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Our Family The Levene's

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Our Family The Levene's - Page Text Content

S: Our Family The Levene's by Linda Levene Anderson

FC: "Our Family" The Levene's By Linda Levene Anderson

1: Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn. | A collection of old family photos with notes and musings by Linda Levene Anderson. At first I decided to put this in date order, but then realized that this would be an overwhelming task as some of the photos I have no idea when they were taken, so have just added as I felt moved to do so. So please sit awhile and renew your aquantence with family members for one day we will meet again!

2: Rivkah Levene and her youngest daughter Jessie | Rivkah was the wife of Nathan Levene whom by the time this photo was taken was already deceased. As far as we know both Rivkah, Nathan and their children were all born in Russia. I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to receive this photo many thanks to Nathan Levene for sharing this and many others with me.

3: As indicated by the back of the photo it was taken in Russia and translated it reads - Studio name: V. Sher sounds like Share. located in Smorgan. (Smorgan is a very small place close to Smolensk between Vilna & Minsk its about 62 miles NW of Minsk. There is a barely noticeable red stamp on the photo that states November 1898 | So was the photo taken in November 1898 or at a later date? We know that by May 1912 Jessie was in London with her siblings the clothing does not look like 1898 so I would have to say sometime between 1898 & 1912.

4: Rivka is buried at Federation of Synagogues Cemetery, Edmonton, London, England. The photos on this page were taken at the time of the stone setting probably in 1926. | The translation on the stone reads:-Rebecca Levene, (in the English) (Note her name is written in Yiddish rather than the Hebrew usually used) Revva rather than the more commonly used Rivkah. Noting that the "Kof" or the letter "K" is not present. "Reeva Meena daughter of Tziv"

5: In 2001 Charlie & I visited the cemetery & located her grave the stone was in bad shape. The open book seen on the stone when it was first set listed the names of her children, sadly this is now gone. There has been much discussion over her name, her death certificate states she was Ruth Minnie Levene, I have always felt that the Minnie was representaive of her maiden name Mignon (Meena) My grandmother Leah told me that her name was Ruby. And as you can see her gravestone names her Rebecca. & Rivkah!

6: So when did Rivkah come to England? We can first read about her in Joseph Levene's journal he writes that his first memories of her were at his Bar Mitzvah which probably took place around 1924. Rivkah died 9 May 1926 (25th lyar 5686) the cause of death was listed as an accident; due to a fall from a chair, her nose was broken and fatty degeneration of the heart was also listed on her death certificate, at the time she was living at 6 Sheba Street with her daughter Annie although her death certificate lists 39 New Road as her place of death,which was her son Philip's address perhaps she stayed with Annie for awhile after the accident.

7: Nathan & Rivkah had seven known children- Alexander 14 April 1876. Sarah 11 Nov 1878. Annie About 1880. Rachel (Ray) 29 June 1886. Harry (Hirsh) April 1899. Jessie (Zelda) Philip Sept 1894. There as always been some debate as to the birth order of the children especially the younger 3 we were always told that Philip was the youngest son and Jessie the youngest daughter but as you can see by the dates that I have this may have not been true.

8: The Wedding of Harry Levene & Bessie Luff | Harry & Bessie were married May 27, 1912. At The Great Garden Synagogue Whitechapel, London.

9: My main reason for including this photo at this point is that almost all of Nathan & Rikahs children are present except for Daughter Sarah. Front row left to right:-Little boy seated unknown, little girl standing unknown, Gertie Levene, age 3 standing, Nathan Levene seated age 9, Philip Levene seated age 7, Nathan Sugarman standing beside his mother Annie Sugarman nee Levene. Woolf Levene seated age 5. 2nd row- Unknown women & infant, could be either Rosie, Leah's sister or Sarah, Alexander's sister, I vote for Rosie by this time she had 3 children which would account for the 3 unknown children around her. Alexander Levene & wife Leah (at this time Leah was three months pregnant with son Joseph), the bride, Bessie, groom, Harry, Annie & Lewis Sugarman, Rachel Freed nee Levene & her son Benjamin. Back row- unknown man & women, Jessie Levene, Philip Levene, Joseph & Mary Sugarman standing between them is their daughter Rachel the next four are unknown, on the end of row is Mark Freed, Rachel's husband. We do know that one of the unknown couples in the back row were known by the family as big Uncle & Anntie. It is also quite possible that one of the unknown couples could be Sarah & her husband Aaron Alpert. The man standing behind Rosie could be her 2nd husband Hyman Meisels None of Bessie's family are present, by this time they had emigrated to the States and left Bessie in the care of Alexander and Leah.

