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Portfolio project

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FC: My Portfolio | Zach Bodnar-Martin

1: Table of Contents | Peak Performances or moments- pg 4-13 Thanksgiving pic- pg 4-5 Mt.Monadnock pic- pg 6-7 2010 sweatshirt- pg 8-9 wsu hat- pg 10-11 calculator- pg 12-13 | Confidence- pg 14-23 Highlight Tape- pg 14-15 Good Grades- pg 16-17 Lifting Gloves- pg 18-19 Varsity Jacket- pg 20-21 Purgatory Pic- pg 22-23 | Gratitude- pg 24-33 Gridiron Club- pg 24-25 McCourty/Milloy Camp- pg 26-27 Xbox- pg 28-29 Coach Moniz- pg 30-31 Kindle- pg 32-33 | Social Support- pg 34-43 Former Teammates- pg 34-35 Mom- pg 36-37 Friends- pg 38-39 Coach Hajder- pg 40-41 Roomates- pg 42-43

2: Table of Contents Continued | Calming- pg 44-53 Tea- pg 44-45 Camera- pg 46-47 TV pg 48-49 Books- pg 50-51 Frisbee- pg 52-53 | Energizing- pg 54-63 Ray Lewis- pg 54-55 Wolfmother- pg 56-57 Big hits - pg 58-59 Battle LA- pg 60-61 Coffee- pg 62-63 | Motivation- pg 64-72 I am a Champion speech- pg 64-65 Michael Jordan Quote- pg 66-67 Evaluation paper- pg 68-69 Cleats- pg 70-71 Protein- pg 72-73

5: This is a picture that was taken right after the Thanksgiving day game of my senior year. For the first time in 6 years my team beat our rivals, the Raiders, and everyone was going crazy. This picture reminds me of one of the best games i have ever played in, as well as the last game of high school football I would ever play in. We worked so hard to get that trophy at the end of the year, and to finally get it was one of the greatest achievements I have ever been apart of.

7: This is a picture that I took just after i had reached the top of Mount Monadnock. Every time i see it, it reminds me of how hard it was to climb that mountain. It was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. It took me 4 hours to reach the top and get back down again, and it was painful every step of the way, but it was something I never thought I could do. Achieving this feat was one of my lifelong goals, and will always be one of my greatest memories.

9: This is the sweatshirt that I got at the beginning of my junior season. It reminds me of the first game of that season, which was the first varsity game my high school had won in over two years. It was the turning point for our program, which was being threatened to be shut down if we didn't win any games again. Our entire team had one of the best games Case high school had seen in a long time, playing well on both sides of the ball and actually winning. Whenever i see this sweatshirt i am reminded of the great game my team played to help keep the program alive.

11: This is the hat that my mom bought for me the day that I found out that I was going to Westfield State. This was important to me because I had finally reached the goal I had been working toward for years. I got into the school that I wanted to go to, and I was pumped. When I wear this hat I think back to that day when I realized I had finally made it into college.

13: This is the calculator that i used during my AP Calculus test. I did awful in that class all year, averaging about a D+ or a C-, and didn't expect to do well on the test at all. As i was taking the test, it seemed easy compared to the things we did in class. I ended up getting a 4 out of 5 on that test, and tested out of a math in college. Whenever i use this calculator now i remember how well i did on this very important test, as it was the best i ever did on any calculus test i had taken all year.


15: This is my highlight film from highschool. It has alot of my best plays from my football career on it, and I sent it to college coaches to try and get recruited. It's important to me because when i feel like giving up in football when i'm not doing well I can watch this and show myself how good I can be when I work hard at it.

17: These are some of the tests that I have recently taken that I have gotten good grades on. I leave them out so that whenever I am struggling with schoolwork, or just not getting a concept in a certain class, I can look at these and see that I have succeeded in the past. Seeing these give me the confidence I need to keep working to gain that level of success again.

19: These are my weightlifting gloves. I use them whenever I go to get a new max in the weight room, or if I know I'm going to be lifting really heavy that day. In my head I know that I can lift the weight with or without the gloves, but wearing the gloves give me the confidence I need to actually accomplish the task. I always feel stronger when I have them, even though they really don't change much.

21: I normally keep my varsity jacket from high school hung up somewhere in my room. It serves as a reminder of how hard I worked in high school to get it and how I can achieve things that don't seem possible at the time. Entering high school I never would've guessed I could have earned a varsity jacket by my junior year. I had never really participated in sports before high school, and the thought of actually being a three sport athlete never would have crossed my mind. This jacket gives me the confidence that even if I don't think i can do something at the time, it might still be possible if I put the work in.

