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Pregnancy Book

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BC: My world is brighter since the arrival of my baby girl: Kiera Victoria Celestial 10/20/2010 | Mommy Loves You!

FC: My Pregnancy Journal ~Teresa Ruiz~ | "A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart till the day you die." ~Mary Mason~

1: Gone, But Not Forgotten | Juan Enrique Ruiz April 10, 1954 - July 25, 2004 Your Grandfather Juan E. Ruiz was an awesome man. I really wish you had the opportunity to meet him. He was born in Chicago Heights, Illinois on April 10, 1954. He has three sister (Estella, Carmen, and Yessenia), and three brothers (Carlos, Simon Jr., Antonio, and Eddie). He was a really handyman. He knew how to do a lot of things around the house and especially how to work on vehicles. For a living he was a mechanic at AMF Tubescope. Family was his number one priority. He made sure that his whole family was taken care of before he did anything for himself. He was the sole provider of our family. He is and always will be the greatest man I ever knew. Mommy misses grandpa every single day. He is in heaven enjoying being in the presence of God. He is in a place where suffering and pain does not exist. Mommy learned a lot of things from grandpa and I will teach you what he taught me. He loves you even though he never knew you. He sees you from heaven above. | Cancio Celestial November 1, 1916-December 12, 1989 Your Grandfather Cancio Celestial was a great man. He was born in the Calinog, Iloilo, Phillipines. At age 17, he left the Phillipines and joined the Merchant Marines. Then he joined the United States Coast Guard for several years, and then joined the United States Navy and served his country in World War II. Grandpa Celestial also served in the Korean War and the Vietnam War. In 1880, grandpa retired with 34 years of service. Your grandpas loved being at sea and near the water. During his final years, he wanted your dad to carry the family tradition of serving in the military. He was very proud of our country and believed that it was his duty to defend it. During his final years of life, your grandpa spent his time with your daddy and uncle Richie watching them grow up and watch them play soccer. When your daddy and uncle Richie were younger, your grandpa use to take them to New York during the summer and spend time with the family.

2: WHEN I SUSPECTED: I suspected March 17, 2010 when I woke up in the morning. I started to wonder why I have not had my menstrual cycle. I started to diet a few days ago and I became concerned because if I was pregnant then I should not be dieting. DATE I FOUND OUT: Once I suspected the morning of March 17, 2010, I immediately took a pregnancy test to find out. Sure enough the test came out positive. I was shocked. MY FIRST DOCTOR VISIT: I made an appointment with Tia Erica's doctor, June Coleman for March 23, 2010. I immediately wanted to start taking care of myself and get a prescription for some prenatal vitamins. I want to give you the best care possible while you were in my belly. EXPECTED DUE DATE: November 15, 2010 MY FIRST THOUGHTS: Oh My GOD!!! This is crazy. Me of all people having a baby, WOW!! I was in total shock. No wonder I was feeling weird. Overall, I was happy, excited, and scared. This is going to be an experience of a lifetime. My life will no longer be my own nor the same. My responsibilities will all be different. | I'm Expecting!

3: HOW WE CELEBRATED THE NEWS: Daddy and I both ended up going to our favorite place to eat, Samurai Japanese Steak House & Sushi. We go there so much that the people that work there know us. WHO I TOLD FIRST: After the pregnancy test came out positive I immediately called Daddy at work. Then I told Miriam Llamas (my best friend), Tia Erica Ruiz, Tia Lorenza Rios, Tia Christy Ruiz, (co-workers) Michelle Flores, Patty Cangas, Veronica Bosquez, Maria Vasquez, and Grandma Minne. Later I finally told my immediate boss at work Sandee Wilson. Once she knew my co-worker Debbie started spreading the news to each person that walked by my desk. It was so funny and awkward when the rest of my co-workers found out. FAMILY AND FRIEND'S REACTION: Daddy was happy and cool about the pregnancy. He has been bugging me for a while about having a baby. Miriam Llamas was like OMG, Tia Erica Ruiz was like when is the wedding, Tia Lola (and my best friend) was so happy she wanted to cry, Tia Christy was in shock and did not believe me, My co-workers were all happy and excited for me, Grandma Minne was in shock. It took me a few months before I was able to break the news to Grandma Minne. Finally I just told her. Its funny how when people find out I was pregnant they all wanted to talk about their own pregnancies and experiences. Even the men would tell me about their wives experiences and would give advice. The whole baby talk thing is a topic people actually enjoy discussing because a common ground is being shared, no matter if its a male or female. | Celebrating the News!

