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Our Family Album 2012

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Our Family Album 2012 - Page Text Content

S: Our Family Album 2012

BC: Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you. ~ Shannon L. Alder

FC: Our Family Album 2012 | branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one

1: To our children, grandchildren and all future generations of Richardson - Hopper - Hanna - Gardner descendants - May you never forget the humble beginnings from which your ancestors came, or the sacrifices they made so that each of you may be who you are today. Love and many blessings to you all, Melanie Travon Richardson - McCoy | This family album is dedicated to my sister, Sharon Jelynn Richardson - Pirtle, and in loving memory of our brother, Albert Deray Richardson, and our parents, Al and Martha Richardson

2: Martha Emeline Hanna b: 3/12/1926 - d: 4/17/2003 | Richardson | Records indicate Jonathan RICHARDSON was born about 1765, His wife is unknown, but they are believed to have had 13 children: | Ancestors | Avaline, Jonathan, Susy, Elijah, John, Sary, Fuvuvay, Reny, Margaret, Phoebe, Jane, Nelly, and Obediah | Obediah Reuben RICHARDSON was born in 1800, and died about 1851. He married Jane Canady. (later pronounced Kennedy) born about 1804, and died about 1861. They are both buried in the Richardson Cemetery in Tippah County, MS. Obediah and Jane are believed to have had 9 children: | Child #6 - Obediah Jr., married Sarah Jane ROBBINS b: 14 Apr 1845 in Tippah Co., MS d: 19 Sep 1924. Both are buried at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery in Tippah Co., MS. They are believed to have had 7 children: 1. David Frank RICHARDSON b: 29 Sep 1866 in Tippah Co., MS 2. Lewis L. RICHARDSON b: 5 Jan 1869 in Tippah Co., MS d:4 Aug 1945 in Tippah Co., MS 3. Henry Edward RICHARDSON b: 22 Feb 1872 in Tippah Co., MS 4. Lue Etta RICHARDSON b: 18 Nov 1874 in Tippah Co., MS 5. Robert E. Lee RICHARDSON b: 20 Apr 1877 in Tippah Co., MS 6. Alonzo (Lonnie) RICHARDSON b: 25 Nov 1880 in Tippah Co., MS 7. Oscar Pinkney RICHARDSON b: 7 May 1884 in Tippah Co., MS Child #2 - Lewis L. Richardson married Mary Eliza RODGERS b: 26 May 1873 in MS. d: 19 Feb 1951 in Tippah Co., MS They are both buried Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Tippah Co., MS . Lewis and Eliza had 7 children: 1. Nora Lillian RICHARDSON b: 4 Sep 1889 in Tippah Co., MS 2. Cora A. RICHARDSON b: 26 Aug 1896 3. Martha J. RICHARDSON b: 27 Sep 1898 4. Dewey Jefferson RICHARDSON b: 18 Jun 1901 5. David Dewitt RICHARDSON b: 2 Feb 1904 in MS d: 22 Jun 1989 in Jackson, Hinds Co., MS 6. Mattie Lula RICHARDSON b: 22 Oct 1907 7. Charles Bilbo RICHARDSON b: Abt 1912 in Tippah Co., MS Child #5 - David Dewitt Richardson, married Thelma HOPPER b: 1908. They had 2 children: 1. Albert Cearno (A.C) RICHARDSON b: 19 Apr 1927 in Tippah Co. MS d: 28 Aug 1984 2. Irene RICHARDSON b: 26 Mar 1929 in MS d: 6 Oct 2009 Later, Dewitt would marry Callie Hesachai CHILDS b: Abt 1917. They had 1 child: Harold Dewitt Richardson b. Aug. 18, 1940. He had 1 child: Joseph Ray Richardson b. 7-8 1975 | 1. Richard McMahan RICHARDSON b: Abt 1822 in AL 2. Elizabeth RICHARDSON b: Abt 1825 in AL or TN 3. John RICHARDSON b: 13 Nov 1830 in AL or TN 4. Mary E. RICHARDSON b: Abt 1835 5. Artemesia M. RICHARDSON b: Abt 1837 in Tippah Co., MS 6. Obediah R. RICHARDSON b: 2 Jun 1838 in Tippah Co., MS d: 29 Dec 1914 in Tippah Co., MS 7. Elijah J. RICHARDSON b: 16 May 1840 in Tippah Co., MS 8. Sarah RICHARDSON b: 26 Jun 1842 in Tippah Co., MS 9. Matthew RICHARDSON b: Abt 1845

