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Phelps Family Scrapbook

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Phelps Family Scrapbook - Page Text Content

S: Phelps Family Album

FC: Phelps Family Memories 2008-2009

1: April 2008 Uncle Joe got us a new swing set, and we love it!!! Ty thinks its a great place to take a nap

2: Tyler loves to stack things. He will build towers all day. He especially likes to clean out my cupboards, and make towers of food. And then knock them down, of course! May 2008 | Ty sees what it's like to walk in Daddy's shoes. It's fun!

3: June 2008 First salon haircuts for both Kaylee and Tyler. We took them to Lin, and they both did great. They were very proud to be all grown up, having their hair done. | Lin is showing Tyler that the clippers don't hurt. | Kaylee is holding the comb with her chin, as a trick to help her keep her head down and still. | All done, yeah!! | "Do I look like a princess?"

4: Happy 3rd Birthday, Kaylee!! We love you!! | We celebrated in style, with close friends, a pinata, and yummy cake!! Kaylee got to burst open the pinata after everyone got to whack it a few times. And all the kids wore swimsuits so they could play water games. Can you tell Kaylee had a great time? 7/8/2008 - Kaylee is three!! | July 8, 2008

5: Kaylee made her first purchase from the ice cream truck. It was very exciting. She got to cross the street and pick the flavor out all by herself. | If we ever need a firefighter, we know who to call. Ty loves to dress up!! | A u g u s t 2 0 0 8

6: At the State Fair, Kaylee got to meet celebrities like Oscar and Darth Vader, as well as compete in a race - her first carnival ride ever! | California State Fair Summer 2008

7: Ty got out and about this summer (2008). He was happy and a little bit awed to see the Chik-fil-a cow. He was also happy that mom had a few quarters and a few minutes to spare outside the grocery store. | I love that Ty is just wearing his onesie, and look at that smile!! | Here's Tyler watching Kaylee ride a carnival ride. He's still a bit small for the rides, but not for that awesome hat!! Rock on Ty.

8: We got to see so many cool things, and we splurged for excellent seats. We saw tigers, horses, elephants, jugglers, acrobats, motorcycles, and all sorts of magical things. The kids even chatted with the Ringmaster, but of course I couldn't get a picture of that. September 2008 | Circus Time!!

9: Tyler Scott What a sweet face, and he loves his legos, just like papa! He also has a bit of his momma in him. See how orderly he arranged those cans? They were "heby" too! He chose to stand on that potholder for his picture, but only after he had lined up every single can. I love this boy!! | September 2008

10: Kaylee Cathleen This sweet girl has always got a smile on her face. She loves her papa, and is so fun to be around. She's our little cheerleader. | Sept. 2008

11: Is this a glimpse into the future? Ty's not even two years old yet, but he's wearing his helmet, and he has his Great-Uncle Al to show him the ropes. These two share something special. They were both born on Thanksgiving Day - November 23rd, just different years. | Kaylee showing us all that she's definitely related to her mom. It's the infamous "rock-organizing incident" Legend has it that her mom did something similar when she was a little girl. Those are Grandpa's feet. He's getting a kick out of seeing the next generation of rock organizers. | Hand Sanitizer anyone? | The new annual tradition of feeding the goats at the Blue Heron Cheese Factory in Tillamook, Oregon. September 2008 | EWWWW

12: Beach fun | with Grandpa | "Mommy, it's cold!!" | September 2008 Near Tillamook Oregon

13: I love this picture of my family, even though you can't see any of their faces. They are all interested in the same thing, but what is it?

14: Halloween 2008 | This year I was ambitions enough to sew these costumes myself! I bought the pattern, the fabric, and all the "notions" and slaved away every night for at least 2 weeks. The result? Costumes the kids wore once, and it cost me as much as it would have to buy them each a costume off the rack. As much as I learned by sewing these things, and as cute as these kids are in them, I will probably never undertake a project like this again. Unless of course, the kids are in a play at school, or want something specific I can't find at the store, or.... | Here's Tyler on his way to go trick-or-treating. Where's Kaylee? She's run on ahead to the first house already.

15: FEED ME!! | N o v e m b e r 2008 | Little Mommy | Famous artist | Firefighter / Baseball Player / Dancer? | Famous Architect

16: He got this stormtrooper helmet that makes him look more like a bobblehead than a soldier, and he loves it. He also likes to make the trains go round and round and round on that track. Mom made the cake (can you tell?) | Tyler turns 2!! | 11/23/2008 | Cutest ever!!!

