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One a Week

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S: One a Week 2012-13

BC: That's All Folks!

FC: One a week 2012-13

1: One a Week 2012-13 This is my second "one a week project". The group of photographers from the Bracknell Camera Club has increased in size from last year and the project has been made a little more demanding. The project is similar to that of last year: one week is a free choice of subject and the following week is a set subject. The set subjects were chosen by the group together, and as there are twenty six free subjects it was felt that this year these free subjects should be in alphabetical order, that's what makes it a little more demanding. We uploaded and shared our images on "Flickr" and commented on each others' submissions. Some of the comments are encouraging, some critical and some conspicuous by their absence. | On a personal level the project was a little easier for me this year having done this once before, however some of the set subjects were quite thought provoking and somewhat challenging. This kind of project helps push my photography and stops me from becoming complacent, and I got lots of inspiration and enjoyment from viewing and commenting upon my fellow members' images. This book is a record of my fifty two weekly images, some good, some not so good, they are accompanied by my notes where relevant and many of the comments from my fellow photographers. Self indulgent? probably: but its good to look back and remember the fun I had making and taking these images. I hope you find it interesting. Steve Buesden.

3: Week 1: "A" A is for Alum Chine, a cutting formed by the mining of alum, now a scenic footpath form Westbourne down to the beach. The treatment and viewpoint work well with this image, giving it an abandoned (another A) look. Very atmospheric. (another A ). Love it, mono works well and no matter what judges may say writing works well here. | Week 2: Shadows Taken on a day trip to Oxford with Jan Walters, we had bright sunshine in the morning creating lots of shadows. I liked the way the glass in the lamp created the watery effect. Great shadow love the shimmer in the glass. I like the crop. Good shadow with some nice detail. The shimmer in the glass takes it that extra mile. I like the atmospheric, eerie quality | Week3: "B" B is for Bush Walk. A sign above a shop lined alley in Wokingham. I liked the architecture. The composition and point of view make this an interesting image. Nice one.

4: Week 4: Chemistry Some drops of glycerin (to look like water) placed on a sheet of clear perspex, some four inches above the writing. The glycerin reflects the image underneath. Cool - but are you sure it's the right way up? Love it , yes I think its the right way up and the water drops act like lenses. Well thought out and expertly executed. I wonder how many judges would have automatically assumed that it was all done in Photoshop. Lesson one: never assume anything! Nice one, Steve - well thought out. Great idea, well executed. | Week 5: "C" C is for candle, a little Photoshop to add some glow. I really like this image. Looks really atmospheric, I even like the crinkly background. Nice juxtaposition of low light and high light here. Nicely taken, no detail lost and very atmospheric.

5: Week 6: Take a book, open it at page 34 and the first sentence is your subject. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl: "The man's dotty!" muttered Grandma Josephine. A contrived image, could have been better executed. Well spotted! And he is the only one with a mobile phone - that's unusual. Nice one. I love street scenes and the incidental people who drift into the image, some with interesting expressions, some who seem in another world and some who just turn away from the camera. Lovely street shot. Really like the blur of the foreground characters as they accentuate the dotty chap. Great quote and interpretation. Spot on with this shot. | Week 7: "D" D is for distribution. The famous Eddie Stobart trucks. taken in a frosty lay-by near Northampton. I have softened the image but kept the truck sharp. There is a surreal quality to this image. I love the contrast of the soft lighting on the trees and the almost metallic feel to the lorry. Just the hint of that lorry makes this feel like something from a film, there is an air of expectancy and I just want to press the play button to see what happens next. Wonderful soft light and a real feeling of cold. Like the control of colours particularly in the sky and the way you've caught the orange sunrise in the tree, very subtle,even the road furniture looks good. One fine piece of work. Good composition and light. I like the treatment, it makes the image soft and delicate. Lovely soft and white frost against the green harsh lorry, it works for me well done.

