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Paul Dawson is 40

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S: Paul Dawson is 40

FC: Memories and Best wishes on your 40th Birthday

1: Paul, your friends and family have contributed messages of best wishes and memories of times shared with you | These have been brought together in this special 40th Birthday book. We hope you enjoy !!!

2: Dear Paul We hope you have a brilliant birthday and sorry we can’t be there. Writing this has made me think back to when Panda and I started at Degree2, when we first met you and the Gelfster. I am now recoiling in horror as I’ve realised that it was 9 years ago and I’m officially old. However, if I’m old, what does that make you? Happy Birthday Love Charlie and Ed | Happy birthday Mr Dawson! Sorry I can't be with you to celebrate but then I never could keep up anyway, so I'm sure you won't notice! ;o) I'm trying hard not to think about the fact that it seems like just the other day we were celebrating your 30th, because I'm certain my head will explode if I dwell on how old we (both) are!!!! So, avoiding the scary stuff there's nothing left to be said but... best wishes, many happy returns and all that jazz! Lots of love, Louise xxx | Paul, sorry we can't be with you today, but we hope your 40th goes with a bang. Lots of love Kerry-Ann, Lee and Sonny xxx

3: He’s a much nicer bloke than Gary Williams Much better golfer than Sylvia Ross And much tougher bloke than that big softy from Wales..(you know who you are) Much taller than Bryan Walls And has far less grey hair than Motty Mark Hays | 40 ? Now that makes me feel REALLY old !!!!! Sorry about the March Cars audit, Paul - I feel better now having got that off my chest after 15 years HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY Bryan Walls

4: Happy Birthday Paul mate - have a great birthday and take care. Just remember, if it all gets too much you can always call the Police Hotline on 0800 POL HOTLINE !! With fondest wishes from the Secret Squirrel and Mrs Squirrel. James & Helen Pascoe | To the one and only Ginger Monster! Have a fantastic 40th and sorry we can't be there. You'll be ready for a game of bowls down at Thornbury Leisure Centre now you're properly old - enjoy! Love from Dave, Eva and Iola xxx' 40 isn't old, if you're a tree! Have an excellent birthday, Colin, Eva and Katherine! (Colin Marks)

5: Happy 40th Paul!!! You've pipped me to the post as my 40th isn't until that makes me a much younger man :-D I really hope you have an amazing day and that this marks the dawn of an exciting new decade for you!! I raise a cold beer and wish you all the best. Paul Phillips | Since working for Paul the most important thing I have learnt from him is not all the accounting mumbo jumbo but not to drink pints in an unfamiliar city, on an unfamiliar continent after only eating sushi in the last 24hrs and being jet-lagged. You end up waking up in a hotel room wondering who, what, where and why you got there. Happy 40th ! Ben, Julie & Boys | Wishing you all the best on your birthday Paul!! We would have loved to be there to celebrate your big day. Miss you and the family loads and hope to see you soon! Lots of love, Neil, Christie & Teagan x

6: Happy 40th Paul Sorry we can't be with you - it would be lovely to see Gayle spending all your money! For the thick end of ten years we have spent many a happy hour together in various bits of Bristol - some best kept strictly between us - but mostly in offices where we tried to make sense of a technology that will soon rule the world - trust me!! It would be remiss not to mention your enduring support of Spurs matched only by my equally (but even less comprehensible) support of Palace. Do we envy those spoilt by success and money - United, Arse, Chelsea, City etc of course we bloody do!! Still our day will come (probably!!) Have a great day Graham & Janet

7: Happy 40th Birthday Mate! Just think, only half way to 80! Get in!! Have a great time and i hope that Gayle managed to keep it a secret until the big day. Love and stuff, Ant xx (from the Harlow branch) | Paul, Sorry we can't be there to help celebrate your milestone - where have the years gone? But have a few snakebites and black for us (not forgetting the year round Christmas lanterns as lighting). Have a great time and we will have to catch up soon. Happy Birthday Andrew, Helen & Kids | Paul - here's to the new decade! I'm expecting the Rest of the World skipper to make a glorious return next year - we need you (yes, it is that bad!). Happy birthday pal. Dermot, Shelley & Family xx Oh and Paul has a much smaller nose than Haysey!

