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Oedipus Myth

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S: The Oedipus Myth By:Alezabeth Dunn and Nick C.

BC: Citations: .

FC: The Oedipus Myth By:Alezabeth Dunn and Nick C.

1: The Oedipus Myth By:Alezabeth Dunn and Nick C.

2: Oedipus Rex is a tragedy by the ancient Greek playwright Sophocles. It was first performed in 420 B.C. in Athens. It is considered one of the great works of world theater. The narrative is filled with irony as Oedipus slowly but

3: relentlessly brings about his own doom as he pursues the truth about the death of Laius.Many authors wrote different versions of this Greek Myth. Critics and scholars have praised the skillful storytelling in the play. The Myth raises the tension as the truth about Oedipus' past slowly comes to light.

4: The Oedipus Myth: Ruler of Thebes, Laius, was told by an oracle that his son would kill him. With the agreement of his wife the baby was given to a slave and he was ordered to abandon the baby on Mt. Cithaeron. The slave took pity on him, and gave him to a fellow slave of Corinth. The shepherd gave the baby to the king of Corinth and he raised him as his own. He named the baby Oedipus. Eighteen years or so later he leaves Corinth to confirm his parentage by asking the Delphic oracle, a shrine

5: where the god Apollo foretells the future. The oracle told him that he would kill his father and marry his mother. To avoid that from happening he set off in the opposite direction of Corinth towards Thebes. While he is traveling he meets an old man at the place where three roads meet. The man is rude and aggressive. He orders him off of the road and Oedipus refuses to move. The old man lashes out and Oedipus kills him. He thought he kill all of the guards. He continues on to Thebes and when he gets there it's being

6: terrorized by a Sphinx, a winged female monster. The Sphinx killed everyone who couldn't solve this riddle: What has one voice and becomes four-footed, two-footed, and three-footed? The Sphinx asked Oedipus this riddle. He answered: Man, who crawls on all fours as a baby, then walks on two legs, and finally needs a cane in old age. The Sphinx killed herself because Oedipus had solved the riddle.Oedipus was rewarded by being made king of Thebes. He married Jocasta, the widowed queen. More years pass and Oedipus has four children by Jocasta. Then a plague is spreading through Thebes, and it is killing people, animals, and crops. Oedipus sent his brother-in-law

7: back to the oracle of Apollo. The oracle said that the plague was caused by an unpunished murderer and that he was the murderer of Laius. He refuses to believe it and slowly finds out that he did kill Laius at the place that three roads meet. With the help of a messenger from Corinth he found out that he married his mother, Jocasta. When they discovered what happened his mother hung herself and Oedipus blinded himself. Oedipus was than banished from Thebes.

8: Oedipus was the King of Thebes' son and he was the only one to solve the riddle of the Sphinx. He figured out his past and what he had done. The king of Thebes, Laius, was the father of | Oedipus. He was fearful of his son killing him like in the prophecy and ordered for his son to be sent away to a mountain. The shepherd of Laius' flock took pity on Oedipus and gave him to another shepherd.

9: Jocasta was Oedipus' mother and married her son without knowing it was her son. Creon is Jocasta's brother and Oedipus' brother-in-law. He was sent to Delphi to Apollo's oracle to find out how to save Thebes. Polybus was king of Corinth and he raised Oedipus as his own.

10: Myths are traditional stories about heroes or supernatural beings, often trying to explain the origins of natural phenomena or aspects of human behavior.

11: The Oedipus story is a myth because it is a traditional story and it does explains some aspects of human behavior.

12: Oedipus Complex is a psychological term and is a child's unconscious desire for an attachment with a parent. This desire includes jealousy toward the other parent and the unconscious wish for that parent's death.

14: The term is related to the myth, because Oedipus unknowingly killed his father and married his mother.

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