6: Week 8: Message in a bottle The scary bottled blonde. The various elements of this image were taken some time ago, but were "assembled" this week. Lots of creative Photoshopping here but I am pleased with the result, particularly her position and the way she appears to be behind the glass. | Week 9: "E" E is for egg: 15 secs at f14, 300mm and ISO 100. Manual focus. I like the way the egg looks the moon, helped of course by converting it to monochrome. The best before date is a bit of a give away though. You've put a lot of thought and effort into the making of this image and it shows. Simple yet effective. And I see that you have the same thoughts about best before dates as I do. Cool. Clone out the best before date and you can use this when 'M' comes around! Looks like you put a date stamp on the moon ... well, thats what I chose to believe, done using clever lasers maybe? I like it. You have managed to eliminate any blown out highlights which always appear on egg photographs. Love the different angle and lighting. I just love the detail you have got in the egg shell. | Excellent. Super image. I like this very much well done. Open the stopper at your peril! Ah I see what you've done there ... I dream of Jeanie! very clever. That's brilliant Steve.

7: Week 10: Shakespeare quote 2B or not 2B..... Predictable and contrived, but in my defence the subject does lend itself to something like this. I keep getting distracted by the drawing. Was this a drawing or a rendered printed photo? .... I like the photo idea so will believe in that. The leading line of the pencil takes me to some weirdo flower type thing and i start to get a headache and ............ Like the concept. Very witty. Oh very good nicely composed. Clever idea and well composed. Amusing idea, well executed

8: Week 11: "F" F is for Finland. 30 secs at f12.8 20mm and ISO 320. I was so lucky to see the Northern lights and to capture it on camera. It was a long long wait in the freezing cold but it worth every moment. Very moving and just awesome to witness. Wonderful something I have always wanted to see well taken. Fantastic. Great capture. Must have been amazing. Nature's theatre, must have been a great show. Super shot and fantastic colours. Wonderful green moving curtain, sprinkled with silvery stars. Obviously worth going all that way and waiting in the cold. Wow, you are soooooooo lucky to have seen the Northern lights, it must have been a magical experience. Brilliant picture. WOW and I am jealous.

9: Week 12: Food Two pink lady apples strategically placed in some sassy lingerie. Who wouldn't want to eat that? This made me smile, a good fun image. Apples? not too keen on them Steve - more of a melon or juicy pear man. Cheeky little number wont be able to look at a pink lady apple in the shops again without a smile, nice one. Forbidden fruit .......... I did not think they did apple lifting. Must be a double A. | Week 13: "G" G is for Guitar. The famous Washburn WD guitar, it inspired the Monkees to write "DW Washburn". As you can see it is converted to negative to make it "trendy". I like the treatment - just right for playing the blues. Love this Steve nice detail subtle colour sharp and well composed. An imaginative treatment that works well.

10: Week 14: The ten commandments This was a really tricky subject. I eventually opted for a composite of John Lennon appearing in the clouds like a god. John Lennon was unfairly vilified for talking about the popularity of the Beatles. In the present 'God' led global situation. am I to imagine that it's time to starting over and giving power to the people in the hope of giving peace a chance Clever comment from Ascottony for this thought-provoking image. Well constructed on the perfect background - nice one. Thought provoking. | Week 15: "H" H is for Hobnobs, the best thing about making this image was the coffee break afterwards Five biscuits in one coffee break!! Good composition I wonder if you could have introduced a colourful reflection on the cup using light and coloured objects. MMMM lovely shot .... just needed some chocolate !! Five biscuits ....................? Isn't that a bit greedy. Five IS an odd number. I like it.

11: Week 16: Mirrors What a challenge trying to get an image without unwanted reflections, especially the photographer and his camera! You can say that again about self-reflections! Devilish red nose. I like the way you've placed the two toys looking straight at the camera. What a kaleidoscope of images! I counted six dolls heads. Interesting lighting arrangement - flash? grid? torch? Another great shot. Nice one. | Week 17: "I" I is for Infra Red. Infra red on a cold day, looks much like a black and white image. The give away is that some of the foliage is very light. Interesting effect those infra red cameras, its given this nice depth, like it. Delicate and it actually looks quite summery. The infra red treatment makes this a very pleasant image. I like the PoV. Shows it's worth experimenting with infra-red.