8: Paul To a great friend, here’s to staying young at heart even while our bodies age. Too many hilarious times from our flat share days to remember them all but highlights have to include: The great World Cup wall of beer from 1998 in the Oval; Sunday afternoon pool, beer and curry days leaving a massive hangover for work on Monday (and from the Clapham days the barmaid at the Rose and Crown J); The alcohol diaries: average in take about 6 pints a day, every day for a month (our poor poor livers); The Nottingham weekends, especially your infamous fall and whole face scab, and (on the same weekend) Scouse stumbling down the stairs, headbutting a room door and falling had first into bed with the romantically entwined couple within; More recently a great day out at Blur (we have to do another concert next summer) with the comedy of all getting lost after when we tried to join the mosh pit; The Spurs relegation bet – squeaky bum time for you for a while but I was dreaming of early retirement; The Jibber Cup – tension, excitement, loads of laughs and beers, and sharing a bed with late night shots of brandy very Morecambe and Wise; and The regular Playstation and beers evenings – with the me the winner at Micro Machines and Worms every time of course. To staying friends and in touch for the next forty years. Cheers and all the best Michael

9: Paul All those years ago when you joined the company I found out your secret and have kept it quiet ever since.................. until now! It seems that certain people in the company have had a thing for lycra...... Judy....Martin......John to name a few!! .................. and you blended in very well! Now that you are 40 I think you ought to reveal your true self and let the world see you in your true image. It is time your secret is revealed. Blue suits you and it sure looks like you have been working out! Not bad for 40!!! Have a great birthday and I am sure by the end of year you will be flying Lots of love on your 40th. Ann xxxxxxxxx

10: Hi Paul, What can I say? What has our friendship been about? Well my memory is not much better than yours but I think it’s been about 23 years since I first frightened you with abnormal height and scary hair and a year later that I, rather than you, first became famous for “a momentary memory lapse”. We’ve both had a few since and I think you are greatly ahead on points. 20 years since we first saw BLUR and the LA’s used me as a human shield. 17 since we last last played ibble dibble (longer still since Bob threatened us with a baseball bat) 15 since somehow surviving late night off-roading on mopeds 14 since late night paranoid marsupial feeding, bap watch on the Siska, bungy- jumping, Frazer Island and other highlights 13 since we were Essex gods and a Northern ****. Press stop! 10 years since you first started showing signs of old age. The sign read: “Dawson Creeks” 7 years since you invited me to Bristol for your Birthday and I had to witness your still childish seduction routine.. it worked! 4 years since Crouchy’s “it’s too deep” goal. A year too long since we last had a few too many. So I guess it’s mainly been about too much to drink, a lot of laughs at the time and more still at the aftermath! You’ve been a great friend and always will be, not least because you always suffer these milestone Birthdays first! So what it’s about now? About time for another beer.. Really sorry I can’t be there to have one with you. We must catch up soon. Cheers, Gary PS Martina wishes you Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag. PPS TRY TO STAY AWAKE!

