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Parker 6-12 months

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S: Parker Christiansen 6-12 months

BC: Spring & Summer 2010

FC: PArker

1: APRIL- September 2010

2: Dear Parker, March 23, 2010 You are my sweet sunshine, my bundle of happiness, and your youthful joy brings me a new found love. I never knew our lives could be so enriched with you in it. Here on your six month birthday, I write to you to let you know how much you mean to me and your daddy. I can’t believe it’s already here. The six month milestone the stage that I’ve heard of many times. “Oh, he will be able to do this by six months”, and “Oh, just wait until sometime after six months” and all those six to nine month onesies? Well, I thought they would stay in your brand new dresser drawer a little longer, taking on the smell of the wood. But no, you had to grow up so stinkin’ fast! Where has the time gone? When you were a newborn you were such a sweetie pie. You were very go with the flow. You adjusted well to the family pet Lizzie, even though all she wanted to do was slobber all over your face. I think you and Lizzie will become great friends. You smiled right off the bat. So what if you were just exercising your facial muscles. I knew right then that you would be a happy baby. You absolutely loved your bouncy chair. We’d put you in it night and day. Mommy and Daddy even caught ourselves dancing to the little fisher price tune the bouncer made and we instantly became those goofy parents that you would probably be embarrassed of. I don’t think you cared though, you just enjoyed the vibrations and sometimes you would even drift into dreamland in that thing. It was the only think that seemed to calm you when you were having those gas pains. That and the bicycle that Daddy would do on your legs. You always loved that. You know another thing you loved? Watching TV. When Mommy needed some rest, Daddy would take you downstairs and you guys would hang out like pals. Daddy would put you in the boppy and snuggle you in real good, or sometimes, Daddy would let you sleep on his arm. I’m pretty sure daddy’s arm fell asleep along with you, but he didn’t mind. He loved being with his little guy. You guys would watch movies like the Goonies, and shows like Pawn stars and 24. Those were some of Daddy’s favorite shows. We both loved sleeping with you. You slept in our room in a bassinet until you were four weeks old, and then we moved you into your

3: crib in your very own room. We still let you nap where ever a that point and we loved letting you sleep on one of our chests. I miss that a lot. I’m sure daddy does too. We use to swaddle you too. It took you a few nights to get use to it, but after that, you couldn’t go to sleep without it. You loved to be swaddled. So much in fact that it was hard for you to sleep when we weaned you from it around three and a half months. You also loved the hospital pacifier too. We had to buy extra though because Lizzie also loved to eat them. I’m not sure if it was jealousy, or if they were just the ultimate chew toy, but it helped having a spare. You were an okay sleeper as a newborn. From the beginning you were a pretty alert baby. They say its because your really smart like your daddy and curious about your surroundings. I’m sure they’re right. We tried to put you some sort of routine around eight weeks, and it took you a few days, but we finally got the Eat, Awake, Sleep part down. You were sleeping about six to eight hr stretches on good nights, and that was much more than I could’ve asked for. You have been a breastfed baby from the start. In the beginning I had a lot of trouble, none of which had to do with you feeding properly because you were always a great eater, but the problem was a struggle for Mommy. Fortunately, we got through it. You were a trooper in the meantime. You also had some reflux, so a lot of the time I would put you in the baby bjorn so I could wash bottles and do other mommy things. You loved being in there. When you were a little over a month old, you had your very first Halloween were we dressed you up as Roo from Winne the pooh. We called you Parker-Roo and everyone who saw you thought you were too cute for words. We’ll let you be the judge. When you were around three months old, that’s when we really started to see your personality shine. You were smiling and laughing and you would look at us and start babbling. We loved it. We also took you on your very first plane ride to Orlando, Fl. Your daddy had a business trip to go on, so we decided to tag along for it. We learned some new things about you. 1. You don’t like airplanes. 2. You love sunny FL (so do I, so the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!) 3. You love the pool.- Again, something that I love too. You had your very first Christmas with us, and you seemed to think Christmas was pretty cool. You were passed around like a hot potato and everyone loved how cute you looked. Unfortunately though, you had a pretty bad case of reflux that day and pretty much spit up every half hour or so. Some of which landed on some dear family members. Your aunt Angie said I should give you a spanking for it, but I just let it slide with it being Christmas and all. You were an angel during the Christmas eve service at church and you were dressed to impress with your white sweater and worn jeans. You were the cutest baby there. I wasn’t the only one that thought that. People came up to us reminding me how cute you were all night. You didn’t mind the attention one bit.

