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One a Week

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S: One a Week 2011-12

FC: One a week 2011-12

1: One a Week A number of Bracknell Camera Club members got together and set themselves the challenge of taking one image each week for a year. There was a set subject one week followed by a free choice of subject for the following week and so on throughout the year. We collaborated on the choice of the set subjects and started our project at the beginning of November 2011. We uploaded and shared our images on "Flickr" and made comments on each others efforts. The project was enjoyable and sometimes frustrating, I found some of the set subjects very difficult. It forced me to think about my photography and to take images I wouldn't normally consider tackling. This book is a record of my fifty two weekly images, some good, some not so good, with many of the comments from my fellow photographers.

2: Week 1: Setting Out (set) The first and appropriately named set subject. A complete stranger taken at Wokingham station, setting out with her suitcase, looking down the track waiting for her train to arrive. "She looks very impatient to get away" | Week 2: Dee (free) Dee is a professional model, and this image was taken at one of the camera club studio workshops. Some post processing has been applied. "I love the way you've handled this shot. The angle works really well." "Obviously a secret admirer!"

3: Week 3: Autumn Colours (set) Taken near St Neots school, using a tripod, f22,1/15, ISO 200. "Really like this, something to do with the golden undergrowth and the blue sky - very complementary." | Week 4: Portland Bill (free) A trip to the coast to catch some waves. I think this works well in black and white, it somehow highlights the rawness and power of the place, but for me the dark foreground doesn't entirely work. Have you thought about trying it from a lower viewpoint, maybe just behind that top boulder - te he

4: Week 5: Geometrical (set) A little bit of natural light and a few props. This image was totally under my control. "Clever I do like this, lots of angles shapes and measurements." | Week 6: Ida (free) This image was one of many taken as part of another camera club project. "Nice one." "Finally I can change my profile picture, "Picture you, Picture me" worked out for me...many thanks, really pleased with it." Ida "Lovely and sharp and the eyes really stand out. at a guess I'd say a 1.8 lens? - nope just checked f16 and 200mm - might account for narrow depth of field." "Lovely picture nice to have an angle rather than a straight on shot. Great portrait, natural, relaxed and I love the angle." "Delightful."

5: Week 7: Triptych (set) A visit to the playground and fortunately the light and the clouds were so inviting. Not sure the frame works. "Lovely sky, probably looking after the grandchildren." | Week 8: Oracle (free) The roof of the Oracle in Reading. The image is a bit flat and the sky could do with some interest. Not great.

6: Week 9: Christmas (set) Some post production on our Christmas tree at home to tone down the greens and to enhance the reds and golds. "I think this is a fabulous picture." | Week 10: Dawn (free) I took this image on the way to work in Chertsey, just off the M25. It was the way telegraph wires followed the line of the clouds that caught my eye. No post processing, this as taken.

7: Week 11: Nightshot (set) A four second exposure to capture enough light. This image was submitted a little earlier than it should have been. "Nice shot - but jumping the gun somewhat!" "Nice capture - is it Henley?" "Lovely lighting. Not sure my night shot will be as good - when the time comes!" "Very nice." | Week 12: Sadie (free) A grab shot of Sadie, our youngest granddaughter.

8: Week 13: True lies (set) A composite of two images, one of the people on the beach, the other of the hand "Great idea that works really well" "The Photoshop evening paid off." "And did you enjoy your holiday in Lilliput?" "Who took the picture? Very clever, of course you could have done this by perspective alone and shot your hand in close up with people at a distance and made it look like they were in the palm of your hand." "I think Steve also added/visualised/composited the island/peninsula, too. Maybe even Bournemouth pier, too !! Good 'shopping" "Great work, I could easily believe the scale of all the components." | Week 14: Infra Red Garden (free) A test image from a camera converted to take Infra Red images at 830nm. Green foliage shows light and bright, blue sky shows black. "Is that from your newly transformed camera?"

9: Week 15: Sound of Music (set) Taken whilst on a ski holiday in Passo Tonale, Italy, at minus 27 degrees (with the wind chill factor). It was oh so cold! I was lucky to find something related to the set subject. "Good observation" "What lengths and distances some will go to, just for a photo" | Week 16: He ain't heavy, he's my teddy (free) Neve with the Ashridge Nursery's traveling Ted, taking him to the beach. "Love her pink cardigan, lovely photograph" "Thats cute great detail and colour" | Week 17: Impression (set) Not a particularly good image, it's a tyre track on the lawn. It needs more contrast.

