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Platt Family 2011

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S: Platt Family 2011

BC: to another great year...

FC: Platt Family 2011

1: 2011 | This was a great year, it seemed to fly by as we anticipated the arrival of Eli. He was such a blessing to our family and we were so happy to welcome him home. Benson grew up so much and kept us on our toes at all times with his unique personality, and vocabulary. Here are the highlights of this year... | James: | Carlee: | Benson: | Eli: | Started second year of law school, completed internship with Sky West Airlines, loved fishing in Alaska. | Continued working, survived another pregnancy, loved having flight benefits, loved having a gym membership, became den mother for the Boy Scouts. | Increased vocabulary from 25-1000 words, loved playing golf, jumping on the tramp, loved being Woody for Halloween, great sleeper, made best friend Paisley, had a blast with cousins in Disney World. | Got really good at screaming, not so good at sleeping, learned how to smile, traveled the country before reaching 2 months old.

3: 2011 started off with lots of hiking, activities, & outings to keep a very curious Benson entertained. He loves seeing new places . He does great in the pack but loves to hike himself too. He climbs and jumps off everything from the ottoman to the lawn mower. His favorite toy is currently a shower squeegee, he loves cleaning the bath, the walls, the couch, the door, just about anything he could get to. Quote of the month: ONE.. TWO... (Benson) GEEEEEE. Benson loved having James around over Christmas break, he must have been a little confused though because ever since James was home all the time Benson started calling him MOM. It was very funny... not so much to James but especially to me.

4: In March for spring break we decided to head up to Montana for about 5 days. James and I got to ski at Big Sky for 2 days while Benson had fun with Grammy and Papa. He loved MT; lots of snow, 4wheeler rides to the pond, and lots of chocolate milk from Papa. He's finally old enough to enjoy the animals at the Clark home, he fed cows, horses, baby chicks, and chased the -goggy- all over the house. We also went snowmobiling and ice fishing...lots of winter fun.

10: Weekend in Logan! Benson, Coriann and I went up to Logan to see Tanner and celebrate Coriann's birthday. We met my mom there and got to stay in a hotel and swim, go out to eat and go to a farm. Benson loved seeing all the animals and spending time with Grammy and his aunt and uncle.

13: In April James got an amazing summer internship at Sky West Airlines. It was such a great opportunity for us to travel and good work experience for James. He spent most of the week down in St George at corporate headquarters and came home to be with me and Benson on the weekends. We also spent time in St George and lots of time at the airport. Benson became an expert traveler, he pulled his own suitcase everywhere and did great on the plane as long as he could play Angry Birds on the iPad! We were so blessed to be able to visit a lot of family and go on some awesome trips. We had the benefits for 11 months and tried to take advantage as much as possible!


17: One of our first trips to use our flight benefits was to go visit Camber's family in Jackson Mississippi. It was so fun for Benson to play with his cousins. He loved having other kids to swim, run and play with. We went to the zoo, the lake for a BBQ and played games when the kids were asleep.

18: Porter and Bense... I'm pretty sure they will be best buds their whole lives. They seemed to love each other right away. Benson comes up with an idea and Porter is game to follow along... the perfect system:)

19: Our next trip was awesome, we flew up to Bozeman for my friends wedding and then took off to Alaska leaving Benson with Grammy and Papa. We had about 4 days to experience the great outdoors. We basically left having no idea what we would do, we got a little advice from my dad and then decided to just figure it out we went along. We made it out there pretty easily, flying into Anchorage. Then we rented a car and got in a little day hike to Flattop Mountian and saw a little of the city. Then we headed for the Kenai peninsula. It was the most beautiful drive ever, I couldn't believe what the mountains looked like, I was blown away even being from MT. Day 2 was spent on the Russian River, we didn't have a ton of success fishing but we saw 5 black bears including 3 little cubs. James caught a few Sockeye Salmon but didn't hook them legally so we didn't keep them. He also caught a baby DollyVarden. I mostly wondered around watching the wildlife, enjoying the scenery and even took a nap in the car. Almost seven months pregnant, that was a priority.

