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Pilish Literature

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BC: And, finally....

FC: PI Day | PILISH LITERATURE Piems, Pikus, Pimericks and other insPIrational writings | . . | P P

1: AIMS | ALTERNATIVES | FOR INNOVATIVE MATH STUDY | AIMS- Alternatives for Innovative Maths Study is a two years long Comenius-eTwinning project involving schools from seven European countries: France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Spain. The age of the participating students is 11-16. The project is inspired from Gardner's theory on multiple intelligences and focused on motivating and empowering pupils for studying Math by a student-centered approach. | _________________________ | This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

2: The project aims at increasing students’ motivation and interest for the study of Math, with special focus on low-achievers. The participating teachers will use the multiple intelligences (MI) theory to discover and develop each student's particular skills, needs and interests, differentiate and adapt the teaching methods to them. Students will actively create their own learning materials for each type of MI and use motivating ICT tools. They will use collaborative work, very uncommon in traditional Math classes.

3: Project Partners | Scoala Gimnaziala nr. 195, Bucuresti-Romania. Teacher: Irina Vasilescu Lycee Francois Bazin”, Charleville Mezieres-France. Teacher: Nicolas Houpert Liceo Classico “Emanuele Duni”, Matera-Italy. Teacher: Maria Teresa Asprella Hervormd Lyceum West, Amsterdam- the Netherlands. Teacher: Erik Atsma Instituto de Ensenanza Secundaria Alonso de Madrigal, ÁAvila-Spain. Teacher: Valentina Cuadrado Marcos Gimnazjum nr 3 im.Marszalka Jozefa Pilsudskiego w Myslenicach, Mylenice-Poland. Teacher: Katarzyna Pietrzak 4o Geniko Lykeio Stavroupolis, Thessaloniki-Greece. Teacher: Anthoula Sofianopoulou-Karipidou

4: A PIEM | from BUCHAREST | Math By Daniela, 8B 3, If you want, 1 Math 4 can be as easy 1 as 5 breathing in the shining morning 9 as walking in the park having no real troubles 2 as memorising 6 all the words of your songs 5 as facing the clear sky 3 as having fun 5 as loving the milk chocolate. 8 You can do whatever your soul ever wants- 9 with Mats in your brain it’s easy stuff 7 to do what you want really fast- 9 just think of a method and let it flow! 3 You will laugh 2 as children 3 when you feel 8 you can find out a way to fly 4 through the open sky, 6 you can build fairy tale castles 2 for yourself 6 and show beauty to everyone alive, 4 as you can create 3 everything you dream. 3 With the simple 8 way of Math shining in your smiling face 3 our world can 2 be changed 7 by a simple touch of our hands working together.

5: Matematica de Daniela, 8B 3, Daca tu vrei, 1 matematica 4 poate sa fie usoara 1 ca 5 respiratul intr-o dimineata stralucitoare 9 ca mersul linistit in parc neavand niciun gand enervant 2 ca memoratul 6 tuturor cuvintelor din cantecele tale favorite 5 ca privitul cerului fara nori 3 ca traiul fericit 5 ca gustul ciocolatei cu lapte. 8 Poti sa faci tot ce sufletu-ti vrea - 9 cu matematica in mintea ta e o chestie usoara 7 sa faci ce iubesti, chiar foarte rapid - 9 doar gandeste-te la o metoda si rezolva ecuatia! 3 O sa razi 2 precum copiii 3 cand vei simti 8 ca poti sa gasesti o cale nou zburand 4 lin prin cerul senin. 6 Vei putea construi lucruri foarte frumoase 2 pentru tine 6 si arata frumusete tuturor celor vii, 4 si vei putea face 3 tot ce visezi, 3 cu o simpla 8 metoda a matematicii stralucind chiar in fata ta. 3 Lumea noastra poate 2 fi schimbata 7 cu o atingere a mainilor noastre impreuna.

6: Love Live Learn

8: Whose is Pi? by Denisa, 8B 3-Whose is PI? 1-Mathematics 4-Is the most interesting 1-Subject 5-That directs you in life. 9-Vast like a beautiful beach that the sun touches 2-And caresses 6-Every morning with its warm sweetness, 5-Mathematics teaches us new things 3-We can use 5-In moments we never expect. 8-The twirls of math with our everyday problems 9-Are common and useful to both students who learn, 7-And everyone who wants to find out 9-More new logical math elements of endless, winding digits. 3-An amusing, resourceful 2-Science that 3-Puts in difficulty 8-The dizzy amazed mind of a student, confused 4- By its tangled digits. | Second Bucharest PIEM

