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FC: I Believe In Poetry | Cassandra Priest

1: All My Favorite Poems

2: I Believe In Poetry | Some believe in song, Some prefer dance, Some would choose paint or film, But I choose poetry. It can be a description, A story, Almost a song at times. It can be short and sweet, Long and detailed, Or anywhere in between. It can leave you begging for more, Leave you asking questions, Make you change the way you see things, Or even give you the image That is meant to be seen. A poem can be anything, I know all this Because I believe In poetry. And that poetry is indeed A way of life.

3: Planet of Life | A river of tears, A valley of joy, A forest green with the vines of envy, A lake of fear, A volcano erupting with anger, A field of peace, An ocean of pain, An alley of dark lonely days, A mountain of challenge, An avenue of love, A desert hot with embarrassment, A rock for you to lean on, A pool of cleansing, A breeze that brings laughter, A forest of memories, A beach with the sands of time, The days full of knowledge, And nights of rejuvenation. They say that life is like many things But here I think it's obvious. Life is most like a planet Whose landscape depends on What you bring to it.

4: When you feel alone Are you? If you’re talking to yourself Are you sure you are? What if I told you that I know I’m not. What would you think? Cause the truth is I know I’m not alone. Because I know I have these angels, And they are with me Through every hour of the day. They follow me Everywhere I go. You may not see them, You may not hear them, You may not believe That they’re even there. But I know they are. When it’s quiet outside And a small breeze blows by I can hear them, Whispering, To me To each other And to everyone else. When I’m sitting alone And it seems like no one cares I can feel their warmth Envelop me And everything around me. I don’t know why they’re here, | My Angels

5: And I might never know. It doesn’t matter though Because I know they’re there And that’s all that matters. And because of these three, Beautiful, Pure, Wonderful creatures, It’s easy to say That I know angels are real.

6: Can you believe in something That you might never see? Can you set your heart On something that may not even be there? Can you hold something close If you can’t feel it there? Can you pour your heart out To someone who may not hear you? If you can’t Have you tried? And if you haven’t Why don’t you? | Can You

7: You There | You there, The one whose hand Holds in it not only mine But also holds my heart. Did you know That it’s there? Did you know That you alone Have the decision Whether it’s crushed or not? I trust you with it Hoping that if I chose I could look upon it And see it not crushed or shattered But silently beating And in every beat feel the love That runs through me.

8: Like the day and night Fighting for the hours between, The charge each other. Two souls lost In the heat of the battle they hold. Each with a weapon, A single minion behind, And nothing to lose But the life that fills them. There’s not much difference Between these two, Other than the fact that, They are complete opposites. ~ ~ ~ One uses the power of light. With a bow in hand And the power of her god Behind her every move, She faces her foe, Fearless. She moves with the grace Of the sky above her. Her movements in perfect tune With the earth beneath. And her fear hidden Like the full strength of her power. Behind her Stands a beautiful creature. One showing powerful claws, Teeth that could kill in a moments notice, And a beauty Only matched by its master. | The Ultimate War

9: When looked at by another They simply see A tiger of great strength and beauty, But in the eyes of its master It is seen as a friend, Perhaps even a guardian. She fights for the good Of the people She’s sworn to protect And she will Let nothing stop her From holding her honor. ~ ~ ~ And the other, darkness. It trembles at her feet As she uses its powers. She has only a single weapon, A dagger, Some say made From darkness itself. She is not afraid, She will not allow herself to be. Every step she takes Shows the power she holds. Every move she makes Shows the grace she once had. Every spell spoken By a voice Unaltered by fear. The product of her summoning Watches her from not far behind, Afraid of the power she holds And thus eager to please his master. He knows he was called upon

10: To stand and fight for her But feels weak Compared to the magic she holds. She fights to keep The power that feeds Her very soul. She will let nothing Take what she has And could never live without. ~ ~ ~ No one knows Which will fall first. No one can see Any weakness From either fighter. Even though, Once They were friends, Now nothing matters But coming out Above the other. They are completely blind To the world going on around them, And neither one cares What could come of it. The civilizations around them Fear the worst, For this unending battle May never be won.

11: Great Mystery | Life. The great mystery. The greatest of them all. The more questions you ask of it The more answers you get. The more answers you get from it The more questions it brings. The only one unsolved. The longest to discover. The only one that is always there. The problems it brings can always be solved. The solutions can always be wrong. But that's just How life is. So why not start trying To figure out The great mystery.

