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Oh The Memories

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Oh The Memories - Page Text Content

S: Merry Christmas!

BC: Merry Christmas Tori! December 2011 | Love, Caryssa

FC: "Oh the Memories..."

1: Some days we were so crazy that people thought we were high, and some days we were so bored that we laughed until we cried. All of the inside jokes and remember whens.... Are just some of the reasons we became best friends.

2: The Good Old Days! Tori, we became best friends in like ninth grade,/tenth grade, depending on how you look at it but our friendship started way before that! The good old PA Rush Days (my braces...), lenape/ tohickon soccer (look even then we weren't worried about actually playing soccer), Cape May, snowboarding and our visit to NYC. We have been apart of each others lives for awhile now and i'm so happy we became best friends <3. Just one thing to take note of, our friendship is the ONLY thing i can see positive about the lovely sport of soccer....

3: damn... we were HOT! | cute face...

4: i dont have the exact reason that we went from team mates to best friends but I know it happened the summer going into tenth grade. It was our first beach trip and it was me, you, alexis and quin. That trip we clicked, we realized we were the same person and we started becoming best friends. That was the trip we met the NINJAS..goood times. Following that trip we have to thank CBW JV soccer and our PA Rush team for keeping us really really close. Gotta love JV and Kit!! we rocked that JV field, like lets be honest we were awesome.. hahah<3

5: It was after our tenth grade JV soccer experience that our friendship took off, we became inseparable and i know i am going to have pages of strictly pictures, cause lets be honest, we have a habit of taking some pretty awesome (and embarrassing) pictures! That summer after tenth grade was definitely the beginning of so many things, sally's babysitters <3, CHESTER, our obsession with the arcade, the very beginning of our animals, we cannot forget the kid who flipped off of the life guard stand (mwahah) and we can't forget when we stayed up until 3 a.m. venting about everythinggg. Of course we still have our favorite memory of all: "BANG, BANG, BANG" well you are pretty tempting.... loveee ittt. This is also the year we decided we needed some Bethany Beach time by ourselves, so being all sneaky, we went up again in August just me and you. That truly was the start of it all, who would have guessed the next summer you wouldnt come up two times, but every single time <3

6: After that summer, we had the unique privilege to play soccer again, only a few short months after our sophomore season ended. who knew something could be so terrible and SO funny all at the same time?! CBW Varsity soccer was HELL. except for the fact that we stopped caring and just laughed at our coach's stupidity, and gosh was he stupid. We became officially known as the bench warmers and like all great bench warmers, we had our own saying: "Here lies Caryssa and Tori's asses, if our asses ever leave this bench...we are sorry for whatever team is losing" Another great memory of soccer was that ONE game i didnt start, I turned to you and said "well thats peculiar, im not in the starting line up!" for some reason you laughed, like i was joking about not starting or something...weird. West soccer is such a fabulous place to gain self confidence, it truly is... remember the poems we would come up with?! damn were we creative. We also were super creative with our awesome senior speech for alexis!!! Definitely the most surprising part of our junior season was how freaking far we got in states, i mean i personally wish we got further.... I especially wish soccer never ended because we got to (i mean were forced to) miss our last soccer game. Instead we went to WVU. Thats where our love of vending machines started!! After that season we spent most of the winter getting closer and closer, we took some pretty hot pictures as you can see, and we just wished it was summer again (some things never change). I think my absolute favorite part about our junior year, is the album we created... "me tori and our two best friends" but it was just full of pictures of me and you, mirrored... love us and all of our friends!! This also was the year we went snowboarding at your mountain house, hopefully we looked a little better than the first time (reference page three <3). I fell into a bush... but that ended up being the best thing ever because we met Cory...well kind of met him at least haha. This was also the year we went to south carolina ("DUDE that's my car, thats my car!! turn left turn left!!!"). it was here that we discovered my unique talent of accents...you know your jealous of my accent abilities.

7: As these pages and the two pages that follow show, our junior year was definitely an interesting one. We wore shorts in February and took pictures cause we thought we were cool... i made you go to the SGO techno dance with me (love you for that <3) and you know we basically ended up in TRENTON but hey its ok!! You helped me pick out my dress for prom, that ended with the best desert (indoor smores) ever!! We went to prom together, we went to the beach over thanksgiving and then again in January!! We also became the two-headed monster at one of my brothers lax games (we are the coolest people everrrr). I would say memorial day, but that weekend in itself has more memories and pictures that these four pages have room for so that is getting its own page(:

8: What are we looking at?!