12: Week 18: Street photography Taken on a very cold day in Oxford. I liked the jacket and thought it might look good as a colour pop. I like this one and I like the treatment. For me the inclusion of the girl, with her back to the pianist, makes the image. Couldn't agree more, and if you were ever to enter it into a competition and a judge said crop out the girl then I couldn't be held responsible for my actions. Nice one Steve, nice colour pop and expression. Great use of black & white with a spot of colour. Is this Elton John, fallen on hard times? Super image - but what's with the halo round the woman? | Week 19: "J" J is for "J is for", also taken in Oxford. The whole alphabet is there for the taking. I thought it was quite amusing. I'm first in the queue for 'X' - Jan

13: Week 20: Under a bridge This was taken in Oxford too. Converted to black and white and manipulated to try and bring out the textures. I like this but the judge at the club wasn't impressed. Nicely rendered, high contrast image. I like the reflection in the water too. Cool image - a bit on the dark side under the bridge - a soft / light dodge pass maybe to enhance detail? The monochrome treatment suits this image and I like the viewpoint, giving a hint of the garden and building beyond the bridge. Super image. I generally prefer colour but this is great in monochrome. Lovely composition and atmosphere. Like it a lot especially the plants hanging over.

14: Week 21: "K" K is for Knitting Noodles. I had lots of help with the idea from Anne on this one. The best assistant ever! Vely vely imaginative - wer done, Great composition & amusing title. Clever idea and well photographed. I suppose you could knit your own supper. I do like this, so well pit together and well taken. Really getting oriental vibe off this one. | Week 22: Curves Brio is full of bright colours and lots of curves, ideal. Nice one very curvy and nice colours. Like the composition and the point of view. Looks like there might be a derailment about to happen! Combining hobbies and looking after the grandchildren! Love the white background. Is the blur due to short focal-range or the motion of the high-speed train? I like it.

15: Week 23: "L" L is for Lovely little ladies, dressed in their Easter outfits. Self indulgent on my part but why not, they're gorgeous. So cute. Are their angelic features a permanent fixture? How lovely, don't blame you for the self indulgence. Nice one, a delightful picture. Nothing wrong with self indulgence when something so pretty comes your way. I think the one in the middle is in charge. Charming. Lovely they are. Great shot

16: Week 24: Electronic work Hunting out the soldering iron was the only inspiration I could find for this rather difficult subject. Nice one love the drift of smoke I wouldn't like to solder with that knackered looking iron bit though. That plume of smoke makes this feel very real and I just hope you know what you are doing here! Super image, the smoke from the soldering iron completes the picture. Hope this was your garage and not the dining room table. | Week 25: "M" M is for Macro Monster, taken with a macro lens and extension tubes with the spider on a light bow. The depth of field is much too narrow. The spider ran away shortly after this shot was taken. Ahhhhhhhhh..... don't like spiders love the detail in the hairs ... but yes thin depth of field. Never easy when the subject is about to run off. Good detail in the bit that is in focus - why not try a higher ISO setting and a greater depth of field? Would that work using extension tubes? Would not have the courage to look up to close, well done. Because you have so much detail in the hairs and front, I am happy with the very shallow depth of field. I don't think the vignetting adds anything though. I agree that greater depth of field would be better. Still, no doubt it was tricky to get any of it as sharp as you have. Waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy too much detail for me, I'm off! | Week 26: Monochrome Two secretive girls, probably viewing a text from a boy. Telling image, and super background. Well seen. I like the feeling of space in this image. You saw the shot that you wanted and you waited for the right moment. Great photo, like the intimacy between the two girls. This works beautifully, the space, the detail in the brickwork and the subject itself. Well seen and shot. Nice shot, I wonder who they are texting or tweeting. I particularly like the interaction between the two girls - a welcome change from disassociated people engrossed in their smart phones. A wonderful moment captured and a real sense of interest and harmony between the two girls. I too love the space above them.