12: Alone | Late at night I lie here Without you By my side. My eyes search For you tonight And find that Yet again I’m all alone. Then I close my eyes And see you. I dare not Open them again Because I know That when I do, All over again, I’ll be alone.

13: What If | If you have something You can't live without What do you do If you lose it? If you've given someone your heart Are you heartless? If you've given everything To the one you love And you lose them Do you really have nothing? If you tell someone That they're your world And something happens to them, Is the world truly gone? Can you really give away The moon and the stars To the one you love? Does any of that matter As long as you're in love? I think not.

14: Driving down the road With his daughter In the seat next to him A man wonders of all the things His daughter has ever asked him. Breaking his train of thought His little girl looks up at him And says, “Daddy, why is the sky Such a pretty color blue?” Knowing that she wouldn’t understand The real answer he tells her, “So it will match the color Of the blue-eyed little girls.” The little girl giggled Because she knew her eyes Were indeed blue, And they just so happened to be The same color as the sky that day. Later that day They were sitting at home Watching TV. The news came on And with it came A story of a man, Shot for a reason that No one could understand. They showed the family Of the man that died. There was a beautiful woman, And two very small children. The little girl looked up At her father with tears in her eyes | Why's That

15: And asked him quietly, “Why would someone do that To a little girl’s daddy?” The man looked down At his daughter And simply said, “There are a lot of mean people That do mean things to others. I don’t know why, But they do.” The little girl hugged her father And wiped the tears from her eyes. Her father turned off the TV And told her that It was time for her To go to bed. She jumped off the couch, Told him she loved him, Then scurried off to her room. Not too long after He went into her room And found her sleeping, Curled up with the teddy bear He’d gotten her For her birthday. He kissed her forehead Then went back Into the living room. He turned the TV back on But kept it quiet so He wouldn’t wake his daughter. He picked up one of his photo albums. The one from his wedding. As he looked through it Tears came to his eyes.

16: He missed his wife, And his daughter Would never know the woman She looked so much like. He looked up And his little girl Was standing there in front of him, With her hand on his knee. She looked up at him and asked, “Daddy, why are you crying?” He picked her up And sat her down On the couch next to him. He told her the story Of her mother And when he finished Telling her how Her mother passed away The day she was born, She simply looked at him And asked, “Why’s that?”

17: Without You | I walk down the street With thoughts of us running through my head. There are so many people around Yet without you I feel so alone. I reach out for someone to hold But everyone around me is so far away, And the one I hold the closest to my heart Is the farthest away. I try to call to them But they can’t hear me. My voice is unheard, My feelings untold, And my life is incomplete Without you by my side.

18: Everything about you Is a dream come true. When I hear your voice I can’t help but smile. When I see your face My heart falls in love all over again. When I look into your eyes I can see how much you love me. When you hold me in your arms I pray that you never let me go. To fall asleep with you by my side Is like falling asleep In the arms of an angel. When you kiss me I can’t help but want another. And when you tell me you love me, That my love Is the most amazing of all. Your love is a sweet addiction That I will never be able to break. I will do anything to keep your love And as long as I have you, I will thank God each and every day For allowing me to love someone As amazing as you. | You

19: Into The Forest | I stand here looking off into the woods. Seeing, Listening, Feeling, Wishing to be part of it all. I see the trees Standing tall Just as I wish to, And their branches Swaying in the breeze Waving me on. I see the sky Clear through the canopy Of crisp, green leaves. I hear the birds chirping Speaking to each other. I hear the leaves on the trees Swaying softly against each other. And the leaves on the ground Crunching beneath my feet. I feel the wind on my face And in my hair. I feel the rock beneath me And the book in my hands. And I sit here Alone Reading my hours away. Only here The world is calm And so am I.