12: Dear Paul Congratulations on reaching the ripe old age of forty before the rest of us. Who would have thought 21 years ago that some spotty teenagers first meeting at the University of East Anglia would still be mates. I can remember those first few years: Our first year accommodation - Norfolk Terrace One of our locals - The Plasterers Arms and a pint of Warsteiner Your car - A burnt orange Vauxhall Chevette to drive everyone around in Your amnesia - Whenever someone wore a spotty shirt Many years have passed since then and now we both have families. You have a fantastic and supportive family in Gayle, Jack and Lewis. I look forward to seeing our families growing up together. Now we may have jobs, mortgages and family responsibilities, but place us in a pub with a beer and it's like being back in East Anglia all those years ago. So cheers to my best mate. Neil Love & Best Wishes from Tess, Jennifer & Louisa

13: Paul, Happy Birthday! I can't believe you're 40! It seems like yesterday that you were stealing my friend's parking space and taking up residence in the kitchen in Ongar with your bleary hung over eyes or 'twisting your melon' to Wonderwall! The photos of you were taken Christmas Eve 1996 when we were all in the lounge in Ongar dancing to Wonderwall by Mike Flowers Pop and I have a feeling there were some Pulp toons going down that night too! Enjoy your birthday! Love Helen (or otherwise referred to by Gary as me' sister!)

14: Happy 40th Birthday Paul Can’t believe where the years have gone. Doesn’t seem possible that you can be that old!!! Definitely doesn’t seem that long ago that you were phoning up asking if you could book your room so that you could enjoy a night out with “the boys “ without having to drive home. Have happy memories of you staying here and being your surrogate Mum. Spent many a weekend morning chatting to you over tea and breakfast, sometimes with paracetomol added to your list of breakfast requirements. You always seemed to be up before Gary; perhaps the put- you- up wasn’t as comfy as his bed. Christmas eve here was often extra special as many a time there were quite a few of you doing the Ongar pub-crawl Roy always used to say that he should stay up just to check you got back in safely, but as we all know that was an excuse to have another drink, just to be sociable!! We really enjoyed those years, never really knew who would be staying the night and once Helen got older her friends also wanted to book rooms. I hope that as your boys grow up they get to share their youth with as nice a friends as my kids did. Sorry you couldn’t make it to Gary and Martina’s wedding, was really great getting to spend some time with Gayle and your lovely boys. If you are ever around this way do call in to see us, you will always be more than welcome here. Enjoy your birthday, Lots of Love Sue and Roy XXXXXXX

15: Paul, my fondest memory of you goes way back to the first lock in we had at the Kings Head pub, Ongar. We got smashed and then went on to large brandys (LOTS)had large doner kebabs then went back to my new little flat. Gary went back to the folks up the road and you slept on the spare bed. A little later I heard 'cough cough splutter splutter cough cough splutter splutter' I ran in the room (ok stumbled) and found you with a kebab all over your face and the (new) duvet. Somehow you were still asleep! I threw you over the bath and man you were sick for England! Did you wake up?? NO! I threw you back on the bed and spent hours poking the kebab and booze down the plug hole (NICE). | In the morning, you bastard, you did not remember a thing!!!! Happy 40th Birthday xx Steve Williams

16: Paul, It seems an age since we met during our Stoys days (well I guess it is - welcome to the wrong side of 40!) I raked my brain for tales of glory from our days of auditing together but I guess we were a dynamic duo rarely deployed by the powers that were - think we had the pleasure for some time on T&B and a spell on Shield. No, when I think back to those days, my memories are more of the nights in pubs and bars - with a beer (or beers) in hand - be it Baker St, the West End or Clapham. Plenty of good nights but no stories that I can leave in print! Whilst we don't get to meet up too often now, I am pleased to still count you amongst my good friends. Have a great birthday. Laurie And very many birthday wishes from Sam and Luke. | Happy Birthday Paul !! The only man I know who can sleep standing up. Oh not to mention in a bed of rice – must have been a “Pilau”! :)) Have a fabulous day. Love Sylv, Ian and Jamie. Xxx p.s. Enjoy the ride from here on in – it’s downhill all the way.