21: Exit Glacier Kenai National Park

24: AFter the Russian River we drove down to Seward. We found a little hostel to stay at for 20 bucks a night. We had some daylight left so we drove down to the National Park and hiked to Exit Glacier. Then we headed to bed and prepared for Day 3: fishing in Seward. We knew this would be our last chance to catch some salmon. Again we had no idea what we were doing but we rented a little boat and got some hooks, bait and took our river rods out on the bay. We saw some cute little Puffns and a bunch of Bald Eagles. Pretty soon we were catching Salmon. It was amazing, James would hook one and I would have to hurry and follow it with the boat so it didn't snap our weak line. It was crazy intense and then we would bring it in and try for another. We caught a Halibut and some Rock Cod too. We were pretty dang proud:)

28: Dinner: Salmon, Halibut and Cod | Our Cute little Hostel | The Scenery... | Our car and the road to Seward | Sunny Day

30: Our last day we headed back toward Anchorage, we decided to stop by at a Wildlife Park that was along the way. It was definitely worth it. We saw so many Alaskan animals up close and spent a few hours there. Then we decided to go to Matanuska Glacier after discovering all the flights were full. It is the largest accessible glacier in the US, over 27 miles long. We couldn't pass it up. It was a long drive but worth the experience, we hiked along the ice and got just about everywhere the tour would have taken us.

32: Bense playing the -plano- | Bath time fun, Benson learned all his letters over the summer. He would spend a hour in the bath telling me all the letters. You little smarty pants Benson. | Love that face | More ipad time

33: Summer Snacks | Plane rides... saved by the ipad | Quick trip to LA | The coaster Santa Monica Pier | Cannon Ball Wound | Still a jumper

34: Platt Family Vacation - Orlando

35: In August we left for the Platt Family Vacation. We flew into Orlando and stayed at the Marriot Orlando Resort. We had 8 adults and 6 kids along for the ride. Our resort was great, lots to do and some great pools. We left Benson's suitcase on the couch so we had a few challenges right off the bat. After getting him some new clothes and a swimsuit we were ready for the week. We started off by going to Coco Beach. The water was great, nice and warm. All th kids did great and had a blast playing with each other all day. Day 2 was Hollywood Studios, the highlight for Benson was Beauty and the Beast.

36: Day 3 we spent at Sea World. It rained a lot that day which made for cooler weather (which I loved being 8 months pregnant) and fewer crowds. We all loved the park, and I may have shed a few tear at the dolphin show.

37: We went back to Sea World for another day later in the week. The weather was much hotter that day, Benson loved the splash pad and watched the shows again. We also stayed for the late night Shamu Rocks show, it was amazing.

39: Magic Kingdom | What a magical place, we all went back to the park for another long day of fun. We stayed all day until the firework show. Benson loved all the rides and seeing the characters. I even got on some fun rides, hiding my belly in a rain poncho.

40: Day 4 we headed to Animal Kingdom with Sage. It was my favorite park, We went to the Lion King show and it was amazing, we went back and got VIP seating for the show later in the day. Benson was on the edge of his seat the whole time. We also loved the Safari and saw tons of animals, We took on the Dinosaur Ride and loved the Bugs Life show in the Tree of Life.

44: OREGON WEEKEND We decided to take one last trip before Eli came. It was a little rough since I was in my last month of pregnancy but we had a blast. Benson and Porter didn't get more than about 6in away from each other the whole weekend. We went berry picking, hiked up to a waterfall and went to Coos Bay to see the gardens along the coast and go crabbing. We also hit up the chocolate shop...mmmm

46: -Benson- So Benson is getting soooo big. Look at him, he's not a little guy anymore. I guess that's why you have more babies huh? Well, we've been waiting for this new baby and trying to prep Bense for it but I don't think he's too excited. Whenever we ask him if he wants a baby brother he says, "no...i don't. I don't wonk him. When we ask what we should name the baby he says, "Pain, yeah Pain Platt. Yikes, it might get dangerous for this new baby very soon, he's much safer in the belly for now. Benson has until thursday to be the only child so we're trying to make the most of it, lots of park time and coloring and riding bikes. Next week we will be a family of 4. Can't believe it.