3: Hopper Ancestors | Records indicate Blagro HOPPER was born about 1695 in Virginia. His wife is unknown, but they are believed to have had 3 children: 1.Thomas HOPPER 2. Joseph HOPPER 3. George HOPPER b: Abt 1725 in VA d; Abt 1798 in NC Child #3- George HOPPER. Wife unknown. Believed to have had 2 children: 1.Matthew HOPPER 2. George HOPPER b: Abt 1750 in VA d: 1822 in Lincoln Co., TN Child #2 - George HOPPER Jr. Wife unknown. Believed to have had 2 children: | 1. John HOPPER 2. Lewis HOPPER b: Abt 1775 in NC d: Abt 1840 Child #2 - Lewis HOPPER Wife unknown. Believed to have had 8 children: 1. Palmer HOPPER 2. Nathaniel HOPPER 3. James HOPPER 4. Moses HOPPER 5. Son HOPPER 6. Thomas J. HOPPER b: 7 Jan 1801 in NC 7. John Dalton HOPPER b: 8 Dec 1802 in NC 8. William M. HOPPER b: 8 May 1813 in TN d: 30 Oct 1897 Child #8 - William M. HOPPER married Elmina Francis CROOK b: 22 Sep 1824 in SC d: 4 Apr 1893. They are both buried in Providence Cemetery, Tippah Co., MS They are believed to have had 6 children: 1. Martha J. HOPPER b: 1 Mar 1844 2. Mary Elizabeth HOPPER b: 28 Dec 1846 in MS 3. Sarah Frances (Frank) HOPPER b: 17 Apr 1850 in MS 4. Jefferson Davis HOPPER b: 10 Aug 1852 in MS 5. James (Jim) HOPPER b: Abt 1858 in MS 6. Nancy C. HOPPER b: Abt 1866 in MS Child #5 - James (Jim) HOPPER married Nancy J. (Nannie) HOLLEY b: May 1859 in MS Jim and Nannie had 6 children: 1. Charles Davis HOPPER b: 1880 in AR 2. Eddie Dalton HOPPER b: 17 Jul 1883 in MS 3. William Hubert (Willie) HOPPER b: 24 Dec 1884 in MS d: 4 Aug 1954 4. Lilla HOPPER b: 27 Jul 1888 in MS 5. Bertie HOPPER b: Aug 1890 in MS 6. Susie HOPPER b: May 1893 in MS Child #4 - William Hubert (Willie) HOPPER married Lois Ann TAPP b: 11 Mar 1881 in MS d: 11 Aug 1972. Both are buried at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, Tippah Co., MS

4: Hopper Ancestors Continued,,, | 1. Vinson Leonzie HOPPER b: 15 Jan 1906 in MS 2. Thelma D. HOPPER b: 1908 in MS d: Oct. 17, 1999 3. James Palmer (Jim) HOPPER b: 19 Jun 1910 in MS 4. Earline HOPPER b: 24 Oct 1912 in MS 5. C.B. HOPPER b: 13 Jul 1915 in MS 6. William Hubert (Hugh, Bill) HOPPER b: 10 Feb 1919 in MS 7. Eva Marie HOPPER b: 7 May 1921 in MS 8. William L. HOPPER b: 31 May 1926 in MS 9. Bama Jean HOPPER | Child #2 - Thelma D. HOPPER married David Dewitt RICHARDSON, They had 2 children: 1. Albert Cearno (A.C. or Al) RICHARDSON b: 19 Apr 1927 in MS d: 28 Aug 1984 2. Juanita Irene RICHARDSON b: 26 Mar 1929 in MS d: 6 Oct 2009 Later, Thelma married William (Billy) Cecil JONES b: 1904 d: 1970 . They had 1 child: Marcella Jean Jones. Thelma and Billy are both buried at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, Tippah Co., MS. | Our story begins here... | David Dewitt Richardson | Thelma D. Hopper Richardson - Jones

5: A.C. & Irene Richardson | Thelma Hopper Richardson, age 22 with children: A. C. age 3, Irene, age 1 | A. C. age 3 | A. C. age 9 - Irene, age 7 | A. C. age 1 | Dewitt & Thelma's Children

