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Pearl's Tale

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FC: Pearl's Tale | By: Katie Xue

1: To all the readers that find this book, remember the lessons learned.

2: Once upon a time, there was a beautiful but lonely woman named Hester. Though her husband was away, a red rose fairy came and blessed her. Soon she discovered she was going to have a child.

3: Hester soon had a lovely baby girl that she named Pearl. However, the townspeople were suspicious of Hester. They thought that red rose fairies were sinful, so they cursed Hester. Hester had to wear a scarlet A for the rest of her days.

4: Pearl grew up in this cursed world, but she did not care. She loved her mother and loved the A. She grew and became a beautiful girl even in her early youth. However, the other kids disliked her and her family a lot.Though the cruel kids bullied he and she did not have a father, her life was not unhappy.

5: Pearl had a secret. She was not a human. No, she was something much more. Pearl Prynne was an Elf Child. She was more clever and more self-aware than many people years older than her. She did not need human friends because she was already friends with the other roses. There was one rose bush in particular that often told Pearl stories of hope which always brightened her day.

6: However, life for Pearl was not all well. At the edge of her daily life there was a strange Black Man. The Black Man always seemed to linger next to another strange man who always had his hand over his heart. Though still a young child, Pearl noticed that the Black Man and her mama shared strange glances every now and then.

7: The townspeople, still suspicious, tried to separate little Pearl from her mama. They took her to meet their leader. They tried to question her about her creator but she laughed at that. After all, she was created by the rose. In fact, she was almost a rose herself. However, they did not believe her and almost took her away.

8: Pearl's mama's reverend saved her. However, though the Prynne's were spared, the Reverend was not. TheReverend never stopped shaking. The Black Man had already put a curse on him long ago. The Reverend's soul was consuming itself.

9: One night, Hester and Pearl went to make a shroud for a fallen leader. On their way back, they saw the Reverend standing at the place usually reserved for little Pearl and her mama. Following his suggestion, the three joined hands. Pearl pitied the poor, sickly Reverend, and she decided to use her powers to pass on some life to him.

10: When it ended, Pearl wondered if another was joining her group, but the Reverend refused. Angered, Pearl refused to answer his question about who the Black Man was. It might have came as a shock to her mama that Pearl knew who the Black Man was, but Pearl was observant. Though Pearl did not know exactly who he was, she could tell that the Black Man was from her mama's past. As Pearl and her mama left, Pearl saw a strange sight. It seemed like an A was falling out of the sky.

11: Time moved on, and as the years passed, the townspeople found more kindness in their hearts. Soon the curse of Hester Prynne changed to become more of a brand. Little Pearl Prynne also grew to become more and more beautiful. All who laid eyes stopped and stared.

12: Curiously enough, Pearl noticed that the A almost seemed to protect her mama. Though it separated her from others and sucked away her youth and beauty, it seemed to prevent her from becoming ill, unlike the Reverend who seemed to be using his own hand as a makeshift letter.

13: One day, when Pearl was in the forest frolicking with her dearest friend, the brook she saw a strange sight. There was the Reverend and an odd women who looked like Pearl's mama but was clearly not. After all, the impostor did not have the scarlet brand on her.

14: Luckily the brook acted as a boundary between Pearl and the impostor. Pearl let out a scream that banished the fake Hester and rescued her mama. When her mama returned, she requested that Pearl act like the Reverend was family, but she saw no reason to when he never acted like that in public. Besides, it was plain to Pearl that this man had caused the impostor to appear.

15: She scorned the man, and they soon parted ways, but their fates were still connected. For the following days, Pearl noticed a new glow around her mother. Hester looked more alive than she had in years. She didn't find out why until the fateful day where Pearl's life changed forever.

16: There was one sunny day that was unusually festive. Pearl spun and frolicked, and everyone who saw her smiled. However, Hester grew paler and paler. Pearl noticed that her mama was not the only one behaving strangely. The Reverend seemed to glow with new life.

17: He preached and enchanted others with the power of God in a way similar to how Pearl enchanted them with her elvish powers. However, by the end, all of his life drained away as he professed that it was his love for Hester that created the rose fairy that had blessed Hester.

18: That confession acted as a spell that sucked away the Black Man's power until he was nothing more than a shell, and then the Reverend was freed from the Black Man's curse, and his soul was finally at rest. In his last moments, Pearl finally gave him a kiss that should have been given long ago in the forest. Pearl's tears slowly fell onto his face, Those tears seemed to link the father and daughter. Now they were truly family, and Pearl was no longer born of the rose fairy.

19: After the Reverend's death, Pearl and her mama escaped from their memories and started anew. Soon Pearl went on her own path away from her mama. She traveled the land and had many adventures. She even fell in love, Years passed and Pearl, an old lady at the time, went back to a small town in Massachusetts, to the adjacent graves that had influenced her all through out her life. She had never forgot the lesson that her parents taught. She always told the truth, for it always set her free.

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