10: Joseph & Mary Sugarman, I have 2 photos of this couple both were given to me by Jeff Sugarman of Caliornia. How I came to have these pictures is a story worth noting, after I was given the wedding photo of Harry & Bessie | I emailed copies to other Sugarman & Levene researchers that I have had contact with over the years to see if anyone could ID the unknowns, and Jeff emailed back with the information that Joseph & Mary were his grandparents he included the 2 photos shown here.

11: Unfortunately I have not been able to establish just how they are related to us, we do know from older family members that they were known as little Auntie and Little Uncle, we also have established that they are not connected to Lewis Sugarman who married Annie Levene at least a connection as yet not been found. We do know that Mary also known as Miriam was a Levene before she married Joseph, although I think Joseph looks very much like he could be related to us. | From Jeff we know that Mary had a very bad lazy eye, which also appears in our Levene family. Joseph was born abt 1859 in Russia & died 10 Jan 1925 in London Mary was born abt 1863 in Russia & died 30 July 1953 in London.

12: Although I have not been able to establish their exact connection to our family I do think it worthwhile sharing what I have found. They had 7 children- Abraham 1888-? married Leah Tinn. Sarah 1889-1969 married Philip Nozick. Rachel (Ray) 1890-1970 (never married) Lewis 1892-1984 married Celia Herman (Jeff's parents) Dora 1894-1971 married Hyman Means. Morris 1897-1916 (never married died serving in the British armed forces) Minnie 1899-? Joseph is buried at Edmonton Cemetery his father is listed as Zvi Hirsh Mary is buried at Rainham Cemetery and her father is listed as Jacob her name in Hebrew is Moshe. (It has been suggested that perhaps Jacob and our Nathan were brothers but I personally feel that the connection when found will be through Joseph. It is also worth noting at this time, that Philip Levene while at a stone setting ceremony tried to resuscitate Leah (Tinn) Sugarman who suffered a heart attack this was in the mid 60s.

13: Abraham & Hannah (Cohen) Sugarman AKA Big Uncle & Auntie. I wish I had a photo to put here but just words maybe someday in the future. (We do know that they are one of the couples in the back row of the wedding photo.) This is the family that Alexander Levene was living with when he first came to Russia, he is listed as a cousin in the 1901 census they lived across the street from Alexander's future wife, Leah Ehrenberg. The Levene's and the Sugarmans appeared to have close family ties here once again I have not been able to establish a strong connection other then the cousin listing from the census. But "cousin" was a term loosely used during that time period. Both Abrahm & Hannah were born in Russia, Abraham 1845 died 1931. Hannah born 1850 died 1930. They had 8 children (see next page) I have often wondered if Abraham and Joseph were brothers.

14: Children of Abraham & Hannah J. Sugarman (the only information known on this son is that he signed his father's death certificate) Polly 1869-1945 married Michael Caidan Leah 1872-? married Davis Perl Kate 1870-? married Solomon Bruk Harris 1878-? married Caroline Ash Rachel (Ray) 1884. never married Sarah 1887-? no marriage known. Ziskin (Cecil) 1891-1946 married Emily Swain. (He married out of his faith and not much contact with his family after that, he was the only son to leave a will) The son in law Michael Caidan was a witness to Alexander & Leah's marriage.

15: Alexander & Leah | This photo was taken at the time of their engagement in 1899, they married 23 December 1901. at Great Garden Street Synagogue, Whitechapel, London. Prior to their marriage they had to obtain a marriage authorization from the Rabbi it was written in Hebrew and lists all of Alexander's brothers, it notes a brother Joseph Halive will not be there, so possibly there was another son who died prior to this date. Alexander was the first of his family to come to England he was a cobbler by trade and made it possible for the rest of his family to come to England.

