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Our Fourth Grade Adventures 2012-2013

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S: Our Fourth Grade Adventures 2012-2013

FC: Our fourth grade adventures 2012-2013

1: 2012-2013 Fourth Grade Adventures

2: Our Field Trip to RB Winter State Park | The Japanese Barberry is an invasive plant. This plant was brought to America from Japan. To be an invasive species means to be brought from a different place to another country and to take over the habitat of the native species. Most of the animals do not eat this plant. | This is a native plant. Some animals might feed on it.

3: This is part of a white-tailed deer's spine that we saw at R.B. Winter. White-tailed deer are most common in North America. They have a good sense of smell, hearing, and sight. An adult white tail deer weighs about 100 to 150 pounds. This is our state animal. | We also saw a barn owl. The barn owl's wings are very long and quiet so that it can sneak up on its prey. This animal is a bird of prey. To be a bird of prey it has to have talons and good eye sight. This animal's favorite food is a skunk but it also eats mice.

4: Science | In science we learned about animals and their adaptations. We had fiddler crabs in our classroom. Male fiddler crabs have a large claw which is an adaptation. Male fiddler crabs use their large claw for fighting with another male fiddler crab to get the girl crab. | We learned about land and water. We also learned about the water cycle. We learned that when water meets land, the water changes the land's form through erosion. When it precipitates, the rain can become run-off.

5: This year we learned about the Solar System. The sun is our star. Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system. Earth is the same size as Venus. There are 4 inner planets; Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are outer planets. There are also 4 dwarf planets. | We have also learned about electricity. Parallel circuits have 2 or more pathways. Series circuits only have 1 pathway for the electricity to follow. If a wire isn't connected correctly to the batteries, the light bulb will not light. We only used a D-cell battery to light our light bulb. | This is a picture of our moon.

6: Shaver's Creek Environmental Center | This is a Eastern screech owl. The screech owls, like other birds, have hollow bones to help them fly. They only weigh a few ounces. They also have ear tufts. | This is a Great Horned owl. The Great Horned owl hunts both at dusk and dawn. They can also move their head more than three quarters of the way around. | Shaver's Creek Environmental Center came to our school for an assembly. They brought a screech owl, Great Horned owl, a red-shouldered hawk, and a short-eared owl. The presenters told us about the adaptations that birds of prey use to survive.

7: This is a red-shouldered hawk. Red-shouldered hawks can get food faster than regular hawks by using their wings to dive. They also wave their tail for balance. | This is a short-eared owl. The short- eared owl is an endangered owl. It builds nests on the ground. | Shaver's Creek Environmental Center came to our school and they had an assembly with us. We learned about many owls and a hawk. My friends and I had so much fun.

8: This is Kadyn making his mud pot bubble. | This is an actual mud pot in Yellowstone. | This is Old Faithful, one of the most famous geysers in the world. | This is a hot spring inside Yellowstone. The water temperature is very hot so it is bubbling. | This is an edible example of a mud pot. It is made of ice cream and Coca Cola.

9: Learning About Yellowstone National Park | We learned interesting things about Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone was the very first national park. We learned about Yellowstone's animals, geysers, and mud pots. Also, we learned that wildfires are good for the park. We learned that Old Faithful is the most consistent large geyser in Yellowstone National Park. Every 70 minutes the geyser will blow hot water and steam into the air. Also, every once in awhile there is a bear traffic jam. When that happens a lot of cars stop on the road to take pictures of the bears. Sometimes bison walk out on the road. They get very close to some of the cars. You don't want to get too close to them. Remember all wildlife is dangerous.Yellowstone National Park would be a great place to visit.

10: Technology in our Classroom | We have done many things on laptops such as WebRangers, glogs, writings, geometry, the Iditarod unit , and Yellowstone projects. Every two out of three children in our class like the Iditarod project best. But all the projects were really interesting. | A lot of kids in our class liked the Iditarod unit the best. In this unit, we tracked mushers who were running in the Iditarod. Different groups tracked different mushers and whichever group had their musher finish first received a prize. We did a lot of research on computers and laptops for this unit.