6: Albert Cearno Richardson - Born: April 19, 1927 Delivered by a midwife and given only the initials A.C. when he was born, A. C. was raised a country boy in Tippah County Mississippi. during the Depression. He had to drop out of school in the eighth grade to help work the farm when his mother, Thelma Hopper Richardson and father, David Dewitt divorced. In 1945, at age 18, he went to enlist in the Navy. There were no certified birth records at that time, and the Navy would not allow him to enlist without a first and middle name. As he was leaving the enlistment line, he ran into an old friend named Albert, who happened to be reading a book by Cyrano de Bergerac. A. C. got back in line, and enlisted in the Navy as Albert Cearno Richardson. All legal documents from that point forward show A. C. as being Albert Cearno. He was released from the Navy in 1946 after time spent in Corpus Christi, California on a dirigible base. A. C., later called Al by most of his friends, had a photographic memory. Although he only had an eighth grade education, he retained everything he read, and was very knowledgeable of most subjects. He had a variety of talents, including: art in various mediums, woodworking, gun-smithing, and music, Al could play any instrument, and even wrote music. He worked for International Harvester Co. in Memphis for 37 years. Soon after retiring in 1984, Al died of pancreatic cancer at age 57. He was a kind, loving father, an honorable husband, and a respected friend to all who knew him. | 1945

7: 1949 | 1946 | 1967 | 1975 | Al with Chee-Chee 1980 | 1982

8: Thelma & Billy Jones | Marcella Jean Jones A. C's half sister | Grandkids called them Memaw Jones & Papaw Billy Papaw Billys's little chihuahua was named Tracy

9: Harold D. Richardson, age 2 A.C.'s half brother | Harold D. Richardson and his son, Joseph Ray Richardson 1984 | Harold D., Dewitt & Al Richardson | 1984 | Harold D., his son, Joseph Ray & Al Richardson | Father & Sons | Irene Richardson at age 15, Irene Richardson Mauney - Abt 2000

10: Travon's Memories of Memaw Jones & Papaw Billy | We called Memaw Jones by her last name to distinguish her from our other grandmother that we called Memaw also. Papaw Billy was her second husband, but he was the only grandfather I remember on my Dad's side of the family. He went blind as a young boy after a knife accident that eventually took his sight in both eyes. They lived in Tiplersville, Mississippi just outside of Walnut off Hwy 72 in a primitive two room wood framed house with a wooden porch, uneven floors and a tin roof. It was an old Mississippi slave house before Papaw Billy bought the land. The living room and bedroom were together in one big room. In that room was an old upright piano, an iron bed with a coiled box springs, and a couch at the foot of the bed in front of the fireplace. Off of that one big room was a closet with no door, Later, that closet held only a twin size bed with no room to walk around it. Memaw's brother Palmer or Pud, as we called him lived there after Papaw Billy died and that is where he slept. Just off the main room was the kitchen where water pumped from the outside well was kept in a porcelain enameled pitcher with a ladle that we all drank water from. We poured water in a large bowl to wash up with a bar of soap. At the end of the day, all the scraps from our plates, the dirty dishwater, and the peels from the tomatoes, potatoes, etc, went into the bowl. That was poured into a trough for the hogs. Memaw always said the soapy water kept the hogs from having worms. The kitchen table had a white porcelain top with red trim and the chairs were chrome with red vinyl seats and backs. Papaw Billy died peacefully at that kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee one morning in 1970. Off the kitchen was the back screened in porch that had a wooden icebox. I don't remember using the icebox, but I know they did at one time. They had electricity, but that was one light bulb with a pull cord in each room. Next to the icebox hung a #9 washtub. We took our baths in that washtub with water drawn from the well. We used the bathroom in a slop jar, then took it outside and tossed its contents at the edge of the woods a good ways from the house. I remember staying with Memaw Jones and Papaw Billy for a few weeks every summer when I was little. I never believed Papaw Billy was really blind because I would always sit in his lap and he could tell me if I had on shorts or a dress. He even knew if it was lace or cotton or if I had on sandals or patent leather shoes. I was too young to know he was seeing by feeling. He'd also whittle for hours with a knife, How could he see what he was doing if he was blind? | I played with my cousin Angie (Marcella's daughter who lived up the road) and we used to ride on the tailgate of her Dad's truck and sing Helen Reddy's song - Delta Dawn over and over. The field between her house and Memaws was covered in blue bonnets and black eyed susans every summer. I didn't appreciate such beauty at the time. Papaw Billy collected old coins in a fruit jar and we'd count the coins on the porch and lose half of them through the slats, then we'd crawl under the porch to retrieve the coins. Papaw Billy also had an old blue pickup in the barn. It was his before he went blind. Angie and I would sit in it and pretend we were driving to the store. | We slept on pallets on the floor, and I still remember the lullaby sound of the rain on the tin roof. If it was a real bad storm, we went to the cinder block storm cellar built into the side of a hill with dirt and grass covering the top. There was one bed and a baby bed in the storm cellar and it smelled like musty moth balls. We had to kill spiders and crickets in order to get under the covers to sleep, but we always felt safe there. My Dad and I visited one summer when I was a teenager. Memaw had finally closed in the back porch and got indoor plumbing. Me, Dad and Pud (Memaw's Brother, Palmer) took a walk down to the fresh water spring. The water was so clear and cold it would hurt your teeth. Daddy always wanted to build a house close to the spring, but he didn't live long enough to see that dream come true. On the way back to the house, I got stung on the arm by a wasp. It was hurting really bad, and starting to swell. Pud spit out this big wad of chewing tobacco and put it on my wasp sting. I wanted to gag with the juices running down my arm, but I was too happy that it was helping with the pain. | I'm glad to have had that time with my grandparents, and to have experienced their simplistic country living. It made me appreciate the hard life that my father had as a boy during the depression. Daddy had to drop out of school in the 8th grade when Memaw and David Dewitt Richardson had divorced, and Daddy had to run the farm or they didn't eat. Times were hard, and most country people were very poor. Daddy told me he had to use a sweet gum tree branch to brush his teeth because he didn't even own a toothbrush. Those humble beginnings made for a humble man that I am proud to have called my father. | I helped Memaw in the garden, picking corn, digging potatoes and putting them in a shallow hole in the barn and covered them with lime. I even picked cotton using an old canvas Commercial Appeal Newspaper delivery bag. Memaw made homemade biscuits every morning with the absolute best muscadine jelly. I ate fresh corn on the cob with mayonnaise everyday. and I stayed on the slop jar every night. I remember sitting with Memaw and playing with the flab under her arms. It was so soft, and she never seemed to mind. I never imagined I would have bat wings myself one day!

