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Orkfest 2012

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Orkfest 2012 - Page Text Content

S: Orkfest 2012: July 27th - Aug 3rd in Las Vegas, NV

FC: Orkfest 2012 July 27th - Aug 3rd

1: Day 1: Friday, July 27th | Dan and Jesse filter the Skittles vodka while Jen runs around the house taking pictures of everything that is wrong with it.

2: Friends reunited! George, Hedy, and Jesse catch up on the couch while Kim & Colin catch up in the kitchen! And we can't leave out our very good friend Al ... Al Cohol!

3: Colin and Kyle claim table space in the name of their laptops, while others continue socializing in the kitchen. Fritzy shows off some glittery sticker tatoos for Tiki Night.

5: Past Orkfest photo book perusal, first game of Orkfest (Quorridor!), under the counter beer stash, chatting, and Dan tastes the Werther's vodka.

6: Jen & Jesse take a photo together, while Inn Mates couch potatoes watch the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics, "live" from London! Meanwhile, Rich & Linda try to decide who gets the glass of wine.

7: Kyle deals cards for a game of "We Didn't Playtest This at All!" You win or lose fast in this one, folks!

8: The game is played 3 times at least ... with an intermission where Ork demonstrates the proper way to pour ... er, spill ... two beers at once.

10: Cutter, Eric, and Jesse explain the "Inn Mates" rules of Treehouse - WEAR THE GAME AS A HAT! Linda does her Thriller expression - she is probably talking about some of the things that went on at the opening ceremonies with an expression like that.

11: Don't PANIC! And grab your towel ... er, wait. Different nerd-ism. This was a game of Castle Panic, not a book by Douglas Adams... my mistake. In other news, Eric and Jen pose for a picture together. | Day 2: Saturday, July 28th

12: Colin demonstrates the perils of the many concrete stairs in the living room of the rental house. Katie put down tape to help us out. Below some of the food from the Costco run arrives in the kitchen. And Steve pops into the Google Hangout to visit with us from Chicago!

13: George, Eric, and Linda enjoying In & Out Burger for lunch while Jesse and Colin work on blowing up the pool raft. Clearly it was a two man job. And yes, we ventured outside in the DAYLIGHT despite our pasty white bodies. No one even got burned!

15: Hanging in the pool. With drinks. And football. Good times!

16: Some Inn Mates pose by the pool together.

17: Jesse hides from the sun underneath the rapidly deflating raft, while Rich tries to convince us that he is "not working". Linda and Kim show us why green is the best color to wear at Orkfest.

18: A never ending game of Formula D occurs above, while Rich and Beth pose for a picture together. Awww... | Meanwhile, the liquor plots to take over the counter (and underneath it!). I'm not sure why it needs to plot, the liquor wins this game at every Orkfest ...

19: Susan looks baffled by the lack of 3D glasses to read the label on this orange juice. Don't give Rich any money, Dan! He'll probably buy something silly with it, like Advil at the seafood market ...

20: Jesse explains the rules of this year's Bingo variant - "Bingo Quest!" | George & Jen take a picture, while Barb and Seth sacrifice many poor innocent dates in the name of a tasty Orkfest snack - goat cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon! | Ork prepares a mojito, while wearing his special Orkfest airbrush shirt he had made all fancy for him at his Six Flags park.

21: Beth and Kim relax and chat, while Jesse oversees a game of Small World to make sure everybody is playing by the rules. | In other news, Barb's sacrificial date offering to Orkfest is paused while we all puzzle over why this kitchen would have no sheet pans that can fit inside the oven. /BOGGLE | WTF

22: Kim and George pause for a super cute picture. Hedy and Jen take one together too. Steve demonstrates his crazy webcam abilities through the Google Hangout!

23: Nobody wants this drink? Guess I will have to drink two ... | Jen eats leftover goat cheese ... so yummy!

24: The steak grilling begins, with many Inn Mates milling around hoping for scraps.

25: Many photos were taken outside while Jesse and company grilled steaks.

26: Grilling antics continue as Dan molests Jesse and Beth reenacts a potentially perilous situation with the cat pit on the deck. Also something green and veggie like made its way onto our dinner menu, along with a potato bar!

27: At Orkfest, the antics always result in nerdy white guys flashing some poor unsuspecting saps. Well, ok, they probably expect it at this point. I think those steaks were ready to throw themselves onto the fire after that!

28: Some post-dinner sleepiness abounds ... though apparently dwarves are immune to sleep effects. | The night's game selection included an amusing game of "Aye, Dark Overlord", a game of Telestrations, and Adult Loaded Questions.

29: We celebrated Susan's birthday with ice cream cake and skittles vodka shots. | Colin is ashamed of his drawing of a tire swing in Telestrations. | More hilarity continues in Adult Loaded Questions as nobody (including Kyle) can read Kyle's writing. Also ... WIZARD!!!