9: Cui apartine PI? de Denisa, 8B 3, -Cui apartine PI? 1- Matematicii! 4- Este cea mai interesanta 1-Materie 5-Care te indruma in viata. 9- Vasta ca o plaja pe care soarele o rasfata 2- Si mangaie 6-In fiecare dimineata cu multa dulceata, 5-Matematica ne invata lucruri noi 3-Care se folosesc 5-Unde nici nu ne gandim! 8-Dansul ei gratios cu problemele vietii noastre reale 9-Este des intalnit si util atat elevilor care invata, 7-Cat si tuturor care vor sa cunoasca 9-Elemente noi de logica matematica a cifrelor intortochiate, infinite. 3-O sugubeata, descurcareata 2-Materie este, 3-Punand in dificultate 8-Mintea confuza si uimita a unui elev ametit 4-De toate cifrele incurcate

10: Numbers' Fight | Narrator: Hello, ladies and gentlemen, we are broadcasting from Numberland and this is our Numbers Show. Tonight we have here three famous numbers: Pi, i and Zero, hello and thanks for joining us! Numbers: hi, hello, howdy. Narrator: Today, we are trying to decide who is the most important of you three, that is which is the most important number of all. Let us hear what you have to say to convince us of your importance. Let us start with you, number Pi! Pi: First of all, I am the oldest number here. Starting from the ancient Babilon, Egipt and China, people felt that they needed me and searched for me for centuries. Famous people like Archimedes tried to find my exact value. Mathematicians put years and years of their lives into calculating as many of my digits as possible. But this is not surprising if you think how useful I am. Pi is everywhere around you, from the circumference of your bike wheel to the volume of water in your glass. I am so important, even the word “pizza” begins with my name! I and Zero: come on, Pi, be rational! Narrator: OK, time for number i arguments. Who do you think is the most important?

11: i: the answer is simple: I, i, am the most important number. Before I was discovered, the negative numbers could not even have a square root. I gave them this right. Besides, I am hidden into most of the useful applications of Maths and Sciences, in cell phones, radars, quantum mechanics, any kind of waves, even brain waves, in electricity, map coordinates, rotations and even in fractals. Who could not see how important I am? Pi and Zero: come on, i, get real! Narrator: Calm down, please, and let us hear the last number, Zero. Well, Zero, what do you have to say? Zero: Even if I am the last arrived among the digits, much later than the other ones, I obviously am the most important one. I am a sort of magician among the digits. If I stand after one of my brother digits, I make him ten times bigger, but if you multiply any number by me, I make that number vanish, like magic! I never stand below anyone else, as I can never be a denominator. That alone is an expression of my importance and royalty. You cannot say anything, not even “nothing” without me. Pi and i: come on, Zero, you are so full of...nothing! Narrator: well, ladies and gentlemen, this has been today's show. It's time for you to decide which the most important number is. Call us here at The Numbers Show and tell us your opinion. And don't forget to listen to us every day, at the same hour: 2 to the power of 4 minus square root of 25! | I am the best!!!!! | Me, me, me!

12: Running with Pi by Maria K. | Number Pi starts from 3 Later point 1 and 4 1,5,9 you and I 2 and 6 ride on BMX Ride to 5 and 3, then you will be free Next to 5 and 8 you are great 9, 7 and 9 everything is fine 3,2,3,come with me 8,4,6 a little mix 2,6,4 you can go To 3,3,8 it’s your fate 3,2,7 you’re in heaven 9,5,0 don’t stop and go go go Let’s more to number 2 and 8 patiently wait to number 8 4 and 1 go for a run and admire the sun 6, 9, 3 you’re for 100 degree 9, 9 you’re divine

13: Let's start by Natalia P. 3 point one It’s not done 4, 1, 5 It’s your life 9, 2, 6 You can’t mix 53 You not tree 5, 8 , 9 You are fine 7, 9, 3 This is free 2, 3, 8 You are skate 4, 6, 2 It’s for you 64 | You can go Double 3 Pretty funny 9, 2, 7 Step to heaven 9, 5, 0 Be a hero 2 double 8 Don’t be late 4, 1, 9 Pi is mine ...

14: LIMERICKS | from Italy | One day a little guy Discovers number pi This number brings a lot of happiness And it is endless Like the sky by Francesca and Gabriel | Greek Pi is like love: irrational And like love is also passional Anyway the wind of Pi blows When you open your mind's windows But unlike love, Greek Pi isn't problematical. by Francesco and Giuseppe | Is the greek pi a number or a letter? What is better? Break my brain I learn it fain It is the master! by Eliana and Paola

15: Once upon a time there was a number named pi, but he was very shy. He was also a greek letter that had a little matter: he was so big to touch the sky. by Emanuela, Bruna and Girolamo | Pi is Maths leader for me it's like a pater we use it all day and with it we want to stay its importance is super by Francesco and Giulia | This is a number singular and fabulous and his value is 3.14......... very curious! It’s important in reality it goes from our books to the galaxy open your mind and you will know that it’s really abstemious!! by Rebecca and Paolo | iOnce upon a time There was a number called pi He was also a Greek letter He made all things go for the better And now we draw him on the apple pie by Francesca and Gabriel

16: PIEM By Adriana, 7C 3, 141592653589793238462643383279... Now, I have a dream, certainly, as seeing after one puppy crossing, obviously swiftly, carefully, two of the parkings near school, in danger, when one man observed him as walking carefully.

