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Owen 1-2(12-10 / 12-11)-DONE

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Owen 1-2(12-10 / 12-11)-DONE - Page Text Content

S: Owen Douglas Walter 2010-2011

FC: Owen 2010-2011

1: Owen | st

2: ~ Happy 1st Birthday ~ We had a Dr. Seuss themed party for your first birthday. All of the family came for your party. We had stuffed peppers, mashed potatoes and corn. This is one of your favorite meals. You opened your gifts with help from Mommy & Daddy. You liked the ribbons and paper more than the gifts. Then it was time for the cake. It took you a little bit, but finally you dug in and got messy. We can't believe how fast your first year went by!

5: Guess Who's One | You turned one on December 13th, 2010. You were 31 inches tall and weighed 23.1 pounds.

6: You went to see Andrea for your first hair cut. We took your high chair and you sat there like a big boy. | December 23rd, 2010 | 1st | T | U | C

8: Christmas Eve Christmas started at Grammy & Papa's house. We went to church, had dinner, and opened gifts. It was a long night; you did such a good job. You played with toys all night long. | Walter's | Hargenrader's

9: Zacherl's

10: Merry | We got you up early and opened gifts from Santa on Christmas morning. You were so excited to see the tree with all the gifts.

11: Christmas | Your favorite gifts were your M&M plates and bowls. You took them along with us on Christmas Day.

12: We also go to Grandma & Grandpa Great's house on Christmas Day. We see all the Walter's there. Everyone exchanges names and buys gifts. Brittany had your name and got you a work bench. You had Cash's name and you got him a pair of shoes and socks.

13: We get together with the Wolbert family the weekend before Christmas. This year we had the party at our house. Then on Christmas Day we go to Grandma Jeanne & Grandpa Jack's house. They make us breakfast and we open gifts.

14: Pittsburgh National Aviary

15: On New Year's Eve Mommy & Daddy took you for a day in Pittsburgh. We started with shopping at the Strip District, then we took you to the Aviary It wasn't busy, so you just ran all over. We had so much fun watching you. Then, before we went home we stopped and you had Japanese food for the first time.

16: Basketball Season Daddy coaches Clarion girls basketball so we go to lots of games every winter. You love them! We let you run around before the game and in between the JV and Varsity. The first thing you head for is a basketball.

17: We would stay home on Sundays for the Steelers game. You always got dressed up in your jersey. We would just play and watch football all day.

18: Grandma Jeanne & Grandpa Jack got you a sled for Christmas. We had lots of fun pulling you around in the snow! This was the first time you played in the snow.

19: Valentine's Day Weekend | We all packed up and went to Erie for Valentine's Day. We stayed at the Clarion Hotel and then went for dinner at Red Lobster. It was lots of fun getting to swim in the middle of the winter.

20: Time for a bath! You still love the bathtub. The only time you cry is when it is time to get out. You would spend hours in the tub. Now the only problem is you want to stand the whole time.

21: Hanging out at home. You are always ready to help Daddy around the house. Your favorite thing to do right now is hang out on the steps. You act like a goof ball sitting there.

22: Max & Mia are your buddies, but sometimes you like their food a little too much. Then you end up using them like a pillow.

24: Learning to Eat You started to use a spoon at 17 months. You made quite the mess learning to eat. Most of the time you were a mess, but some how you would eat every last bit of food.

25: In February, Grandma Jeanne & Grandpa Jack took us to see Madagascar Live at the Benedum. Your favorite part was the music. You danced in your seat and clapped you hands.

26: April 7th, 2011 You decided to help Mommy take care of her flowers today. You couldn't figure out why Mommy was a little bit mad. | You even ate some dirt.

27: The cats never leave you alone for very long. You were eating your lunch and Max wanted to see what you were having. You are such a nice boy that you were willing to share with him.

28: 2011

29: Every year we go to Grammy's to color Easter eggs. You had a great time. At the end you started to eat the egg shells.