10: Week 18: Smokey Water (free) A slow shutter speed of 1/4 sec at f32, due to the bright light. Hand held. "It's beautifully taken. Just long enough shutter to blur the water, but still retaining colour and depth, gives a real sense of movement" | Week 19:Exposure over one second (set) An exposure of 20 secs at f6.3, taken in the darkness of a January evening. Clearly using a tripod. "Nice one." "I like the softness and colour of the sea - a good low-light image." "Lovely composition and the long exposure gives the water an ethereal quality."

11: Week 20: Holly (free) Another image taken at a camera club workshop, i like the colours and the composition but it could do with some stronger lighting in her hair. | Week 21: Playing card (set) Taken whilst on holiday in the Sella Ronda ski area of the Dolomites. The image needs a better depth of field to bring out the detail of the mountain.

12: Week 22: Marlow at Night (free) Another night shot, 25 secs at f5.6, a group of us went out to experiment in the dark, I am really pleased with this image. "Great shot - the old and the new of Marlow. Super detail when viewed in the light box." "Oh, Steve, that is superb in so many ways! I love these night shots." "I believe the accolade is due to Steve, who seemingly is too modest to openly trumpet his achievements!" "Really nice photograph, where is this in Marlow? opposite the rowing club?" | Week 23: Easter (set) I like the depth of field in this image, although I wasn't sure if it fitted the set subject. "Daffodil -------> Easter ?????" "Not an egg in sight. I love the softness and colours - just green & yellow"

13: Week 24: Kimmeridge Bay (free) Taken using a neutral density filter to reduce the amount of light into the camera, 20 secs on tripod at f25, ISO 100, to get the water silky smooth. "Love the light and colour, super image." "You've captured the light beautifully." "A fine and, no doubt, carefully planned study. Excellent result." "Very atmospheric. Perfect light." "Very very nice."

14: Week 25: Beatles song (set) And yet another night shot, Helter Skelter, from the album "The Beatles". The image is a bit central and there isn't much interest in the sky. | Week 26: Boulters Weir (free) Taken on an outing with friends from the camera club, a two second exposure to soften the water. "You've caught the movement of the water well and the inclusion of the danger sign and the lifebuoy make the image." "Good motion blur - maybe needs a levels tweak, a little more contrast and red saturation?"

15: Week 27: Public Transport (set) Taken in Bournemouth from the static balloon, 500 feet in the air. A different perspective on the subject. | Week 28: Rising Sun (free) Whilst walking in Reading I came across this old dilapidated public house. The sepia treatment seemed to work well. "Looks an interesting building, nice toning" "I like the tone and composition. Presumably not the "house in New Orleans..."

16: Week 29: Leading the eye (set) This is an image taken in Trondheim in Norway whilst on a very special holiday: a cruise on the Hurtigruten Coastal Express. | Week 30: Midnight Sun (free) The sun didn't set for most of our Norwegian cruise holiday, so many photo opportunities! "Brilliant image." "Lovely colour on the water and receding hills. Good exposure considering the brightness of the sun." "Very atmospheric."

17: Week 31: Diamond something (set) This image was taken in Sonning where every other year the village has a scarecrow event. Lots of great work with many paper mache characters. Well worth a visit. | Week 32: Play, play, play. Early summer and time to play catch with the grandchildren. Neve is very fast and has a great running style.

18: Week 33: Artists picture (set) A composite of two images, taken using a remote, both hands are mine, The image was then textured to make it look like "The Hand of God" by Michelangelo. "But where's the lightning --- or have I been watching too much South Bank Show??" | Week 34: Don't want to! (free) A family outing to Dinton Pastures, it's quite a walk all the way round and some of us got a bit over tired. "Emphatically so!" "You're not going to argue though!.. lovely picture." | Week 35: Portrait of a stranger (set) A young man sat drinking coffee and looking very tired. Taken on a bright sunny day, I converted it to monochrome and added lots of grain to make it a little moody. "Mmmm ... Looks ambiguous. Is it 'just' a chav in a hoodie, or is it a Madonna? Graininess and exposure help keep the ambiguity."