30: Day 3: Sunday, July 29th | Sunday begins as a fairly standard day of fun and gaming, but rapidly turns into our first ever Tiki night theme! Ben sports the first Hawaiian shirt of the day. | Others quickly jump on board with the theme, and it doesn't take long for the mai tai's and pina coladas begin to catch up with the group.

32: Kyle gets ready for a game of Citadels while Barb attempts some healing spells on the freezer and melty ice cream cakes. | Ork displays his Hawaiian themed enthusiasm. | Barb and Susan demonstrate the important difference between magic missiles and jazz hands. | Barb also demonstrates how to properly slam your hands down on a table in protest of the thief stealing your money in Citadels.

33: Cutter & Linda pose for a picture, Charles sets up Rock Band, George has a nap, and David & Suzanne visit in the Google Hangout with us!

34: Henna tatoos were part of the Tiki Night festivities. Jen and Linda use strange magics to imbue Susan and Katie with symbols of unfathomable POWAH! Hedy looks up from her book to wonder when its her turn for a tatoo.

35: Kim shows off her masterpiece Hawaiian pork shoulder before it goes into the oven. She can also be seen making delicious deviled egg appetizers! | Jen & Jesse in their tiki garb! Atherin takes a nap on the couch, proudly displaying his blackened feet.

36: Jen did a poor job of explaining Dungeon Petz to George, Eric, and Barb, but they forgave her since Jesse was playing the other game. | A group plays Game of Thrones for a while. Drunk Cutter taught the rules for a while, Ben left in the middle, and I think the others got bored (or too drunk) so it was never completed. | Somehow, Rich sleeps through the chaos.

37: Ork asks Dwarf to help him with mojito muddling while Susan and Jill talk on Google Hangout. | In other news, Fritzy checks out her online games while Susan mixes more of those dangerous mai tai's and pina coladas!

38: Several strange island women pose for pictures with Eric and Charles. | A game of Settlers is played while the ladies hula dance in the kitchen.

39: Jen and Jill joined Tiki Night from Google Hangout. | Linda brews a green and bubbly potion for Charles as his first ever Orkfest drink. Never ALWAYS drink anything brewed by a dwarf!

40: A few couples shots... while Colin prepares some After 8 shots. I think Kyle needs another, don't you?

41: Side effects of shots in this group include (man) boob grabbing, sparkly fake tattoos, and ... (turn the page!)

42: THIS! Possibly the best Orkfest group picture EVAH!

43: Alcohol with this group also frequently leads to ... the QUELF effect!

45: The floor caused dirty feet, and people played Settlers and Rock Band and Mystery Express!

46: Inn Mates enjoyed Kim's awesome buffalo dip. George samples Grill Master Rich's wares.

47: Ghost Stories wins yet another button!

48: We definitely got our use out of the POOL at this rental house in Vegas! Probably more in the night than the day so our pasty white selves didn't fry ...

49: Patrick wins his first Orkfest button!!! | Chef Kim serves up a giant pile of breakfast meats! Nom nom nom!

50: Some of us met Jen's grandparents for lunch one day! Mmm, Cheesecake Factory! P.S. The giraffe sticker on this page is AWESOME.

51: In celebration of the 2012 Summer Olympics held in London, which started during Orkfest 2012, we decided to hold the Inn Mates version ... | ORKFEST OLYMPICS 2012

52: Event: Synchronized Drinking | Team Members: Linda, Jen, Susan | "The team presents themselves before their routine begins ..." | "...They begin to lift their glasses..." | "...At last they've hit the height of their glass raise ..." | "...Careful ladies, don't spill on the way back down..."

53: "...glasses back up for a sip..." | "...going in for the salt lick..." | "...shooting the chocolate covered pretzel shot!..." | "...and arms raised in the final salute! Victory!!"

54: EVENT: Javelin Throw | ATHLETE: Dan | Uh oh, injury on the field! Disqualified ...

55: EVENT: Discus | ATHLETE: Susan

56: Event: Fencing | Athletes: Linda vs Dan

57: Event: Drunken Relay Race | Team: Dan, Kyle, Ben, Jesse, Colin, Susan, Linda, Eric

58: Event: White & Nerdy Flashing | TEAM: Patrick, Susan, Jesse, Charles

59: EVENT: Cooking ATHLETE: Kim | EVENT: Diving ATHLETE: Colin

60: EVENT: Passing the Torch | TEAM Members: David & Fritzy | MASCOT: Jesse Allen

61: EVENT: Deadlift | TEAM MEMBER: Zombie Charles

62: A large and long game of Red Dragon Inn. Other games to the right include Robo Rally and Power Grid!

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