11: These pictures are not of Memaw Jones and Papaw Billy's house, but the images are similar and do reflect warm memories.

12: Al & his father, David Dewitt Richardson -1984- | Harold D. Richardson , DeAnna McCoy (Travons' daughter) Dewitt & Al | Father & Son Al & Dewitt Richardson

13: Al's half sister - Marcella & sister Irene , at his funeral - 1984 | Thelma Jones with Great-Grandchildren DeAnna & Shey McCoy - 1991

14: Hanna Ancestors | John W. Hanna - CORP CO F 145 ILL INF b: Nov. 25, 1843 TN, d: Jun. 13, 1934 Hardin Co., TN Wife: Martha E. Newman Hanna b. Apr. 5, 1841 d: Mar. 11, 1917 Married Sept. 10, 1868 in Hardin Co., TN. They had 4 children: 1. Thomas Alexander Hanna b: Oct. 22, 1869 d:1961 2. James W Hanna (1871 - 1956)* 3. Eliza Ellen Hanna Petty (1873 - 1954)* 4. Hugh L Hanna (1875 - 1961)* | Child #1, Thomas (Tom) Alexander Hanna married Nancy Tennessee (Tennie) Caldonia Brooks Adams Hanna b: Oct. 24, 1869 d: 1960. They had 4 children: 1. George William Hanna b. Aug. 27, 1893 Henderson Co., Sardis, TN d: May 12, 1978 Alcorn Co., Corinth, MS 2. Lillie A Hanna McMurry (1900 - 1984)* 3. Teddie (Ted) Roosevelt Hanna (1905 - 1998)* 4. Eddie (Tint) Fairbank Hanna (1905 - 1988)* | Corp John W. Hanna | Child #1, George William (Will) Hanna married Lela Edna Gardner b: Sept. 18, 1899 TN d: Jan. 2, 1990 Alcorn Co., Corinth MS. Married - Apr. 9, 1916. They had 4 children: 1. Thoburn Deferras Hanna b: about 1919 d: about 1981. Had no children 2.Rayburn Frazell Hanna b: 7 Jul 1921 d: 9 Nov 9, 2007 Had 1 child: Danny Franklin Hanna (1945-2003) 3. Martha Emeline Hanna b. Mar 12, 1926 Jackson, TN d: Apr 17, 2003 Southaven, MS 4. Mary Louise Hanna Goldnetz Gray b. about 1927 d: about 2002. Had 3 children: Monte Bernard Goldnetz, (deceased) David Thurl Goldnetz, Desta Wydeen Gray (deceased) | Child #3, Martha Emeline Hanna, married Albert Cearno Richardson b: Apr 19, 1927 d: Aug. 28, 1984. Married Sept. 4, 1948 in Corinth, MS. Both are buried at Forest Hill Cemetery, Memphis, TN. They had 3 children: 1. Sharon Jelynn Richardson Pirtle b: Sept. 21, 1950 2. Albert Deray Richardson b: Dec. 18, 1953 d: Sept. 17, 1972 Had no children 3. Melanie Travon Richardson McCoy b: Jan. 19, 1962 Child #1 Sharon Jelynn Richardson, married Donald Edward Pirtle b: Nov. ? 1949. Married Mar. 24, 1973 in Memphis, TN. They had 3 children: Kelley Lauren Pirtle Nash, Jamie Elaine Pirtle McRae, Lori Kristen Pirtle Green. Child #3, Melanie Travon Richardson McCoy, married Randall Carl McCoy b: Sept. 9, 1960. Married July 4, 1982. They had 2 children: DeAnna Chalet McCoy Brewer, Randall Shey McCoy