19: Week 36: The Pebble (free) Taken whilst strolling on Bournemouth beach. "Simplicity - like it" "I like the strong diagonal and the dark shadow just under the surf. shows the power of good composition. A polarising filter might remove some of the glare off the sand and provide more detail in the water. The pebble is a crucial element which some how screws the image down, a pivot point, an axis | Week 37: Sharp focus (set) A macro lens on a tripod, 5 secs at f32, ISO 100. Converted to black and white to make it look sharper. "Looks like the watch should have been the other way up !! Good sharp image though."

20: Week 38: Togetherness (free) A trip to Ascot races with some club members. "Well spotted" "Nice one looks even better than on the night" "Image works really well, Steve. Love the 'his and hers' stripes." "Really nice photo" "Love it." | Week 39: Olympic Dream (set) I set this up using a wire remote. Two images, one of the screen superimposed on the broader image. I wish I had moved the flowers, they look as though they are growing out of my head! And I thought you had a hair transplant." "What, ear hair?"

21: Week 40: The Look Out (free) Taken mid afternoon under strong sunshine. Some post processing to soften the image. "Super image." "Wonderful effect." | Week 41: I remember, I remember (set) I struggled with this set subject, not knowing how to represent it, when I saw this couple walking down the Bournemouth prom and their shadows caught my eye. "Good one." "I really like this image - excellent interpretation of the subject" "Another great picture" "Brilliant idea and image"

22: Week 42: Waterworks (set) Probably not the best interpretation of the subject but I liked the power of the waves. | Week 43: Long jump (free) Another outing with club members on a very hot day to the Thames Valley Athletics Centre. I chose to make the background black and white as it was too much of a distraction from the athlete. | Week 44: Nearly there (set) This was a staged image. There are always so many things that are just out of reach when you are two years old. "Nice one."

23: Week 45: Fee Fi Fo Fum (free) Sometimes truth is stranger than Photoshop. "Is this for real? my guess, no. Health and safety would never wear it, that deck chair's going to take off! Tres drole." "Its real. Bournemouth Beach by artist Stuart Murdoch was put there in March. A great picture in any case." | Week 46: Back to school (set) A grab shot as Neve goes to school. Not the kind of place these days to be taking lots of photos. The red top was just ideal for the rest of the image to be converted to black and white. "Do I get the impression that 'keen' does not apply here" "Mummy, why have I got a red top when everyone else is in black & white" "Concern, apprehension, your image says it all. Excellent" "It's almost as if it's taking three people to persuade this little girl to walk through the door."

24: Week 48: Something Architectural (set) Apparently the most hated building in the country ( according to Bournemouth council). Demolition starts shortly. "Is it the old Imax? Nice roof but they lost interest with the rest of it! Nice picture though, love the wave in the sky matches the roof. Works well in monochrome." | Week 47: Beach combing (free) This image was set up, the water on the beach created such a great reflection. "Super shot" "Brilliant image" "I agree. Love it" "Agree again lovely image but the top left hand corner worries me" "Wonderful photo"

25: Week 50: End of Summer (set) I saw the light on the houses and liked the effect. I did darken the sky a little. "Where do the skies keep coming from? Very moody." Like this sky - makes me feel more at home! | Week 49: Jon Egging Memorial (free) Jon Egging is the Red Arrows pilot who died last year at the Bournemouth Air Show. This is his memorial on East Cliff. "I love this though a very sad memory well taken." "The angle gives a real impression of the Red Arrows soaring; not just a straight-on shot of someone else's art work. The blue sky also helps - wouldn't show up so well against a grey sky."

26: Week 51: Gorey Castle, Jersey (free) A short break to Jersey, the sky is genuine and enhanced only by a polarising filter. "What a lovely sky, nicely taken." "Super sky." "Makes you want to go for a stroll on the beach." | Week 52: Experimenting with your camera at home (set) Taken through the oven door (from the inside of course). The last image for the year and I certainly wouldn't have tried this if I hadn't taken part in this project.

27: I think I might do this again next year.

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