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Precious in Pink

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FC: Jaelynn Doroliat Tam October 5, 2010

1: 2nd photo at 18 weeks! This was the day we found out that our predictions about having a boy were false, we were expecting a Girl! | 3rd photo at 33 weeks. Because we weren't 100% sure we were expecting a little girl we wanted to get a better view. | It was official, we were expecting a girl!! We enjoyed thirty minutes of being able to admire you. We ended the session when you turned around and just showed us your back. | 1st photo at 12 weeks! This was the most amazing day for us because we got to hear your perfect little heartbeat for the first time.

2: The Journey Begins.... Mommy found out she was expecting on January 27th, 2009. Daddy was deployed to Haiti and wasn't able to know until January 29th. We were both so excited! Daddy couldn't have heard better news and couldn't wait to get back home. Soon after Mommy found out she was expecting she was off onto a flight to Los Angeles for Phoebe and Alan's wedding. These were Mommy's first "pregnant" photos.

3: February and One Month Pregnant. We took our first road trip, as expectant parents, to South Carolina for Jaslene's first birthday. This is a photo of Phoebe and Mommy at the party. | This was Mommy's first official "baby bump" photo taken on April 20th, 2009 at 16 weeks pregnant.

4: "Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." | In March, at only 3 months pregnant, we made our trip back home to California. We still hadn't announced to the world we were expecting but close friends and family knew. As you can see, Mommy wasn't going to be able to hide it much longer, you were starting to show yourself.

5: In May, at 5 months pregnant, Mommy graduated from college with you by her side every step of the way. Mommy was worried about if you were alright in the heat, but your little flutters assured her that you were right there with her as she walked the stage. Soon after graduating we went on our first cruise to the Caribbean! With you in the belly, we traveled to Haiti, Jamaica, the Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. We spent most of the trip imagining our next cruise with you along side us.

6: At 25 weeks pregnant Mommy was climbing a waterfall in Jamaica. It was crazy! Mommy actually slipped and fell, luckily, right into water. The rest of the day we were scared that something happened to you. We patiently waited for your nightly kicks and jabs. | You fluttered away the night and brought reassurance to us both. We knew that day that our little girl was a tough cookie!

7: You endured a water slide ride at Margaritaville in the Grand Cayman and high heats on a tour of the Tulum Mayan Ruins in Cozumel. | As we enjoyed our cruise as a family of two, you brewed in the belly. We couldn't wait to be a family of three!

8: As we prepared for you to come we were surrounded by our friends. In June, at 6 months pregnant, we went dancing in Wilmington. We celebrated your Auntie Tesa's Birthday at the Aquarium! We lit fireworks in your Auntie Keyla and Uncle Jerrett's backyard. We fumbled around with car seats and strollers. In July, at 7 months pregnant, your Auntie Vera came to visit. We spent days at the beach and she felt you kick

9: We visited your Auntie Farrah in Virginia and went on a four seater bike ride along the Virginia Beach. We helped your Auntie Tesa welcome home your Uncle Daniel from his tour in Afghanistan. We celebrated your Auntie Keyla and Uncle Jarrett's Birthdays. Best of all, we celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary.

10: Preparing for the baby shower with our dream team!

11: We flew home to California for your baby shower. All of our friends chipped in to help with favor making. We had over 100 rice crispy treat favors to make! Even though it took us hours to finish, we were surrounded by great friends! | Baby Shower Prep Day! August 13th, 2010

12: California Baby Shower August 14th, 2010

13: Game Time!! There were so many games played. Your Uncle TJ and Daddy ended up head to head in the bottle drinking contest. Your Daddy came in 1st place! His words were, "If you ain't cheating you ain't trying". Both of them definitely had some tricks up their sleeves. The next game was a contest to see who could most accurately guess the circumference of Mommy's belly, your Auntie Phoebe won this game.

14: Guess that dirty diaper!

16: Your Daddy got Mommy a beautiful "Mommy to be" gift and presented it with a very nice speech. He made Mommy cry happy tears. The bracelet represented a mother and her child. | Your cake was made by your Auntie Em. It was delicious! Mommy was so sad to have to cut into it because it looked so perfect.