17: Pi Piem by Anda, 7C 3, The impossible number 1 Oh... 4 What is its end? 1 I... 5 I do not know it 9 Can you imagine the world without this number, Pi? 2 Me neither! 6 The cans, the wheels, the signs... 5 How the planet would be, 3 Only with squares?! 5 This number sounds as delicious 8 As a tasty, warm piece of apple pie 9 Let s follow the great mathematicians through the maths’ secrets 7 Let’s figure out how to learn this 9 Infinite number as old as the ancient, huge pyramids. 3 Pi, oh pi.

18: The circle's perimeter 3 The circle’ s perimeter 1 is 4 difficult to measure without 1 learning 5 by heart the Pi number 9 the square is easier to be measured. You just 2 take a 6 side and multiply it by four 5 all those notes can provide 3 the memorizing of 5 the Pi’ s first eleven digits | Piems from Greeks' teams | Koula Georgia Daskaloudis Nick Emmanouilidis Dimitris Kampouri Anna

19: Katerina Paraschou - Konstantina Sidiropoulou Eirini Chatzianagnostou - Dora Chatzikonstantinou | The little circle 3 The little circle, 1 and 4 the big triangle were 1 friends. 5 They went for a walk 9 and they met their kind neighbor the proud square. 2 They said 6 “Hello, how are you doing friend?” 5 And the proud square answered 3 “Oh, hi guys! 5 Let’s stroll around together”

20: Katerina Paraschou - Konstantina Sidiropoulou Eirini Chatzianagnostou - Dora Chatzikonstantinou | “Finding A” The Kite 3 The kite is 1 rhombus. 4 The full moon is 1 circle. 5 A rope creates a 9 straight line. Who could imagine that geometry is all 2 around us?

21: “Finding A” Smile the wonderful semi-circle 3 Smile is the 1 most 4 wonderful semi-circle in 1 the 5 whole world, so use it 9 every day for now and then,for ever and 2 ever, in 6 the rest of your life and 5 go on with positive thoughts! | Katerina Paraschou - Konstantina Sidiropoulou Eirini Chatzianagnostou - Dora Chatzikonstantinou

22: “Finding A” Imagine your life 3 Imagine your life 1 with 4 no maths around you. 1 Well. 5 How would you buy clothes? 9 How could you do without your cool mobile phone? 2 Mathematics is 6 everywhere like oxygen which is vital.

23: Classes in piano, violin, theory | “PRAISE TO MATHS” 3 Look! The world 1 Is 4 Full of geometrical shapes. 1 Indeed, 5 Round planets make elliptical orbits. 9 Have a glance at human body: It is symmetrical! 2 Even more 6 That endless number surrounds nature. Yes! 5 I am referring to Pi (). 3 They were right 5 “God is a great Mathematician” .!!! Evridiki Chatzianagnostou

24: Despoina Papadopoulou

25: A Piem from | Katerina Palaioxorinou | “The X Factor” “What about Maths?” 3 what about maths? 1 a 4 poem of logical ideas 1 or 5 a painful subject of us? 9 If it seems easy you are doing something wrong. 2 But stop! 6 Good Mathematics is not about how 5 many answers you know, but 3 how you behave 5 when you do not know!

26: Pi-kus from Amsterdam | 3. Pi is great 1. But 4. Math is the best !! By Asli | 3. Fan-tas-tic 1. Is 4. Math-e-ma-tics By Feyza | 3. This Pi-ku 1. Is 4. A nice, cool thing By Mounir | Pi Day 2014

27: 3. My Pi-ku 1. Can 4. Become useful By Omar | 3. One two three 1. math 4. study it good By Oumaima | 3. Your own brains 1. Plus 4. In tel li gence By Sakina | 3. e-qua-tions 1. are 4. ed-u-ca-tion By Soufiane

28: Piems from Amsterdam | 3 What is math? 1 Well, 4 You should really know 1 That 5 It is very very complicated 9 Not to mention hard, annoying, irritating and very boring 2 Just know 6 That everything comes to an end 5 Why do you learn it? 3 I don’t know 5 But apparently it helps you 8 I don’t know how, but just hold on 9 Because everything single thing comes to an sweet end 7 But that does not happen with mathematics 9 Every single day you use it without noticing it 3 Watch and see!