11: We have also done several glogs to practice our reading and writing. For example when we did the reading unit on arctic animals, we wrote multiple paragraphs on the animal we chose and made it into an eye-catching glog. We did many writings, but our group's favorite was a hair-raising writing about a noise in your basement. | In our classroom, we did a math unit on geometry. During this unit, we looked for line segments throughout the school. We took multiple pictures and uploaded them onto the computer. | In Web rangers we have played many fun games that went with the unit that we were working on. Sometimes we had to take quizzes. Some were easy but some were hard.

12: Iditarod | We learned that the official Iditarod Trail is 1,049 miles long. The mushers have to deal with treacherous Alaskan wilderness for 1,049 miles. The mushers have to take extra good care of their dogs,too. We know that if the mushers do not take good care of their dogs, they will be disqualified from the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. While we worked on this unit, we had a penpal. We raced with him to see whose musher got to Nome first. The winner gets to keep the trophy pup for the next year. We won! We did a lot of fun and educational activities in this reading unit. | Our class learned about the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. The Iditarod is a race for mushers and their dog sled teams held in Alaska every March. In the Iditarod, brave mushers go through fierce winds and snowstorms. They also go through harsh temperatures such as 60 degrees below zero. | A musher racing with his sled dog team.

13: Mrs. Mulfinger's fourth grade class and the Iditarod pup trophy. | The Iditarod pup trophy. Our class won this trophy for the 2013 Iditarod Sled Dog Race. | This is a bull moose. Moose can be dangerous to mushers and their team.

14: Our Fourth Grade Math! | In math we did geometry. In geometry we did a geometry hunt. We went outside and took pictures of squares, rhombuses, trapezoids, hexagons, octagons, and many more shapes. | We also did a line segment hunt. We had to find parallel line segments, intersecting line segments, perpendicular line segments, and rays. It was an interesting hunt.

15: We learned to multiply and divide bigger numbers than we were used to. For example,we multiplied 49x62=3,038. In division we divided 276/6=46. This was not what we were used to in the beginning of the year. We were used to easy problems like 3x5=15 and 6/3=2. It was hard at the beginning of the year but easy at the end of the year.

16: Other fun and interesting things we did in fourth grade! | This is Brieanna's egg. Hers broke but it was an interesting contraption. | We read a book about Annie Taylor going over Niagara Falls in her special made barrel, so we decided to make our own version of Annie Taylor going over the falls. We did an egg drop experiment to see if our eggs would survive "Niagara Falls." | We have played many fun games at recess, but our favorite recess game is Jeepers Peepers. This is Iris playing Jeepers Peepers. She is a fork.

17: We had many fun parties in fourth grade. We had a pizza party for collecting so many box tops, and an ice cream party for getting our entire class to 25 A.R. points. Our parties were very fun.

18: My favorite fourth grade memory was the Iditarod race. I liked it because I got to track a real musher. ~Carson | My favorite part of 4th grade was the Iditarod Sled Dog Race reading unit because we got to learn about a historical race. ~Blake | My favorite part of 4th grade was when we did the Yellowstone unit in reading class. I liked this because I learned about Yellowstone's wilderness. It was great. ~Joseph | My favorite part of 4th grade was science when we did the land and water unit because we got messy! ~Anthony | Memorable Moments | My favorite part of the year was watching web cams of cute animals because it helps us learn about them. ~Avery

19: My favorite moment in fourth grade was watching the bird web cameras. ~Kylie | My favorite part of4th grade was the Iditarod reading unit. I liked this unit because I loved waiting for the day of the race. Therefore my favorite part about 4th grade was the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. ~Summer | My favorite thing in 4th grade was watching the animal web videos. I like this because it's awesome to see wildlife. ~Devon | My favorite memorable moment in 4th grade was when we did the land and water unit in science because we got to make run-off and other fun stuff. ~Brieanna | My favorite moment of 4th grade was when we got to go to Harrisburg to present our project. ~Madison

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