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Our favorite Memories of Poppy for his 90th Birthday

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Our favorite Memories of Poppy for his 90th Birthday - Page Text Content

S: Happy 90th Birthday, Poppy

BC: We love you, Poppy! Love, Bill, Susie, Steve, Nan, Shea, Trep, Ryce, Leigh, Drew, Kellie, Melanie, Will, Hunter and Kaya

FC: Our Favorite Memories of Poppy For His 90th Birthday

1: We thank you, Poppy, for all the years of laughs, love, advice, support and wonderful memories! | Your family loves you dearly!

2: Being with You & Mom at Your Polo Hall of Fame Induction ~Bill

3: I remember how proud I was of you when I attended your induction into the Polo Hall of Fame in Florida. All of our immediate family were there, and it was such a wonderful evening to be able to see you honored in such a way. I especially enjoyed watching and listening to so many of your polo friends praising and congratulating you. ~Steve

4: When you and Mom took Bill & I on a family vacation to Hawaii, I was so excited to take a picture of the volcano that I managed to drop the camera down the volcano! You love telling this story-always with a chuckle. ~Steve | On one of our trips to Santa Barbara, while staying at the Miramar Motel, we all swam out to the platform in the ocean. We found out the next day there were shark sight- ings right where we were swimming and diving! ~Steve

5: We were surfing in Hawaii (who knows where Bill disappeared to) and you fell off the surf board & it shot up in the air and came back down, hitting your face and slicing it open. I was only 15 at the time, but had to drive you to the hospital in the rental jeep that had a stick shift with which I had no experience. Needless to say, it was a jerky ride to the hospital. ~~-Steve

6: I love the story about your first car...You were so excited to show Marian, but when you got it home, it would not start... So your friends pushed you and Marian around the block. ~Nan

7: I have always been impressed with your amazing devotion to your soul mate. ~Susie

8: Many, many great polo memories, but winning the National Eight Goal in Chicago and the Circuit Twelve Goal against John Oxley were two of the very best! ~Bill | Running down the sidelines of the polo field by the red boards with my foot mallet, trying to keep up with you as you flew down the field to score! ~Trep

9: Umpiring the finals of the World Cup with you in Florida ~Bill | All the polo trips and being able to help exercise all those horses. It always made me feel right at home. I loved doing the dressage with the polo ponies all the time. ~Susie

10: I must have been 5 or 6 yrs old, and we were standing in line at the hardware store. You and I had a secret game we would play around others just to get a laugh. There was an old lady standing behind us in the household "key" line. I looked up at you with a sad face, asking for a key for Christmas, "all I want is a shiny key". With a stern voice you said to me, "Kid, you ain't getting a key for Christmas!" The old lady gasped behind us in line!! "What a mean man!" I held on to the sad face as we walked out of the store

11: and pretended to cry! As we exited the store, we looked at each other and laughed & laughed... Hook, line and sinker each time! That was my favorite game! ~Shea

12: You catching Trep & I hanging on your garage door as it went up and down. -Ryce | Spending holidays at the Grandview house and sledding or sliding down the big hill behind the house. ~Trep

13: My sixteenth birthday party with the band at the Cruce Street house. ~Bill | Hunting with you and Dr. Ewing as a kid. ~Bill | Calling me cotton top as a little boy... I was not too fond of this nick name at the time. ~Steve

14: You are the epitomy of the positive attitude and outlook on life- I love the story of your barber in Florida who couldn't speak English and all you had to say was HA HA when you called for your appointment time, and he knew it was you. ~Nan | Your love and dedication to your children and grandchildren ~Susie

15: The famous "Hetherington Hunker" Skiing Technique ~Bill | Our Family christmas times in aspen -bill

16: Our Family Cruises with you and Mom were such wonderful gifts and forever great memories! ~Bill, Susie, Steve and Nan

17: Holiday Dinners and the production of carving the Turkey ~Shea | I remember the Thanksgiving dinner at Grandview when you not only carved up the turkey, but you also carved up your hand! ~Nan

18: Showing me how to kick a football at 200 Easy Street ~Drew | Flying out to West Palm Beach for a week every summer during my middle school years. I learned so much about life from you and Nanny during those times and will cherish those memories for the rest of my life. ~Drew