29: 3 Wat is wiskunde? 1 Nou, 4 Je moet echt weten 1 Dat 5 Het heel erg ingewikkeld is 9 Niet te vergeten moeilijk, irritant,vervelend en heel saai 2 Weet gewoon 6 Dat alles aan een eind komt 5 Waarom leer je het dan? 3 Weet ik niet 5 Het schijnt je te helpen 8 Ik weet niet hoe, maar hou gewoon vol 9 Omdat echt alles toch aan een leuk eind komt 7 Maar dat gebeurt echt niet met wiskunde 9 Elke dag gebruik je het zonder het te merken 3 kijk en zie! By Salma G.

30: 3 the project is 1 about 4 that you learn and 1 make 5 exercises with a classmate or 9 alone you can not even use your mobile phone 6 you have to do everything by 5 your head and that makes 3 you sometimes mad 5 math helps you with a 8 lot of things especially later in your life 9 adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying and more were needed before 7 now you learn new things and that 9 is handy for the project because the other countries 3 see you working

31: 3 het project gaat 1 over 4 dat je leert en 1 maakt 5 opdrachten met een klasgenoot of 9 alleen je kan niet eens je mobiele telefoon gebruiken 6 je moet alles doen bij 5 je hoofd en dat maakt 3 je soms boos 5 wiskunde helpt je met 8 heel veel dingen vooral later in je leven 9 optellen, aftrekken, delen, vermenigvuldigen en meer waren eerst nodig 7 nu leer je nieuwe dingen en dat 9 is handig voor het project omdat de andere landen 3 jou zien werken By Salma N.

32: 3 a nice subject 1 mathematics 4 which is very interesting 1 and 5 it can be very difficult 9 even it is very learnfull most of the times 2 aims project 6 so alternative for innovative math studies 5 is a very nice project 3 going on trips 5 learning from other nice cultures 8 discussing and studying mathematics on a nice way 9 explaining your own style of studying mathematics at home 7 visiting mathematical buildings and talking about them 9 making friends in the country where you go to 3 a nice subject | Piems from Amsterdam

33: 3 een leuk vak 1 wiskunde 4 dat heel interessant is 1 en 5 het kan heel moeilijk zijn 9 al is het meestal wel een heel leerzaam vak 2 aims project 6 Alternatieve voor Innovatieve wiskunde studies 5 is een heel leuk project 3 op reizen gaan 5 leren van nieuwe leuke culturen 8 discusseren en leren van wiskunde op leuke manieren 9 uitleggen hoe je wiskunde thuis leert voor een toets 7 naar wiskundige gebouwen gaan en erover praten 9 vrienden maken in het land waar je heen gaat 3 een leuk vak By Hakan

34: 3 Math is not 1 only 4 counting numbers from one 1 to 5 infinity.. It is way more 9 What do you really think mathematics stands for? Math 2 is a 6 language in which every symbol and 5 every combination has precise meaning 3 Do you like 5 math? There is one number 8 you would like, it’s the number pi! 9 3.14... The decimals never die, it goes on forever 7 Area and circumference of circles, it solves 9 Pi never repeats itself, pi is smarter than that 3 That is a fact 2 Love pi | Piems from Amsterdam

35: 3 Wiskunde is niet 1 alleen 4 nummers tellen vanaf één 1 tot 5 oneindig Het is veel meer 9 Waar denk je dat wiskunde echt voor staat? Wiskunde 2 is een 6 taal waarin elk symbool en elke 5 combinatie een precieze mening heeft 3 Hou je van 5 wiskunde? Er is een nummer 8 waar je zeker van zult houden, nummer pi! 9 3.14 Een oneindig aantal decimalen, ze gaan nooit dood 7 Het lost oppervlaktes / omtrekken op van cirkels 9 Pi herhaalt zichzelf nooit, pi is slimmer dan dat 3 Dat staat vast 2 Liefste pi By Asli

36: 3 With other countries 1 International 4 algebra, formulas, square roots 1 whatever 5 doing a lot of exercises 9 it is all about math, explanations make it easy. 2 Understand it! 6 answer to square root, multiply itself. 5 Going to other countries and 3 meeting other people 5 math is not only numbers 8 it has a very complicated structure, not easy 9 a lot of different things, subjects and other stuff 7 online, alone or together, school or home 9 now making this poem, bilingual, you are reading this 3 just for math | Piems from Amsterdam