9: Before I call our junior year finished and before we start talking about this summer (the bestest summer ever) we need to remember my favorite holiday, MEMORIAL DAY <3 This memorial day was the best weekend, we laughed soo hard all weekend and it was a great way to start off the summer. well first, i don't know who came up with it, but walking to the beach was the DUMBEST idea we have ever had. For normal people it would take maybe an hour to walk to the beach, MAYBE. but as we know, me and you, well we aren't normal(: after our threeeeee hour long walk to the beach we were exhausted so we decided to just tan on the beach. mistake #2! i hope i never have to be as burnt as we were that weekend, that was torture. but of course because its me and you, we just laughed about our stupidity for falling asleep on the beach(: Also that weekend we created animal names so we could talk about people in our own little best friends language, but don't worry this story will talk more about the animals later <3. This weekend was also the start of our love for Harvard University. gooooood times. Lastly, this weekend was the first time we attempted to do a Scavenger Hunt through Bethany Beach!! All I can say is Memorial Day was definitely the best way to start off the summer, it had more laughs then i knew possible for one weekend and I am so happy I spent it with you. <3

10: One of the most important things about our unique and crazy friendship is how we have a language that no one understands but us. I can look at you and say "Hey, did you see that picture of shaggy dog, wolf and lion?!" and you can turn and reply "of course I did!! I still remember when shaggy dog played that game at that place, he was strong!" and we would know exactly what each other meant. Our language is what makes us even more special and I love it, and the most important part of our language is our animals, so for you today: some select members of the Toryssa Zoo <3

11: Over the years we have become basically the same person. We wear the same clothes (cute but comfortable), for the most part we like the same music (but BTR and country music RULE), we like the same movies, and most importantly we both have the same favorite place in the world (Bethany!)!!

12: 2011

13: This past summer has been one of the best summers of my life. We literally spent every second we could at the beach. And now as a result I'm pretty sure that it is safe to say that we have the WORST case of senioritis ever. Getting through the rest of this year is going to be tough, but at least i have you. I write you notes at least 3 times a week telling you how much I miss being at the beach, and if it weren't for those notes, im pretty positive my anti-doylestown and school feelings would cause me to explode. So thank you! We were lucky enough to spend the vast majority of our summer at Bethany Beach, the greatest place on earth. Every time my family went down, there you were! It got to the point where my parents just knew you were going down with us and now your their third daughter! The only time you couldn't go down with me was very sad, but on top of that every single local was shocked that we were able to be in different states for an entire weekend. Every weekend down in Bethany was like a new adventure. We NEVER had a boring weekend and we obviously NEVER wanted to be anyplace but Bethany Beach. We spent the summer hanging with our animals, you know like the cool people we are, and we spent the summer getting tan. boy do i miss being tan! With every new adventure, there was plenty of new memories to add to our extensive and ongoing list. But, since we spent like every day together this summer (which i loved <3) there were a couple ongoing memories too! 1. every single time there were people there instead of just the two of us: we ditched them because we really just like being by ourselves. wow we are great people. 2. Josh from Fisher's Popcorn. TOO CUTE <3 and i mean at least his boss loved us! ...right? 3. Going along with bosses just adoring us, im positive that the guy who owns the arcade, breakers, and rhodes 5&10 loves us too!! 4. Our obsession with the arcade and all of the people working in it! (welll kind of, we dont like Nora, but thats just because she's Nora). We also obsessed with making Fun Bags at the arcade! they were so fun to make and ours were always the best!! 5. The boat and tubing. let me remind you that you STILL haven't beaten me, i am number one at tubing and I will always stay on longer than you(: and just because your a sore loser doesnt give you the right to say I cheat <33 6. Last but certainly not least, one of my favorite ongoing memories of this summer is definitely our laps<3 (.26 miles to be exact)

14: Week One: This was the first week of July. This was also the week that the Hauser's came down with us, and yes Nicole. GOOOD TIMES. This was also the week we decided to play the weirdest game of Truth or Dare ever, I have videos of you dancing with my lamp on my phone...hahahah love you! We also collected rocks with Michael that week, gotta love him, and rocks! Lastly, there we found a GIANT bug on the door of the garage and we almost had a heart attack <3

15: Week Two: I bought Christine down that week! At that point we were going through withdraw because of my Germany trip and if you didn't come to this beach trip I probably would have died <3. This was a QUALITY weeeek lemme tell you(: Christine and mason hit it off and left us very happy and by ourselves hah<3 It was also my sisters birthday weekend and that means reallly good food! During that weekend a lot of really funny things happened, like when we both felt nervous about tubing (weird) and then we kayaked. Our goal was to kayak for like 25 minutes you know go around the house in the time it took christine to shower, well that didnt happen! we roll in a couple hours later exhausted! In addition, this was the first week my dad let me drive his car a lot, which resulted in us forgetting where we parked almost every day- we are so smart! Because we never remembered where we parked, Tim had to help us find my car, just in time for my dad to drive by and see me and Tim by ourselves and you and christine bored on a curb...yay! But nothing beats giving Josh his popcorn ring <3 Remember when poor christine couldn't keep up with our laps <3 hahah poor kid. Lastly, we got to spend a lot of time with Dragon Fly that week and he told us his story about the volleyball -- REALLY good times <33

