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Our Ancestors

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S: The Hutchens Family

BC: Front Row: Bessie with Elsie, Rufus Adams Back Row: Nina Adams, Floy Pugh, Margaret Catherine Adams Rufus, Nina, and Margaret are siblings

FC: Mildred Joyce Hutchens


2: You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. Desmond Tutu | Mildred Joyce Hutchens was born January 17, 1916 in Jim Fork, Sebastian, Arkansas the youngest of four children. As a child she remembered picking cotton and helping keep bugs off the sweet potatoes. Mildred worked as a nanny in Kansas. She came to Minnesota and worked for the famous University of Minnesota football player, Shorty Long. He and his wife had twin girls that Millie cared for. At age 24 she was working in downtown St Paul at the Emporium Department Store as a drink/lunch dispenser. She met Henry on a blind date and they married May 4, 1940. During the war she worked at the Ford Plant. Millie and Hank had four children between 1941 and 1951. Mostly Millie was a stay at home mom raising her three daughters. She helped with Sunday School, Campfire, and other activities. She was a good cook and the supper meal was an important family gathering. In later years she worked some as a Home Health Care Aide. She died in the hospital from a heart attack October 25, 1987 at the age of 71. She was a truly nice person and is sadly missed.

3: Family is the most important thing in the world. –Princess Diana | Carl Henry Carlson was born May 15, 1913, in St. Paul, Minnesota. He grew up with his younger sister, Alice, at 1314 Capital Street. He completed the 8th Grade, and at the age of 15 started working as an errand boy at McGill Graphic Arts in downtown St. Paul. He learned how to set type using a Linotype machine. He was 26 when he married Millie. They had a home built at 935 W Hoyt Ave. in the Como area. At the time there was only one other house on the block. After their first born son, Ronald, died tragically he was drafted and served two years in the Navy aboard a LSM (Landing Ship Medium) in the Pacific during WWII. He operated the ships radar. Following the war they had their three daughters, Joyce 1946, Peggy 1948, and Carol 1951. In the early 50s they bought a cabin on Lake Julia, near St Cloud. The family spent most weekends at the cabin in the summer swimming, boating, fishing, and socializing with family, friends, and neighbors. Henry modernized the cabin over the years. He retired at 62. Henry was very handy at making and repairing things. He liked to read, visit, and be with family. He taught his daughters to swim and ice skate. He died January 14, 2005, age 91.

4: Siblings | Willie Jessemine (Jessie) Hutchens was born November 22, 1908 in Arkansas. She married George Arthur Holstein January 30, 1824, at the age of 17.. George was a musician and had his own band called George Holstein and The Plowboys. They moved from Michigan, to Kansas City and then Minneapolis where he had a radio program on WDGY. They had two children, George Arthur (Art) 1925 (Arkansas), and Vivian, !930 ,(Michigan). George and Jessie divorced about 15 years later and Jessie moved to California. She died September 4, 2001 at the age of 92. | James George Hutchens was born October, 2, 1911 in Arkansas. He married Ellen Burnett August, 17, 1937, at the age of 25, in Sebastian, Arkansas. They moved to Long Beach, California. James was working on the loading dock and was killed in an accident on the dock at age 30. It was said he was good looking and nice. He was buried in Midland at Mount Olive Cemetery. Ellen returned to family in Arkansas and later remarried.

5: Obory L (Dub) Hutchens was born February 25, 1914 in Arkansas. He never married. He moved from Arkansas to St. Paul for a period of time and lived with his mother, Margaret, and sister Mildred. Jessie and George were also living there. He relocated to Long Beach, California. He died May 25, 1971 at the age of 57. | Mildred Joyce Hutchens was the youngest of four children born January 17, 1916 in Arkansas. She married Carl Henry Carlson in St. Paul Minnesota and remained there until her death October 25, 1987. She had four children Ronald 1941, Joyce 1946, Peggy 1948, and Carol 1951.

6: FATHER | Benjamin Franklin Hutchens was born January 17, 1881, in Tennessee, oldest of five children. He was 27 when he married Maggie Adams April 20, 1908. In the 1910 census he was a fireman in the coal mine in Midland. He and Maggie went to Texas for a period of time where Ben worked in a brick factory. Then they went to Oklahoma and tried farming. They returned to Midland and he worked in the coal mine. Ben died July 18, 1928 at the age of 47 from a mine related disease.

7: MOTHER | Margaret Catherine Adams was born November 4, 1883 in Witcherville, Sebastian, Arkansas, the oldest of five children. She met Ben at the boarding house where she had been working. Ben was in town looking for work. She was 24 when she married Ben. They had four children between 1908 and 1916. When the family was living in Midland a fire destroyed their home and family photos. The mines were closed and the town deserted. Those that remained had their choice of a house. Many of the few people remaining were related to Maggie and Ben. After Ben's death relatives helped Maggie and her 4 children make ends meet. Maggie worked some as a telephone operator. She set hair for $.15 a head. She moved to St Paul for a period of time then moved on to California like so many others in the family. She died September 2, 1956 in Los Angeles, age 72 from cancer.

