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Philip Year 5

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Philip Year 5 - Page Text Content

S: Philip David Rapp: Year Five

BC: October 2010 - September 2011

FC: Philip David Rapp: | Year Five

1: Our sweet little boy, You have grown up so much this year. We have watched you start sports, change schools, & begin Kindergarten all in the last few months. There are still so many of your old ways that hang around, too, and we hope it never changes. You love to snuggle, give hugs, fall asleep with daddy, and sleep late whenever you can. You still play with animals most of the time. Jungle, farm, ocean, dinosaurs, zoo, we find them all over the house. You always ask to go to Hobby Lobby hoping we will buy you another animal. Almost every afternoon, you ride your sisters around in the jeep while we play in the front yard. Swimming is your most favorite thing to do. You wear these huge blue goggles, and barely come up for a breath. Then you climb out and jump in so many times we have to make you take a break. You have been asking for daddy to take the training wheels off of your bike, so we’ll be doing that soon! | Kate and Avery adore you. They miss you all day and get so excited to see you after school. You are mostly sweet to them, showing them how to build things, helping Kate with her dolls, and starting parades or dancing with them both. But sometimes, you want to be alone, so we lock the door to your room. This way, they can’t disturb whatever creation you have made! You have a fun year ahead, as a 6-year-old. A great school, new friends, old friends, and a few surprises in store. We still think we are the luckiest parents to have been blessed with an angel like you. | We love you so very much, Mama & Daddy | We love you so very much, Mama & Daddy | We love you so very much, Mama & Daddy | We love you so very much, Mama & Daddy | We love you so very much, Mama & Daddy | We love you so very much, Mama & Daddy | We love you so very much, Mama & Daddy | We love you so very much, Mama & Daddy | We love you so very much, Mama & Daddy | We love you so very much, Mama & Daddy

2: 5

3: You were so excited to have friends over for your 5th birthday party. Bowman, Eli, Grey, Logan, & Jacob all came to celebrate. We had two water slides, and you played on them most of the party, even though it was a little chilly. Then you took all of the boys to your room to play with toys.

4: Of course we had cake too. You wanted a "big cookie cake"! | Happy Birthday to PHILIP!

5: And then your very favorite part of birthdays... the presents!

6: Ta-da! | So proud! | The week after your party, you and mommy got sick. So we spent a few days hanging out at home, even on your actual birthday! | 5 | You wanted to paint, and make your cake. Mommy let you decorate the cake all alone, and you were so proud! | P R D

7: Later that night, we ate pizza, sang Happy Birthday to you once more, and ate that YUMMY cake! Then you even got a few more presents to finish off the day. | 5 YEARS OLD!

8: A visit to Red Bluff Farm | October | 2010

10: Kinder Haus Fall Fest 2011 | Happy Halloween!

11: This year, you really enjoyed Fall Fest. You played games with Kate, hung with Bowman, had your face painted, took a pony ride, and decorated a pumpkin!

12: Halloween 2011 | You asked to be a DINOSAUR for Halloween this year! You carved our pumpkin with Robbye, we took a hay ride with neighbors, & then walked the streets to collect as much candy as you could carry!

14: November 2010: A trip back to Walt Disney World & Sea World | Watching the afternoon parade | After we rode Splash Mountain: the ride got stuck!

15: We took you away for a long weekend at your two favorite places! This time you were tall enough to ride more rides, and brave enough too! It was so nice to enjoy you and let you set our plans. We loved every minute!

16: We spent our afternoon at Magic Kingdom watching the parade and eating ice cream. | You drove Mimi and Cawcaw in the race car!

17: T-Rex Cafe | You were so excited about visiting T-Rex Cafe! | You took a lot of pictures, and didn't want to leave the gift shop! | The dinosaurs there are huge, and you spent most of our time looking at all of them. | Dinosaur nuggets and a coloring book only kept you still for a few minutes.

18: Sea World is definitely your favorite place to be. You often ask us when we will get to go back. You quickly decided to have your face painted, and picked out the brightest picture! No one could change your mind, so you spent the day with a green monster face.

19: We did all of your favorite things: rode rides, saw animal exhibits, fed the seals & dolphins, touched sting rays, and of course saw the Shamu Show. | This year, you added a new fave: the dolphin and pilot whale show!