19: You commenting at a restaurant on someone or something near by and laughing until I cried. Most of the time having to excuse myself from the table... ~Trep | Coining the phrase, "starvation corner" .. Always making sure everyone was well taken care of... ~Nan

20: I remember eating lunch with you and Nanny at the country club in West Palm and all of the different people coming up to you and saying hi. You could see how everyone had so much respect and admiration for you. ~Ryce | you lit up the room everywhere you went at the Palm Beach Polo and Country Club.... ~Drew

21: Driving the car out in the country while sitting on your lap ~Shea | Teaching me how to drive in the Cadillac around West Palm Beach. And I didn't hit one mailbox! ~Kellie

22: You teaching me how to drive on your lap in the Palm Beach neighborhood. I've never been the cause of an accident and have only received one speeding ticket in all my driving years. Now, parking tickets are a different story... ~Drew | Practicing driving with you in West palm in the cadillac, as you gave me constant direction and tips. You still say. "I don't think it worked". ~Trep

23: Golfing on the Cypress Golf Course at West Palm Beach Polo and Country Club. Especially the day when you hit the ball in from the fairway on a par 4. ~Kellie | Drawing on the chalkboard with you and Nanny in your utility room in Florida. ~Kellie

24: During our first year living in California, you and Marian came for a visit-- you decided a trip to Catalina Island would be fun... it turned out to be one catastrophe after another except for that incredible meal we still talk about today... ~Nan

25: sharing yours and mom's anniversary celebrations, 50th in charleston, 55th in aspen and 60th in norman ~steve

26: Showing you and Mom our daily adventures on my video camera during our amazing cruise, the summer of 2001, which you made possible ~Steve

27: For a snack, you would always bring us 7-up and fritos ~Ryce | Eating pretzels and drinking 7-up as a snack before dinner ~Shea | You giving me a detailed description over the phone of your war stories for an 8th grade report of WWII I had to give in front of the class. ~Drew

28: Always hearing your heart warming stories that make the whole family smile... and the warmth you bring to the room with your loving heart! ~Melanie

29: I can visualize you proudly and boldly wearing the bright pink/peachy sports jacket in West Palm... Nanny was so proud. ~Nan | I love the way you laugh! And pat me on the head ~Hunter | The beautiful poem you wrote and memorized for my wedding. ~Leigh

30: I love the story about the year you played OU football and head coach, Snorter Luster, would not put you in the game. Without coach seeing, one player ran off the field and you ran in as linebacker. The first play they ran, the offensive lineman hit you so hard you went 10 to 15 feet in the air. When you came to, coach Snorter was leaning over you with his coke bottle glasses, and said in your face, "Son, do you have your pilot's license?!" ~Trep

31: I was exercising Cat Bleau, letting her relax & have free reign. There was a huge snake on the path and Cat Bleau rears up and goes down, rolling to the left on top of me. I pulled the bit to the far left and Cat Bleau pulled out of the bridle. I'm walking back to the barn while Cat Bleau is running back from the woods... you saw me and said, "Well, what a pleasant day for a walk, Susie." I turned around and said, "Screw you!" You laughed in hysterics. ~Susie

32: You taking Leigh and I on a trip to the everglades... By the end of the trip you had convinced the boat driver to ask for Leigh's autograph to keep for when she became famous! ~Drew | I remember the first set of golf clubs you gave me for my birthday. They were almost as tall as I was, but I quickly grew into them. ~Drew

33: Having you help teach me to fly (good ole' 84 Romeo) and get my pilot's license ~Bill | Flying with you on several recruiting trips or to fly in Wade Walker ~Bill

34: When I was around the age of 5 or 6 you would pick me up on Sundays to go ice-skating. I waited all week for this event. One Sunday I did not like the choice of hair style Mom gave me as my pigtails were cutting off the blood supply to my head. So as you were waiting to take me to go ice skating, I decided to cut off one of my pigtails. Well needless to say, we did not go ice skating. You looked at me with a stern face as Susie was horrified at my new style you said, " Kid looks like we're not skating today!" ~Shea

35: Remembering all the great football trips and the "on the field" OU alumni honor in 2005...~Bill | The excitement of standing on Owen Field applauding you and Mom as 57 year season ticket holders for the Oklahoma Sooners ~~-Steve ~~~