18: Week 27: "N" N is for Noose. A little macabre but it is only an artist's model. Nice one, you've made the posture look realistic and for me, the shadow makes the image. Nice one Steve have you been borrowing the grand children's toys? the shadow is the making of the image well taken. Cool and super-cool shadow - but obviously an amateur at knots - couldn't count to see if it's got 13 twirls! I did not think you were that cruel. Great image, although I do worry about you sometimes. I prefer the shadow to the subject (very realistic) and would have been inclined to omit or tone down the doll and concentrate on a sharp shadow and the texture of the rock, ah yes keep the spot light too - nice touch. | Week 28: Best possible taste. You might hate it, you might love it, there is no middle ground. Me, I cant survive without it. Mmmmm...... Really like the astute juxtaposition of the 'seriously strong' cheddar pack for emphasis. Quite a close crop which puts the Marmite bottle centre stage. I like how the background is lighter & less focused compared with the foreground. I wonder what the shot would be like if i could see the complete opening of the jar,.... nice! The white edges of this image really make you concentrate on the delicious, brown, sticky gunge in the jar. I agree mmmmmmmm.......... Not to everyones taste but I guess it hits the spot. I love it,,,, Marmite that is ,,, oh and the picture as well like the way the rim is so sharp with the soft jar. I like the interpretation and composition. And don't let any Aussies fob you off with Vegemite; it's not a patch on Marmite

19: Week 29: "O": O is for Original. Anybody who knows anything about jeans knows that the 501 is THE original. And an original idea. I like the composition and the slightly out of focus top label. I also like the detailed texture in the jeans but maybe it would be more obvious if you lightened the dark areas slightly. Your normal interesting take on the subject great shot. | Week 30: Into the light: A studio shot of a projected image onto a model. ISO 800, f2.0 and 1/80 sec. Looks like Tiger woman! Unusual image with lots of nice detail. Lovely subtle image.

20: Week 31: "P" P is for Peroni, refreshing Italian beer. Euro Fizz! Give me a good English ale any day. Nicely taken though. I like the way that you have placed the two bottles, it make the image more interesting and I love the inclusion of the bubbles. Very close crop and do I detect a little differential focus mmmh? I reckon the yellow bottle is female - just a hint of a curve ... on the other hand i could just be drunk. The yellow bottle is a Peroni glass, love the detail bubbles and depth of field in this. | Week 32: One too many To be fair you can't have too many Terry Pratchett books. I could read all the titles easily so good detail. What would you have done if Sir Terence had stopped at No. 39? Nice one. Well taken and very well thought out. Love the idea and well put together. You wouldn't be, by any chance, a Terry Pratchett fan?

21: Week 33: "Q" Q is for Quayside. The Thames of course. Taken from your own riverside apartment I would guess . . Apart from a couple of balcony doors that are open, it doesn't look like there are too many people at home. Must be all down at the 02. No I think they are all at work trying to pay for them like the shard on the end. I somehow missed "Quay(side)" when scanning the dictionary for inspiration.

22: Week 34: Hot Gossip With this type of magazine called "heat", it seemed an obvious choice. Expressions say it all. Super shot. I reckon they've got a bob the builder comic secreted inside that gossip mag. A nice twist, how to convey gossip without movement of the lips. Love the expression on the younger one's face, it's telling you exactly what she thinks about gossip mags. Great idea! Same for me those expressions on their tiny faces are just soooo good, hope you explained them that it is all gossip! That's just so cute love it. Great picture Steve, I love it So expressive. They look shocked, maybe rightly so. This would have also worked for "Dedicated follower of fashion".

23: Week 35: "R" R is for Royal Mail. Taken in Corfe village. .....And for 'red'. I'm intrigued by the half hidden notice in the doorway - what sort of childhood treat can you get in the Post Office? Cool. Nice colour pop and detail. Maybe it is a cliché but I like it | Week 36: Dedicated follower of fashion It is said "That with comes wisdom". What do you think? She was sat outside Waitrose in Wokingham. Where did you find this lady?? I like to see an elderly still following the trends (not mine). Priceless and what an expression! Well seen, and even the bag matches the hair. Is that a bar of chocolate she's holding? Then it must be a case of .... can't talk ..... eating. Well caught. Shows that following fashion doesn't make you happy | Week 37: "S" S is for Sausage dog. This is Woody, a very recent "addition" to the Tucker family He's lovely. Look at those big eyes..... You can never go wrong with a cute sausage dog, lovely . I love the plaintive expression.