37: 3, met andere landen 1 Internationaal 4 algebra, formules, wortel van 1 wat 5 dan ook, een heleboel oefeningen 9 maken en allemaal over wiskunde, uitleg maakt het eenvoudig 2 Begrijp het! 6 antwoord voor de wortel, keer zichzelf 5 Naar andere landen gaan en 3 mensen leren kennen 5 wiskunde is niet alleen nummers 8 het heeft een gecompliceerde structuur, niet heel eenvoudig 9 heel veel verschillende dingen, onderwerpen en andere ongemakkelijke dingen 7 online, alleen of samen, school of thuis 9 nu zit ik dit gedicht te maken, tweetalig, dat 3 allemaal voor wiskunde By Emina

38: 3. To solve equations 1. Yes 4. That’s easy and fun 1. Equations 5. A comparison between many numbers 9. Find the value of x and y, using inverses 2. That’s fun 6. Multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting numbers 5. That’s an accomplishment and easy 3. The many letters 5. What are their great meanings? 8. Variables are numbers, like five or even ten 9. The variables can vary from all the alphabetic letters 7. Such as x, b, y, or p 9. So, is it possible to solve your equations now? | Piems from Amsterdam

39: 3. Vergelijkingen om optelossen 1. Ja 4. T’is makkelijk en leuk 1. Vergelijkingen 5. Een vergelijking tussen veel cijfers 9. Vind x en y, en gebruik omgekeerde cijfers goed. 2. T’is leuk 6. Vermenigvuldigen, delen en aftrekken van cijfers 5. Dat is een goede vervulling 3. De vele letters 5. De betekenissen? Wat zijn ze? 8. Variabelen zijn cijfers, zoals vijf of zelfs tien 9. De variabelen verschillen van a tot z, de alfabet 7. Letters zoals x, y, d, a, p 9. Dus, is het mogelijk om vergelijkingen op te lossen? By How Jong

40: 3. Algebra or geometry 1. Which 4. one would you choose 1. Probably 5. You do not know it 9. Or maybe you do know which one you want 2. Basically those 6. Are just two different words for 5. Me describing easy or difficult 3. Maybe I am 5. Wrong to say such thing 8. Or maybe not... It is just like making 9. A poem in which you can tell something about 7. Math, pi, or AIMS: you can make 9. It as easy as a delicious piece of cake 3. I mean ‘Pi’ | Piems from Amsterdam

41: 3. Algebra of geometrie 1. Welke 4. Zou jij willen kiezen 1. Waarschijnlijk 5. Weet je het zeker niet 9. Of misschien weet je wel welke je gaat kiezen 2. Eigenlijk betekenen 6. Die twee andere woorden hetzelfde als 5. Makkelijk of moeilijk voor mij 3. Misschien zit ik 5. Fout om zoiets te zeggen 8. Of misschien niet het is eigenlijk net als 9. Een gedicht maken in waar je iets vertelt over 7. Wiskunde, Pi, of AIMS: je kan het 9. Zo vereenvoudigen dat je kan zeggen ‘piece of cake’ 3. Ik bedoel ‘Pi’ By Oumaima

42: 3. Math is cool 1. like 4. dancing on the street 1. with 5. a friend that is crazy 9. trying to solve an equation on a broken calculator 2. drawing triangles 6. on the bord of the teacher 5. without primision it`s fun too 3. like solving problems 5. inside in the teachers brain 8. and being busy with all kinds of calculations 9. the teacher is getting mad because of the students 7. they are singing and dancing on tables 9. the teacher is now singing and dancing too because 3. Math is fun

43: 3. wiskune is cool 1. zoals 4. dansen op de straat 1. met 5. een vriend die gek is 9. proberen een vergelijking op te lossen met gebroken rekenmachine 2. driehoeken tekenen 6. op de bord van de leraar 5. zonder toestemming is het leuk 3. zoals problemen oplossen 5. binnen in de leraars hersenen 8. en bezig zijn met leerzame berekeningen die helpen 9. de leraar wordt boos omdat de leerlingen niet luisteren 7. ze zingen en dansen op de tafels 9. de leraar in nu ook aan het zingen omdat 3. wiskunde leuk is By Redouan

44: 3 one two three 1 math 4 Pi , Aims, algebra, geometry 1 which 5 One would you choose? 9 I would choose Aims: do you know why? 2 It's fun 6 meeting people, going to other countries 5 Doing exercises all about math 3 fun and math? 5 But, What do you understand? 9 By fun and math; All that you can imagine 7 Think of graphs, equations, formulas, pies, traveling 9 Preforming a play, singing, solving puzzles of other countries 3 Doesn't that sound 2 Like FUN!! | Piems from Amsterdam