15: Will, Lillie, Tom, Tennie, Teddie, Eddie Hanna - About 1914 | Lillie, Tennie, Eddie, Teddie, Tom,Will Hanna - About 1907

16: Gardner Ancestors | Joseph Hampton Gardner b: Nov. 28, 1861 d: unknown married Colen Enola Curlee b: unknown d: 1894. They had 4 children: Not numbered in birth order. 1. Colonel Gardner 2. Beula Gardner Bivens 3. Bertha Gardner 4. Lela Edna Gardner b: Sept. 18, 1899 d: Jan. 2, 1990 Child # 4, Lela Edna Gardner married George William Hanna b: Aug. 27, 1893 d: May 12, 1978. Married April 9, 1916. Both are buried in Lebanon Cemetery, Hardin Co., TN They had 4 children: 1. Thoburn Deferras Hanna b: about 1919 d: about 1981 2. Rayburn Frazell Hanna b: 1921 d; 2007 d: about 2005 3. Martha Emeline Hanna b: Mar 12, 1926 d: Apr 17, 2003 4. Mary Louise Hanna b; about Feb. 2, 1927 d: about 2002 Child #3, Martha Emeline Hanna, married Albert Cearno Richardson on Sept. 4, 1948 (Jelynn and Travon's parents) | Joseph Hampton Gardner | Gardner Siblings with their father - Joseph Bertha, Joseph, Beula, Colonel, Lela

17: George William & Lela Edna Gardner - Hanna

19: Left: Chalk drawing of George William Hanna 1896 - Age 3 This picture hung above the dresser in Memaw & Grandaddy's bedroom. | Memories of Memaw & Granddaddy Hanna | Memaw and Granddaddy lived at 1510 Standridge in Memphis, Tn. when Jelynn was small. I wasn't even born. She remembers playing with our cousins, Monte and David there. Sometime in the mid 60's, Memaw and Granddaddy moved to a small white framed house on Webster St. in Corinth, Ms. All of my memories of them are there. As I prepared to write, my mind was flooded with so many memories that it was difficult to put them into words. This is what came to mind in no particular order. Granddaddy always sitting on the glider on the porch watching the world go by. A rain barrel to catch water for the flowers and water the stray animals. Driving rusty nails at the base of the hydrangeas to change their color. Beating the tree and collecting catawba worms for Granddaddy's friends to use for fishing. Walking to the Piggly Wiggly on the other side of town with Memaw. Never knowing why Granddaddy always called me Pete Jack, but loving that I had a special nick name. Their huge tabby cats, Kitty Tom and Tiger. Their tiny chihuahua, Tinker, who hid bones under her bed and growled if you got within 5 feet. Uncle Ray living two doors down. Memaw & Granddaddy never had a car. | Beautiful, heavy, handmade quilts to keep us warm. Memaw's tiny hands. Her measuring with her thumb and index finger. Push petal Singer sewing machine that smashed my fingers more times than I can count. Plastic, floral curtains. Ceramic gas heaters. Hot, homemade, cat head biscuits cut with a tuna can. Individual pitchers of white Karo, and sorghum molasses at each of our plates. (I liked molasses, Deray preferred Karo.) Granddaddy putting sugar on his eggs. His favorite thick rimmed coffee cup. A large painting of the last supper over the kitchen table. Praying at every meal and before bed. Church. Reading Our Daily Bread every night. Guidepost and Reader's Digest magazines. The garden. Picking strawberries. Shelling butter beans until my fingers were sore. Glorious golden brown fried pies, fried in lard in an iron skillet! (If only I could make them like Memaw did.) Sweet milk and Buttermilk. The old steamer trunk in the closet that held photos and blankets that smelled of moth balls. Granddaddy dipping Garrett sweet snuff. Kissing him on the cheek, steering clear of the snuff. The smell of spearmint oil and linoment. Radio shows. Soaping up and sliding around in the claw foot tub. Gagging on Milk of Magnesia if we had an upset stomach. The peaceful sound of the train at night. The saw mill and the huge sawdust pile down the road. The tall slide at Liddon's lake. The cellar under the house with shelves and shelves of canned goods. Old Pepsi tin signs on the walls of Granddaddy's workshop. The sound of Memaw's voice calling Granddaddy's name (Will) Him never hearing her because he had his hearing aid turned down. His thick glasses that magnified his eyes. Overalls. Aprons and housecoats called dusters. Goodness and faith, and the strong belief in God. Granddaddy was a small engine mechanic for most of his life. He and Memaw lived a very simplistic life. I was once told that Granddaddy invented the electric well digger, but his invention was stolen by the lawyer he hired to get the patten on it. No one was ever able to prove it, but I can only imagine how different their lives would have been if only he had been given such an opportunity. Memaw was a sweet, Godly woman. She prayed every day for the Lord to take her home if it was His will. He finally did at age 91.

