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People Magazine: A look into Life of Slimjim

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FC: Story of America's Favorite Earthworm: Slim Jim

1: Citations http://www.learner.org/jnorth/tm/worm/WormLife.html http://www.sciencelearn.org.nz/Science-Stories/Earthworms/Niches-within-earthworms-habitat http://www.ehow.com/about_6321468_niche-earthworm.html http://www.sciencelearn.org.nz/Science-Stories/Earthworms/Earthworm-adaptations By: Brian Chong and Vincent Lin

2: Intro: It is a privilege to be able to take a close look at the personal life of Slim Jim, the hottest earthworm celebrity. Despite his lavish lifestyle, earthworms actually have a lot to accomplish every day. There are several types of earthworms that living in different habitats and adapted differently. Habitat: Slim Jim live close to the surface to be the center of attention for both underground and aboveground paparazzi. Therefore, he is an epigeic, Greek for upon Earth, worm. Slim feed on leaves, waste, and plants. In addition, our burrows, or houses, are never permanent and we have dark skin color to block out the UV Rays. That is why He doesn't need to go to the beach to tan. Epigeic earthworms are easily noticed by predators, like birds, and developed strong muscles to move quickly. Two hours a day at a gym comes in handy! However, these worms usually grow up to only about 18 cm. There are two other major habitats for earthworms. The majority of his family and all earthworms are Endogeic, meaning within the Earth, and live about 20 cm underground in topsoil and live on the abundant organic materials. However, once in a while, Slim’s family comes up to surface to visit me and find food. They have some permanent houses and some dark skin because they pop up to the surface every now and then. His family are little less muscular because there are lower chances of meeting a predator, but they grow up to 30 cm.

3: Types of Earthworms

4: Jimmy also have some distant relatives in the Anemic, Greek for out of earth, layer. The relatives are secluded from the earthworm society and live in permanent burrows 3 meters below the surface. They dig 2 cm big burrow to accompany their big body, which can be 3 meters. Due a lack of predator, his relatives are very weak and wimpy. The pale skin is a direct result of the darkness underground. Apart from acting in Emmy-winning TV series and blockbuster movies, Slim Jim has niches, or jobs, in the ecosystem. Despite the different habitats, earthworms have common jobs in the ecosystem. They create tunnels by crawling, which let air reaches the plant and soil. They also use waste and compost to fertilize soil. Slim Jim, himself, is currently spending my time digging tunnels for charity to help trees survive. In addition, earthworms are food for the birds and other organism in the food chain. All earthworm has structural, physiological, and behavioral adaptations. For structural adaptations, his body is smooth without antennae make it easier to fit through tight space and win every single dodgeball game. There are also separate muscle in each segments to help facilitate movement and break dancing. Special physiological adaptations allows him to produce mucus to slither through the soil and kill of pathogens. Slim always get scolded for leaving a mess everywhere he go, literally! During hard times, all earthworms go to aestivation, a process in which dig deep into the soil and the metabolic rate slows down and water loss decreases . It is what he call “Survival meditation”. Slim hates parties because the loud music disturbs his sensitivity to vibration. He is very sensitive to light ,and thus, never book any photoshoots. However, in the early morning when the sun isn't bright, He love to sneak to the surface to bath in the dew.

5: Earthworm Digging a Hole

6: Lifestyle of Slim Jim While being a big shot in social media and being well known all over the world, Slim Jim, like any other earthworm, goes through daily routines that make him who he is, an earthworm. "I know many think of me on a very high regard", says the young Slim,"but really I'm just another earthworm trying to get by." Like all earthworms, Slim Jim isn't able to see at all and must depend on his light receptors to tell him where he is. Being able to stay out of harm's way is also what Slim Jim specializes at. Using his body, Slim Jim isn't able to hear sounds but can sense vibrations of predators that are jealous of his wealth and power in the media world. Slim Jim exclaims and tries to tell everybody that even though how humanly he seems on T.V., his senses distinguish him to make him stand out from the crowd."It's a sad thing really", he would tell us,"Despite having millions of fans I never will be able to see my self on television"... Despite the fact that Slim Jim is a top notch actor, many of his own lines on his hit T.V. show, Two and a Half Earthworms, are written personally by him. His likeness and personality in the show came straight from his brain which is a bit more different than you may expect. Slim Jim's brain is very unique in a way that you might not think possible. The brain of Slim Jim is connected to various nerves on his muscle tissue and skin that react to stimuli like light and vibrations. The unique way his brain is composed may be the reasoning behind his incredible unique sense of humor. While being hilarious to family and friends on set, many see Slim Jim and are terrified at the way he moves his body. The way earthworms like Slim Jim move are quite unique

7: Earthworm Slimjim doing his moves

8: Using two types of muscles, Slim Jim can move in an odd fashion. The muscles he uses to move are known as the circular and longitudinal, the circular increasing in length and lessening in diameter and the longitudinal increasing in diameter but lessening lessening in length. The way he moves his body is to extend his length with the circular and then going back to his original shape with the longitudinal. This is done by extending the circular muscle at the same time using these little hair like things on his body known as setae which grab the end of the back of the body while he' s extending. Then on the front of his body he grips the ground with setae and lets the ones on the back go to move forward. While being unusual, fans have gotten used to the peculiar ways of the young earthworm and also used to the weird way he eats. Slim Jim, like all earthworms, gets his good from the soil. When Slim Jim withers through the soil, food goes, through his prostomium, his mouth. In order to get food, the pharynx come out of his mouth. Food then goes through his pharynx (which are located at the first 6 line segments of his body) and then the esophagus(the next 7 segments). His food then goes into the gizzard(stomach) which grinds up food and then goes to the intestine. From this point the leftover food is then excreted from the anus in little droplets which are known as castings. living as a whole can be tough on Slim Jim due to his way of breathing being a lot different. Earthworms breathe oxygen in and CO2 out like us but they don't have noses to breathe. Instead they breathe through their skin which uses mucus to moisten oxygen. Then once this is done the oxygen is taken into the worms circulatory system. CO2 is excreted from the skin of Slim Jim as waste.

9: Earthworm flexing his muscles

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