20: Sitting in my beach chair On this bright sunny day. The sun was warm on my face And the cool breeze Felt great in my hair. All of a sudden On the water Was a great ship. I watched it pass by Until it was out of sight. I closed my eyes And let the heat of the sun Warm up my face once again. Every few minutes I opened my eyes To look around. Not too long after I opened my eyes And found myself lost In the beautiful deep blue water. Then it was back, That great ship I’d seen before. Its great black beauty Drawing all my senses towards it. This time as it passed It seemed to be so much closer. The water around the ship Turned black as it passed. It blocked out the sun As it got closer. The only thing I could see Was four figures Standing on the ship. | Just A Dream

21: I knew they were watching me. I didn’t know why But I knew they were. I took a closer look At the ship And saw that my name Was in big gold letters On the back end Of the ship. No one else seemed to see The huge ship Sitting in the water Right in front of them. Curious, I stood up And started walking towards it. Every step I took The world Turned darker than the last. Before I could stop walking It was pure black darkness. Then I started to fall. Thoughts rushed through me. Where was I? What was happening? Where would I end up? Would it ever end? I forced down a scream As I woke up lying in my bed, Safely wrapped up In my nice warm blanket. It was just a dream I told myself. Just a dream.

22: End Or Beginning | Closer we come To the end of work And the beginning Of freedom. Waiting, And waiting, For those months to end. And finally they have, Now, What’s next?

23: Comparing You To A Dream | \ | Everything about you is a dream come true. When I hear your voice I can’t help but smile. When I see your face My heart falls for you all over again. When I look into your eyes I can see how much you love me. When you hold me in your arms I pray that you’ll never let go. To fall asleep with you by my side Is like falling asleep in the arms of an angel. When you kiss me I can’t help but want more. And when you tell me you love me That my dear is the most amazing of all. For you may not realize it But that love is what keeps me going Each and every day.

24: He Was Alone | Alone in this world He watches the people. They pass him by Like he’s not even there. Behind his back They poke fun at him, Because he’s always alone. Though they do They don’t realize, How much it hurts him. But I do Because I’ve been there. So I keep away From the tormentors And try to get to him. Finally I get The chance that I need. As I walk up to him He sits there Waiting to see What kind of pain I will cause him. I look down at him, Quietly say ‘Hello’, And sit down beside him. He cowers away from me, Fearing what might come. I put my hand on his shoulder, And I could feel Him shudder as I did So I pulled my hand away. I move closer and begin to speak. When he looks up at me I smile,

25: \ | And he smiled back. I tell him that I know how they are to him, And that I don’t want to hurt him. After some time of listening to me He began to speak. He speaks of everything That has any importance to him. He opens up his life to me And allows me the chance To know him. When he finished speaking He sits back and smiles. I tell him that I must go, And as I get up to walk away He grabs my arm. I turn and tell him That I can not stay And he lets go of my hand. I begin to walk away And as I do I turn back Only once, But when I do I see only one thing. A tear, Falling silently From the corner of his eye. As I watch It runs down his chin And falls to the ground. I turn my back to him Not wanting to see that tear any longer, And continue walking away. Now wanting to turn back

26: And apologize for leaving, I force myself to keep going. That was the last time I ever saw him. But that single tear, Will stay with me Forever. As I think back To that day, I think of those tormentors And begin to wonder. Could it be That somehow They really don’t see him?

27: Fear | \ | I can hear it pounding And feel it beat Like the hammers they used To build my home, My heart beats in my chest. I can smell it on the breeze And find myself crouching to hide from it. The fear that is there I can only hope will go away. As I sit here I feel the sweat running down my face And I can taste it as it runs into my mouth. At I sit here and watch The fear increases in me For if I am spotted This will surely be the end. You ask me what it is That fuels this fear But I dare not speak Because of the very thing you ask of.

28: Talent Show '07 | I walk out And place my hand On the mic. I look around At all the faces. They’re all watching me And I can’t do a thing. I stand there staring And they stare back. A second later I open my mouth And silence falls Across the room. They’re listening to me And the beautiful sound That has found its way To my lips. Now I’m ready Singing away. My heart takes over Putting power behind the words That without it could mean nothing. I look down at the mic Where my hand quietly lies, Then back at the people. Not a sound is heard Throughout the room Except me. I look down at the ground See my leg shaking And wonder if they see it too. Then I finish, Back away from the mic,

29: \ | And wait silently For the curtain to close. As soon as my hand Left its place on the mic Noise erupted from the crowd. Clapping and cheering, Louder than I imagined. As I stand waiting For the curtain to close I feel a single tear Running down my cheek Because I wish You had been there To see what I saw. And I wish you could have heard What all the crowd did Because the song I sang, I sang for you.