17: Tiny Bubbles | "Wrestling" | The crazies | Elder Pontius | Elder Staley | Tyler says "I am NOT making that face" | Kaylee is stuck in the middle of her favorite missionaries | Tower Building 101

18: Fun around the house | Kaylee "reads" to Tyler. Can't wait until she actually learns how! | Kaylee's friend M'Arlee comes over a couple times a week while her mom works, and we all have great fun! M'Arlee loves dressing up almost as much as Tyler does. | December 2008 | Channeling his Jedi powers | Channeling his turtle powers

19: Christmas 2008

20: How Kaylee eats a treat | How Tyler eats a treat | Any Questions? | January 2009

21: "Can you hear me now?" Really, all they say is "Hi" and "poop" but it's still pretty cool. Then they run across the playground and switch spots to see if it works from that end. Hours of entertainment, and they are awfully adorable doing it too. | As rare as a sasquatch sighting and 100 times as | J a n u a r y 2009

22: Fairytale Town 2009 Kaylee and mom explored Fairytale Town together for a day. It was Pioneer Womens' History Day, so we got to dress up and meet all sorts of interesting characters. February 2009 | The cafe at the Crooked Mile | Pioneer Kaylee | Checking to see if anyone threw away something recyclable | Excited to meet Clifford!!! | Sitting in Mother Goose's lap, ready for a story | Humpty Dumpty gets a hug | Gotta have the "head in the hole" pic

23: Chuck knows how to throw a party any day of the week! | Circa 02/2009 | Our family loves to come here and play games. The kids especially love to be in charge of their own tokens. They can play every game in the place, or play their favorite game over and over and over... | Tyler and Bob getting the job done | Kaylee trying to figure out what's the big deal with Barney. | Ty and Kaylee racing to the finish line. This is serious business | Kaylee's concentrating. Can you tell?

24: Bath | Time!! | The kids love to get together with their cousins, and bathtime is always so much fun! Here's Kaylee & Tyler with their cousins Lily and Haley in Grandma's tub. | 03-14-2009

25: These kids are growing up so fast. Here they are riding Cinderella's horse, being cool on the train, and taking care of the community garden | How does your garden grow? | We are way too cool for our own good. | Yet another family trip to | yields more sweet memories | March 2009

26: In the spring, the kids love to collect roley-poleys. They gather them by the bucket-fulls, and then let them crawl on their hands, and tickle them. | Just swinging back and forth, back and forth. Ty will do this for an hour. It's very relaxing. I wish they made these for grown-ups. | Kaylee's building something... and it's gonna be great! | April 2009

27: 2009 | The Easter Bunny stopped by our front yard, and left a ton of sugar for our kids to find. I wonder how all the dentists feel about the Easter Bunny...

28: Tyler loves bad guys!!! He is obsessed with Lego mini-figs, and now has his own box full of them. He even sleeps with his favorites. | Kaylee "collects" frogs We went to Brittany Park in Elk Grove and found these tiny frogs jumping everywhere!! I found a cup with a lid in the car, and Kaylee started collecting. We ended up with over 20 froggies. Before we left the park, we set most of them free, and brought 2 home as pets. Apparently they prefer to be bachelors, because after about a week, one of them had disappeared, and the other one looked much bigger. | "Roger, Roger" | May 2009 | "Attack!!"

29: What's the correct way to eat a sno-cone? | A | B | It's possible that they are both right. Method A is the smart choice for dark-colored flavors, while Method B is great if you are trying to test brain-freeze cures. | This test was conducted at the Galt Strawberry Festival in May 2009. | Sibling rivalry, or sibling revelry? | Kaylee and Tyler GETTING ALONG

30: Sacramento County Fair | "Where's my best friend?" | "Here she is!" | Sacramento held its county fair in May 2009. The weather was perfect, and we had great friends to share it with. We went with M'Arlee and her family, so we got to get up close and personal with a pig that belonged to a friend of M'Arlee's mom, and all the kids got to ride ponies which is every kids' dream. | Yee-Haw!! | Feeding the goats | Getting ready to hug a pig | Petting a cow? yes, even cows like to get petted.

31: June 2009: Field Trips!! | We love the Jelly Belly factory tour because of the cool hats and, of course, the free samples!! | We got to go meet real heroes too! The firefighters opened their station house for us to see. Luckily there were no emergencies that night. | The kids got to climb all over the firetrucks too.