20: Mable & Ray Hanna -1973 | Martha & Al Richardson Lela & Will Hanna | Mother & Daughters Martha, Lela, Mary Lou | The Hanna Family - 1946 | Back Row: Mary Louise Hanna, George William Hanna, Thoburn Deferras, his wife, Mildred Front Row: Martha Emeline Hanna Mable (wife) to Rayburn Frazell Hanna, (son) Danny Franklin Hanna, and Lela Edna Gardner Hanna | Martha,, Ray, Lela Danny - 1982 | Mary Louise Hanna Goldnetz Gray | Martha's daughter - Travon Mary Lou's daughter -Desta | David Goldnetz with son Matthew | Desta Gray Walls with daughter, Kimbra

21: 4 Generations Martha, Jelynn, Lela, Kelley - 1977 | 4 Generations Lela, Martha, Jelynn, Kelley, Jamie - 1982 | Lela with Grandchildren Travon, Jelynn, Danny 1982 | Lela with Great Grandchildren L: Jamie R: Kelley Lap: DeAnna 1982 | Lela's 83rd Birthday | 3 Generations Lela, Martha, Travon - 1981 | 4 Generations Will, Lela, Martha, Jelynn, Kelley - 1977 | G E N E R A T I O N S

22: Martha Emeline Hanna - Richardson - Born March 12, 1926 | , age 6 months | age 2 | Martha was born in Jackson, Tn, during The Great Depression. She was an intelligent child, but economic times were difficult and rural education was not very promising, In her early teens, she was sent to live in Texas with a more financially stable relative who was a school principal. As the Depression ended, she returned to live with her family in Memphis, Tn., where she graduated with honors from Tech High School in 1944. She had hopes of becoming a lawyer. A proficient typist, with excellent organizational skills, she worked as a secretary for Sears & Roebuck Co. Martha also played the accordian in a band, which is how she met Al. After marrying, she worked for International Harvester Co. for a short time. When Deray was born, she became a housewife, which she was also very proficient at. She was a devoted wife and mother. Martha also had a passion for watching sports, basketball in particular. She was only 5' tall, but her friends and family described her as a "spitfire." because of her fiesty attitude. She began smoking in the late 1940's, when smoking was socially unacceptable for women. She smoked for over 50 years and eventually developed emphysema, dying at age 77.

23: Hanna Siblings - Rayburn Frazelle Hanna, Thoburn Deferras Hanna Martha Emeline Hanna, Mary Louise Hanna | 1926 | 1932 | 1933 | 1947

24: Al Richardson, age 21 and Martha Hanna, age 22 played in separate bands. Al played the guitar and Martha, the accordian. Around July 4, 1948, Al's band had finished playing their set at a little nightclub cafe in downtown Memphis and Martha's band was setting up to play. Al hung around to hear Martha's band, and afterwards asked her out on a date. These pictures were taken while they were still dating. They were married two months later. | Graduated - Tech High School Memphis, Tn | Senior 1944

25: September 4, 1948 | WeddingDay | Al & Martha Richardson | Married in Corinth, Ms

26: In 1952, Al took an art class by mail. Students were given the requirements of the project, then it was mailed in for a grade. This particular assignment was an advertisement for a cosmetics company. Al sketched himself and his wife, Martha. He made an A.