30: Unknown Fear | Walking into a cold, dark room, Sweat forming on your brow, Hearing sounds that aren’t really there, Your heartbeat quickens And you feel a scream Forming in your throat, You search the room With darting eyes. You turn on the lights And with a sigh of relief Find yourself in the room Alone.

31: Prom Butterfly | \ | Today is the day That so many Look forward to. It comes every year And every year It’s the same. Go home early, Get ready, Go to the prom. This year though I get the chance To see What it is That makes this day Such a big deal. I’ve got my dress, And everything else. It’s all waiting In my room For me to make My transformation. Now I wonder, If a caterpillar Turns into a butterfly Will it make it Any less lonely?

32: Past Dreads | She lives her life Like nothing's wrong. She goes day by day Pretending it's not real. But in her heart She can't hide the truth. She can't hide From what she knows. She swore she'd never tell What she saw that night. But now she knows That if she keeps Her secret, Someone else will share The same fate. She stands in front of the man Who will in the end decide What happens to each in the room. She closes her eyes Not wanting to remember But forcing herself to. She remembers everything As if it had happened that very day. She'd been walking around Not going anywhere specifically. It was a cold day out And there weren't many people. She heard someone walking But couldn't figure out where. Then to her horror and shock She walked around a corner Onto an empty street And that's when she saw him.

33: \ | He was tall and strong She could tell. He had a sly look on his face That sent chills down her back. He told her, That running away would do nothing, And that if she ran He would find her anyway. He started walking towards her And as she turned to run He grabbed her by the arm. In a single motion He slammed her against the nearest wall And covered her mouth with something. He leaned in and whispered, "I told you not to run." That was the last thing she heard Before she blacked out. She woke up again In a dark room. She couldn't see anything And all she could hear Was his voice. Then she felt his hand On her now bare skin. She tried to move Away from his touch. She couldn't. She'd been tied down. She tried to scream But he covered her mouth. Blacked out again. This time when she woke There was a horrible ache All over her body. She tried to move

34: Finding her arms now free. She tried to stand But fell to her knees. She saw a light And started crawling towards it. There he was again Waiting for her. He helped her to her feet, Threw her clothes into her arms, And warned her To speak to no one About what had happened That dreadful night. She opened her eyes, Standing in front of the crowd Once again. She'd told them everything No longer afraid. As she hears the verdict She can't help but smile. She may never be free From the past she has, But surely she's saved Someone else From the same thing.

35: Voyages | \ | You know what you're after As soon as you decide where to go. You had no way of knowing What might lay in the distance. As you walked aboard the ship You begin your journey Never knowing what could come, Only what you’ve done To back yourself into. Now you look back And see all you’ve done And find yourself longing For another journey.

36: Look What I've Done | With simple tools The artist creates His masterpiece. With the instruments He holds near The musician Can make beautiful music. With pen, paper, And the imagination That not all have, The novelist And poet alike Create their own world. And when they’re through They simply say, “Hey, look what I’ve done.”

37: Not There | \ | Lying in the dark She holds him close to her And she doesn't even know That he's a million miles away. She clings to what she has Not wanting to let it go, Not wanting to wake up And realize the truth. He's not there. Curled up in a ball She closes her eyes And sees the only thing That she really wants. She wants to scream But forces it down. She hates to know that When she opens her eyes again It'll be just her. He won't be there.

38: Christmas Time | Spending time With loved ones, Going to Family celebrations, Gathering ‘round The Christmas tree To share The joy Of the gifts Left hidden beneath, Wrapping up tight To go out Into the snow Where snowmen, Snow forts, And snowball fights Patiently wait, Grab your sled And run For the hills, House to house Carolers go Not afraid To spread cheer And spirit around, Home by the fire Fighting the cold With a hot Cup of cocoa And A gingerbread man To keep you company, These are a few

39: \ | Of the things That I think of When Christmas Comes to mind. What about you?

40: Days to come Can be anything. They could be good, Could be bad, Could even give you memories You know you’ll never forget. They could fly by, They could seem to stand still, Or they could just wander aimlessly Not knowing when to end. And when they come They go the same. And every day you have a choice. Will you live it to the fullest? Will you let it slip through your fingers? It’s your choice, But someday those days Will be very few. | Passing By

41: Day At The Park | Sun shining down On the soft green grass, A soft wind blowing In the treetops above, Birds singing that beautiful tune That always seems to draw attention, The smell of flowers Fills the air, As you sit on the bench And look around You realize these things Are nothing more Than the simple pleasures Of a day at the park.