18: All of our friends and family came to your baby shower. Everyone was so excited to meet you. You weren't even born yet and you were already loved so much!

20: North Carolina Baby Shower September 12, 2010

24: The North Carolina Baby Shower was a complete surprise! All of our friends pulled together and made this one of the smoothest baby showers ever. | The games were so fun. Watching everyone try the different baby foods was hilarious and the "name that dirty diaper" game is always fun. Uncle Mark was overall victorious. | Your Ninong Paul helped make the diaper cake with your Ninang Brenda. Your Uncle Jarrett made the cake with the help of your Auntie Keyla. | Auntie Tesa, Auntie Brenda, and Auntie Keyla were so sweet to organize this. All of our friends came together with delicious potluck food and made this a really fun shower.

26: A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.

27: With only a couple weeks left, we decided to take a few photos of you in the belly. We made a studio in our bedroom and put or digital camera to work!

28: October 4, 2010 The False Alarm At about 4:30 am Mommy began labor pains. She became so excited and scared. Mommy tried not to become frantic but Daddy was ready to hit the road. We made our way to Greenville, a two hour drive away. The drive was unbearable but as soon as we arrived the labor pains disappeared.

29: Your aunties and uncles arrived in Greenville only to find out I was being discharged. Since I was ordered to do some walking we made an afternoon out of playing dress up and walking around the mall. | 6:00 pm Mommy was in labor and this time she was going until the end. Mommy's food of choice that evening was McDonald's Chicken Nuggets.

30: Jaelynn Doroliat Tam October 5th, 2010 at 7:44 am 18.25 Inches 7 Pounds 15.6 Ounces

32: She will fill our lives with sunshine.... And our hearts with love.

34: You were perfect in every way! We couldn't even believe you were our baby. You looked just like your daddy. You still look just like him! You had the cutest most smallest nose ever. We couldn't even get the nose sucker in one of your nostrils. We loved holding you close to our face so we could smell your baby breath. Your Daddy already loved giving you Eskimo kisses, his signature "Uguh Nuguh".

35: You had many visitors on your birthday. Your Uncle TJ was the first because he was with us the entire way. He is the one who took almost all of your first photos. Your Auntie Keyla, Uncle Jarrett and baby Ryan were your second visitors. Your Auntie didn't want to let you go! | Your next visitor was your Auntie Tesa! She was there with us when we first saw you on the 3D/4D ultrasound and there she was holding you. Your last visitor was your Auntie Keisha. She drove all the way from Chapel Hill to come see you at 9:00pm! She couldn't believe how beautiful you were.

36: Hospital Days October 5th - October 7th 2010

37: First Poopy Diaper | First Diaper Change | Daddy and Jaelynn | October 5th | October 6th | October 7th

38: October 7th, 2010 First car ride home!

39: Home Sweet Home | Home Sweet Home

40: Newborn Days

41: Grandparent 's Love Your grandparents were so excited to meet you. They traveled all the way from California just to see you.! All they wanted to do was hold you, kiss you, and admire you..You stole their hearts from the start.

42: Hold Me Forever

43: 1st Halloween

44: The Milky Mittens In just one month you were already changing so much. You slept a lot in those first days after being born but you were still really curious and wanted to open your eyes to see the world. From the start we always put mittens on your hands so that you wouldn't be able to scratch yourself. You would suck on these mittens throughout the day. By the end of the day they would be stiff from all the dried milk and drool. They could stand on their own!

46: 1 Month Old

47: At one month old you were really starting to show that little personality of yours. You began to smile when we would smile at you. It would light up our day seeing your little toothless smile. We tried to give you a pacifier, but you didn't care much for it. You also hiccuped a lot, you were so cute!

48: First Bath November 7, 2010 | San Francisco Giants win the World Series November 1, 2010 | Mommy's little cleaning helper November 30, 2010 | First time in the Bumbo December 1, 2010 | First time in the Jumperoo December 1, 2010 | Rolling over November 30, 2010 | First time in the swing November 18, 2010 | Ninangs Birthday November 17, 2010 | Tummy Time with Daddy November 24, 2010 | First Thanksgiving November 25, 2010

50: 2 | Months Old....