23: This is a picture that my friend took of me last summer at a place called purgatory chasm. This was a place in the chasm referred to as Fat Man's Failure, because if you are big enough you can't fit through. As I went through, I realized that if I had tried this a few months before I wouldn't have been able to fit through. I had worked very hard over the winter and spring to lose some weight for football, and it had payed off. This picture gives me the confidence to keep working out, so that I can keep doing new and fun things such as this that I couldn't do before.


25: This is a picture of the Gridiron club at my high school. They did so much for our team every year, and we wouldn't have gotten half of the things we did without them. They got us new jerseys, helmets, and equipment for on the field that we needed. These were things that the program needed, but weren't in the school's budget. They were always doing fundraisers to help support the team, and raise support for our suffering program. I will always be grateful for them because if they weren't around the program could have failed, or more injuries could have occurred due to faulty equipment.

27: This was a picture taken at the McCourty/Milloy football camp that I went to the summer before my senior year. That camp taught me so much more than I knew, and really helped me improve my game for my senior year. The coaches there were so helpful, and the other players were really cool. This is when I first decided that I wanted to play college football. The coaches there told me I definitely could, and without that support I might never had even thought to try and play in college. That is why I am grateful for that camp.

29: This is my Xbox. It represents just how much I do have, and how privileged I am to live the life I do. Even though it seems like I don't have as much as others, I can look at this and see that I still have a lot compared to those less fortunate than me. This makes me grateful for the life that I have and the things I've been given.

31: This is Coach Ryan Moniz. He took over as head coach of my high school's football team when I was in 8th grade, and within a week of getting his new job he took me aside and told me to play football. I had never even thought of playng football before this, but he convinced me to try the sport and I've loved it every day since. I will always be grateful for coach Moniz asking me to try football, because if he hadn't i might have never known how much I enjoy playing the game. Without football I wouldn't be the person I am today.

33: This is my kindle fire. When I use it i am reminded of my English teacher from junior and senior year, Ms.Brooks. I am especially grateful for Ms.Brooks because she really helped me improve my writing. I never enjoyed writing and wasn't very good at it, but Ms.Brooks kept on working with me and eventually got me to pass the English AP test. She would assign me extra assignments to really get me to learn how to write well, and it payed off.


35: These are my former teammates. I am still in touch with all of these guys, and we still hang out whenever I go home. During the season this year, they were following how I was doing at Westfield and were always calling me up to see how football was going. They made it to a few games to cheer me and the team on even though I didn't really play this year. They were there to support me when we played together and now they're there to cheer for me on my new team.

37: My mom has always been my biggest support system in anything I have ever done. She never missed a game, and still hasn't to this day. It didn't matter if she had work or things of her own to do, she would always drop everything to come see me play. She used to actually put in extra hours at night just so that she could leave work early to make it to my games. She is the greatest cheerleader I could ever ask for.

39: This is a picture of me and some of my friends at sixflags this summer. They actually made me go to the gym to get in a work out before we left because i needed to get stronger for football this year. They never let me skip a workout this summer, and would go workout and run with me so that we could still hang out. They gave me a lot of support, and I'm not sure how much I would've actually been in the weight room without their help.

40: Coach Hajder

41: This is a picture of my high school d-line coach, coach Hajder. Even after my senior season was over he would work with me and help me with my workouts in the gym to help prepare me for college. He would keep the gym open longer to make sure I could get a good workout in, and even let me use some of the football equipment to practice my technique. He gave me the support I needed to improve myself to play college football.

43: This is a picture of the labels on my door that represent my roommates. They have provided some great support since we moved in. During the football season they were always asking about how the team was doing, and went to some games to watch us play. They have been making sure that I have been getting to the gym since the season has ended. They also make sure I have my homework done before we hang out. They have definitely had my back since we moved in together, and hopefully will continue to be all year.


45: This is my keurig machine, which is where I make my tea. If I'm ever really stressed out or too worked up to go to sleep, I'll make myself a cup of tea to calm myself down a little bit. It just about always works, and normally puts me to sleep pretty quick.

47: These are lyrics from a song by Wiz Khalifa, called camera. This, along with other songs by Wiz, is some of the music I try to listen to to calm myself down or just chill. This song is just really laid back and has a chill beat that really calms me down. There are a lot of other songs by Wiz that I listen to to relax, such as Fly Solo, Say Yeah, and Rooftops.