42: Wait Of Life | See the girl there With the baby on her knee? She looks too young And yet the child seems To be one of her own. If you look behind you There's a elder woman. The way she looks at the ground Says that there's something not right. And there you sit, Staring at the wall Lost. Looking for answers In the people around you, Yet finding nothing. But maybe you're not looking hard enough. The man across the room Smiles as he sees his little girl All grown up. He hugs her and smiles. The girl with the baby Is now standing with a man And you notice a ring on her finger. You glance back At the elder woman behind you. And see a man walk up to her with a rose. Her eyes light up As she stands by his side. You look back at the wall Thinking of the woman You're waiting for. She's been gone so long And as you stand up to leave

43: \ | You try not to remember The day when You got the call Saying she wasn't coming home.

44: Into The Darkness | It lurks in the shadows Everywhere you go. It’s always behind you, Waiting for the perfect moment To strike. Sometimes you can defeat it But it’s always the Hardest thing to beat. Sometimes you know what it is And can keep it where you want it, And other times It runs free And causes chaos When you don’t expect it. If you let it consume you It will never let go. It wants you to go to it, It wants to keep you for itself. As your fear It wants you To let it rule you.

45: Fluffy Guardian | \ | "I've seen the world. It's a beautiful place. I watch you from A place far above. I make the weather That you all feel. When I come down to you I know it may be Hard for you to see. I just want to be near. I wish you no harm." I've always wondered What a cloud would say If you asked it of its life. Maybe this is part Of the answer you would get. "I'll always be there. No matter how small or large. I guess I'm kind of like a guardian." Clouds. Our fluffy guardians.

46: A Promise To You | You tell me you love me, You tell me you care, You tell me that you’ll always be there. Little do you know, Every time those words, Those beautiful words, Reach my ears, My heart flutters. I try to speak But never can. If only you knew How much I really do love you. You may not believe Everything I say, But if there’s one thing you did, Make it this. Know that I love you Not only as a friend, But with my whole being. My heart, My soul, Everything in me. You tell me you love me, You tell me you care, You tell me that you’ll always be there. And now I’ll tell you, I love you too, I care for you more than you may know, And with all my heart and soul I’ll always be there for you. And that That my friend That is a promise.

47: \ | Fire & Love | Love reminds me Of a raging wildfire. It can be started By something that May at first seem Insignificant. But if the sparks fly And ignite the fire, If the spark is true The fire will burn No matter what tries To stop it. And for those who May try and stop it, It will be impossible Especially if there are things, No matter how small, That continually fuel the flame. It may scare Everyone who comes near But for those who stand Off in the distance, All it is, Is a beautiful glow.

48: Diving Into Love | Love is like a river. It can run deep and strong, But more often than not It’s shallow and weak. Some people will jump right in But others take their time And those are the ones Who will be ready When the water engulfs them. The rivers that run deep and strong Can form their own path Through any obstacle. Rivers that run shallow and weak Don’t always end quickly. Some people seem to enjoy the shallow waters. Why? I haven’t a clue. Where’s the fun In just getting your feet wet? Personally I’d much rather go diving, Wouldn’t you?

49: Love & Fire | \ | Fire is beautiful. The soul of a fire can be Cold and hard as stone. It can make you think that Fires are only for the cold and lonely. But then you look at the flames Beautiful and Bright, Strong and Powerful, And to think that it could be put out By a single bit of earth On which we all stand. Though sometimes Fires can’t be put out In a way so simple. I know that because There is a fire that burns Within my very soul. This fire burns for you. Every single day Being fed by Your smile and The things that you say. This fire is one That can never be doused No matter what is thrown upon it.

50: Wish Upon A Star | I look outside Into the darkness. I walk outside And let it surround me. I look up at the sky And gaze at the moon. I see the stars That look Like drops of light Shining on a black curtain. I try to count them But find myself Overwhelmed By the large numbers. I lie down in the grass, Cross my arms under my head And stare up at the moon. As I lie there Gazing at the moon And listening to The music of the night I see a star, But not just any star, I see a shooting star. As I watch It crosses In front of the moon And as it does I make a wish. I wish, That the only one I love Could be here with me Enjoying this beautiful night.