8: Benjamin's Siblings | Bishop Duncan Hutchens 1887 - 1953 PFC Quartermaster Corps WWII Never married Died Collins Texas, 66 | Benjamin's Parents | George Washington Hutchens was born September 15, 1860 in Tennessee. He married Arabella Watson when they were both 17. Their first four children were born in Tennessee. After moving to Texas Floyd Bell was born. Arabella died June 2, 1918, age 57, in Rains county, Texas. George died January 16, 1929, age 68. They are buried at Turner Cemetery, Emory, Rains, Texas. | Benjamin Franklin Hutchens 1881 - 11928

9: Martha Hutchens 1889 - 1966 Born in Tennessee Had one child, Dovie Taylor Married Arthur Hogue Had three boys, Truman, Troy Truett, Dwaine Curtis Died in Emory, Rains, Texas, age 77. | Floyd Bell Hutchens 1897 - 1959 Born in Texas Never married Farmer Died in Texas, 62 | Newsome Lazarus Hutchens 1892 - 1962 Born in Weakley, Tennessee Married Inez Hipp, 1914 Had 4 boys, Rastus, John Pearson, James Foster, Donald Hart Died Lindale, Smith, Texas, 70

10: Margaret's Siblings | Rufus Thomas George Adams 1886 - 1967 Born in Witcherville Sebastian Arkansas Married Josephine Elizabeth Blackman, 1906 Miner in Midland Texas 4 girls, 3 boys Moved to California and died age 80 | Winifred Prissilla Adams 1888 - 1909 Born in Midland Died in Midland, age 21 | Margaret Catherine Adams 1883 - 1956

11: Nina L Adams 1892 - 1968 Born in Arkansas Married Charles Newquest 3 children Raymond Charles, Frieda Olivia, Floyd Eugene Later in life moved to California Died age 75 | Ida May Adams 1894 - 1969 Born in Arkansas Married Robert L Talbott Lived in Oklahoma 1 daughter. Johnnie Later moved to California Died age 74 | Nina, Frieda (Nina's daughter), Margaret, Ida

12: Mildred's Cousins | Adam's Cousins | Uncle Ruff's Children Carrie ELSIE (Clark) 1908 AR-1990 CA age 82 Elva Bernice (Mooneyham) 1910 AR-1961 CA age 50 La Vada (Brown) 1913 AR - 2005 CA age92 Lora Lee (Nixon/Head) 1916 AR -1991 CA age 75 James TREAMAN (Vella) 1918 CA - 1989 CA age75 Rufus TRUMAN (Vona) 1921 AR - 2007 CA age 85 Claude Truett (Geraldine) 1924 AR - 1999 CA age 75 | Claude, Lora Lee, Truman, Elva, Treaman Elsie, Bessie, Rufus, LaVada | Aunt Nina's Children Raymond Newquest (Willine) 1913 AR- 1967 CA age 54 Frieda Olivia ( Stanfill) 1917 AR - 1962 CA age 44 Floyd Eugene ( Pauline) 1922 AR - 1973 CA WWII age 51 | Aunt Ida's Daughter Johnnie (Capps) 1919 AR - CA

13: Hutchen's Cousins | Aunt Martha's Children Dovie (Hogue) 1906 TX - 1997 TX age 90 Truman (Merline) 1912 TX - 1984 TX age 71 Troy Truett 1915 TX -1979 TX Dwaine Curtis (Elaine) WWII 1922 TX - 1996 IL age 74 | Uncle Newsome's Children Rastus Terry "Rat" 1915 TX-1996 TX age 81 John Pearson WWII (Florine) 1916 TX - 1948 age 31 James Foster "Red" (Florine) 1919 TX - 1980 TX age 61 Donald Hart 1920 TX - 1937 TX age 16 | Dovie | Dwaine | Rastus

14: Margaret 's Parents | Sylvana Catherine Elizabeth (Betty) Garner Born 1861 in Mississippi, the 6th of 11 children. She married a Dunn about age 17. In the 1880 census she was listed as a married lady living with her parents and siblings in Arkansas. This was around the time of the Civil War. In 1882 she married James Harper Adams at the age of 21 and a year later Margaret was born. Sylvana died, 1897, age 36, in Arkansas. Sylvana and James had five children. Margaret Catherine 1861 - 1897 Rufus Thomas George 1886 - 1967 Windford (Winifred) Prissilla 1889 - 1909 Nina L 1892 - 1968 Ida May 1894 - 1969 | James Harper Adams was born in Pontotoc, Mississippi in September 1854, the oldest of eight children. In the 1880 census, age 26, he was single living in Arkansas with his parents and siblings. He married, age 28, and they lived in Arkansas. After Sylvana died he and the five children were listed as living again with his parents in Arkansas. Four year after Sylvana died, James died 1901, age 47.