27: AL's

28: Child #1 - Albert Cearno Richardson, married Martha Emeline Hanna b: 12 Mar 1926 d: 17 Apr 2003. Married 4 Sept. 1948. Both are buried in Forest Hill Cemetery - Shelby Co., Memphis, TN. They had 3 children: 1. Sharon Jelynn RICHARDSON b: 21 Sep 1950 2. Albert Deray RICHARDSON b: 18 Dec 1953 d: 17 Sep 1972 3. Melanie Travon RICHARDSON b: 19 Jan 1962 Child #1 - Sharon Jelynn Richardson married Donald Edward PIRTLE b: 11 Nov 1949. Married - 24 Mar 1973. They had 3 children: 1. Kelley Lauren PIRTLE b: 12 July 1977 2. Jamie Elaine PIRTLE b: 11 Jan 1980 3. Lori Kristen PIRTLE b: 18 Sep 1983 Kelley Lauren PIRTLE married Doug NASH. Later divorced. They had 1 child: Madelyn Brooke NASH b: 21 Aug 2008 Jamie Elaine PIRTLE married Gregory James McRAE b. 4 Oct. 1978. They had 3 children: 1. Hudson James McRAE b: 18 Apr 2006 2. Harrison Jude McRae b: 29 May 2009 3. Houston Jane McRae b: 24 Oct 2012 Lori Kristen PIRTLE married Dustin Oliver GREEN b. 15 Oct 1982. They had 3 children: 1. Alana Marie GREEN b: 6 Nov 2002 2. Alyssa Kate GREEN b: 28 Nov 2003 3. Lennox Oliver GREEN b: 17 Feb 2010 Child #2 - Albert Deray Richardson died at age 18, in a car accident. He had no children. Deray is buried at Forest Hill Cemetery - Shelby co., - Memphis, TN. Child #3 - Melanie Travon Richardson married Steve Allen Rabun 11 July 1981. Divorced, no children. Married Randall Carl McCOY b. 9 Sep 1960. Married 4 July 1982. They had 2 children: 1. DeAnna Chalet McCOY b: 19 July 1982 2. Randall Shey McCOY b: 31 Oct 1990 DeAnna Chalet McCoy married Robert Earl BREWER. Later divorced. They had 2 children: 1. Bethany Leigh BREWER b: 3 Nov 2004 2. Kelsey Rhea BREWER b: 3 Mar 2006 Randall Shey McCOY is not married at this time, and has no children. | Our Family Tree

29: Al & Martha Richardson with children, Jelynn & Deray. Travon was born later, in 1962. | 1951 | 1953 | 1957 | 1952 | 1957 | Deray -1954 | Jelynn - 1951

30: Sharon Jelynn Richardson - Pirtle Born: September 21, 1950 | Senior 1968 | Senior 1968

31: Albert Deray Richardson Born: December 18, 1953 | Deray and Flopsy | Deray and Naja | 1972 | Deray was killed in a car accident on September 17, 1972. It was during the time of the Vietnam War. It was fairly certain he would have been drafted, had he not been killed. Our lives changed forever that day.

32: Al & Travon with Naja & puppies - 1971 | Al & Travon - 1975 | Martha - 1970 | Martha - 1978 | Al Martha Don Kelley Jelynn Travon - 1978 | Al & Martha - 1979 | Travon & Martha - 1987 | Martha 1980 | Martha - 1981 | Martha - 1991 | Martha - 2001 75th Birthday

33: Deray's Funeral - 1972 | Al's Retirement - 1984 | Al's Funeral - 1984 | Jelynn's Wedding - 1973 | Travon's Wedding - 1981

34: 6 months | 2 yrs | 6 yrs | 7 yrs | 8 yrs | 9 yrs | 10yrs | 11 yrs | 12 yrs | 13 yrs | 14 yrs | 15 yrs | 16 yrs | 17 yrs | 18th Birthday 1980 | 6 months

35: 1087 Goodman St Memphis, TN 38111 | Home was knotty pine walls, brother and sisters, oatmeal on a cold morning, music and laughter. Home was a Momma and Daddy that provided everything we needed, and then some. Home was where you were disciplined and loved. It's where you wanted to be when life was rough and you needed answers. Home....where most of the best memories on these pages were made. | Home Sweet Home | 2012 | 1998

36: Deray 15 yrs Jelynn 18 yrs . Travon 6 yrs. - 1968 | Jelynn 22 yrs. Travon 10 yrs. | Al & Travon - 1968 | Martha & Travon - 1973 | Thanksgiving - 1983 Jelynn, Martha, Travon Eggs and lemon juice..there is a lemon ice box pie in the making..Al & Travon's favorite. | Jelynn & Travon Tacky Christmas Party 2008

37: Travon - 1962 | Jelynn 12 yrs. Travon 1 yr. Deray 9 yrs. | Travon's 1st Birthday - 1963 | Travon & Jelynn | Travon's 6th Birthday with Jelynn - 1968 | Travon & Jelynn - 1964 | Martha & Travon - 1970 | Travon & Martha - 1968 | Al Deray (Flopsy) Martha Travon - 1968 | Jelynn - 1966