4: Your Aunt Jenna and Uncle Jon came down with your six cousins in January to celebrate Christmas at our house. We really enjoyed that a lot. You really loved it because Aunt Jenna spoiled you to pieces. You got so many gifts that you were set on toys for a long while. Nana and Poppy visited too and stayed in our guest bedroom. You were going through this “phase” at the time that involved screaming in the middle of the night for no apparent reason and it would set Mommy and Daddy into a frenzy. Turns out you were hungry and going through a little spurt, but it didn’t make for very good sleeping for Mommy and Daddy or the guests. They loved you all the same though. You and Poppy hung out and he loved holding you and chatting with you. Daddy and Mommy both have our favorite things we like to do with you. Daddy’s enjoys going to gun shows and browsing the pawn shop up in Dawsonville. So, you both have gone on a few boys only outings that involvedwell, boy stuff. You’ll learn about daddy’s hobbies soon enough, no need for me to elaborate now. Daddy said that you really enjoyed it. I know you guys are going to have many more outings as you get older. When Daddy is away on business you and I are like two peas in a pod. We do everything together. We grocery shop, we go on walks, we have even done a mommy and baby fitness DVD. Trust me, you loved it. We have gone to Mommy and Me connection group, and we’ve gone to the Mom’s group that is through our church. You love riding in the car and going wherever I take you. Except around nap time. You prefer to do that in the comfort of your own crib. Right now, a lot of your little friends are older than you, but when you get bigger, it won’t matter so much. We’ve had some play dates with Pace and Campen and we even like to visit your little gal pals Sophia and Olivia. All your little friends have really cool parents, so I think you’ll get along great with them when your older. We go to the library every week or so and you seem to enjoy getting out and also the new stories we read together. When daddy was away on one of his business trips he brought you back these little finger puppet books, and you just love them bunches. Sometimes when your less than interested in story time, I make the little finger puppet books come to life and you’re all ears.

5: You love family time as well. We enjoy going to the park and having a picnic, and we’ve had a few spurts of nice weather, where we’ve been able to do that. Daddy and I like to take you for a walk in the jogging stroller with Lizzie. You seem to like that a lot. Occasionally you can’t wait to get out, so we hold you, and tell you about the trees, squirrels and birds. You definitely bring out the silliness in daddy and I. We love singing, dancing and doing things to make you laugh. I know all your tickle spots and when your in a bad mood, you still can’t resist laughing when I do the belly chomp chomp. You love the mirror too. When mommy goes to deposit your cloth diaper in the hamper in the bathroom, we stop for a second and have giggle time singing “who’s that baby” to the tune of some annoying commercial that comes on regularly. That is a sure way to send you into giggle land. And yes, you use cloth diapers. Mama isn’t cheap, wellactually I am, but we decided to use cloth diapers because its more eco-friendly and we thought it would be more comfortable for you. So far, I don’t think you mind. Every day I wake up happy to see your face. You never cry when you wake up, you only coo and babble until one of us comes in to get you. And when we do you’re all smiles. You grin so big and do this high pitch coo that I can’t replicate if I tried. It’s just too stinkin’ adorable. It makes both Daddy and I so happy to come get you each and every morning. You are a super sleeper too. You LOVE to nap and sleep. Except you like to give Grand Nanny a hard time when she comes to visit and put you down for naps, but I guess that’s sort of like the kids giving the substitute teacher a hard timeit comes with the territory. You guys have a lot of fun playing and Grand Nanny loves to sing to you and read you stories. Your favorite toy right now is your jumperoo. Once you realized that toy was made for jumping, jumping is all you do. Mommy and Daddy love to join in with the silly songs that plays, and act ridiculous. We’re just cool parents like that. We’d do anything to make you laugh and make those river dance toes hop to our goofy dance moves. That’s how much we love you. We still love to read to you and sing songs. I still wake you up at 5am to feed you. I love our time together because you’re so sleepy that after you eat we snuggle. You’re always so sweet and just lay there and let me love on you. I’ll never get tired of that.

6: A lot has happened in six months. You flew in your first airplane, had lots and lots of shots, tried your first foods (working up to that b-day cupcake for your first birthday!) got your first haircut, you’ve smiled, laughed, rolled over, sat up, and all of major milestones- you’ve reached them. I just wish I could freeze this moment in time with you for just a little longer because before I know it it’ll be a year and you- my sweet little Parker pooh will be a toddler. I truly love you more and more each day and I can’t wait to see what the next six months will hold as you continue to grow and explore this world! Love always, Mama | Mama & Parker

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