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Poems by Thomas Jackson Hogg

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S: Tom Hogg's Poems

BC: Thomas Jackson Hogg

FC: Blanche & Tom Hogg

1: Tom Hogg’s Poems Throughout the years, Tom Hogg would develop a poem for Blanche or others. Often times he would be with guests, or on a trip and others who would ask him to make a poem about the place they were at or what they had seen. This is a collection of some of those poems that were written down later by Blanche. Many were spur of the moment and were lost. Often in the night, Blanche would get up and open the drapes and look out at the night, the sky, stars, moon, clouds, wild life, or whatever she happened to notice. Then upon returning to bed she would make a comment to Tom on what she had seen. A little later, based on her comments, Tom would recite a poem, giving her many enjoyable moments in the wee hours of the night. Some of the comments that triggered these poems are also mentioned in the following pages. Hope you enjoy these.

2: Comment from Blanche: A bright moon night Through the window I can not say Whether it is night or day. Because the moon does shine so bright Is it day or is it night? I cannot sleep knowing that this Moon Will be drawn and quartered soon.

3: Comment: “There is a porcupine in the yard” I am a little porcupine My quills they number nine times nine. I’m simply casing this here joint, So leave me alone or you’ll get the point | Possum in the yard I’m a pink nosed rat tailed possum Not as pretty as a blossom I’m slow of foot and dim of wit But it doesn’t bother me a bit Just put the bird food on the tray And I will eat it every day

4: Silver Wedding Memories Thanks for the memories, They sing an old refrain Of that long-past secret marriage; And of boat trips in the rain. We oft think of far-off places, May their memory never pass; Of a fisherman too proud to shoot His wife’s prize winning bass. Lake Superior we remember, With the waves a-rolling high; And a tiny little islet With a place for folks to lie. | Once a fish you lugged so proudly home; “Twenty pounds, at least!” you said; Of course to other people It was just a plain bull head. And the time you shot the muskie; Well, at least you tried; But with the safety on your gun, ‘Twas from laughter that . But to end this on a serious note, And add to life’s little joys; Don’t you think ‘twould be well to even up Your daughters with your boys

6: Blanches Comment “Beautiful moonlit starlit night:” Through the window I can see, The moon adrift on a starry sea, And I wonder can it be All that beauty’s just for me. But then I know that can’t be true, For it is also there for you. Comment – “The sky is literally filled with twinkling stars” A thousand million twinkling stars Leave my furrowed brow with wrinkles Wondering if He who made the stars Also made those countless twinkles Comment – “There is just one twinkling star.” Twinkle, twinkle little star Now we know just what you are You’re another world up high Not a diamond in the sky. You’ve been there for untold ages Seen by children and by sages Sages told us what you are Children think you’re still a star.

7: Comment – “There is just one star in the sky” A single starlet in the sky What would I do with just one eye I could see what’s straight ahead Or on my back what’s overhead And I wouldn’t have to think With which eye I wish to wink. Comment – “Not a star in the sky” Why don’t you twinkle little star So we can see just where you are Is it because a cloudy sky Hides you from the human eye? Or because you lost your way Strolling down the milky way? Or is it something much, much worse You’ve found a different universe? Comment “Saw a satellite in the sky” A man made satellite am I Drifting through a starry sky Stars live forever: I shall die So in my brief celestial span I’ll simply do the best I can.

8: Tom would sometime entertain the young and old alike with renditions of children’s poems So here are Mother Goose revisited; These are Father Gander Nursery Rhymes with apologies to Mother Goose

9: Little Bo Peep lost her sheep And didn’t know where to find them. But the butcher knew, and so did you Because you thought they were simply tops Those tender, delicious, little lamb chops. Peter, Peter pumpkin eater, Had a wife who was a cheater. He sealed her in a pumpkin shell, And mailed her C.O.D. to hell. When the devil answered his mail, Peter promptly went to jail And now at least I’ve heard tell, They share a red-hot heated cell. Tom, Tom the Piper’s son Stole miss Muffet and away he Run And all the King’s horses And all the king’s men Can’t get Miss Muffet back again. Jack and Jill went up the hill To get a dry Martini Now they tell that’s why Jack fell And broke his little beanie | Jack Sprat ate all the fat His wife ate all the lean Now he weighs three hundred pounds And she looks like a long string bean. Little Miss Muffet, sat on a tuffet Eating some garlic bread Along came a spider and sat down beside her One sniff and he was dead. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall From early spring till latest fall The result I’ll tell you if you beg Humpty’s now a rotten egg. Hickory, Dickory Dock The mouse ate up the clock Now it Ex-Lax every day Just to pass the time away

10: The Rose Café in Melrose Wi. Where they would play a game for who pays the coffee tab Morning coffee at the Rose Most everybody comes and goes They come by fours, and threes, and twos With all the gossips and the news A toss of coin or roll of dice Determines who must pay the price If memory isn’t lost or strayed All the games will be replayed. And if one table jumper lingers You know of course it’s Harold Vingers.