38: Don & Jelynn Pirtle | Prom | Engagement Night | Wedding Day - March 24, 1973

39: The Pirtle Family

40: Kelley Jamie Jelynn Lori | Jelynn Don & Kelley 1979 | Jelynn & Jamie 1981 | 1981 | 2008 | Jamie Jelynn Kelley Lori (newborn) 1983

41: Lori | Kelley | Jamie

42: Al & Martha ( Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw) and their Grandchildren | Al & Kelley | Martha & Jamie | Jamie Al Kelley | Marhta & DeAnna | Martha & Kelley | Al DeAnna Jamie | Martha & Jamie | Martha & DeAnna | Martha & Shey | Martha & DeAnna | Kelley & Martha | Kelley & Martha | Martha & Lori

43: Lori DeAnna Jamie Kelley | Jamie DeAnna Kelley | Jamie DeAnna Lori Kelley | DeAnna & Lori | Jamie Kelley Lori DeAnna | DeAnna Kelley Lori Jamie | DeAnna Shey Lori | Jamie Lori Shey

44: Children are the living messages we send to a time we will never see - Neil Postman

45: Kelley Lauren Pirtle - Nash - Born: July 12, 1977 | Kelley with Alex

46: Doug & Kelley Nash

47: adelyn Brooke | Nash | Doug, Madelyn & Kelley Nash | Born August 21, 2008 | Doug, Mady & Kelley Nash

48: Jamie Elaine Pirtle - McRae Born: January 11, 1980

49: Greg & Jamie McRae

50: Hudson Greg Houston Jamie Harrison | The McRae Family | Houston & Jamie

51: Houston | Harrison & Hudson

52: Lori Kristen Pirtle - Green Born: 09/18/1983 | Lori Kristen Pirtle - Green Born: 9/18/1980

53: Dustin & Lori Green | Dustin & Lennox | The Green Family

54: Lennox Oliver Green Born: 02/17/2010 | Alana & Alyssa | Lennox | Alana Marie Green Born: 11/06/2002 | Alyssa Kate Green Born: 11/28/2003 | Lennox

55: Jelynn & Don with Grandchildren

56: Melanie Travon Richardson McCoy Born:: January 19, 1962 | Senior 1979 | 1979 | 1979 | 2002 | 2009

57: 2010 | 2012 | Wedding Day - July 4, 1982 | 1986 | Randall & Travon - Christmas 1981 | 1983 | 1983 | 2003

58: The McCoy Family | Shey Travon Randall DeAnna | Travon & DeAnna | Randall & Shey

60: Siblings - DeAnna & Shey McCoy

61: DeAnna Chalet McCoy - Brewer Born: July 19, 1982 | Senior 2000 | DeAnna with Satin & Kacy

62: The Brewer Family | With her daughters, Bethany & Kelsey

63: Bethany Leigh Brewer Born 11/04/2004 | Kelsey Rhea Brewer Born 03/04/2006

64: Shey & Kacy

65: Randall Shey McCoy Born: October 31, 1990 | Shey & Moe

66: Randall & Travon's Children & Grandchildren | Bethany's 1st Harley Ride with Randall | Bethany Helsey Randall | Travon Shey Bethany Kelsey DeAnna | Randall Kelsey Shey Bethany Travon DeAnna | Travon Kelsey DeAnna Bethany | Randall & Kelsey | Travon & Bethany | Back: DeAnna & Travon Front: Kelsey & Bethany

67: Shey DeAnna Bethany Kelsey Randall Travon | Bethany & Randall | Travon's 50th Birthday Bethany Travon DeAnna Kelsey | Randall Kelsey & Bethany | Randall Bethany Kelsey | Kelsey Shey Bethany Randall

68: Martha & Al's Great Grandchildren | Kelsey & Bethany | Alyssa, Lennox, Alana | Alyssa, Harrison, Madelyn, Hudson, Alana | Al & Martha's Great Grandchildren | Newest Family Member Houston Jane McRae Born: October 24, 2012

69: Hudson, Alana, ALyssa, Bethany, Kelsey | Alyssa, Mady, Kelsey | Bethany, Alana, Hudson, Harrison | Harrison, Houston, Hudson | Alyssa, Lennox, Mady, Alana, Harrison, Hudson | Alyssa, Alana, Bethany, Kelsey, Hudson | Mady Alana Hudson Alyssa Lennox Harrison | Alana, Alyssa, Hudson, Kelsey, Bethany | COUSINS

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