4: AT 3 MONTHS: Finally I made it. It feels great finishing my first trimester. I am just glad that I didn't experience the whole morning sickness thing. All I really experienced was me being so tired. I did not realize how stressful and scary the first trimester could be. Its scary because many women have miscarriages and complications during their first trimester. I am just glad that I made it this far successfully. I can't wait till you start kicking and my belly starts to show. So many things are going through my mind on preparing for the future. Mommy likes being prepared. By the time you arrive, all will be ready. I just pray and hope that you are healthy when you arrive. It does not matter to me if you are a boy or a girl. Daddy did say he wants a girl and big brother Tristan said he wants a boy. I just can't wait till the day comes for you to be born. But then again I am reminded all the time that I should enjoy sleeping and my freedom meanwhile, because all that changes once you arrive. I can do without the whole labor and pain though. But that is wishful thinking. AT 6 MONTHS: Things have been moving along pretty fast lately. My belly is popping out now and I can feel you kick and punch inside me. I think you may be practicing your karate skills. It is a weird feeling when you move in my belly. We are all getting more and more excited about your arrival soon. Daddy keeps talking to you and telling you to hurry up and come out because he wants to play with you. We have been really busy planning your baby shower in celebration of your arrival. Overall, I hope that your father and I become great parents and hope that you realize how much you are loved. We wish nothing but great things for you. You are a blessing from heaven above. AT 9 MONTHS: I feel big. I waddle around every single time I walk around. Just getting up from my bed or my chair at work is a tough job in itself. It feels like I just got really big all of the sudden. I feel really heavy and I feel so much pressure around my pelvic area. I am so tired and sluggish. You are moving around in my belly so much. I can see now where you are in my belly because one side of my belly is bigger than the other. For some reason you just love to be on my right side. You not only put pressure on my bladder but you are also putting pressure on the right side of my belly. Since at this point your head is facing downward, your butt is bumping against my right rib cage and right breast. It makes it difficult to breath sometimes. My feet are still swollen and I use the restroom like 100 times a day. I have my bad moments but again overall this whole pregnancy has not been so bad. You have been so good to your mommy. I can't wait till you arrive. | My Thoughts and Feelings

5: My Thoughts and Feelings | DIFFERENT EMOTIONS I'VE EXPERIENCED ALONG THE WAY: For the most part I have been pretty mellow. I do have low tolerance for people when I am driving but then I remind myself to relax and I do. I feel like being alone and don't really want to go anywhere. I am not feeling very social, just want to keep to myself. I have become more sensitive and over protective. I feel like emotion wise I feel more. Especially when things involve babies. I feel like such a worry wart. My emotions are not all crazy and all over the place or anything like that. I just seem to have reached a part of my feelings that feel motherly and are more sensitive. Its not so much about me anymore but more about my tiny little baby forming inside of me. THE THINGS I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO AS A MOTHER: I am looking forward to raising you to the best of my ability. I want to be the best mother I can be. Teaching you about life learned lessons is of great importance to me. I want to see you grow up to be a beautiful, intelligent, honorable, sweet, social, and pleasant woman with strong morals. EXPECTATIONS I HAVE FOR YOU: I would like for you to enjoy your childhood, adolescence, and adulthood as much as possible. Taking care of your responsibilities throughout your whole life is very important. As a child you should strive to educate yourself as much as possible. Doing well in school will get you far in life. Things you learn and morals that are instilling inside you will prepare the path for you when you become an adult. I would like for you to go to a good college upon graduating from high school. Acquiring a degree in a field that is in demand is very important. Although you really need to enjoy the field and job you choose. Life is too short so live it to its fullest and have fun doing so, but in a good way. | My Thoughts and Feelings

6: Goin' to the Doctor | IMPORTANT DATES: March 23, 2010: 1st doctor appointment (Dr. Coleman) May 5, 2010: prenatal appointment (Dr. Cohen); heard heartbeat, saw you for the first time. June 9, 2010: prenatal appointment (Dr. Cohen) June 21, 2010: prenatal appointment (Dr. Wilson), ultrasound, 80% girl July 16, 2010: gender ultrasound at Baby Love Ultrasound; 100% girl July 20, 2010: prenatal appointment August 17, 2010: prenatal appointment September 14, 2010: prenatal appointment October 4, 2010: prenatal appointment October 18, 2010: ultrasound October 19, 2010: prenatal appointment October 20, 2010: admitted to Hospital (water broke) | DOCTOR's I SAW: June Coleman, M.D. David K. Cohen, M.D. Kelly E. Wilson, M.D. | DOCTOR's ADVICE: -Eat healthy -Walk after meals -Cut down on soda's and sugar QUESTIONS I HAVE: -Can I use proactive -Can I use machines to work-out -What to take for headaches -Risk of diabetes, high blood pressure | Going to the Doctor