30: Making a Splash

31: Spring swimming lessons at Clarion University were lots of fun! Mommy got in the pool for the first few classes. Then Daddy took over because our new baby would be here soon. Your favorite part of the lesson was when they got balls out to play with.

32: owen | Ainsley | AIDEN | Grandma Jeanne & Grandpa Jack got everyone silly glasses in their Easter basket. Look at the fun pictures we got.

33: On Mother's Day everyone went for breakfast with Grandma Jeanne & Grandpa Jack. After breakfast we stopped at the Clarion park for pictures in the pretty trees.

34: Big Brother | Our first family picture

35: Ethan came on May 24th, 2011. Mommy & Daddy called Grandma Jeanne in the middle of the night and she came and stayed with you. Then she brought you to the hospital to see us in the morning. You didn't understand what Ethan was yet. You wanted to poke him in the nose.

36: You loved playing in the water at Grammy & Papa's house, even if you were naked! | Splish Splash

38: OUT TO EAT This was the first time we went out to eat with Ethan. We went to the Forest Nook. After we ate, Daddy took you for a walk. There is a water fountain, it was your favorite spot. Mommy & Ethan just went along for the walk.

40: Outer Banks 2011

41: In June we traveled to the Outer Banks, it was your second trip to the beach. You were 34.5 inches tall and weighed 27 pounds. Ethan was only 2 1/2 weeks old when we left. All 31 of us stayed in one huge house. Mommy and Daddy were nervous about how you would do at the beach, but you loved it. You took a nap, ate your lunch, and played every day.

42: Just like last year, you loved the beach. Everybody took turns playing with you in the sand.

43: You loved playing in the sand and the water. Nothing bothered you, not even the salt water or sand in the mouth!

45: We Love The Sun

46: We get up in the morning and get ready for the beach; we spend most of our time there. You love splashing in the water.

47: During the day we get snacks from the house. You and Mommy are eating a popsicle and watching the seagulls fly by.

48: You had a blast playing in the pool and at the beach. Your favorite movie right now is Finding Nemo. You say "Mo" for Nemo, it's pretty cute.

49: The Jeannette Pier opened this year. We walked out to the end and back. You weren't too sure of the pelican statue.

51: We walked on the sand dunes for some family pictures and to play. You ran up and down the dunes. | Jockey's Ridge State Park

52: We went out to dinner our last night at the beach. You and Daddy read books and played the whole time. For a little while you wanted out of your seat, but Daddy won in the end. The next day we got up really early and drove home from the beach. You got so sleepy on the way home. Ethan just slept the whole way.

53: ~ on the pontoon ~ Aunt Toni and Uncle Fran have a camp on the Clarion River. A few times each year we go for a boat ride and fire in the evening. You even helped drive the boat this time

54: One of your favorite things to do right now is play in the shoes. Whenever we can't find you, we know right where to look.

55: This was one of the first times Ethan took a real bath. You were getting in next and wanted to lay down with brother for a little bit.

56: is for play

57: We would play on the playground at North Clarion. Daddy would help you on the swing and Mommy helped you go down the slide.

58: Betsy Carroll came to the house to take your 18 month pictures. We started inside and got cute ones on the steps. Then we headed outside and you smiled like crazy.

60: We went to dinner at the Flying W' Ranch. While we were there, Daddy and Grandma Jeanne took you to see a horse. You loved him even though he was huge!

62: Your 4th of July started at the Lucinda picnic. After playing some games with Nana, we headed to State College. We got there early to get a good seat for the fireworks. They were awesome.

64: The Farmer's Inn | July 17th, 2011 Grammy & Papa took us to see the animals at Farmer's Inn in Cook Forest. First we went for breakfast and then out to see the animals.

65: Daddy & Papa helped you feed the animals. If we didn't help, you just threw the food. We saw goats, bears, turtles, deer, and lots of other animals.

66: You and Daddy like to go out to water the garden at night. Daddy always lets you help him. Most nights you ended up wet and dirty!