20: Fun with Shamu

21: Before we headed to the airport, we wrapped up our trip with a morning at Downtown Disney. | Downtown Disney

22: Your class learned Christmas Caroles & sang them for all of your families. Bowman's dad led the group as Santa, and you tried hard to remember all of the words. Papa Davie came to watch you! Afterwards, we had cookies and visited with everyone. You also got a sweet gift from your teachers. | Christmas Show & Party at Kinder Haus

23: On the first day of Christmas... | Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer... | Jingle Bells... | Oh Christmas Tree... | Silent Night... | Rocking around the Christmas Tree...

24: Christmas 2010 | We took you to visit Santa and take pictures, not knowing what you would do! But you enjoyed it, took a great pic with your sisters, and listed everything you hoped to get from Santa. --------------------------- We spent Christmas Eve at Nanny Pauline's house. It is always fun to see you around cousins, laughing and playing like mommy used to do. | Everybody got a new book! | The annual great-grandkids picture; this year we are up to 16!

25: You played games, opened presents, and opened your sisters presents too! | Getting ready for presents!

26: We visited Nana early on Christmas Eve. It was the first presents you opened, and you were SO excited!

27: Then we headed to Papa Davie's. You got a Dinosaur fossil kit!

28: Ho Ho Ho | Christmas Day | SANTA CAME! | Santa left a lot of presents! | Your pile of gifts.

29: Seeing your presents! | We always look in your stocking first!

30: Kate and Avery weren't too interested in opening their gifts, and that bothered you. We finally let you open them later in the day! | You even helped Sadie & Lilli open their present. | Santa gave Kate & Avery a kitchen set, but you played with it a lot too.

32: Santa's elves weren't quite finished with one of your gifts. So Zippy, our elf, had to deliver it a few days later. You were SO surprised when he rang the doorbell, and there was your JEEP!

33: Every year you build a Jingle Bell house. This time, Daddy got to do it with you. You mostly just like to decorate with the candy, eat the icing and eat the rest of the candy! But it is always fun.

34: MARDI GRAS | We went to a few parades, seeing just how many beads & stuffed animals you could catch. | THROW ME SOMETHIN' MISTER!

35: CawCaw has been wanting to get you a playset for a few years, and we finally decided it was time! He, daddy & Robbye worked ALL day to make it perfect. | A NEW PLAYSET | It all started with a LOT of pieces. | You were SO excited... | and helped as much as you could. | The finished product!

36: We went on down to the Audubon Zoo... | You LOVE to visit the Zoo. We went twice in the spring, and had so much fun. It's hard to get you to leave when the day is over! | The new dinosaur exhibit is a big hit! | The reptile area is a fave too! | You have to investigate everything we see.

38: You decided to play T-ball, and were so glad you did. You made some good friends, improved so very much, enjoyed the games, and loved the snacks after! | GO Philip!

39: So many people came to watch you play. Mr. Jeff, daddy & Robbye were your coaches, and your sisters always cheered for you. GeeGee even drove in for your first game!

40: Ready for Game 1 | With your buddy Trey | First time at bat... | Eye on the ball | RUN Philip! | SAFE! | Good hit! | Sliding for home | Batter up!

41: We planned a fun party to celebrate the season. Everyone played at the park & had pizza. You even got a special trophy!

42: It was really special to watch you play, make friends, and be a part of a team. We hope there are many more years to come.

43: You always wanted a blue snoball to finish the night! | Kate was so proud of her big brother! | You got another trophy after the last game. | You & Owen became great friends.

45: You did a lot of fun things for Easter. There were pony rides and planting at the girls' school, an egg hunt and party at your school, and we dyed eggs at our house! The Bunny left you fun goodies: shark shirts, candy & chocolate, bubbles and a pool. And mom & dad built you a rock box!

46: We were so proud at your last Peace Party for Kinder Haus. You started there at one, and stayed four years. It was a wonderful preschool, where you learned to be kind, caring, and independent. | Peace Party is always fun. Your class does a performance, Papillon plays music while everyone dances, and friends play for the last time before summer. | Kinder Haus | Peace Party 2011 | Singing for the families | Getting your certificate | Your self portrait

47: Mrs. Jane | Ms. Daniella | Mrs. Sharon

48: Summer was such a fun time. Sleeping late, lazy mornings, your favorite shows, picnics, and lots of swimming are just a few ways that we filled our time. We loved having you home more, getting to spend all of our days at home with you.