16: Alexander & Leah had seven children. Nathan 1903-1974 Philip 1905-1936 Woolfe 1907-1980 Gertrude 1909-2004 Joseph 1912-1996 Ralph 1914-2000 Sheila Edna 1926-2003. | Leah, Alexander & Leah's sister Rosie

17: Nathan, Woolfie & Philip | Gertie, Ralph & Joseph | Joseph & Ralph | Shelia1941

18: Woolfie Levene | I do not have many photos of Woolfie other then when he was a child, the first, shown here was taken with his sister Gertie, the other following page was taken with his wife Hettie. Woolfie Levene & Hetty Bloomberg were married 10 June 1930 Hackney, London, England. They had three children, Allan Harvey, Shirley & Ruth Mignon. Woolfie was named after Leah's father Woolf Ehrenberg. Woolfie died 24 March 1980 Hetty died 1991.

19: Woolfie & Hetty | The only photo I have from the wedding is this one taken of my father, Joseph Levene.

20: Philip Levene & Ada Sugarman (Saunders) | Philip & Ada were married June 2, 1931 Hackney, London. Bridesmaid: Faye Freed Flower girl: Shelia Levene The young boy was probably a member of Ada's family

21: Sadly Philip passed away May 18, 1935 of a perforated ulcer. They had one child, David. Ada remarried and contact was lost with this branch of the family. | Joseph Levene photo taken at the wedding

22: Nathan Levene & Rebecca Brooks (Bookstein) | Nathan & Becky were married 23 August 1931 at the Great Synagogue, Jubilee Street, London. Left to right seated: Sheila Levene, Leah Levene, Nathan & Rebecca,, Leah Brooks. Standing, Faye Freed daughter of Mark & Rachel. Alexander Levene, Morris Brooks, unknown bridesmaid, probably a sibling of Rebecca's.

23: Nathan & Becky's marriage was arranged, by Alexander and Morris but it was truly a marriage made in Heaven. I loved going to their flat, Nathan was a big tease but I loved him nevertheless. They had two daughter's, Shirley & Maureen. Shirley married Harold Labelda, Maureen married David Brilliant. When Becky died Sept 25, 1970 Nat received probably the biggest shock of his life, Becky had been born in 1895 ten years older than he believed her to be! Nat died 14 Sept 1974. | Nathan & Becky sometime in the 1960s, this is how I remember them, always happy.

24: Samuel Lewis & Gertie Levene | Sam & Gertie were married June 11, 1933 in London. Bridesmaids left to right- Tilly Levene, Leonard (son of Deborah Sam's sister) Shelia Levene, Rosalind & Irene both daughters of Deborah. The bridesmaids dresses were pink.

25: They had one son, Rodney. Samuel died 20 Aug 1990, London. Gertie died 31 March 2004 Stanmore, Middlesex. Both are buried at Golders Green.

26: Joseph & Florence Levene | Sadly I do not have a photo from their wedding, I believe the photo to the left is of my mother, Florence taken about the time of their marriage, if you read the description of Florence on their wedding day in Joseph's journal I believe you will see what I am talking about. Joseph Levne & Florence Rampling were married 15 Sept 1934 Stepney, London. They have two daughters, Valerie & Linda

27: These two photo's were taken at their Golden Wedding, 15 Sept 1984 | Florence died 10 Feb 1993 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Joseph died 13 Dec 1996. Both are buried at Princess Anne Memorial Park, Virginia Beach.

28: Ralph Levene & Ada Richardson | Unfortunatley I do not have a wedding photo of Ralph & Ada, Like Joseph & Florence they had a small wedding at the Register Office in Hastings, Sussex 10 Feb 1945. The top photo was taken in 1968 and the other was taken Aug 1951

29: Ralph & Ada meet during the 2nd World War they were both in the service. They had two children- Philip Brian 1945. Glynis Patricia 1947. Ralph died 13 Feb 2000 & is buried at Manor Park, London. Ada died 13 Dec 1998 and is also buried at Manor Park. | son Philip Levene & daughter Glen with her husband Barry Clogg. Both photos were taken in 1968.

30: Eric & Sheila Van Emden

31: The above photo was taken Sept 1991 it shows, Eric & Sheila with their two daughters, Andrea & Denise, Andrea's husband Bob Holder & their two children, Daniel & Leah. Sheila died 1 June 2003 Hertfordshire, England | Eric & Shelia were married 26 Aug 1951 London. Not sure who the oldest bridesmaid was, but the youngest is Glynis Levene & the groomsman is her brother Philip

32: Leah Levene with all of her grandchildren as of August 1951. Two more were born later. | Back row, left to right- Valerie Levene, Shirley Levene, Rodney Lewis, Allan Levene, Shirley Levene, Maureen Levene. Front Row-Linda Levene, Glynis Levene, Leah Levene, Philip Levene, Ruth Levene.