24: Week 38: Flash Something a little different to a photographic theme! I knew the manikin would come in handy one day. I know what it is, what can I say, I hope you didn't get spotted. Fun shot well taken. Brilliant interpretation of the subject. Good exposure! Cheeky! Someone had to. I like the "tailor's dummy" look to it - a real bottom photo-shopped? They look plastic to me. Tres drole! | Week 39: "T" T is for Ten tiny toes. Neve acting as my model. Composition, monochrome - all work perfectly. Love it. Sharp toes, the rest out of focus, so your attention is drawn to the feet. Works well in monochrome. Love those little toes.... Great image

25: Week 41: "U" U is for Urinals, these are the Victorian toilets in Rothesay on the Isle of Bute, well worth the 20p to visit. 20p to spend a penny, that's inflation for you! 20p - a bargain compared to London prices, and considerably less fancy utilities When I saw your title I expecting something less elaborate like Duchamp's "Fountain". These are quite something and very well captured | Week 40: Out of this World Taken in week 47, to get a sharper image, replacing the first one. Great shot. New camera and lens seem to be working well - lots of good detail. It always amazes me to see the moon so close-up and so far away at the same time. Enjoying this. Well done. Nice one. Yes, it is a lot sharper

26: Week 42: Criminal Intent I tried to capture the "silent movie" style of image, not sure about it. I love the dynamics and composition Unusual interpretation but it certainly fits the subject. Good expressions and sense of movement

27: Week 43: "V" V is for Very disappointed. This image prompted lots of comments about comments but unfortunately only one comment about the image itself. Love the background image. Maybe Steve's caption is tongue in cheek: he's certainly triggered lots of comments but mostly not about his photo. | Week 44: Creative Camera Shake Taken in the botanical gardens in Belfast, overexposed to allow the time for the shake. Loving the colours and shapes the effect is creating. Like the colours and the textured paint stroke effect, when looked at in original or large size the colours blue and blend wonderfully. Wonder what it would look like inverted, so that the white became black. Looks like it's being viewed through a frosted window. Good overall effect. I like the effect even if it does make me feel dizzy.

28: Week 45: "W" W is for Wet. It looks like the summer has ended. Monochrome suits this image, I like the water ripples. There's a lot of it about. Good choice of subject and I like the simplicity of the image: the way it says "wet" with no distractions. Super dismal weather advert | Week 46: Something Beasty Well they can be pretty aggressive! It scares me as well - what is it? An excellent example of a veloceraptor of course! Looks scary like one of this birds coming out of an oil spill disaster. Are you sure it's not another swan - in disguise? It certainly looks beasty and scary. It's a Canada goose, given a little red eye!

29: Week 47: "X" X is for breakfast of course! (OK a few boundaries have been pushed a little). Reminds me of the Two Ronnies' joke. Took a while but I got there, tres drole. I don' t get it? X large eggs? xtremely xcentric xponent. Phonetically 'x' sounds like 'eggs'. think texting language. I did get the pun before I read the comments but then maybe Steve's sense of humour is as bad as mine. The symmetry works well in this case | Week 48: Ethnic One of Wokingham's many Indian restaurants. Works well in monochrome. Like the bollard. Looks like he's hurrying to open the restaurant. Like the monochrome. Like the presentation. Works well. Is the bollard pointing to Mecca?

30: Week 49: "Y" Y is for Yorkshire Mill. The mill built by Titus Salt. The birds just add that little something. The late sun on the tower and upper windows makes this image and the birds add a nice touch. I agree, it is all about the light... Great light. Super light and great window reflections. Ee by gum - sun in Yorkshire! I've been often: my wife comes from Bradford. I've taken many photos of Salt's Mill but never in such good light | Week 50: Black or White A negative and a straight shot, you choose. What a great idea. Lovely shot. Nice one where did you get all those guys? The march of the penguins - nice one. Excellent interpretation of the subject. The ones on top look like they are really cold.

31: Week 51: "Z" Z is for Zeb Zeb without which my youngest granddaughter couldn't survive. Looks like zeb zeb is well-loved Hope you've got a back-up... | Week 52: Happy Ending Seems like a nice way to end the project. This is my take on the famous poster from years ago. Strings not very clear! Cheeky!! Can't help wondering what implement of torture she is holding in her right hand! Did she win in the end? Hence the " happy ending"...great photo

32: Post Script: The project stopped being fun towards the end. There were fewer participants as my fellow photographers dropped out for various reasons. The number of comments was disappointing and it's the comments that add value and generate improvement to my photography. Thanks to all those who did comment, I know who you are. So I have decided not to sign up for the coming year. I may miss the challenge - only time will tell.

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