7: During my pregnancy I would get a massage from Grandma Minne. It helped me relax after a stressful day and it also helped with my circulation. Grandma is a great massage therapist. I also read the Vampire Academy book series in which I enjoyed. I was obsessed with vampire books and movies. To gain knowledge and to understand my pregnancy, I read the book "What to Expect When Your Expecting." It helped me track my pregnancy and your development week by week. It contained a lot of helpful information. Because of daddy's busy schedule it was hard to coordinate a day to take a Lamaze class at the hospital. I decided to rent a dvd from the library and watch it with daddy so we can prepare for your arrival. We can watch the dvd in the privacy of our own home and watch it at our own pace. It is also saving us $85 in which now we can use that money for you. | For Mommy's Knowledge & Enjoyment

8: WHEN I STARTED TO REALLY SHOW: Around 2 1/2 months. I started wearing maternity clothes early. Although you were pretty small at this point, my body was making room for you. When I wore dresses my stomach would show more. At that time I just felt fat and not pregnant. THE FIRST TIME YOU MOVED: On June 1, 2010 (16 weeks, 4 months) I started feeling a lot of flutters inside my belly. It felt like popcorn popping in my stomach. I think I felt it a little before too but I was not sure if it was you moving. When you move it is more real to me that you are really inside of me. WHERE YOU KICKED MOST OFTEN: You kicked me a lot on the lower part of my stomach just above the pelvic bone. Towards the end at around 8 months you started kicking on the top part of my stomach. I could sometimes feel you flip inside of me and it just felt weird. I enjoyed feeling you kick inside me. It seems that you kick most when I am either going to work or sitting at my desk at work. Towards the end of month 8 your movements and kicks were not as enjoyable as before. You would bounce yourself on my bladder (not a good feeling) which would make me go to the restroom like 100 times a day. You would also dig into my rib cage with only God knows what part of your body. HOW ACTIVE WERE YOU: At first you would move here and there. Starting at about 6 months you began to kick me harder and often. Around 8 months you move a lot and I can feel exactly where you were. There are certain periods of the day that you move a lot. It seems that when I wake up and move around so do you. I just pray that you sleep all night long when you arrive and thereafter. OTHER PHYSICAL CHANGES AND WHEN: At about 6 months I started feeling my feet swell and I started showing a little more but not too much. At about 8 months my belly grew a lot more and my feet pretty much stayed swollen. My belly looked like a small basketball is under my shirt. The most disappointing part was seeing stretch marks on the lower part of my stomach. All the sudden they just came out of nowhere from one day to the next. I am hoping they go away and fade. | You Growing In My Belly | 16 Weeks | 22 Weeks | 32 Weeks

9: Mommy's Baby Bump | 32 Weeks | 28 Weeks | 23 Weeks | 26 Weeks | 25 Weeks | 35 Weeks

10: On May 5, 2010 I got to see you for the first time. Now I know you really do exist. All this time I kept thinking that maybe you really were not in my belly. I heard your heart beat for the first time too and you were moving a lot in my belly. It was amazing. It's still shocking for me to comprehend that I have a little baby growing inside me.

11: It's A Girl! | On July 16, 2010, mommy, daddy, Tristan, and Sebastian went to get an ultrasound at Baby Love to find out what gender you were. At that time, I was approximately 22 weeks pregnant and wanted to be 100% sure what your gender was. We were extremely excited to find out that you were a girl. | Due Date: November 15, 2010

12: Designing Your Nursery | August 11, 2010, your crib and changing table arrived. Daddy and your brother Tristan put the whole thing together for you. Your crib and changing table is being set up in our bedroom so you can be really close to us. Your bedding consists of neutral colors like pastel pink, orange, green, purple, yellow, and blue. The bedding has butterflies, turtles, and bees. I also personally hand crafted you a special paper crane mobile to match your colors. Some of the paper cranes contain special messages from me to you.