47: September 21st 2011 | The night before I had Eli my friend Megan and I went up the canyon for a few maternity pictures. Talk about waiting till the last min, these were taken less than 24hrs before Eli arrived. It was a beautiful night and a good distraction for me.

48: September 22, 2011 Welcome Baby Eli

49: 1:07pm 8 lbs 13 oz 21 inches

51: Benson meets his baby brother...

52: We love you Eli James

55: What an amazing experience, every time a new baby comes into a family it is truly a miracle. We are so thrilled with a second baby boy. We had a pretty easy delivery this time, only 7 hrs we waited for the baby to come. He came out screaming and ready for life on earth. Benson is very happy with the baby too, he made the final decision to name him Eli, and he is a very protective older brother. When the nurses came to take Eli away he got so upset and wanted to keep holding him. Eli had visitors Grandma and Grandpa Platt, aunt Coriann, friends Angela and Megan. It was a beautiful day bringing Eli home and we were so thankful to welcome him into our home. The next few days were challenging as I tried to recover and James tried to keep Benson occupied. I was pretty nervous about having 2 kids now, but soon enough our family adjusted and did great. Grandma Clark also came for a week to help and entertain Benson.

60: About 10 days after I had Eli Camber came out to visit us, it was so much fun to have her come and help me with the baby. We had some great sister moments, holding the baby, eating frozen yogurt and going for a little hike up the canyon. A few weeks later James had his Fall Break, we decided o visit our friends the Law's in San Diego. We went to Sea World, Wild Safari Park and the Mormon Battalion. We enjoyed the nice weather and company with friends.



64: Benson loved playing this funny game on the ipad all spring and summer long. He called it, Oingy Birds, and he got progressively better as his birthday approached. James constructed the sling shot and gave all the kids turns trying to knock down the boxes. It was really fun. I made the pinata and the Pin the Angry on the Bird. It was a big hit. Not sure how we will ever top this birthday party.


66: Happy Halloween...

67: Halloween was so fun this year. Benson was old enough to choose what he wanted to be... Sheriff Woody. He was so excited about his costume and wore it around for a few weeks before Halloween. Eli was only a month old but looked super cute in his costume too. We went to the ward Trunk or Treat and then went to a few houses that night, and Macey's during the day. Benson loved all the candy he got and definitely bought into the whole thing. | Spooky Skeletons...

68: Benson has grown up a lot this past year and has become our fun little buddy. He talks so much and keeps us laughing everyday, here are some of his highlight quotes... | 1/2011 Benson says, "cookie, cracker, on/off, up/down, ellow (yellow), ogo (orange, caco (purple). | 3/2012 "frama" Grandma "samich" sandwhich "AWESOME" "ow-side" outside "MINE" "hungy" "ogurt" and "roros" for cheerios "bana" | 5/2011 Benson now tries to say EVERYTHING he hears or asks him to repeat. We flew up to MT and he started calling it "Mom-tana" and then later say "Mama-tana" laughing he said, "I funny!" | 6/2011 Benson's latest phrases: "See that?" "I push" "one more time" "No, I want it" "I wanna gunk it" "nice shot, good job" "watch this!"