68: time for lunch

69: Y U M M Y * L O L L I P O P

70: Splash Lagoon

71: For Aiden & Ainsley's birthday you got them Splash Lagoon tickets. Everyone went to join in the fun, of course you loved it.

73: July 27th, 2011 This was your 1st trip to the zoo. You loved looking at all the animals. You even got to pet the goats. I think your favorite part was riding the train.

74: Pool Time

75: Swimming at Grammy & Papa's house is so much fun. You are not scared of the water at all. You can go under the water but we still need to help you. Someday you will teach Ethan to swim.

76: Camp LaPlage | Lake Nipissing

77: This is your second trip to Canada. You had fun fishing on the lake and playing on the beach. We didn't catch many fish this year. You got excited when Daddy caught a Northern Pike. You helped him hold the fish for a picture.

78: Boat Life | Aunt Paula and Daddy went fishing every morning while we were still sleeping. They would come in and eat breakfast. Then it was our turn to go fishing.

79: We would spend all afternoon fishing. You even fell asleep in your chair. You had lots of fun on the boat. Every once in awhile Daddy got tired of you. Don't worry, he still loves you!

80: Mommy & Daddy would take an ice cream cone to entertain you on the boat. You were so happy with it. | I scream you scream we all scream for ICE CREAM

82: Picnic | One evening we all went for a boat ride to the waterfalls for a picnic. Once we were there we cooked dinner and fished along the rocks.

84: Hargenrader's stayed in a new cabin this year. It is nice and big, the whole family can get together there. | Can't we just live on vacation?

88: Cook | This is the last day Mommy was off work from having Ethan. We decided to have a family day. We all packed up and went to the forest.

89: Forest | We went to the fire tower and Seneca Point. We climbed the whole way to the top of the tower; you loved it! On our walk you played along the woods; we even saw a snake.

90: You love to play in the pantry. Mommy & Daddy let you get cans of food off the shelves & play with them. One day you were playing and ended up with a price tag on your head. No matter how much a of mess you make, you're still not for sale. | For Sale

91: Caught on the pot | August 24th, 2011 Mommy got home from work one day and you decided you wanted to use the potty. We all ran into the bathroom and got you ready. You didn't want to go, so you laid your head down on Mommy. After a few minutes we heard the splash! You did it!

92: Lucinda Corn Maze | The corn maze had a family night to kick off the season. We fed animals, played in the corn, and saw some scary costumes. You played in a big pile of corn all night and loved it.

94: Papa's Elk | Papa went to Colorado elk hunting with his friend, Roger Steiner. He shot his elk a few days after he got there. Then he brought home the meat and the head to get it mounted. Someday it will hang in our house. You thought it was pretty neat to touch something that big.

96: Autumn | We took you for a fire truck ride during autumn leaf week.

97: Then on Saturday we went to the parade. You got lots of candy. This is always a fun week. | Leaf

98: Pumpkin carving wasn't your favorite. You didn't like the insides of the pumpkin. We made you touch it, then you made us get rid of it. | Mommy & Daddy helped you carve pumpkins. They had Buzz Lightyear & Woody, just like your costume.

99: You dressed up as Buzz Lightyear and Ethan was Woody. It was pretty hard to get a picture of you together.

101: We took swimming lessons at Clarion University in the fall. These are the first swimming lessons for Ethan. You had a great time jumping in and going under the water. You had to teach Ethan that there isn't anything to be afraid of.

102: Oh what fun we can | have with a box !

103: Another of your favorite things to do is look at books. You get all the books out and look at them one by one. You are always such a good boy. | A | B | C | D | E

104: Brothers

105: fall days are fun days

106: We celebrate Thanksgiving with the Walter's at Grandma and Grandpa Great's house. You love getting to see all of your cousins. For some reason you are the bully right now and are getting in the most trouble. We also celebrate Grandma Great's birthday on Thanksgiving. Trying to get a group was tough with all of those kids. | Owen | Ethan

107: Ainsley | Aiden | Wes | Eve | Cash | Kingston

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