51: \ | Then I close my eyes Hoping that when I open them You might be there.

52: Thief | Everything I do You steal from me. When I start You had no idea But when you find out You decide That it looks like fun. I try to keep My thoughts to myself But so many times You've driven me away From the things I love, Because you insist On doing the same. For the love of God I ask you Why? ///

53: Wish | \ | As you read this Make a wish. Close your eyes And wish For your deepest desire. Now open your eyes, Don't let go Of that wish. Keep it with you And don't let anyone Take it away from you. When you sleep Dream of your wish Coming tue. If you don't let it go Someday it may Come true.

54: Memories Of Nothing | The pain is so real, So true. What did you do to me? Please tell me. I know it was you, No one else was there. When you pulled that knife From your pocket, And put it painfully close To my heart. I thought you cared, That you’d never hurt me But boy was I wrong. As I fell to the ground I looked up Only to see You walk out the door With that knife in your hand And the trail of blood Slowly dripping from it. I looked down, My hand was over my chest. I could see the blood Flowing around my hand, Like the crimson water it seemed to be. The pain was so strong, Made me dizzy even to think. I tried to stand But fell to my knees. I clutched my chest, The wound that you made, Hoping that I could Make it go away.

55: \ | I was wrong though Just like everything else. The pain didn’t go away. It stayed with me As I knelt on the floor. I blinked Once, Twice, And a third time. All of a sudden A loud noise, A bright light, Someone touching my arm. I looked up at them, The pain was gone. They’d taken the pain And put me back together. Then I realized, That memory, That vivid image that I had, That there was no way It could have been me. Now I wonder. If it wasn’t from my own past, Where did it come from?

56: First Time | For the first time I could reach out And touch your hand. For the first time I could see you Finally face to face. For the first time My dreams came true. I'd waited so long For someone like you. For the last time I found myself alone. Before I was there Able to see you. I love you, and For the first time I can tell you Right to your face. I will never forget The look you had The very first time That we were together.

57: Thunderstorm | \ | A thunderstorm Can be a beautiful thing. Lightning, Darting through the air To strike the ground. Drawing lines in the sky Only to be gone a second later. Thunder, Clapping for all to hear. Sometimes sounding Like it’s stomping the ground Right under your feet, And other times Sounding like a far off drum in the sky. Clouds, Flocking together To set free All that they hold. Wind, Sometimes roaring To lead the way, And other times Following along quietly. Rain, Falling to the ground, Coming together To form the puddles that fill the street. All together, They combine to form One of the most beautiful Natural effects ever.

58: The Mighty Hunter | Stalking her prey Axe in hand, The mighty hunter Sees everything around. In tune with the earth She treads lightly Not wishing to harm That which feeds her power. Clad in scales She watches carefully Waiting for the perfect moment. That which would give The fastest kill. Standing alone Watching the beast She wishes to have. She approaches the beast As silently as a summer breeze. It never saw her coming. She raises her axe, It looks up at her. Now is her time to strike But she can’t bring herself to. The beast is just as lonely As she finds herself. She reaches forth a hand And the beast slowly walks toward her. She is unafraid As is the beast. They face each other Both silently swearing To protect the other.

59: \ | Side by side they leave that place. The one that could have Had them both killed. She cares for the beast, It protects her from all harm. She heals any pain the creature had And it stands beside her in her time of need. Neither is used to the company, Though both enjoy companionship. They will be inseparable Until the death of one For when hunter and beast Come together in harmony They become one.

60: Years ago, They gave you Only months to live. You made it clear To everyone around That you were stronger Than the doctors said. Even through all the pain I'm sure it caused you, You wouldn't let That terrible disease Beat you down. But now it has. It's taken you away From those who stood by you And watched you take in stride Everything it threw at you. I could never feel The way you did Throughout these years, And for all those Who were around you During that time I think they'd say The same as me. I admire you, Your courage, And your strength, And I always will. No matter what happens, To me at least You're the strongest woman I've ever met. | True Strength

61: Shadows In The Dark | \ | It came in the night And as soon as the daylight shone It cowered behind something I could not see. I saw it watching me As I lied in bed Holding the phone to my ear And my blanket to my chest. It doesn’t come closer, It doesn’t back away. It just stays there Watching me. Nights like these Sleep doesn’t come For whatever is there Haunts me If I try To sleep. What it is you ask. It’s a ghostly figure That stands there in the night When the moonlight comes in the window And casts shadows on the floor. It will stand there for hours Then when the sun comes up It just vanishes. I guess the shadow Must be as afraid of the sun As I was of it.