45: 3 een, twee, drie 1 wiskunde 4 Pi , Aims, algebra, geometrie 1 welke 5 van deze zou jij kiezen ? 9 Ik zou zeker voor Aims kiezen: weet je waarom? 2 ‘t is leuk 6 Andere mensen ontmoeten, andere landen bezoeken 5 Opdrachten doen alleen over wiskunde 3 Plezier en wiskunde? 5 Oefeningen maken, alleen over wiskunde? 9 Plezier en wiskunde; alles wat je je kunt bedenken 7 Denk aan grafieken, vergelijkingen, formules, taarten, reizen 9 Een toneelstuk opvoeren, zingen, puzzels van andere landen oplossen 3 Klinkt dat niet 2 Als PLEZIER!! By Sheranie

46: 3 calculating is fun 1 and 4 it is very easy 1 offcourse 5 there are some difficult parts 9 if you are smart enough you can have fun 2 so go 6 and start learning how to calculate 5 if you want to have 3 fun, you have 5 to know how to calculate 8 and that is not difficult because we have 9 several ways to calculate calculations and solve them well

47: 3 rekenwerk is leuk 1 en 4 het is heel gemakkelijk 1 natuurlijk 5 er zijn verschillende moeilijke onderdelen 9 als je slim genoeg bent kunt u zich vermaken 2 dus ga 6 en begin met leren te berekenen 5 Als je echt lol wilt 3 hebben, je moet 5 echt weten hoe te berekenen 8 en dat is niet heel moeilijk omdat we 9 verschillende manieren hebben om vergelijkingen goed op te lossen By Soufiane

48: 3 Numbers are difficult 1 Yes 4 Numbers are the biggest, 1 Meanest 5 Things in the whole world 9 But when you understand them you are the happiest, 2 Person ever 6 The feeling of accomplishment in you 5 And that’s what so rewarding 3 You know that 5 That’s why we like math 8 That’s why we keep doing and doing it 9 Math is a hard game that makes you angry 7 But when you beat the hard level 9 You feel that same feeling of accomplishment in you 3 And I think 2 that AIMS 3 Is going to 8 Help me with that feeling that is addictive | Piems from Amsterdam

49: 3 Nummers zijn moeilijk 1 Ja 4 Nummers zijn de grootste 1 Ergste 5 Dingen in de hele wereld 9 Maar als je ze begrijpt ben je de blijste 2 Persoon ooit 6 Dat gevoel van volbrenging in je 5 En dat is zo belonend 3 Jij weet het 5 Daarom is wiskunde zo leuk 8 Daarom doen we wiskunde steeds opnieuw en opnieuw 9 Wiskunde is een moeilijk spel die je boos maakt 7 Maar als je de moeilijke level verslaat 9 Voel je dezelfde leuke gevoel van volbrenging in je 3 En ik denk 2 Dat AIMS 3 Me gaat helpen 8 Met dat gevoel dat zo erg verslavend is By Szymon

50: 3 The hardest subject 1 Mathematics 4 Why do we have 1 to 5 learn something terrible like this? 9 Will we even ever use this terrible hard stuff? 2 WE WILL! 6 Mathematics isn’t nonsense like you think! 5 It’s useful for calculating how 3 much you need 5 to pay in the groceries 8 or if you want to become a Math-teacher 9 Mathematics is hard, but useful and makes you intelligent 7 if you can’t solve an equation, just 9 relax and never give up, because one day, you 3 mathematics gets easy | Piems from Amsterdam

51: 3 het moeilijkste vak 1 wiskunde 4 waarom moeten we zoiets 1 verschrikkelijk 5 moeilijk leren zoals dit vak? 9 gaan we het ooit eens in ons leven gebruiken? 2 JA DUS! 6 wiskunde is niet zoals je denkt! 5 het is handig om te 3 weten hoeveel je 5 moet betalen in de supermarkt 8 of voor als je wiskunde leraar wil worden 9 wiskunde is moeilijk, maar handig en maakt je intelligent 7 als je een som niet kunt maken, 9 doe rustig en nooit opgeven, want op een dag, 3 wordt wiskunde makkelijk By Donia

52: 3. Use your brain 1. Everyday 4. Use your intelligence today 1. Do 5. Your mathematics homework each day 9. And become the person you want to be today 2. Do it 6. You will not regret of it 5. Math will open your eyes 3. Listen and Learn 5. You will benefit from it 8. Be a role model for people around you 9. Understand the world of the Mathematics teachers at school 7. Help people with their problems and more 9. Be the person you had never thought to be 3. Learn, Understand, Help 2. Do it

53: 3. Gebruik jouw hersenen 1. Dagelijks 4. Gebruik jouw intelligentie vandaag 1. Maak 5. Jouw Wiskunde huiswerk elke dag 9. En wordt de persoon die jij wilt zijn vandaag 2. Doe het 6. Je zult daarvan geen spijt krijgen 5. Wiskunde zal jouw ogen openen 3. Luister en Leer 5. Jij zult ervan gaan profiteren 8. Word een rolmodel voor mensen om je heen 9. Begrijp de wereld van de Wiskunde docenten op school 7. Help mensen met hun problemen en meer 9. Wees de persoon je dacht nooit te kunnen zijn 3. Leer, Begrijp, Help 2. Doe het By Sakina