15: James' Parents (Margaret's Grandparents) | George Middleton Adams 1821- 1907 George was born December 4, 1821 in Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama. He married Matilda February 6, 1853 at the age of 38. Matilda was 31. They had 7 children between the years 1854 and 1874. On the Census his occupation was farming. He died December 12, 1821 at the age of 86. | Matilda Caroline Truitt 1831 - 1912 Matilda was born March 11, 1831 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee. In the 1850 census , age 19, she was listed living in Pontotoc, Mississippi. She married age 21. George and Matilda's eight children were born in Mississippi between 1854 and 1874. On the 1910 census, after George's death, she was listed living with her youngest daughter in Jim Fork, Sebastian, Arkansas. She died March 12, 1912 at the age of 81. | George and Matilda's Children James Harper Adams 1854 Hilary Abraham Simpson Adams 1855 John William Adams 1858 Rizapah Emaline Adams Pugh 1861 Mary Priscilla Adams 1864 George Harrison Adams 1867 Thomas Lee 1869 Tennessee Elizabeth Adams Dake 1874 Tennessee's son, Robert Dake, married Mildred Henderson, Millie's childhood friend. In school the two Mildred's were known as Mildred Hut and Mildred Hen. | George Harrison Adams

16: Sylvana's Parents (Margaret's Grandparents) | Thomas Miles Garner 1830 - 1897 Born August 10, 1830 in Pickens, South Carolina. He married Margaret in Mississippi at the age of 20. He died June 4, 1897 in Sebastian, Arkansas, age 66. | Margaret Louisa Shaw 1834 -1923 Born September 12, 1834 in Alabama. She was 16 when she married. They had 10 children. She died April 15, 1923, age 88 | Arminda 1851- 1868 ,17 John W 1852-1884, 32 James E 1853-1929, 76 Henry 1855-1929, 76 Tarrell Thomas 1859- 51 Sylvana Catherine Elizabeth 1861-1897, 36 Mary Jenny 1864-1900, 36 Doctor D 1867, 33 Arminda Florence 1872-1941, 69 Edna Maybelle 1877-1958, 81 | Garner Children | Edna Maybelle and husband John William Ollar. They had 18 children from 1891 to 1918! | Henry Garner and wife Barbara Ann Ellis married in Arkansas, died in Oklahoma. | Thomas Miles Garner

17: Thomas Miles Garner's Parents | Margaret Louisa Shaw's Parents | Father, William Thomas Garner born 1775 in Randolph County, Virginia. He married Elizabeth Cox, born July 6, 1784 in Holly Spring, Randolph, North Carolina. They were married in NC in 1812. They had 5 children.. Sarah Sallie 1816-1892 Edna 1822- 1893 Elizabeth 1826-1904 Thomas Miles 1830 1897 Mary A 1830-1864 | Father, Jonathan J Shaw born 1810 in Salem, Sumpter South Carolina. Mother, Catharine M Russell born 1810 in South Carolina. They married 1830 both at the age of 20.They had 8 children. Henry E 1831 Margaret Louisa 1834-1923 John H 1838- Mary L 1840-1902 James Daniel 1841-1916 William H 1846-1900 Thomas W 1848-1919 Francis M 1852-

18: Thomas H Hutchins was born 1822, in North Carolina. Sarah Roston, 1825, in Tennessee. They married in 1838 in Tennessee when Thomas was 16 and Sarah 14. They had nine children between the year 1839 and 1865. Thomas died November 18, 1897, age 75 and Sarah 1895. William Alexander 1839-1882, age 82 Hester A 1844- Thomas III 1846- Zachariah 1849- Sarah (Sally) Cathryn 1852-1895 age 42 John Emerson 1856-1915 age 58 George W 1860-1929 age 68 Margaret A 1863-1899 age 35 Martha Lucinda "Mattie" 1865-1946 age 80 | George's Parents | All In the Family Three sister in the Hutchins family married three brothers in the Wright family. Margaret Ann Hutchens married George Washington Wright. Martha (Mattie) Hutchens married John W Wright. Sarah Cathryn Hutchens married Henry Wiser Wright. | William Alexander | Sarah (Sally) | George W. | Martha (Mattie) | Siblings

19: Mattie and husband John Wright and children. ( Mattie is pregnant in the photo.) | Sarah Cathryn, Henry Wiser Wright and children. Sarah was 19 when she married Henry. They had 14 children between 1872 and 1894, Sarah died, age 42, 1894, in Tennessee, the same year her last child was born. Henry remarried and had five more children with Elizabeth Millron. They moved to Texas. Molly died and Henry remarried again and had more children. He died in Texas at the age of 78. | As evidenced in the photo John Wright's third finger on right hand was damaged while piercing a cow horn with a hot iron. Mattie's leg was broken when a tree fell on her while she was helping her husband cut firewood. Her leg never healed and she spent the remainder of her life in a wheel chair. Her Granddaughter was told she loved to ride with her on the wheelchair.

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