36: When Steve and I were dating in college we were upset that the Broadway musical, Hair, was prohibited from coming to OKC. You looked at us and said, "Let's go to New York City... and we did.~-Nan | Watching the way you always treated Mom - thanks for teaching me how to be a loving husband & father.. ~Steve

37: Christmas time down at Palm Beach with the whole entire family. Nothing was better than being with you and Nanny on Christmas! ~Melanie | When I lived with you and Nanny in Florida I was 12 years old. You found out I was missing. You located me at the tennis club teaching little children. I said, "Poppy do not bother me, can't you see I am working and making money. I have a JOB!" You lovingly walked away with a chuckle! ~Shea

38: All the Sunday afternoons swimming in your pool and diving off of the ceramic mountain with the slide carved into it. ~Ryce | Such fun in the sun times, every Sunday driving from Edmond to Norman to swim in your pool at the Brookhaven house. You always went out to get fried chicken and fixins for a perfect Sunday dinner. ~Nan

39: Swimming for hours and hours every Sunday afternoon at the Brookhaven pool. You called me "The Fish" because I stayed in the water for so long. You asking me to sing for you while I stood on top of the pool mountain ~Leigh | Dancing with you at the RENT after show party in Miami ~-Leigh

40: Your poems and you publishing your Polo Book... ~Bill

41: Holding on tight in the back seat of your car as we drove to the OU football games... you, of course, drove by your own set of traffic rules. But we always got there and always had a great time. ~Nan | GO OU

42: Watching you on the Today Show with Bryant Gumbel ~Ryce | ...and the words I will always love and never forget from you are, "Love You BIRD", and "How are you Shea Bird..." and the talks we had through the years and seeing your face light up the first time you saw Hunter. ~Shea

43: You always telling a joke or story at the dinner table and Nanny always responding with "Claaaark" ~Leigh

44: Our family going ice skating on Sunday afternoons, then eating spaghetti with a hamburger on top at Delores's.. ~Steve

45: My memories of Bud Wilkinson and the other coaches at our house after OU games... ~Bill | Your handwriting! There is no question who I have to blame for my sloppy handwriting! ~Drew

46: Whenever it was time to leave, Poppy would always clap his hands together and say, "all right, this ain't no drill". ~Ryce | Playing a good game of golf together! ~Trep | The letter you gave all of us when we turned 16 years old on the importance of driving. ...~Shea

47: You picking me up after school from Whittier and always telling me I have so many friends. ~--Melanie

48: I remember the wonderful family times we had at the Crystal Palace in Aspen and what a kick you got out of the guy who played the piano for the shows there and how he sang out of the corner of his mouth... And Bill and I still trying to forget the Christmas presents and bottles of alcohol falling off the top of the car as we started driving from Denver to Aspen. ~Steve

49: The ski trips to Aspen. Dinner at the Copper Kettle, Red Onion, the Crystal Palace and staying at the Prospector ~Susie | Your great attitude on a daily basis... ~Susie I will always cherish your wisdom and sense of humor and unending support of family! ~Nan

50: All of your fabulous Christmas parties at your house in the Palm Beach Polo Club. Of course, we know it was the First Lady of the PBP&CC who made the parties so fabulous! ~Leigh

51: I love the story of how you never studied much before dating Nanny, and she said, "If you want to see me, we have to have a date in the library... I have to study." And because of that, Nanny was the reason you started to make good grades. ~Susie

52: Bragging to my college classmates whenever we would walk by the famous picture of you and Nanny in the OU Student Union ~Drew

53: How happy you and Mom were on the day you closed the Shopping Center purchase ~Bill

54: You throwing the Christmas tree in the pond ~Kellie

55: Watching you and Nanny re-new your vows for your 60th anniversary. Your love and devotion is such an inspiration to me. ~Leigh

56: All the pep talks we had during life trials and the loving way you deliver a very harsh message with no judgement!! ~Shea

57: You showing me how to replace divots at halftime of my very first polo match. ~Ryce | You telling me, "Drew, you can never have too many friends"... and you meant it! You treat everyone you ever meet with respect. ~Drew

58: You coming to watch me play football ~Will | You picking me up from school and taking me to sonic to get chili dogs ~Will | The golf clubs you gave me ~Hunter