50: In July, you were the ring bearer for Eric & Brittany. You were absolutely precious in a tuxedo! The limo ride was fun for you, but you got nervous to walk up the aisle. Daddy walked with you, and you got all the toys you were promised anyway! | Eric & Brittany's Wedding

52: It was so nice to spend the weekend with our family; you had a blast with your cousins. | You & Matthew were buddies that day. | Kate was proud of you. | Talking to Aunt Lisa and CawCaw.

53: YYou ou | You really enjoyed the reception. We let you drink coke, you danced and played with everyone, and you didn't go to bed until midnight!

54: Our vacation: Ft. Walton Beach, Florida | You practically wished away your summer so it would be time for our vacation! Every week, you wanted to know how much longer before we left. The car was barely parked before you begged us to go swimming! You didn’t want to hang at the kiddie pool, so it was the beach or big pool for you. You were so busy, but always took time to rest at nap. We’d stay downstairs until dark, and try to get you to bed somewhat early! | Of course we visited Bass Pro Shops; you got a toy and some candy as always. Then we had pizza, ice cream, and rode the red train. It is always fun to watch you enjoy our time together! | August 9-13th | August 9-13th | August 9-13th | August 9-13th

55: Ride on Shamu in the lazy river | Search for fish and shells in the water | Play in the waves with daddy | Ride the waves on your boogie board | Stay on the beach for hours! | Your favorite things to do:

58: You were even happy to take a few pictures! | Ready to go! | Mommy had a special surprise on your first day...your favorite video! | The time finally came for you to leave Kinder Haus and move onto a new school. We feel so good about Mary Queen of Peace, knowing you will continue in a caring, kind, Christian place. On your first day, you woke up early, watched TV and drank juice as always. Daddy brought you, and you weren't nervous at all! | Mary Queen of Peace | My First Day of Kindergarten

59: Soccer Season | You decided to play soccer, and we got you on a team with Owen, Jacob, & Brady. At first, you weren't sure if you liked it. But once you got to run around, play with friends, and got the hang of it, you liked it!

60: GAME | TIME | You weren't sure what to expect at the first game. It took you till halftime to get over making mistakes, and having the ball taken from you. But the you scored a GOAL, and we were so proud! It didn't take you long to score 2 more and end up happy. Your team won 11-8! | Lots of people came to watch you play, and Kate and Avery were so proud of you. Daddy coached the game and we all gave you pep-talks on the sidelines. Of course you loved the handshakes and snacks when it was over. | RED ROCKETS

62: Philip & Kate | You are Kate have your ups and downs. You play so great together, she follows your lead, and wants to do everything you do. But sometimes, you just need a break. She isn’t the difficult toddler that you still remember; she’s grown and watches everything you do. You were such good buddies over the summer, hanging outside, playing in the sand and the rocks, and hitting the pool with daddy. It is so sweet to see you teaching her, and it makes us proud.

63: You and Avery are so much alike! Other than your blue eyes, she looks just like you did at 18 months. Hair turned blonde and curly, sweet little dimples, and a precious smile. She’s learned well how to be loud, funny, & silly, just like you! You never mind when she tackles you, or sits on your lap, or wants you to pick her up. You are so careful with her, too. You follow her to the top of the swing set, and help her in and out of your jeep. We just know that you two will grow up very close. | Philip & Avery

64: Our family of FIVE! | Three little monkies!

66: Fun things about you at FIVE! | You still love junk snacks, especially chocolate. | You LOVE to swim. It was your favorite part of summer camp, and you always want to go to the pool. | When you wake up, you want to sit on the sofa, drinking grape juice, & watching TV. And no one should bother you! | Before bed, you insist on watching a video. | Your 2 favorite shows are Dino Dan and Dinosaur Train. | You also watch Cat in the Hat, Max and Ruby, & Little Bear. | When you watch Tom & Jerry, it's so funny. You belly laugh and end up with the hiccups. | Some of your favorite songs are: Honeybee, Dinomite, Stuck like Glue, Mean. | You love to sleep at people's houses on the weekends. | You always ask if somebody will play with you. | You like to play card games: UNO, battle, go fish. | You really enjoy to color. You draw great pictures, write your name and lots of words, and color in books with markers.

67: Fun pics of you at FIVE!

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