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Of Mice And Men

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S: Of Mice And Men

BC: By Ethan DiBona Period 4 IRB Project MP1

FC: Of Mice And Men | Ethan DiBona

1: George and Lenny Lenny and George have been traveling around together for as long as either of them could remember, they each had each others backs, which was very uncommon for this time period. There Aunt Clara had told George to keep an eye on Lenny and that they had to be careful because Lenny wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Once they left Aunt Clara they were on there own, no family just each other. George gets very angry and stressed at Lenny sometimes for he can not comprehend anything, or do anything right but he was huge and strong. Lenny likes to pet things, be it mice, dogs, dresses, soft things in general but rabbits are his favorite. The only problem with this is that his big strong hands and body he kills everything he pets, as you continue through the story you will see this becoming a big problem.

2: In the beginning of this book George and Lenny are walking along the Salinas river in California, they were dropped off 10 miles off there intended location by a bus and were on there way to a new ranch. They were relocating from a previous ranch where they had worked at for some time, they had to leave this ranch because Lenny just had to touch this womans dress to feel it, no harm intended, and this woman just had to scream rape and they were chased out of town by a mob of people who wanted to lynch Lenny. | SETTING The River in the beginning represents a fresh start to a new ranch and new beginnings for Lenny and George.

3: Candy Candy is an old "swamper" who only has one hand, the ranch only keeps him because it was from there farm tools that he lost his hand too., and they could use someone to sweep the barn and cook. He has on old dog that reeks, it symbolizes his age and experience on a farm because it is an old Sheep herding dog that he used to use back in his day. Candy is just trying to live life until he kicks the bucket which he predicts to bee soon. | Curly Curly is a young light weight fighter who does not like big guys and always is looking to fight someone, he is a trouble maker. His interests in life are to get paid and move on much like the other guys. | Slim Slim is the nice guy of the group that works at the new ranch, he makes friends with George and Lenny real quick. i consider him also the peace maker of the group, a natural leader. His interests are to make friends and make his life as good as it can be. | Carlson Carlson is another member of the ranch and he does not play a huge role but when he does he seems to be a tough guy but nice guy. His interests are to get paid and move on, much like the other guys.

4: After Lenny and George arrive and meet everyone they get settled in and organized. Slim tells George about his dog that just had pups and Slim sees the excitement in Lenny's face and tells him he can have one when there ready for handling, Lenny is extremely excited about this and is on his best behavior so he does not get his chance to have a dog taken away from him. When Lenny goes to the barn to pet the new pup's George tells slim all about how him and Lenny ended up together and in conclusion Slim sees that Lenny as a really nice guy just not bright. Once the whole group is in the bunk house Candy walks in with his smelly ratty old dog, his long time companion, and all the guys complain about the stench that just radiates throughout the bunk house the second the dog comes in. Carlson offers to shoot the dog in the back of the head with his Luger Pistol and slim offers to give him a new not smelly pup, Candy accepts the offer after a long silence of deep thought. When the dog is being killed Candy is just quiet staring at the ceiling, in deep mourning for his long time friend was just shot on his command. | SETTING Night time in a bunk alone curled up symbolizes depression, exactly what Candy is going through

5: The Guys all ask George if he would want to go to "Sussey's Place", the local whore house, and George doses not really give a definite answer but he does not say no. Slim then leaves to tend to a broken hoof on one of the horses. Curly comes busting in asking the guys if they've seen his wife, everyone responds with a "NO" because it is a reoccurence that either Curly or his wife come in asking where the other is. Curly then asks where Slim is, gets his answer then goes running off to find him because he has suspicions about his wife and Slim. The whole bunk house clears out except Lenny, George, and Candy. | Curley's Wife She is always trying to talk to the guys at the bunk house because, as you will find out further in the book, she does not like Curly and just married him because her acting and modeling careers fell through. She is very lonely and just wants someone to talk to. Her physical appearance is something all the guys look at so I assume she is good looking. | The mood of this section was very angry and action packed

6: When George, Lenny, and Candy are in the bunk house alone Lenny and George talk about there plan to make enough money to leave, buy there own farm, and "live off the fatta da lan". George tells Lenny about the rabbits and Lenny gets real excited and can't hardly wait to touch them and take care of them. Candy eavesdrops and offers to go with them for only shelter and food, he also adds $350.00 dollars into the mix, George ponders the deal and tells him he is in because it will move the date of the event to as little as a month.

7: All the guys come back to the bunk house and Curly is apologizing to Slim for the false accusation and Slim is just ignoring him. Curly got mad at this and started giving lip to the whole crew and it ended on Lenny. Lenny was told by George not to mess this up because if he messes up again and they have to run away from another ranch he will be very angry at him. Curly clobbers Lenny's face in but not until Lenny herd George say "get him Lenny" did Lenny fight back, he caught his fist, and broke it into a million pieces. After the fight Slim told Curly that if he told on Lenny for fighting back and gets him kicked out, they would tell the whole town how bad Lenny hurt him, Curly accepted and went to the doctor.

8: Crooks He is the only "negro" on the ranch and is treated like crap because of it, he likes to have people to talk to but hates to admit it. He has his own room in the barn, it is very nice, a straw bed, and all kinds of possessions. He does a lot of work for the ranch. | All the guys except Lenny, Candy, and Crooks go to Sussey's Place. Lenny is wandering to go pet the pup's and he walks into Crooks room by accident, Crooks does not like this at all, and he yells at Lenny to get out but Lenny is too dumb to comprehend and ends up sitting and talking to Crooks for a long time. Crooks may not show it but he likes the company, he never has anyone to talk to and he is going kind of crazy all alone, can't even tell whats real and whats not. Eventually Candy walks in, Crooks gives him a hard time but gives up and lets him stay. They end up talking about the dream of "livin of da fatta da lan" and Crooks wants in food shelter and food. Curly's Wife wanders on in and starts a huge argument about why she cant talk to them and when Crooks speaks up she threatens to lynch him, he gets quiet fast. She finds out that Lenny was the one who messed up her husband and she thanks him, Lenny having no clue what was going on ignored her. She eventually leaves in disgust of them. George then shows up and tells them to leave poor ol' Crooks alone.

9: Lenny accidentally kills a pup and is trying to hide it in the hey and then Curly's wife walks in and asks what he is up to, Lenny tries to tell her to leave but she declines the offer. He ends up telling her what he had done and why no one can know, she looks at him like he is nuts but uses him to vent about what she could have been and how she does not like Curly, Lenny does not comprehend any of what she is saying like always so she changes the subject to him, and he ends up telling her how he likes soft things. This conversation ends in her letting him touch her hair, he starting to yell to him to let go, and him covering her mouth and accidentally breaking her neck in an effort to keep her quiet. Back in the Beginning George told Lenny that if he was in any trouble, to come back to that spot on the river where they spent there night the day before they arrived at the ranch, so thats exactly what Lenny did. | X | X

10: Once all the guys find out Curly freaks out and gets his shot gun, Carlson goes to get his Luger but Lenny stole it before he left. They including George go out to find Lenny and Kill him. George does not want to do this but can not think of any way to get Lenny out of trouble this time. George knows exactly where to go, finds Lenny laying down, he lays next to him, and tells him about how there going to "live off da fatta da lan" and how Lenny's going to be able to tend the rabbits. This excites Lenny and George slowly aims the shotgun point blank on the back of Lenny's neck and pulls the trigger. | SETTING The river at this point in the book also represents new beginnings but this time only for George...

11: The main problem for George the entire length of the book was Lenny, and now his problem is solved now he can live life with out any dead weight, just like he wanted, or is it?.

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