13: Your Crib | Your Changing Table | Your Closet

14: On September 10, 2010, the girls from work (Veronica, Patty, Debbie, Maria) threw me a baby shower. I was given a lot of gifts and gift certificates for you. My co-workers were extremely generous. I received at least $230 in gift certificates and a lot of cute outfits, and baby stuff in general. The theme was "A New Little Princess". We had super nachos and they were so good. I work with a lot of wonderful people that were very excited about your arrival. | Baby Shower #1

18: On September 11, 2010, Grandma Minne, Tia Erica, Uncle Andy, Tia Christy, and Tia Lola threw me a baby shower. The shower took place at Uncle Andy and Tia Erica's house. There were so many people who attended, mostly family. There were also some of mommy and daddy's friends and co-workers who attended. You received so many gifts. It took mommy a very long time to open all of your gifts. You received a lot of clothes, toys, hair stuff, and stuffed animals. Our friends and family were very generous. Grandma Minne's brothers and sisters use to bug me all the time about when I will have a baby and finally their wishes came true. Grandma Teresa made some noodles and pork; Grandma Minne made the charro beans, Tia Mago and Estella made the Mexican rice; Tia Mari made a pasta salad; and Tio Andy smoked the brisket and sausage all night long. The food was so good. | Baby Shower #2

22: Showering You With Gifts

24: A Family That Loves You

26: It's Time! | When it happened: At approximately 1:30 a.m. on October 20, 2010 Where I was: I was at home asleep. How I got to the hospital: Daddy drove me to the hospital. How long to get to the hospital: It took about 20 minutes. How far apart my contractions were when I left: I never had any contractions. Doctor who delivered you: Kelly E. Wilson, MD What helped me most during labor: The epidural. I felt nothing. I was induced and my contractions felt like bad menstrual cramps. They never really got that bad. I was just uncomfortable because I think my belly was big. Being that I am not a big person that is. People who were present: Daddy was there first then grandma Minne arrived with Uncle Aaron. Then came Tia Christy. Later on daddy's friend Charlie and John stopped by. Then Tia Erica came by. I was asleep in my bed. All of the sudden I felt a gush of water come out of me. I immediately woke up to use the restroom. Then I started to wonder if my water broke. You were not due till November 15 so I was a bit skeptical. I immediately called daddy to tell him and he told me to call my doctor. Still skeptical I started searching the internet to make sure that my water really did break. Then I tried to put on the lamaze video to see what I was suppose to do next. Then I called my doctors office and was advised to immediately go to the hospital. Daddy rushed home from work and I gathered my already packed clothes and we left to the hospital. When my water broke it was not accompanied by contractions. I was thankful for that. It was pretty easy and painless for the most part. It was nothing like I had imagined it would be. When I arrived at the Women's Hospital of Texas they gave me a room and hooked me up to a monitor that monitors your heart rate and one that monitors my contractions. I had a nurse assigned to me the whole time. I just pretty much laid there and waited until I was fully dilated. Because I was not having contractions my labor was induced. Finally, I started feeling the contractions and they felts like bad menstrual cramps but they were tolerable. When my doctor arrived she told me that I could go ahead and get the epidural and I did. The epidural felt weird because I could feel the doctor screw something into my spinal cord. That hurt but again it was tolerable. After that everything was painless. At around 3:00 p.m. I was fully dilated and the nurse was preparing for your arrival. She made me push several time until you were crowning. Then we stopped because the nurse had to call the doctor so she can deliver you. It was funny because I was laying there and I told the nurse who was looking at the monitor if you can come out without me pushing and she said yes. I then told her that I think I feel something coming out. The nurse and daddy looked and they were like WOW. She immediately closed my legs so you won't come out. My doctor arrived 15 minutes later. You were in a hurry to come out because the doctor was putting on her gloves and you were coming out already. The nurse had to push in your head and hold it so the doctor can deliver you. As soon as she moved her hand you came out fast. It was awesome seeing you for the first time. You came out so clean and with a pretty pink color to your skin. Tia Christy was taking pictures and grandma was crying when you were born. Daddy was excited and amazed when you came out. Everyone was excited. I just could not believe that you were finally here. Daddy cut the cord and the nurses took you away to prepare you. Then finally I got to hold you in my arms for the first time. You were beautiful. You look just like your dad. You are my little angel and I promise to take care of you the best that I can. After a few minutes you were taken to NICU because they wanted to monitor you due to your low birth weight. I didn't get to see you again till around 11:00 p.m. You were 100% healthy. You are the most beautiful baby girl in the whole world.

27: DOB: October 20, 2010 Time: 3:28 p.m. Height: 16 inches Weight: 4 lbs 9 oz | The Birth of Kiera Victoria Celestial

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