51: At 2 months old you were already a jet setter. You took your first flight to California from North Carolina and also went on a road trip to Lake Tahoe in Nevada.. You were amazing on the flight! You just slept the whole way and barely even cried! You were very active, rolling from your belly to your back and you always wanted to feel your feet touch the ground so you could push back and stand.

52: Jaelynn's | First | Flight | Halloween after Halloween December 8, 2010 | Daddy trying out the baby carrier December 9, 2010 | First Flight December 14, 2010

53: Grand- Auntie Beth | Great Grandma Anacleta | Grand- Uncle David | Grand- Auntie Nene | Grand- Uncle Ding | Grand- Uncle Eddie

54: Christmas 2010

55: You got to meet your Great Grandmother. She was so joyed to see you. She predicted you will be stubborn, smart, and a fighter.

57: Your first touch of snow was on December 22, 2010 in Lake Tahoe. While Daddy and Mommy snowboarded, you hung out with Grandma and Grandpa in the hotel having lots of fun taking pictures. On New Years Eve Daddy and I went snowboarding again and you stayed with Mama and Guma. All of your family couldn't believe what a good baby you were! Your Ninang and Ninong came over on New Years Eve and got to give you some NYE kisses.

58: 3 Months Old We were back home in North Carolina but soon after you turned 3 months we took a road trip up to Virginia for one of Daddy's appointments. At 3 months you loved watching your Phonics Song videos. Your friend Sophia was born and it wouldn't be long before you two would be playing together! You also started to giggle at 3 months. It was easy to get you to smile but it wasn't easy to get you to giggle. I would spend all day trying to make you laugh! But one thing you did do well was make the "ew" sound. It was adorable!

60: Snow in North Carolina January 12, 2011 | Social Security Card | Sophia Kelley January 8, 2011 | Daily Bath Time with Daddy | Tummy Time not on the tummy | Helping Mommy cook dinner

61: Mommy's 26th Birthday | Helping Mommy do laundry

62: Jaelynn Turns 4 Months Old! | At 4 months old you were a happy giggling baby! You were very fascinated with your hands these days. You would spend many moments just staring at your hands open and close. Your favorite toy was, hands down, the Jumperoo. Your Auntie Phoebe and Uncle Alan got this for you long ago and you were now able to put it into full use. You were a jumping machine!

63: February 27, 2011 First time at the beach! It started off to be a hot day, so we thought we would take you to Emerald Isle for your first trip to the beach. Daddy road his bike and we drove over. We dipped your feet in the water, but you were not a fan. You loved looking at the water, just not being in it.

64: Bath Time! | Hi Daddy! | Hi Mommy! | Look at me! | This was your favorite time of the day. Daddy gave you a bath almost every day. This was your special time with Daddy and you enjoyed it so much!

65: February 15, 2011 Visit Daddy on Duty Day | Daddy was bored on Duty so we came by to brighten his evening.

66: Here are some random moments of you at 4 Months Old. | Weekly Walks! Auntie Yuliya and Mommy would take you and Sophia out on weekly walks. You weren't a fan of being in the car seat and neither was Sophia. Often times we would just end up pushing empty strollers. We still loved bringing you guys for walks and getting you out of the house.

68: Sometimes you liked tummy time. | Soothing yourself after a bad day in the gym daycare. | This was a picture of you after we came home from the gym. This was your first time in day care. Lets just say you were happy to be home. | Sometimes you hated tummy time

69: 1st Valentines Day February 14, 2011 | You were the best model ever. You always had a big happy smile.

70: Look who just turned 5 Months Old! | You had always been an observant baby, but you were even more observant now. You were constantly looking at all of your surroundings and the people around you. You were definitely showing your goof ball side the most during this month and all the months to follow. You loved to play peek-a-boo and you were always good at finding us if we were trying to hide behind a blanket. We just couldn't fool you. You weren't crawling just yet but you could roll and scoot yourself everywhere.