17: Dear Paul, Many congratulations on reaching your 40th birthday! Amazing how the last ten years have flown by when you are having fun! It was a privilege to work with you all those years, and to be your friend. I remember you as the young hot-shot City accountant that joined our fledgling, dynamic and highly ambitious venture, and look at you now still striving and within grasp of success! Our venture had many ups and downs, and much in between; most shared together with that other fellow..the Irish know; and the solid teamwork and camraderie between us three was without equal. Through it all, you were always steadfast in your commitment, integrity, loyalty and friendship; a true example to us all! Keep that spirit, and wishing you all the very best for the next ten years! Martin & Willeke

18: To Paul Wishing you a wonderful 40th Birthday. Have a great day and Night Lots of love Nicola & Charlotte xxxxxxx | To Paul Happy 40th Birthday to a Top Bloke and Top Keg Drinker!! Have a good one Son ! Mark Donnelly

19: Happy 40th Birthday Paul!! Enjoy your day and have a blast at the party! Lots of Love Justina & Craig xxx | Paul Wishing you a very Happy 40th Birthday ! Have a great time love & best wishes Christine Donnelly xx

20: To Paulie Happy 40th Birthday !! Hope you have a great day and night, you deserve it because "You're Simply The Best!" I really hope you turning 40 doesn't kill your passion for Porn Stars !! All my love forever Porn Star Pearce (AKA Tabitha) xxxxxx

21: Dear Paul, Welcome to the elite 40 club. You have well and truly earned your spurs........ Love and best wishes. Barney, Debbie, Abigail and Roxanne. X | Happy 40th Birthday!! You should be very proud of your beautiful family! :-) Always do what makes you and your family happy, life's too short for regrets. Always keep in touch. Michelle, Steve and Bethany. Barry,Sandra, Bradley, Zoe and Connor. Xxxx | Happy Birthday Paul! Deepest apologies for not being there to celebrate it with you but we are thinking of you. Have a fantastic time and we will look forward to seeing you sometime soon. Love Jen & Rob xxx

22: Best wishes Paul on your 40th with lots of love from Craig and Emma xx | To one of the nicest people in the World Have a happy 40th Birthday Paul Only seems like yesterday you were only 4, where did the 0 come from! All our love from June and Brian xxx | Paul, you are Mr. Calm in my eyes. Never saw you lose it ever, saw you 'better-stay-away-angry' but never raging. And you give meaning to blind drunk, your eyes close more and more and more the more drunk you get but amazingly you say/slur (navigation's impaired of course) that you can still see through the slots. How wide your eyes are open is a good barometer on how pissed you are !! Happy 40th Birthday mate Adryan

23: To Paul, Bristols answer to John Travolta, hope you have a fantastic 40th birthday mate and best wishes for the year ahead. Top bloke! from Byrnsey, Tracey, Charlotte and Aidan | Although this saying directly translates as "Paul, hold your tail like a pistol!" It basically means, take a good care of yourself. Happy 40th Birthday Love & Best wishes xxx Elena & Andrei | OH NO – NOT THE BIG FOUR-O!!!! Sorry we can’t be with you to celebrate your 30+10th birthday but we will certainly raise a glass or two, or three or four to you!! Hope you have a fantastic party and we look forward to seeing the photographic evidence soon! Lots of love Doreen, Tracey, Shaun, Katie, Sara, Keith, David & Hannah Xxxx

24: Paul, you and I have always been good friends, ever since I was your junior assistant on the Sands audit. Do you remember when I had to sit on the floor for two weeks and you, me and Simon Boakes were squashed up in that little hallway? The end of audit meal made up for it though. We then worked together for several years on the LGM audit – funnily enough, the end of audit meals at that client were always fun too – do you remember me having to be taken back to the client’s offices to hide out for the afternoon, as I was too drunk to go back to our office! Hugh (the FD) was great fun to work with, as were the accounts office girls, Kathleen, Bev and I can’t remember the other girls name! Do you still have your Garfield drawing? We have shared our love of Tottenham Hotspur and the highs and lows that have come with it. I will always remember, when I worked at THFC, taking you into the VIP lounge after a match and introducing you to George Graham – your jaw nearly hit the floor. Of course, 21st March 1999 will always be a special day for both of us – I still think that Justin was hard done by though! Well, now you are 40 and so much has happened to both of us over the last 17 years – look at as all grown up now. We have both been blessed with wonderful partners and children and have developed our careers as accountants, me in practice and you in industry. I count myself as very lucky to have you as a friend. You are a wonderful person who deserves every happiness. I hope that we will enjoy many more years of friendship and I am delighted to be sharing this very special day with you. All my love, Lou X