69: 5/2011 Benson knows and identifies the letters, "B-O-X-T-A-S" and counts "1-2-3-5" He recognizes the letters everywhere we go, driving down the street, in books and around the house. | 5/2011 When Benson wakes up in the morning and is ready to get out of bed he calls, "James...Tarlee!" over and over until we come to get him! | 7/2011 We were walking to the park today and Benson noticed someone mowing their lawn. He said, "look, a vaccume stroller"! He also notices every Nike symbol and calls it a "Nike Moon!" | 8/2012 While on the vacation to FLA Benson was hilarious. We went to Beauty and the Beast, when Belle came out Benson asked, "who's that?" and every time she left the stage he said, "where Belle go?" I think he's in love! He also loved the Animal Kingdom,, he knows, "rino, hippopotamus, flamingo, giraffe, dolphins, penguins, puffins, and manatees. He likes "dolphins do flips" the most. | 9/2011 Mom- "benson what should we name the baby?" Bense- "Pain, Pain Platt" | 10/2011 AFter a month with the new baby, Benson is finally adjusting a little to Eli. At first he didn't seem to even care that he was around but he is figuring out that Eli is here to stay. He says, "Mom, should we bring Eli?" and the other day he said, "Mom, Eli is NOT crying!" really excited and surprised He says to ELi, "be happy, don't cry just be happy" and tries to not be too rough. He has become a little naughty lately, he says to me after I tell him to be good, "no, I wanna be a bad boy!" Here was another conversation; Mom- "Benson stop, nobody likes to hear screaming" Benson- "everybody likes screaming" Mom-Benson just calm down, you're getting a little crazy" Benson- "No, I'm BIG crazy!" He definitely has the concept of opposites and arguing down! | 12/2011 Benson has really liked learning Christmas songs. His favorite is Santa Claus is Coming to Town. He loves to see the Christmas lights and playing in the snow. | 6/2011 Benson has figured out the system when it comes to flying. Right after getting to our seats he waits for the flight attendant to come by and says, "apple juice please!" he seems to win them over pretty quick and ends up with juice, cookies, crackers and a pair of wings before all the other passengers are even seated. | 11/2011 Benson playing the letter game on the ipad. It says, "you're great" he says "you're right! | 12/2011 I made scrambled eggs for breakfast, I was trying to feed Benson pretty fast because we were supposed to meet friends for a play date. I got Benson's mouth stuffed full just as he sneezed and blew eggs everywhere! I said, "Benson, that was very BAD!" He laughed a little and said, "but it was very funny? I said, "no, it was not" then he said, "but was it very silly?" I had to laugh eventually even tough it was a pain to clean up the giant mess. The next day there was another good high chair story. Benson was trying to be good and stay out of time out, he accidentally dropped his milk off the tray, I turned around quick and glared at him, he said, "ohh, that's bad bad news!" | 7/2011 "I feed grass to Bart and Snitch."Where is the goggy?"

70: Eli's Blessing Day | November 13, 2011 | Eli's blessing day was so nice, we had a lot of family come to support us and Jams gave Eli a beautiful blessing. It was a chilly day and we all had soup and rolls after the blessing. It was such a great day, Eli looked great in the blessing suit from Grandma Sage and his special blanket from Great Grandma Smith.

71: As the weather got colder Benson loved wearing his bear hat and playing in the leaves. He loved that he could just run and jump into a giant pile of leaves over and over again. When we had the first snow James and I thought it would be fun to build a snowman, Benson thought it would be fun to knock a snowman down and pull the sticks and bottoms off. We ended up getting frustrated with him and just finished it ourselves. Ha ha

72: Thanksgiving Alumni Tourney Champions | Our cute little Eli | James new Scooter | We love this face | Utah Winter Day

73: Christmas in Montana

77: We have so much to be thankful for this year, we have 2 healthy adorable boys and a bright future ahead. We are half way through our second year of law school and the light is starting to shine. I enjoyed another year of working as a trainer and I am so thankful for the opportunity it has been for me. I love all of my clients and they have been wonderful examples to me. Although I go to help them reach their goals I find I always come away with advice on parenting or life. The Lord has blessed me so much with this opportunity financially, we have been able to make it through school easier because of my work without compromising my role as a Mom. We continue to be challenged by having two young kids while in graduate school, it seems crazy and difficult at times, but we would not trade anything for our boys. They bring a deeper love into our home, more excitement, more frustration, more chaos but ultimately more laughter. I am so excited for Eli to get older so the boys can play together more and keep each other busy. Benson continues to do so well with him, he always wants to bring him along with us and calls him -my best friend.- Nothing makes me happier as a mother. I know the Lord sent us these boys for a good reason and we love them more than we ever thought possible. We look forward to more challenges, memories and children to come to our home.

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