71: Most of your days were spent playing around on the floor. You loved to focus on small intricate things. For example, you loved the little worm on your play mat. You loved to pinch him between your fingers and examine him. | You already enjoyed shopping! You liked it when we put hats on you and you would even finger through the clothes!

72: March 19, 2011 Our day trip to Beaufort, NC You always enjoy being outdoors and out of your car seat. This day was no exception, you loved the warm weather and all the sights in Beaufort.

74: Happy Birthday Daddy!! | March 4, 2011

75: March 20, 2011 2nd time going to Church. 1st time was Christmas mass. | March 17, 2011 Changing your poopy diaper in the Sam's club parking lot. You were so cute! | Getting some good reading in. You loved all your new books. | Love | My | Mohawk

76: Play Dates! Your first friend was baby Sophia! You both enjoyed walks together, watching baby videos, listening to music, and reading books. You guys really enjoyed having each other to play with.

78: Jae is 6 Months Old!! | At six months old you we sitting up, crawling backwards, and occasionally eating solids. You were becoming more and more independent and it was breaking our hearts and making us proud all at the same time.


81: For your first Easter we went to Easter mass. You were so good during mass and even tried singing your own versions of the songs sung. After mass we went to Auntie Yuliya's for a big Easter Potluck. You got lots of candy during your first Easter Egg Hunt. Easter was extra special now that you were here.

82: Your Ninong Paul was going to be leaving soon to Afghanistan so we all went to lunch together. Later that week we went to see him off. | On this day you were really cranky so we took you to the park for a picnic and our happy baby came back to life!

83: April 5, 2011 1st time eating solids! You weren't that into solids but you gave rice cereal a try.

84: 7 Months Old

85: On the day you turned 7 months old we began our road trip to Destin, FL for Daddy's EOD Memorial. In Destin you visited your first Aquarium and also went into a pool for the first time and loved it. 7 Months old was a big month for you because you cut your first tooth this month. You learned to crawl this month, and you were really good at waving hi and bye now.

86: Fun in the Hot Sun of Destin, FL You loved the beach and could have probably stayed there all day. But there was shopping to be done and sights to be seen.

88: Play Date! | First Carnival | May 21, 2011 | Smile | Happy Mother's Day | Are we there yet?

89: First Crawl forward May 19, 2011 | First Tooth May 21, 2011

90: 8 Months Old You were fully mobile and ready to get into anything and everything. You had super stranger danger but if you were with Mommy and Daddy you were a happy ball of energy.

91: Happy Father's Day Daddy | First time on a Swing June 5th, 2011 | First time on a slide | Auntie Yuliya's Birthday

92: Disneyland June 3, 2011

93: Meeting your Uncle Gene, Auntie Daisy, and Auntie Ezaree was a stranger danger nightmare. It's ok, they still love you | 2nd time riding a plane. June 2, 2011 | Happy 4th of July

94: 8 Months Old Just as you turned 8 months we left to California to go see all of our family. Everyone was excited to see you.

95: It was nice being home and seeing all of our family. You warmed up to your grandparents and they just soaked it up. You loved suckering Grandpa into giving you ice cream. You also got to see your Great Grandma Doroliat one more time before she passed away. She was so happy to see you and you made her day just by smiling.

96: 10 Months Old! At 10 months old you were climbing onto everything! You also began to really eat solids. You fell in lover with plums and peaches but you tickled your taste buds with a french fry and you couldn't resist it, you had to have more. Our little girl who didn't like solids now loved solids and also loved drinking from a straw. You were becoming our little Miss Independent.

97: Riding all the toys | Shopping at the Children's Museum | Happy Birthday Yeye and Guma

98: 11 Months Old Yup, that's right. You are one month away from being a 1 year old. You are walking, coloring, and talking so much now. You can point out your nose, toes, eyes, and mouth! You can tell us what the doggie says. You love to play with balls so the ball pit is your dream come true. You are such a great baby and we hope you know your Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

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