62: Standing Alone | A man stands alone. He looks around But sees no one. He wonders why No people are around. We might each Be in that place at some point. Longing for someone To come keep him company But no one does And he doesn’t know if anyone will. A man wonders to himself Why it seems like no one cares. Arms crossed over his chest, He stands like a statue Forcing the tears not to fall. Then he hears footsteps. He turns around Only to see a woman standing there. As soon as he lays eyes on her People seem to appear from nowhere. He looks in her eye and knows That she’ll always be with him. He loves her And she loves him. That’s all they ever needed Because when someone loves you, No matter how many people are around You still feel alone Without them by your side. A man stares at the grave of his wife Tears falling from his eyes.

63: \ | He whispers “I love you.” Then slowly walks away. | True Strength

64: Wrath Of The Beast | Through the eyes of the beast Comes the flame of life. Yet the blackness of death Is often what shows. Its teeth will bite and rip, Its claws tear to shreds, Anything and everything That comes in its view. You can try to avoid What fuels the beast, But should you move wrong You will feel The claws and the teeth That will mangle your body. Be as careful as you can But it will still find you And have you for its prize.

65: True Beauty | \ | Walking along the shore As the sun goes down. The one you love Walking beside you. You look up at the sky Lost in the moment. It’s a beautiful color, Like that of a fire. You glance down At the perfect reflection In the water beneath. It’s the most beautiful thing One could ever imagine. Just makes you wonder How the person with you Knows not how beautiful What they see Really is.

66: My Dreams | You ask me of my dreams, But there are too many To make you understand How much they really mean to me. I dream, Of a world that There are no wars, And that all people Learn to live in peace. I dream, Of a time That people stop judging each other By race, Sex, And Religion. I dream, Of eternal happiness Not only for myself But for everyone who wishes it. I dream, Of a country Whose leaders stand side by side Along with all the people in the country. Most of all I dream of Inspiration. That somehow, I would be able to Inspire one, Or inspire many To change themselves for the better. Of these, No one is most important.

67: \ | But these, These are the dreams, That I will carry with me Forever, And no matter where I go.

68: The Ring | As she sits in her kitchen She looks at her hand. There sits a ring In all its perfection. Wrapped around her finger Showing her love For the man She calls her husband. She remembers the day He placed that little band Where it now sits. It catches a ray of light And shines like the beauty Her man sees in her. She traces the band With a finger Finding not a single flaw. Just by looking At the ring on her finger She knows that She'll never be alone. As she sits in her kitchen She looks at her hand. There sits the most important Piece of jewelry One could ever imagine.

69: Waking Dream | \ | Every day I wake up With you by my side. I can’t help but smile When I see you there. I wish I could tell you Just how happy I am. Every day before I dreamed of these nights. Whether you believe it or not You’re more than anything I could ever wish for. I used to think You’d always be just a dream But here you are By my side Even when I’m awake.

70: Where I'm From | I am from dark stormy nights And bright sunny days. From days gone by And those still coming. I am from quickly thought out plans That always leave someone wondering What it was I was thinking. I’m from computers, TV’s, and music, Sports, books, and new friends. From secrets and stories, And games won or lost. I’m from vacations to the ocean, Being mesmerized by the waves, Seeing the sky full of squawking gulls, And the strong scent of salt on the breeze. I’m from Frisbee in the park After church on Sunday. From that green house Where my grandparents used to live, And all the memories I left there. I’m from clam bakes and weddings, Birthdays and holiday parties Surrounded by those I call my family. I’m from camping and hiking In the beautiful woods. From landscape shots Of all nature’s beauty Fit for a magazine. I’m from poetry, Written by ink and hand, That so many seem to enjoy. I’m from motorcycles and classics, The love of the wind in my hair.

71: \ | From lying under the stars Knowing that no matter who’s around I’m never alone. I am that baby bird- Forced to stay in my nest, While mom and dad do everything, Until I’m ready to fly And leave it behind.