54: 3 What is math? 1 numbers? 4 It’s not only numbers. 1 what? 5 Math is more than numbers: 9 square roots, graphs, formulas, equations, algebra, shapes and Pythagoras. 2 Useful subject? 6 It can be. In the future. 5 Is it easy? No. Just 3 deal with it ! 5 Math is a difficult subject, 8 but people think that it’s important to study. 9 You have to learn it on school, like English 7 and the other subjects that are important 9 Triangles, circles, rectangles squares and they are all figures. 3 What is Math?

55: 3 Wat is wiskunde? 1 nummers? 4 Nee, niet alleen nummers. 1 Wat? 5 Wiskunde is meer dan cijfers. 9 Wortels, grafieken, formules, vergelijkingen, algebra, figuren en natuurlijk Pythagoras. 2 Nuttig vak? 6 Het kan zijn, in de toekomst. 5 Is het makkelijk? Nee. Ga 3 gewoon ermee om. 5 Wiskunde is een moeilijk vak, 8 Maar mensen vinden het belangrijk om te leren. 9 Je moet wiskunde leren op school, net zoals Engels 7 en alle andere vakken die belangrijk zijn. 9 Driehoeken, cirkels, rechthoeken en vierkanten ze zijn allemaal figuren 3 Wat is wiskunde? By Sounita

56: 3. We all calculate 1. Every 4. Single minute or day 1. We 5. All like maths, yuppie yay 9. If you all use your beautiful and smart brains 2. You will 6. Be smarter in every single way 5. Let’s play with numbers hurray 3. 567 times 342 5. Equals 193914 which is easy 8. To calculate because we have all kinds of 9. Tactics for calculating the most difficult questions and calculations 7. You will get, it will be easy 9. Mathematics is a subject where we use our brains 3. So remember guys 2. Math is 3. Really really fun.

57: 3. We berekenen allemaal 1. Elke 4. Minuut of een dag 1. Wij 5. Houden allemaal van wiskunde YAY 9. Als je al je mooie en slimme hersenen gebruikt 2. Zal je 6. Slimmer zijn op elke manier HEY 5. Laten we spelen met getallen 3. 567 keer 342 5. Is 193.914 die met gemak 8. Te berekenen, omdat we allerlei leuke en handige 9. Tactieken hebben om moeilijke vragen en berekeningen te berekenen 7. Het zal natuurlijk heel erg makkelijk zijn 9. Wiskunde is een vak waar we onze hersens gebruiken 3. Dus onthoud jongens 2. Wiskunde is 3. Echt heel leuk! By Feyza

58: 3 A Mathematical Piem. 1 Math 4 what a wonderful phrase 1 Math 5 Ain’t no passing craze 9 It means a lot of worries for the rest 6 of your long tiring school life. 5 Math, such a wonderful phrase. 3 It’s our motto! 5 It will solve your problems. 8 From the quadratic equations to the Pythagorean theorem 9 From cubes to pyramids, from spheres to large cones 7 It’s your saviour whenever it’s needed 9 Sometimes hard, sometimes easy, nevertheless it’s always fun 3 It’s fun 2 and cool 3 such a wonderful 8 thing, ready to be used and admired by 4 everyone that wants to 6 So here we are almost done 2 with the 6 Piem created by and awesome person 4 Goodbye and do maths. By Mounir

60: Pi and Love by Patrycja S. Martyna K. | In the first place 3, I like number Pi 1, 4 , 1 it’s for fun 5, 9, 2, I like you 6, 5, 3 this is me 5, 8, 9 math is fine 7, 9 ,3 talk to me 2, 3, 8 it’s your fate 4, 6, 2 I love you

61: 6, 4, 3 about me 3, 8, 3 learn with me 2, 7, 9 I’m Polish guy | 5, 0, 2 it’s only you 8, 8, 4 give me more 1, 9, 7 it is | haven 1, 6, 9 school is fine 3, 9, 9 you are mine

62: I know a great number He's also a letter He likes to fly He's called Pi And in basketball he's a playmaker! by Eliana, Francesca, Gabriel | LIMERICKS FROM ITALY | Let’s write a poem for Pi with a lot of rhyme it has infinite matches like tree branches but we don't know why by Emanuela, Gaia, Giulia