11: At the Request of Blanche’s sister in law, Florence Griffin for Moon over Milwaukee instead of "Moon over Miami” Florence and Peg Griffin lived in Milwaukee | Moon over Milwaukee I love to see you here I love to see you shining Over Miller’s High Life Beer When driving on your parkway I almost lose my wits, Wondering if that empty Is Pabst, or Blatz, or Schlitz

12: There were many rabbit sightings, Blanche would make A comment, so Tom was always adding a new poem: Another comment “Rabbit tracks everywhere” Through the window in the snow I can see where bunnies go Rabbit tracks are everywhere One here and over there Sometimes I wonder if they know Where they really want to go. More rabbits When Bunny goes from here to there He thinks he’s been everywhere So when it time to hit the sack He simply goes from there to back. | Comment – “Little rabbit sitting in the yard” I am a furry little bunny I am so cute; I hop so funny All my life I must be clever Or I will end up Hasen Pfeffer. And more Rabbits When Bunny wants a little cheer He drinks a can or two of beer Then he jumps and never stops ‘ Cause from that beer he took the hops | Blanche wrote “Since it had snowed a lot the day before, I got up real early and remarked; there isn’t a single track in the snow”. In the snow, not a single track All the rabbits left and never came back But I think I know just where they’re at Hiding in some Magician’s hat

13: Could I but halt the hours that flee In a procession endlessly And turn them backwards at my will Of childhood’s cup I’d drink my fill. Through wooded vales, by murmuring streams I’d weave the magic of my dreams, Lulled by the distant wildfowl’s call And music of the waterfall. Barefoot I’d tread the golden sands That border childhood’s wonderlands Wonderlands that used to be Filled with fairy fantasy. I’d walk beneath the azure sky, And watch the circling hawks that fly Then slowly stroll the shaded glen Where sunlight flickers now and then. I’d laze beneath the old oak tree That stood there just to shelter me, And hold the tree house and the swings That almost gave me magic wings. The crimson rays of setting sun Would signal now a day that’s done, Filled with all I love the best Ready now for peaceful rest. And in the twilight’s afterglow I’m sure that I would always know, That he who guides us from above Would lead me home to sheltering love.

14: On several different rainy nights, produced more than one poem. I can hear the soft refrain Of the gentle falling rain, On the roof above my head, As I lie here in my bed, And suddenly I realize, A raindrop’s power to tranquilize ________ On the outside window pane, A thousand glistening drops of rain, Run their course of zig and zag Some quite fast while others lag. I wonder if, and how, and when They shall reach the sea again.

16: The breathless beauty of a summer dawn, The crimson grandeur of the setting sun, The soft eyed doe and gentle spotted fawn, The tiring muskie on that last long run The storm that thunders in across “Pete’s” bar, The lonely loon whose eerie call comes clear, These are the things we know for what they are We’ll keep them here for you until next year.

17: Comment from Blanche – White clouds sailing by like ships under full sail” White sails after midnight White sails drifting by They drift not on water Their sea is the sky. | As morning approaches I love to behold Those white sails of midnight Turn to crimson and gold

18: Tom put together a poem of all the Evergreens he could conjure up For heaven’s sake Juniper You know Jack Pines for me So Spruce up or I’ll Balsam more And then make a pitch for him Instead of yew And we’ll stay out Until hemlocks the red wood door, Or you might Ponderosa or Sequoia They’re more you type And Fir heaven’s sake My Pinyon of Yew is no longer Evergreen, So quit giving me the needle.

19: There is beauty in the Northland, Beauty more than words can tell There is beauty in the Northland For those hearts that love it well. May your eyes ne’er lack perception Of that everlasting charm May the God who made the forest Keep you safe and free from harm. | May the fish be ever biting And the hunting always good May friendship’s fires burn brightly At your cottage in the wood. May happiness be yours forever Not just now and then ‘Tis the wish we send to loved ones From “Ye Olde Hogg Pen”.

20: Blanche made a comment; “So dark, I can’t see a thing. Let’s see you make a poem out of that”

21: Through the window I cannot see A star, the moon, or the old oak tree, The world has vanished and left but three Darkness, my true love, and me.

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