16: Basically the best, funniest, and craziest week was definitely the third week. That week me and you went down a day earlier than my family. WHAT a car ride! between me and your excitement to get to the beach and the lack of a good radio station, it was a car ride i will never forget. | Bethany Beach Summer of 2011

17: The first day we thought we were so cool being down by ourselves. We took the dumbest pictures, but thats what makes us special <3 Then reality set in and my parents plus Courtney and Rachel came down. which actually wasn't a bad thing at all! Emily hart also came down that week...GREAT TIMES. So many hilarious things happened this weekend that i really don't know where to start. First Rachel tried texting Garrett: "Hey its Rachel, i met you with tori and Caryssa" response? "F*** you" well okay then, what a nice kid.. NOT. Emily tried giving us guy advice but we decided against listening. Maybe we should have listened because the next couple days were not our best. but oh gosh were they funny. We experienced our worst night ever! Let's recap, kieler and Chris were jerks, Courtney well she just made a fool of herself(: and finally Rachel embarrassed herself big time in front of James. and it ended with us stuffing our faces venting to my cousin. as awful as that sounds, i don't think i have ever laughed that hard in my entire life. Also that weekend, you ditched me. Fine, I kind of ditched you. But thats when we met TEXAS. so it turned out not to be totally bad. In addition, we made a 3 man tower, you were a solid support, haha. We also tricked hundreds of people with the dollar trick under the boardwalk! LOVE IT. Lastly, we went mini golfing and to the food store with Kieler and Luke...then ditched Luke. SALLY'S BABYSITTERS FOREVER <3 This was an awesome weekend with so many great times, i cant wait to do it again next year!!

18: This summer we also went to the beach with Liz and Chelsea. It was just a short weekend and we took like ZERO pictures, but it was still alot of fun. We may have ditched them to do our own thing... but hey! who cares?! haha. We played the dollar trick again this week, classsiccc! we definitely are gonna have to keep that game going next summer! It was a lot of fun showing off our town to outsiders. And yes, its our town, cause Bethany Beach would not be the same if you weren't there(:

19: And then...like that, summer was over and our senior year officially began. As terrible as being in school and not at the beach is, with me and you there's hardly ever a moment that is boring / unfunny. First we went out to dinner for my birthday, since you are family- you went out to my family dinner, love it. We had a quick photo shoot before we went and goodness gracious are we hot!! (p.s. you and my dog make a cute couple) Also this school year so far, we have gone on our monthly dinners with Rachel and Courtney <3 1. Outback (just funny) 2. Chickie and Petes (switching seats to piss off the waitress <3) 3. Melting Pot (best desert ever!! and Rachel spilling her drink, "oh i am so sorry") every dinner gets better and better and I absolutely love this tradition <33. No matter what we are doing, sitting in class, on the computer, sleeping, me and you are always counting down till the next time we are at Bethany Beach and honestly its great that your just as crazy as I am or, I would die from beach withdraw.

20: Also this school year we went to Homecoming. We were supposed to have Kieler and friend come up to be our dates but due to the confusingness of the form, Kieler just came alone and to our Homecoming Dance. That was a lot of fun and I am still surprised he actually came. Let's not forget how you took your Homecoming pictures to fool his dad, awee. haha too funny.

21: best friends <3 | DIVA <3 | whats the glare for? | Our most recent trip to the beach, was one of our best, well actually they're all great! but this one was really fun! we really needed a break from doylestown. First we thought we found a shortcut to bike on...epic fail. Also we tied our bikes to a random pole in the back of Grotto's parking lot. I think my favorite part was *cough* ERIC *cough* or going to the movies with Kieler and Matt to see Breaking Dawn. We got to walk around Rehoboth, soo pretty! and finally we saw Tim one last time because he set an alarm, toooo sweeet <3

22: Our pre-game basketball photo shoot is one for the memories <3 We are the world's biggest freaks and thats what I love (:

23: "A friend is a person who know what you are saying, even if you're not talking."

25: 154 Pictures. 25 Pages. 2 Best Friends Countless Memories <3 We have had so many great times together and I know there is so many more to come! After graduation, we are literally staying at Bethany Beach the whole summer! not kidding at all.. but besides just summer, we are going to go off to college and no matter where we both go, we are going to stay BEST FRIENDS and always visit each other! I know we aren't going to be able to go a day without talking to each other. We are going to party at each other's schools and take over the entire college world <3 Our list of memories is honestly like the longest most funniest list in the entire world and I am grateful for every single memory. I am so happy we got this close! Sometime over the course of our friendship we became way more than best friends, we became the same person, and we became sisters <3, This book is only a glimpse of what our friendship consists of, and if I could, I probably would have folded up certain items like firstie-middle-lastie, window shades, a clear window, a lemon and a soccer ball and stuffed them in the pages because just words honestly aren't enough to describe our memories with these things. <3333 Lastly, I was reading through our texts just now and realized that the only time we have ever disagreed or fought about ANYTHING is when we are kidding and making fun of other people's lame fights. hahah love you and love how we never have and never will fight.

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