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Poetry Portfolio Project---by Brandon Crosby

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Poetry Portfolio Project---by Brandon Crosby - Page Text Content

FC: Poetry Portfolio by: Brandon Crosby 1-2 Glenn

1: Table of Contents: Mom's Kitchen 1-2 Poetry in Music 3-4 Language Arts Poem 5

2: Dinner in Mom's Kitchen Moms in the kitchen cooking on the stove, Cooking some kale green, too bad its not steak, Lil Sis walks in and asks what died, Mom says Its the dinner I'm about to make,” Lil Sis gets disappointed saying, “Oh, For Goodness Sakes!” Lil Sis asks, “What stinks?” Mom says its venison ‘bout to clean it on the sink, Sis says, “Thats whats dead?” Mom says, “Yes and when you're done eating you're gonna go to bed,” Sis says, “Fine, Imma sleep now instead,” Done cleaning meat, now Mom puts it in the oven, Sweet smell of spices, scents whole family is loving Pushing and shoving, Sis and bro start running, Cause they're ready to eat but they forgot something, They forgot to set the table, One of their evening chores, They were just so hungry, They forgot running out their room doors, So now they're ready to eat, Grabbing spoons and forks Now the family is at kitchen table, Reunited, talking about their day, Coming closer after each sentence they say, Conservations flowing, no silence, no delay, Laughing, sharing memories and enjoying the food they just ate

4: J.COLE POWER TRIP FT. MIGUEL [[[ (Hook 1): Got me up all night, all I'm singing is love songs She got me up all night, constant drinking and love songs She got me up all night, down and out with these love songs She got me up all night, drown it out with these love She got me up all night, all I'm singing is love songs She got me up all night, constant drinking and love songs She got me up all night, down and out with these love songs She got me open all night, got me open all night ('She got me up all night'" is repetition)

5: (Verse 1): Okay back when I was sleeping in my mama's crib Even back then when I was up there in Mohammad crib Paying seventeen-hundred for the rent, money well spent No heater, but a man made heat, may I vent Had a thing for you, even wrote the song dreams for you Cause I had dreams for you, thoughts of a ring for you Childish things, you know child and things Anonymous flowers sent, you know coward things Now a man signed to Hov, took a power trip Back home I'm grown now and this city's my throne now The same clubs I used to get tossed out Life got crisscrossed, totally crossed out Cause now I'm in this and I'm totally bossed out Old chicks crying cause they know that they lost out But I'm still on you, I'm still on you My drink spill on me While I feel on you I'm saying

6: (Hook 2): Would you believe me if I said I'm in love Baby, I want you to want me Would you believe me if I said I'm in love? Baby, I want ya ---------------------------------------------- And we are we are we are Got me up all night And we are we are we are All I'm singin' is love songs And we are we are we are Got me up all night And we are we are we are She got me And we are we are we are She got me (Dashed line represents ceasure)

7: (Verse 2): Well this has gotta be the longest crush ever If I ever get to duck it'd be the longest bust ever Love is a drug, like the strongest stuff ever And, I'm on one, you feel me? She on a power trip, she got me where she want a man Wifin' in the club, man my homies' gon' disown a man Like, "give me 20 dolla, dolla" You stupid, how you get to college, college I'm in your city and I'm wonderin' if you're home now Went and found a man, but I'm hopin' you alone now Can't help but feelin' like I dropped the ball, cliche I used to pop up on you at the mall each day Now typically I kick game like East Bay But you got a dawg freeze-framed yelling please play For Pete's sake, homie, pull it together Just screw it one time and be through it forever But... (Hook 1 & 2) KEY Repetition Simile Metaphor Speaker -------------- : Ceasure Symbol

8: Language Arts | Language Arts is the class I have every other day, Writings a must because we write essays, Essays for homework are sometimes short, but they tend to be very long reports, But a class with Ms. Glenn helps you have the best day Every week we learn words,\ Some nouns, Some verbs, Grammar skills theses words revive, like adjectives used to describe, Language Arts helps soar & fly like birds Sentence structure is one of the things every writer has dependence because without it then you can't have a sentence, need a subject then have some etiquette, because the second part of the sentence is the predicate Once you get this you'll be a writing apprentice

9: Figurative Language with Similes and Metaphors, adding spice to your writing is what they're better for, Same beginning sounds with Alliteration, Nonhuman things with human traits call it Personification, If your writing a letter, this will help your letter soar And finally writing poems, its hard but we'll show'em rhythm and rhyme, sonnets to pass the time, Once your done writing they will want to know who wrote them

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