72: Not Soon Enough | It’s not long ‘Til I’ll be free of you. You and your amazing ability To anger me Simply by being in the same room. Everyone thinks That I’ll miss you When you’re gone But I promise you That’s the last thing I’ll ever do.

73: Time, Itself | \ | What secrets does The story of time Hold in its presence? Time is a cure, A gift. Time is gently, Yet firm As it marches on. Not even the strongest Has the strength To stop time in its tracks. It takes from everyone At some point, And isn't always As generous As it is greedy. If time stopped though None of us Would know What to do.

74: Killer Memory | As he looks through The broken window Time seems to slow down Almost to a halt. His clothes torn to shreds And beads of blood Running down his arms. He doesn't understand What has happened. He sees no one Out the broken window. Not a living thing. Something happened. Then a scream, Like nothing he'd ever heard. He looks to his left And there lies a woman More beautiful than Anything he's ever seen. As he held the knife To her throat She screamed again. He dropped the knife. Fell to his knees. Then everything came back. The noises were all there. The people were On the other side of the window. The police were on him As he tried to explain What he couldn't understand. They told him he'd killed people. Three.

75: \ | None that he could recall. As they dragged him away And into their car He couldn't help but wonder What it was that he'd done.

76: Perfect Pair | Sitting at the table Reading a book With her little girl Is a woman so much more Than what she seems. There across from her Is the man she loves Staring at her lovingly. She looks up from the book And smiles at him. He smiles back Amazed yet again At the beauty of her smile. It’s been this way For many years now. Both falling more in love With the other Each and every day. Both wondering How the other Hasn’t seemed to find A single flaw. She looks down At her little girl And goes back To reading the book, Leaving him to watch The thing he enjoys the most.

77: Daddy's Girl | \ | You've always been there Whenever I needed you. You've done everything for me And never asked for anything I've always been Closer to you Than anyone else. I guess that's because I'm daddy's girl And no matter How much time passes I always will be.

78: Wondrous Creature | They came a very long time ago, They're known as white head. They spend most of their lives In the sea. They know no fear To those like us and The only enemies they have Are those who wish to see them die. Imagine having your first child, And having your mate for life, At a little three years old. That's what they do. If they lose a child They will steal one From a different family. Seafood is their specialty, They catch it themselves. At fifteen You'd be considered an elder. They can swim Faster than any person I've ever seen. With only a hundred million Around the world, They move in huge groups And speak in a language With no speaking. What is this wondrous creature? There can only be one answer. Because only a penguin Can live a life Such as that.

79: Inspiration. You wonder where it comes from. Just look around you. Everything you see Could be inspiration To someone. Inspiration can be Caused from a memory, A simple thought. Inspiration can be Something you can see, Hear, Taste, Or smell. Inspiration can be brought By the work of another Or by something you've done yourself. Now ask yourself. What are you inspired by? | Inspired By

80: A Promise To You 46 Alone 12 Can You 6 Christmas Time 38-39 Comparing You To A Dream 23 Daddy's Girl 77 Day At The Park 41 End Or Beginning 22 Fear 27 Fire & Love 47 First Time 56 Fluffy Guardian 45 Great Mystery 11 He Was Alone 24-26 I Believe In Poetry -2 Into The Darkness 44 Into The Forest 19 Inspired By 79 Just A Dream 20-21 Killer Memory 74-75 Look What I've Done 36 Memories Of Nothing 54-55 My Angels 4-5 My Dreams 66-67 Not Soon Enough 72 Not There 37 Passing By 40 Past Dreads 32-34 | Perfect Pair 76 Planet Of Life 3 Prom Butterfly 31 Shadows In The Dark 61 Standing Alone 62-63 Talent Show '07 28-29 The Mighty Hunter 58-59 The Ring 68 The Ultimate War 8-10 Thief 52 Thunderstorm 57 Time, Itself 73 True Beauty 65 True Strength 60 Unknown Fear 30 Voyages 35 Wait OF Life 42-43 Waking Dream 69 What If 13 Where I'm From 70-71 Why's That 14-16 Wish 53 Wish Upon A Star 50-51 Without You 17 Wondrous Creature 78 Wrath Of The Beast 64 You 18 You There 7 | List Of Poems

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