63: Basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis | Pi is a Greek letter but it is also a number we use it in Maths also in Arts it gives us more than an answer. by Emanuela, Gaia, Giulia | In Latin we study the ablative But Pi is obviously more interactive In fact Pi has many relations From the circle to the cylinder: it's got lots of functions! Maybe it would do other things, but it's a captive! by Francesco

64: Now there is an ancient Greek letter, And I think no other is better. It isn't too tall, It might look very small, But its digits, they go on forever. by Emanuela, Gaia, Giulia | I love Physics And also Mathematics Especially the number Pi Are you asking me why? Well, it's fantastix! by Eliana, Francesca, Gabriel | When I cry I think of Pi My sadness goes away Everything is okay And I'm a happy guy by Eliana, Francesca, Gabriel | LIMERICKS FROM ITALY

65: Pi sometimes dances shimmy he doesn't make any mistakes in Economy In his job he is very meticolous And in his free time he enjoys with the rebus he should go to an Academy! by Francesco | Open your eye Look up at the sky See all the stars And planets like Mars Look here: there is also Pi! by Eliana, Francesca, Gabriel | During the night I hold my pillow tight Because I'm scared of darkenss So then to send away my sadness I recall to my mind my favourite number Pi. by Eliana, Francesca, Gabriel

66: 3 You know what? 1 Incredible! 4 It makes the difference! 1 Useful 5 This is a wonderful number 9 A very old one, all the world knows it. 2 Perfect PI 6 Special irrational number loved by people 5 Looking like a music key 3 Searching for infinity 5 The symbol that amazes us, 8 Because of its important role for Maths work. 9 Epic relation between length and diameter in a circumference 7 The excellence coming from ancient Greek alphabet 9 to join our everyday life, even unseen by us. 3 Weird decimal composition, 2 Unique number 3 PI or nothing. | PIEMS FROM SPAIN | E2C collective Piem

67: 3-Maths is special 1-because 4-it is an important 1-thing. 5-In every word you say, 9-in all places,even inside you,in knowledge, 2-in life 6-and in every step you do. 5-Is immortal,it doesn’t have limits. 3- Believe in maths | What is PI? Magic The mistery of maths It doesn’t have an end It’s the key of the area of the circumference it’s infinity Learn it now, never forget it There is nothing like this This is PI You have to remenber it | Chaimae | Ester

68: Let’s learn PI: Infinite Used to make circles PI The most important geometrical factor Never ends Maths is useful, also outside school Maths can help you everyday Pi is everywhere Sometimes we don’t see it | Carlos | 3. A true friend 1. Fantastic 4. Where is its end? 1. Epic 5. You know what number is? 9. The relation between diameter and length in a circumference 2. PIt square? 6. No, no Pi, is round 5. Discovered by ancient Greek people 3. The infinite number 5. Pi, we’re looking for you! | Laura

69: Un-Mathematical Me Me doing Maths? PI! Stories from Graphs? Me? Never had a good head, teachers, family, friends in my life would always say. | That girl! No logical reasoning, no sitting time for axioms to learn. Words, novels, poetry in mind How could she the Maths secret garden accede?

70: It’s a number One? Yes, could be one It’s? Could be one,four,five But if it’s number one can’t be number four YesPI Oh, that’s incredible! it is true PI has all you want PI is the infinity Life always includes PI Sara López Jiménez | Marta Soria

71: Something about Pi: Excellent Many people hate maths, Pi An amazing and useful number Pi is one of those numbers that are Unknown. infinity That helps us and it’s everywhere. We can’t hate maths, because, it’s almost everywhere. Gonzalo Pérez

72: Victor Rebollo | 3 The best number 1 Irrational. 4 It’s an unforgettable number. 1 Incredible. 5 A surreal number but perfect.. 9 This is a greek number, because they invented it 2 Infinity number.. 6 Important to Mathemathicians. We love it 5 Like this number with us 3 ‘Cause it’s great. Guillermo

73: 3. Meeting PI 1. Beautiful 4. It’s a popular sign 1. Amazing 5.PI helps)you in decisions 9.Not all the people know the decimals it contains. 2. Special number. 6. long time ago by people known. María | Clara

74: (3.141592653) An incredible number Infinity It’s the best number Perfect Can't you reach the end? It’s the most difficult to learn in the world Irrational number Number Pi is the perfect tool Mario | PI, Number Pi... Admirable The salvation of geometry Surreal The key of logical knowledge, The magic discovery of the relation length and diameter In circumferences Touching the divine; a perfect tool Neverending from yesterday to present Pi, number pi | Sergio

75: A long number Wonderful So many decimals inside Useful The best friend of mathematicians You can use in different things in maths class Irrational number You can’t know the whole number PI, loved and perfect PI This is you Three comma fourteen, fifteen, nine Pablo | WITH THIS SWEET PI, OUR SPANISH PIEMS COME TO AN END

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