26: Fiddly Diddly Diddly Diddly Dawson Happy 40th Birthday !! All the best mate Ian & Anna 40 Years and you still can't chip a f'in golf ball, So with that in mind, i thought this might help So what are the two most common, most annoying errors in chipping? The fat chip (chunker) that goes nowhere ... and the thin chip (skull) that shoots across the green, perhaps even into the bunker the other side. Guess how they are caused? Hitting up. We are so determined to get the club under the ball that we either hit the ground first (and the slower clubhead speed of a chip means we cannot even muscle through the ground) and the ball goes nowhere, or, in an effort to miss the ground all together, we strike the equator (or top) of the ball with a rising leading edge (or sole). This leads to a low, screaming shot that goes well beyond our intended target. If we can somehow see our way clear to striking the golf ball first, before the ground, we can achieve clean contact and dramatically improved results. The key to striking the ground after impact when chipping is acceleration. Unfortunately, most of us are very reluctant to accelerate while executing the short game. Why? A simple fear of hitting the ball too far. We have a realistic fear of hitting this "delicate" shot way too far - past the hole, over the green, perhaps even into the trap on the opposite side of the green. Thus, we try to slow the clubhead down prior to impact.

27: So here's the situation: Notwithstanding the fact we need to hit down, we have a short shot that we do not want to hit too far, yet we know we need to accelerate the clubhead in order to achieve clean contact. How do we accelerate, and yet gain control over the distance the ball will travel? The answer is simple, but not necessarily easy. Shorten your backswing. The two curses of bad chipping are trying to hit up at the ball to lift it, and swinging back too far ... followed by a deceleration of the clubhead in the hopes of not hitting the ball too far. The answer is simple, but not easy. The trouble lies within our perception of what is a short backswing. We are used to wrapping our club around our necks in order to hit big booming drives, so relatively speaking a backswing that goes to our waist seems short. The fact is, if you were to swing back to your waist, and accelerate the clubhead down toward the ball, you would likely create shot that travels in excess of 25 yards. Yet here we are trying to hit a chip shot just 10 or 15 yards. As a result, we try - whether consciously or otherwise - to s-l-o-w the clubhead down. Deceleration. Most players who struggle with chipping swing the club back too far; not 10-percent, not 20-percent, but 100- to 200-percent too far. And most are completely unaware of how far back they were swinging in the first place. While this has been a quick tutorial in chipping, it is also vital information in understanding the connection between hitting up, and bad chipping. Hitting up at the ball will lead to bad chipping. For many, poor chipping technique is exacerbated by the fact the golfer is trying extra hard to hit high chip shots when they did not need to. This just leads to them hitting up at the ball in an exaggerated manner which then made a bad thing worse. When you go to hit your chip high into the air, ask yourself this key question: what are you trying to get over? Unless you need to get over a bunker, a hedge, or perhaps even your ex-spouse, you would most likely be better off keeping the ball low. A ball that is low, rolls. Shots that roll are easier to predict. And the next time they show a professional chipping in (holing out) from off the green, note whether the ball was low and rolling, or high and bouncing. When a ball bounces in it does make for exciting television, but the majority of the time you will see the ball was rolling well before it reached the hole.