32: Follow the Leader | Wherever you go, I will follow | However you pose, I'll pose | Nah, I'm gonna do my own thing!! | Seriously?? | J u n e 2 0 0 9

33: Journal entry for July 8, 2009: Four years ago today, the little miss was born. To celebrate, we invited all our friends to a back-yard BBQ party. We had games, crafts, food, cupcakes, and of course, presents!! Kaylee is getting so big - she will be starting preschool next month!! | Those are light sabers on Tyler's cheek | Here's Kaylee with her best friend M'Arlee | 4!

34: Family Picture Photo Shoot | We love our family so much, we wanted to take a picture together, and have it be good enough to share with all our friends. So our neighbors, Debi and Charlie played photographer and gave us these. | We went to McKinley Park and wandered around looking for just the right spot. Some spots were too sunny, some to shady, but we had a fun time, and got some cute pictures! | We used this one on our Christmas cards!! | Thanks Debi & Charlie!! | July 11, 2009

35: Let's go!! | The kids both started preschool on the same day. Since mommy went back to work, the kids started attending Gloria Dei Lutheran Preschool on August 31, 2009 together. They both have great teachers - Miss Joanne is Kaylee's teacher, and Miss Nikki is Tyler's. | L-E-T-S G-O, let's go, let's go!

36: Our annual trip to Oregon, and the first stop? The cheese factory, of course! There are lots of cows working as greeters, and the kids could probably sit and watch the cheese make it's way through the factory floor for hours. | 09-05-2009

37: factory, we do conveniently have family there, and extra special NEW family too!! We met Brianna and her mom, Christine who are Joe's special girls. We love them too!! We went down to the Kilchis River on Uncle Al's property and had fun hanging out, getting wet, and finding cool rocks, and even a couple of frogs!! | While we did visit Tillamook mainly to see the cheese | Brianna & Tyler | happy girl | Tyler's always trying to get into places he's not allowed.

38: "Do that to me!!' | Brianna is so much fun!! | Grandpa in the Black Shirt helps the kids with their first sledgehammer experience | shellin' crab & hangin' out | exploring the back 40 | 2 0 0 9 | S e p t e m b e r

39: The kids met their soon-to-be new cousin in September 2009. Her name is Brianna, and she is so wonderful, sweet, funny, and fun!! | We also got to meet Christine, the love of Joe's life, and Brianna's mom. She is absolutely perfect. We are so glad they are in our family. | After this picture, I said to Christine: "now we have proof you exist." I couldn't resist.

40: Butterfly habitat | And other wildlife in our own backyard | Praying mantis which was about 4 to 5 inches long

41: Mommy's Domestic Helper | Ty is king of all things clean. He loves to vacuum, mop, sweep, dust, everything but pick up his clothes and toys. | Finished, Mommy! | Busy bee | September 2009 (still) | that

42: Fog Willow Farm and Pumpkin Patch | My crazy silly family | King | of the | Haystack!! | Fun on the Hayride | The Fog Willow mascot. Sweet dog | We rode all around the farm on this train made out of barrels painted like cows. The kids loved it. | Exploring | look at those sweet, cute faces!

43: We had to get our picture with the pirate skeleton | 2009 Ward Halloween Party | We all dressed up like Jeremy Jones-Coble, and he dressed up like Robin Hood. I had to get special permission from the Bishop to "cross-dress." He had to see it. | I wonder if Kaylee is excited? Hmmm...

44: October 29, 2009: Kaylee and Mommy got to go to "Disneyland," as Kaylee calls it. And who am I to correct her? We had a great time seeing all the princesses tell their stories, and meeting Mickey and Minnie up close. Kaylee also had a strong dose of sugar, and was very excited!!

45: Things to do in November 2009: | 1) Kiss a missionary | Done! | 2) Make a scary face | Done, and done well | 3) Run and play at the park | That's a job that is never really finished | Elder Anderson is a good sport | Especially Elder Baker | Job well done!!

46: 3! | Tyler is | Tyler had a great time at his party playing, opening presents, and eating cake! His friends Henry, Jacob, Kyle and Joseph were there, and our friends Debi and Charlie too.

47: Tyler helps Elder Moon and Elder Carlson clean up our front yard. And protects us from the bad guys. | 11/2009

48: The many faces of K a y l e e | Preschool photo, Dec. 2009 | Kaylee and her papa love to play with the camera. She is a ham, and is willing to make any silly face for a picture. Her dad is a good director too. Here are just a few of their favorite faces and poses.

49: The many faces of T y l e r | Preschool photos, Dec. 2009 | Tyler is also a ham, and loves to make faces for the camera. Here are a few of my favorites.

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