20 minutes. He sounded like he was crying that "it hurts so bad that I feel sick to my stomach" type cry. Chris took him to Instacare to get it checked out. Sure enough it was broke. We took him to an orthopaedic surgeon the next day. It was broken in a way they had never seen and gave us the option of surgery then, or waiting a week to see if it would start to heal itself correctly. We chose to wait a week. He had to keep it in a soft cast with a sling. Chris gave him a blessing the night before that he would not have to have surgery. It worked! He did not have to have surgery, just a hard "blue" cast for 3 more weeks! Collin handled it great. The first day and night he was in a little pain and had a hard time getting comfortable to sleep. After that, he acted like nothing was wrong. Luckily it was his left arm, so he was able to feed himself, etc. pretty easily.

75: Camden turns 5!

76: Fall Break

77: Hogle Zoo

79: Wheeler Farm

80: Ensign Peak Hike

86: Staheli farm

89: Collin is 3!

90: Halloween 10.31.2012 This year's Halloween was a lot of fun. Ashtyn was a sorceress, Camden was SpiderMan, Collin was a dinosaur, and Adisyn was a watermelon. First, the kids and I walked in the elementary school parade with Ashtyn's class. We ate pizza before going to the ward Trunk-or-treat. The kids got more than enough candy and had a lot of fun trick-or-treating. Collin seemed to be really impressed that all he had to do was say "trick-or-treat" and people would give him candy!

91: Trick or Treat!

93: Hooray For Birthdays

94: Born To Party | Time For Cake

95: A Picture Perfect Birthday | Birthday Bash


97: 7

100: Adisyn's 12 month checkup: Weighs 20 lbs. 3 oz She is in the 50th percentile for about everything. At 12 months she is: *trying to walk and is SO close *Her new words are: kiss & hat, though she doesn't say anything very often! *loves her pink silky blanket and sucks on it like Collin did. *still take 2 two hour naps a day *SO happy all the time We just cannot get enough of her. She is the cutest sweetest thing EVER!

101: THANKSGIVING WEEKEND This year we went up north for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving we spent the day visiting, playing games, making Christmas crafts with the kids, and eating YUMMY YUMMY food! Since it was "Black Thursday" the girls all went shopping that night. Friday night, we all rode the Trax train up to Temple Square to see the lights. The kids loved the train and the lights. As soon as we got home from that, the girls went to the new Twilight movie. On Saturday, we drove up to the Park City Tanger Outlets to do more shopping.

102: Christmas Lights at Temple Square

104: TRADITIONS 2012

107: Christmas Morning

109: Christmas 2012 I say this every year, but Christmas is just so much fun with kids. A couple days before Christmas, my family came. Friday, my mom (mostly) and I made lots of goodies like, caramels, divinity, bread, toffee, etc. We went to a fun Christmas party put on by Desserae for just the adults on the Cram side. We ate dinner and played White elephant, Family Fued Christmas style, and an oven mitts game. It is always fun to get together with just the adults and have a relaxing fun night! Sunday we went to church and Grandma made sugar cookies for the kids to frost for Santa. Christmas Eve we made cinnamon rolls (to eat Christmas morning) and rolls for the Christmas Eve party, a cheese ball, and a jello salad. Needless to say, we did a lot of baking this past week, but was so fun! That night, we went to the party. We eat and exchange gifts so we each get to open 2 gifts which is always a blast! Chris and I got a "date night jar" with a gift card to Costa Vida, Ashtyn got a bead set and art set, Camden got a remote control car and transformer, Collin got a remote control car and another car, Adisyn got a stuffed monkey and a "phone." We went home, put out the cookies for Santa, and headed to bed! Christmas morning we planned on opening gifts at 7:00 a.m. unless the kids woke up SUPER early. Well, Ashtyn woke up at 5:15 and she woke up Camden. So we decided to just let them open them at 6:00. I texted my family to be there at 6. It was early but I remembered being a kid and it was SO SO SO hard to wait and we figured we weren't gonna be able to go back to sleep, so what the heck! We always watch the Nativity movie before opening gifts (although nobody really watched it this year due to excitement :) I always like to look back at which year my kids got which toys, so here is a run down of what we each got : Ashtyn got a "big" bike, karaoke machine w/cd, password journal, Princess "chapter book", underwear and stocking stuff from Santa, a Dream lite and fake nails from Grandma and Grandpa Cram, and an art set from Uncle Denny and Aunt Rachelle, and new scriptures with a case (that mom sewed). Camden got a bike "as bike as Ashtyn's", a ninja turtles sword/mask, koosh gun, Ninja turtles book, underwear and stocking stuff from Santa, Dream lite and ninja turtles cape from Grandma and Grandpa Cram, new scriptures/case from mom and dad, remote control helicopter from Denny and Rachelle. Collin got Magformers, ninja turtles sword/mask, Berenstain Bears book, mini nerf guns, and stocking stuff from Santa, scriptures/case from Mom and Dad, a tent/sleeping bag/flashlight and ninja turtles cape from Grandma and Grandpa Cram, an art set that projects images to trace from Denny and Rachelle. Adisyn got a baby doll, an "elephant" that blows balls up, and a farm animals book from Santa, a dress and jacket (that are THE cutest!) from G &G Cram, and a letter toy from Denny and Rachelle. Candice also got the kids this "cardboard playhouse" that you can color and play inside. The family got new games like UNO, connect 4, Spot It, and puzzles. Chris got a new TV for our bedroom and I got an Ipad. We were super spoiled and had a great Christmas season! It was so fun having my family here for this past week. It made it just that much better.

110: New Years Eve Photobooth

112: "The family is one of nature's masterpieces." -George Santayana

113: Happy New Year!

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