33: Alexander & Leah are buried at Weston Synagogue Cemetery in Edmonton, London

34: Aaron & Sarah Alpert | Sarah Levene it is believed married Aaron Alpert in Russia, they emigrated to New York with their two oldest children. They had a total of eight children- Lottie Ida-1894-1911 Pearl 1897-1984 Sophia 1902 Annie 1904 Nathan 1905-1964 Hyman Reuban 1911-1978 Gertrude 1912 Lottie 1913-1923. Aaron born 1871 died 31 Dec 1930 CT. Sarah died 11 Sept 1958. Both are buried New Haven, CT.

35: Lewis & Annie Sugarman | Annie Levene & Lews Sugarman were married at East London Synagogue 1 Nov 1908. They had two children. Nathan 1909-1996 Gertrude 1911-1912. The photo to the left was taken in 1931 | Lewis died 6 Aug 1933. Annie remarried Joseph Mendel 9 Aug 1936 Stepney. Annie died 19 July 1955, Both Annie & Lewis are buried at Edmonton, London

36: Mark (Max) & Rachel Freed | Rachel Levene & Mark Freed were married 27 Dec 1909 at the Great Garden Synagogue, Whitechapel, London. They had two children- Benjamin 1910-1970 Fanny 1918-1998 Rachel died 1974 | The photo was taken abt 1912 of Rachel & son Ben

37: Below is a photo of Mark Freed, his wife and son's Mark is the son of Benjamin and Faye. Mark now lives in Israel with his wife, Susan & seven children. Mark is the man back row with a beard, the photo was taken in 2004 at his son's Chayim's marriage to Rachel Feigenbaum

38: Harry Levene & Bessie (Busha) Luff (Louff) | Harry (Hirsh) died before 1975 and is buried at Rainham, Essex. As far as we know Harry was the only brother to become a British citizen. Bessie died 23 Dec 1982 and is also buried at Rainham | Harry & Bessie had five children- Bella 1913-1975. Gertie 1915-1915 Annie (twin of Gertie) 1915-1915. Nathan 1923- Ruth D. 1932. The photo is of Bessie, with children Bella & Nathan.

39: Jessie (Zelda) Levene | We have no idea when Jessie was born or when she died, we do know that she never married but had a daughter named Natalie. That they both emigrated to Australia and Natalie changed her last name to Levenson. | Photo- Jessie with her daughter Natalie. Date and place unknown.

40: Philip & Bertha were married 4 Jan 1920 at the Fieldgate Synagogue, Whitechapel, London. They had two children- Tilly 1922-1981 Nathan 1926-2004. Bertha died abt 1948 Philip married Annie Cohen 1 March 1949. Philip died 23 Jan 1978 & is buried at Streatham, London. | Philip Levene & Bertha (Bashca) Goldberg

41: Philip was serving in the Royal Fusiliers during WW1 at the time this photo was taken. He served in the Egypt, Palestine & Galipoli. He was part of the Jewish Regiment known as "The First Judeans" | The photo of Bertha was taken around 1921.

42: A copy of Philip's Alien registration card issued around 1960.

43: Joseph Levene served in WW2 both of these photo were taken in Rome on VE day.

45: Victory Day Celebration Vernon Road, Leytonstone, London | Photo challenge! Can you find Valerie, she is on the left with Aunt Alice (Alice Grasmeder nee Rampling)

46: Top Photo, Grandma Leah, her daughter Sheila, daughter in laws, Florence & Ada. Left- Valerie & Her Aunt Sheila. I think this photo judging by the wallpaper was taken at Vernon Road

47: Like all good things this too must come to an end but not with out thanks to all those who over the years have sent me photos and family stories. Jeff Sugarman California Nathan Levene Pinner, England Phililippa Broer London, England Mark Freed Israel Hayley Levene, Manchester, England Valerie Miller, my sister for sharing her memories of our Grandfather Alexander Levene with me Keith Zerdin a relative of Michael Caiden. and most of all Grandma Leah who got me started on this great adventure into the past with her wonderful stories about our family. In the very near future I hope to make books for the Ehrenbergs, Zwicks, Rampling's, Ashbee's & the Horns. Enjoy-Linda L. Anderson Jan 2011.

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