28: Paul, wishing you all the best for your 40th Birthday. We hope you have a great day and remember middle age starts in your fifties not your forties as some younger people may lead you to believe. Have a great day from Rob, Claire and Joe | Wishing you a wonderful 40th birthday !! Hope the party is a blast love & Best wishes Claire, David, Kayla & Ethan XXX | Happy 40th Paul! Have a great day and night love & best wishes Clare, Jamie, Ashton & Jack xxx

29: Paul you were the first person i sat next to at Stoy Hayward on our first day 18 years ago.... I obviously looked round the room for someone who i could relate to and obviously chose you (or did you choose me, or were there no seats left?). The affinity not being based on Gingerishness but obviously some facial features which was bourn out on a visit to the Chippenham public House in Maida Vale (aka The 'Nam), where amongst the "interesting" clientele we found a man who was intent on engaging us in conversation whilst we were trying to watch the footy. I think his final conversational gambit was (thick meditteranean accent) "you must be brudders" Anyway "Bro" have a great birthday, you old bugger cheers James | Happy 40th Birthday Paul love & Best wishes Barbs, Maddie & Hector xx

30: Happy 40th birthday to our favorite cockney geezer ! From the first time we met at Degree2 Innovations, there have been so many happy memories (or what we can remember...) but our top two have to be: 1. the trip to Torquay (Noddy won't forget or forgive) and 2. Paul and Pete's baseball date night in San Francisco (you are such a cute couple). Very, very best wishes for a great birthday enjoyed with your fantastic family and friends and we are looking forward to seeing you all again soon. Laural and Spesh xxx (Laura Lafave and Pete Hallett) Kisses and cuddles from Tom & Emily xxxx

31: Hi Paul, Have a fantastic 40th.!! Enjoy the surprise that Gayle has done for you. I am sure your evening will be filled with many surprises and lasting memories to share with your family and friends. Lots of Love Debs xx | So now you have reached 40 And it’s really great to see That you are still so young and vibrant Like the Dawson family!!!! :)) Angie & Shaun xxx

32: Paul, Congratulations on reaching 40 from an older Brit who is living in America! Really wish I could be there with you, but having just retired I am between visits to Colorado and Florida. Hope some of my kids can make it - 2/3 are older than 40! I remember both you and Sharon as youngsters, both adamant Tottenham supporters, despite the obvious difference in class, quality, and status. I admired that, partly because I have truly lived through loads of Arsenal crap history dating back to my first visit to Highbury in 1948!!!!!! In one visit, I learned that you and I should not even talk. The last few years have been really great. Even though we live 4000 miles apart, I have seen you and your wonderful family twice, and I hope it continues. May Totteringham and Arsenal do well, (but we do better), the economy improves, I enjoy my retirement, and you launch a successful company. Most of all - stay happy. Love to all Uncle Jim & Lorna xxxx

34: This picture holds great memories for me. It was your first Tottenham Kit and we used to play football outside Nan's flat every Saturday. Nan always told us off but we still played all the same. The white gate in the background was where you used to play in goal, and one Saturday we were playing and I hit a volley at you. You dived full length and tipped the ball onto the bar. What a save! I have never forgotten that save. Many years later we were playing in the same Broomfield Football Team. I received the ball on the right wing, went passed the back, saw you on the edge of the box and passed the most perfect ball only for you to hit it over the bar! I think it's still in orbit now! (what a miss!)." With love and best wishes on your 40th birthday Gerry.

35: My fondest memories of you Paul are playing Trivial Pursuit on the computer with Kath, Dave and Sharon. Sharon and Paul were so competitive they used to argue when loosing, but we always used to have a great time playing into the small hours of the night! I remember you turning 13! which really makes me feel ever so old now you are 40!” Lots of Love Auntie Mandy xx | To Paul Happy 40th Birthday Have a great day and night!! Lots of Love Sammie & Miss Ted xxxxx | Happy 40th Birthday Paul Lots of Love Becky xxxx | Wishing you a great 40th Have a good one mate Love & Best wishes Glenn, Esme & Spencer xx

