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Poems - Page Text Content

S: Poetry to Amuse and Entertain

BC: The End

FC: fun | Poems | memories | by Barb Krause | amusing | family | Friends

1: Introduction 2011 The poems in this book are sometimes true to life and sometimes just a weird, whimsical way of looking at life. My hope is just to amuse and entertain. So sit back, put your feet up and enjoy.

2: 1 | A thought provoking twist on what bullying can do to a young girl...

3: I was in Italy at the time of this one and was a little lonesome for home... | 2

4: I am enjoying the sunny south while thinking of the snow storm in Michigan... | 3

5: Sue said, "Mom, I'll believe you're a poet if you can write one, I did! | 4

6: Al took his marriage vows very seriously and we reaped the benefits... | 5

7: Makes you wonder, doesn't it? | 6

8: No matter what mistakes you make in life, it's never too late... | 7

9: Poor old guy did himself in didn't he? | 8

10: Colds have a way of making you look as bad as you feel, don't they? | 9

11: When I was a child I loved to lay in bed and listen to the full force of Mother Nature, knowing I was safe and sound. | 10

12: 11 | Very strange, very strange indeed! Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction...

13: This is Randy and Lorrie's lodge in Houghton Lake where people have the best time... | 12

14: This is what I imagine a star would wish for... | 13

15: This is my 2nd poem. Al challanged me to write this after he had surgery for bladder cancer... | 14

16: Just a fun little poem. | 15

17: Yeah, another one about a star, I guess I just like stars. | 16

18: This is really a different look at "us". Some people may question my mental state-...oh come on, you've gotta' admit it's funny!! | 17

19: 18 | At the end of your life, it doesn't matter who you are or what you have. The only thing that matters is who you loved and who loved you.

20: What good fortune for us to have met Kitty and Howard! | 19

21: This mouse led us on a merry chase in the rv for awhile---but we caught him eventually. | 20

22: A friend gave me the idea for this one after complaining about her husband grabbing her good towels! | 21

23: Ah, spring! My favorite time of year! | 22

24: Some people make fun of snowbirds--I promise I won't take offense as long as I'm playing in the sunny south! | 23

25: It takes more than a lipstick and an eyebrow pencil to look this good 'ya know. | 24

26: Traveling is my life's ambition and it gives me great joy! | 25

27: Everybody needs a playmate! | 26

28: A different way to look at words. | 27

29: We need to be like these little flowers and hang matter what! | 28

30: You haven't lived till you've stepped in a warm cowpie with bare feet! | 29

31: Dedicated to my sister, Eva. Those were truly the "good old days". | 30

32: Sometimes you just need some respite from the bad stuff eh? | 31

33: What? You say you haven't been lucky? Then get off your duff and make it happen! | 32

34: This may not be politically correct, but it's one of my favorites anyway. | 33

35: I can just picture God up there laughing his _ss off can't you?...cause "man" sure is stupid sometimes. | 34

36: Molly was a little girl in Sue's daycare. | 35

37: Actually, I don't really like hotdogs very much, but if I did... (I know, I know, it's almost unamerican isn't it?) | 36

38: Nightime seems to give me many ideas for stories and poems. | 37

39: And then there are some days when you'd like to put a sign out front that says, "Children for Sale...not necessarily to a good home". | 38

40: I believe in so many more things. Too many to list here that's for sure... | 39

41: I really did offer my sock, but she refused. Go figure... | 40

42: Larry asked me to write one for his daughter after her mom died cause she was missing her. | 41

43: Brian (our grandson) was going duck hunting with Al for the first time--what fun they had! | 42

44: This mom was a case study on the Dr. Phil show and I couldn't get her out of my mind. I'm so glad I had the mother I did! | 43

45: Who, in their right mind doesn't like Chocolate???? | 44

46: Some nights my brain just won't turn off. It's weird what you think of in the wee small hours. | 45

47: This one is dedicated to Rick and his "coming of old age" --50yrs old | 46

48: The St.Clair river is sure an interesting mixture of humanity having fun. | 47

49: There's really nothing more I can say about babies! | 48

50: Boy, you sure see some strange things traveling the highways of this country! | 49

51: Linda and Dana came to our rescue in Kentucky . | 50

52: We are not humans having a spiritual experience... we are spiritual beings having a human experience. | 51

53: Good for you? Bad for you?? Who's delicious! | 52

54: This really happened to Al's cousin--can you imagine? Yikes! | 53

55: Dragonflys always remind me of little translucent fairies. I just love to see them! | 54

56: I still love going to the movies, and it's still illegal to watch them without popcorn! m-m-m | 55

57: When you're young you think you can do anything you want to when you grow up... burst MY bubble... | 56

58: Call me crazy, but I just love writing recipes. Hey, it could be worse, I could be collecting toilet paper rolls or something... | 57

59: Don't believe me? It could happen to you my friend... just like it happened to me! | 58

60: Phil was a little stinker when he was a kid, but he was also a good brother... | 59

61: I loved seeing Al in his favorite chair napping in the afternoon sun...I miss that. | 60

62: Weird how stuff just "pops" into my head isn't it? | 61

63: 62 | Things about life I have read and firmly believe in... 1. While you're on your way to "wonderful," you have to pass through "alright". Stop-- take a look around and get comfortable with it, cause this may be all you get. 2. This may not be the party you wanted, but as long as you're here you might as well dance! 3. When I get to my grave I don't want to go quietly with a perfect body...I want to slide in sideways skid to a stop completely exhausted, yelling..."Wow,-what a ride!" 4. When things go wrong in life., remember to always fix the problem,not the blame. 5. Above all else, don't forget to laugh and laugh often... especially at yourself!!

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