49: This is my TV. Watching TV is the main thing that I find is just calming. Just being able to sit down after a long day and watch a show like Sportscenter or something on Comedy Central is relaxing. It's nice to just rest and watch TV to get your mind off things and just watch a football game or whatever happens to be on at the time. I normally do this every night at the end of the day to unwind and relax before going to sleep.

51: These are some of the books I have read. I've found that just sitting down and reading is an easy way to calm down and just escape from the real world for a little bit. I'll read if I've had a stressful day or if I'm just to amped up to fall asleep. I prefer Sci-fi or fantasy books but I've read a little bit of everything. As long as it's a long read that keeps me interested I'll probably read it.

53: This is my frisbee, and when I really just need to clear my head I like to go out and play catch with it. Just going out and having a good time tossing the disc around is one of my favorite ways to calm down. As long as I can find someone to play catch with, this is my go to technique to chill out and just relax for a little bit.

54: E N E R G I Z I N G

55: This is a quote by Ray Lewis, a linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens. He says " I am what I am. Respect is due to everybody. I don't ask for my respect, I take it." That's just one of many quotes from Ray that pump me up to go out and kill it in whatever I do. He is known as one of the most energizing and inspiring men in all sports, and if I really want to get energized I'll even go online and listen to some of his pre-game speeches. They always get me ready to succeed in whatever I do.

57: This is the cover art for the song "Joker and The Thief" by Wolfmother. This is one of the songs that I listen to to get pumped up before a big game. It's a classic rock song that has been used as an energizing song for years. I normally set this song as my alarm on game days to wake up energized and ready to go. Other songs I use as pump up music are "Parade Music" by Down with Webster, and "Red Nation" by Game.

59: This is a picture of a big hit in football by Ray Lewis. If I really need to get energized before a game I will go on youtube and watch videos full of big hits like this. This gives me the imagery I need to visualize myself making plays like this during the game later. Seeing some of my favorite players just destroy people over and over again just fuels me to try and go do exactly what they do in my own game.

60: "We're fighting an unknown enemy. We don't know what they're capable of. But one thing we do know, is that we're fighting for our land, our families and our country."

61: This is just one quote from the movie "Battle: Los Angeles" that energizes me. Watching that movie an hour or two before going out and playing a game gets me ready to go and fight through whatever obstacles might be in my way. This movie just about always gives me an adrenaline rush just by watching. It is an inspiring movie that will always get me ready to go out and give my all in whatever I happen to be playing at the time.

63: Whenever I need to wake myself up or energize for an early morning class, I turn to coffee for an extra boost. I normally have a cup about every other day, and it gives me the extra energy I need to get the day started. It's extremely convenient that I have my keurig in my room so I can have coffee whenever I need it, no matter if I have time to stop somewhere or not.

64: Motivation | "I will conquer what has never been conquered. Defeat will not be in my creed. I will believe where all those before me have doubted. I will always endeavor to uphold the prestige, honor and respect of my team. I have trained my mind and now my body will follow!"

65: These are some quotes from a speech made by Coach Flowers of Leland High School before a playoff game titled "I am a Champion". I watch the video of him making this speech whenever I need some motivation to go play football, and it always motivates me to go and win.

66: I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed. Michael Jordan

67: This quote by Michael Jordan is a huge source of motivation for me in everything that I do. It reminds me that even the greatest people have failed, and that when I fail it does not mean that I should give up. It means that I have to keep trying because that's the only way to the success that I truly desire. Success and failure go hand in hand, and this motivates me to never give up in anything that I do.

69: This is the end of season evaluation that I got from my coach. I put this up on the wall next to my bed to motivate me to get to the gym everyday. It basically says that I need to get stronger in the offseason to compete, and if I don't than I won't get playing time next year. This evaluation motivates me to go and lift to get stronger so that come next season I won't be watching from the sidelines.

71: These are my cleats from this season. I leave them out in front of my closet to motivate myself to go running. Because they are out there I can just grab them and go to the field to run sprints, which I need to do. If they were put away I would never want to go running and would never take the extra time to go looking for them if I was in the mood to run. They are a constant reminder that I need to stay in shape over the off-season.

73: I leave my protein in my closet so that it is the first thing that I see when I get dressed in the morning. It is there to serve as another thing to motivate me to go to the gym. If I see the protein I will remember that I need to use it, and to use it I need to lift first, so I go to the gym. I need to lift to say in shape, and with this as motivation I have been getting there regularly.

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