59: I remember you riding your horse up Cruce St. (during one icy Christmas) blowing your bugle and handing out whiskey (the men) and candy (the ladies). Mom followed (not too pleased) in her Cadillac, calling you a fool. That was the year the horse slipped on the ice and whiskey and candy went flying (along with a slightly crazy Santa on horseback)! ~Steve

60: I have great memories of you and Marian sitting in your Grandview house with a drink in hand and watching a beautiful Oklahoma sunset... I thought, I want that... ~Nan | Your love of Key Lime Pie and Lemon Cake ~Nan

61: The story of when you were 10 years old and you and your buddies would walk down to the river to go hunting by yourselves ~Susie | Being in the tornado shelter at Grandview when Ryce was a baby... Marian was so mad at you because you wanted to watch and wouldn't come down stairs. ~~-Nan

62: Buying Mom that pink Cadillac. She loved it, you were so proud, but Bill & I were embarrassed to ride in a pink car. ~Steve

63: People coming to you for advice and counsel... starting with our friends when we were in school and continuing on to this day with the servers at restaurants you frequent. ~Steve

64: You have the most boisterous, infectious, unique laugh I have ever all time favorite! ~Leigh | The smell of horses when you would walk in from a polo game. It was a common routine to turn around backwards as you stuck your boots in the air. I would pull on them with all my might to assist in getting those boots off. "Kid keep pulling, your almost there!!!" You would say until we succeeded. ~Shea

65: The cat and dog fight sounds you would make that the children loved. It scared Kellie to death the first time she heard it! ~Susie | Loved the Dog and Cat fight sound effects!! ~Shea

66: Watching you put on Mom's makeup when she was not able to see to do it herself. What a makeup artist you became even though one eyebrow might be higher than the other. ~Steve

67: Giving Marian's eulogy with such love and dignity- It is a memory I will always hold dear to my heart ~Nan | You made the whole congregation crack up laughing within the first minute of your eulogy for Nanny. You were so amazing up there! ~Leigh | You convinced St. John's Episcopal Church to allow me to play the guitar and sing a Beatles song during Nanny's service. You are such a rebel and know how to make something happen! ~Leigh

68: You are the best story teller ever (even though you have been known to repeat a story from time to time). Wish I had inherited that gift! ~Steve | All the stories and jokes you tell...some of which may not be appropriate to repeat, or would make Nanny cringe, but are always good for a laugh! ~Drew

69: All the hilarious stories that you have told us over the years. Nobody can tell a story like you can! ~Ryce

70: We love the story of your Model T car that you purchased for $15... and how it would take you three hours to get from Norman to OKC one way. Once, when you were driving back to Norman from someplace we can't remember, you saw one of the wheels pass the car. You pulled over in a ditch, and sold the car to an Indian for half price. ~Susie, Trep & Leigh

71: Your Model T did not have headlights, and when driving at night, your date had to hold a flashlight as you were driving through the crossing in the river. ~Susie, Trep, Nan | Always impressed with your work ethics- I always observed how hard you worked and PLAYED! ~Susie

72: Crawling through your shells under your coffee table and that big goose I love to play with in your house. ~Kaya

73: The two luckiest guys in the world... | Blessed with the two best parents in the world! | We Love You ~Bill & Steve

89: POPPY For the man we all love with a heart of Gold- Who today is turning Ninety years old- Who is a Master of kindness, humor and rhyme- Who is a true legend... a legend in his time- Who knows each person he meets by name- Who treats every human equally the same- Who loved every minute of each polo game- Who was rightfully inducted in the Polo Hall of Fame- Who is tough as a nail- most his bones have been broken- Who's beautiful poems and speeches he's spoken-

90: Who has helped so many... so many he's inspired- Who lives life to the fullest, even after he retired- Who has taught us so much about love and devotion- Who, for his soul mate would have crossed any ocean- Who looks you in the eye and is honest to the core- Whose boisterous laugh always leaves you wanting more- Who is a masterful joke and storyteller- Whose sense of humor is twisted, wicked and stellar-

91: Who's given so much advice, he should be given a PhD- Who taught us the best things in life are free- Who is the deepest, strongest root in our Family Tree- Who is our one and only Beloved, Poppy! Poem by Leigh

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