36: Hi Paul, " Who ya gonna call?" The chuffed look you had on your face all night at Kindra's 30th when you were busting ghosts, was top and always makes us smile! Happy 40th birthday Love from The Belcher Jnrs Martin, Kindra, Alfie, Marcus & Grace xxxxx | One of the things that we find funny:- christmas 2005, one of the many joke pressies that we gave you. This one was the Chuckie glasees - you looked VERY special !!! Wishing you a happy 40th birthday, love and best wishes Terry & Margie xx | Dear Paul I hope you have a happy 40th birthday with lots of love from Fred xx | Happy 40th Paul!! Have a great day and night - maybe you can sing and dance with Leigh like you did at our famous BBQ!! Here's to ending the night taking one step forward and 5 back and 3 to the side - but at least you won't the day off work tomorrow :))) Love & Best wishes Caroline, Leigh, Chloe & Leah xxxx

37: Happy 40th Paul, congratulations! We could not ask for a nicer brother in law and Husband for Gayle. You are a fantastic Father and Husband and all round great bloke! Well we wouldn't expect anything less from a fellow Spurs fan. Love Helen, Tahir, Francesca and Reuben x | Happy 40th Birthday Paul !! Wishing you a great day and much happiness for the future. They say life begins at 40, so keep smiling. All the best Andy, Claire & George xxxxx

38: To a TOP Brother-In-Law Happy 40th Birthday!! We really must do another "Indie Disco Nite", this time just remember to tell Gayle to leave a pillow in the downstairs toilet !! Best wishes Gary xx

39: Dear Paul, Wishing you a very Happy 40th Birthday!! I recall when you and Gayle got married, I said that if I had to give Gayle away to someone then I couldn't think of anyone better than you. I was right, you are a wonderful husband and father and I thank you for that. Have a really special day lots of love as always - Lynn & Bern xx

40: We would love to be spending this special day with you, but appreciate the time we have spent together this year and December is not too far away until we see you again. Can’t believe you are now 40, how time flies! You are a wonderful brother, husband and father and we are so very proud of you in all that you have achieved. I wish mum was still around to see what a kind, gentle, loving caring man you are but I am sure she is looking down on you beaming with pride. On the other hand you have had a bit of an escape as I can picture her in her chair knitting you a lovely jumper for the occasion :))) Have a great day, love always. Sharon & Ali xxx | Message from Ali..... I know 40 is a big number but take it from an older woman that grey is ‘always’ better than ginger! LOL

43: As a parent I dare say this should be more of a statement rather than a memory as there really are too many to mention from those younger days when you were still reliant on both your mum and dad. Paul, your life as they say is about to start again, and from experience it recycles quicker from now on almost with every passing hour. You have been what can only be described as a great son and through you I now have an extra daughter in Gayle and two superb grandsons in Jack and Lewis, an almost ginger trio of males in the family could this be the start of a new super group? From those early days in Harlow with your extreme studying that kept you locked in your bedroom each night to your almost football career after your 6 weeks trial at Spurs which really did not suit you, to your passing of exams and finally to university where you became an educated man. All along the way you have shown a great deal of presence with almost everything that you have done and as a parent I can only sit back and admire the outcome. I am sure that your future is bright and will bring all the rewards that you need along with a solid family base to work from and to. Happy Birthday Paul I will meet you at the bar. Dad XXX

44: To My Daddy Happy 40th Birthday!! Have lots of fun fun fun at your party. You are the best Daddy ever and I am so lucky that you are mine!!!! All my love, kisses and cuddles forever xxxxxxx Lewis xxxxxx

45: To My Daddy Happy 40th Birthday!! I love you so much Daddy and I hope that when I am big and older that I can be just like you!! All my love, kisses & cuddles forever xxxxxx Jack xxxxxxx

47: To My Darling Paul, Wishing you a wonderful 40th Birthday, hope you have a really special day and night!!! We have so many great memories already and even more still to make. Thank you for making my life complete all my love as always and forever Gayle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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