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Pregnancy Book - Square

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S: Before You Were Born

FC: Before You Were Born

1: To our precious baby. This is a record of your journey into our family. You are part of a family where you are very much wanted and loved. You have a Mummy and a Daddy who love each other so very much and cannot wait to share that love with you. You have a big sister Amelie-Anne who came before you, and who would be so excited to be your big sister. Every day we get more and more excited about the day you will come into the world and we can see you. Thank you for being a part of our family, our second precious child. Some parents never get to have children, we are so very lucky to have two now! Here is the adventure of how you came to the earth, starring Mummy, Daddy, Amelie-Anne, Charlie and YOU!

3: You are our | Sunshine | Our precious Sunshine | You made us happy when skies were | Grey.

4: Once upon a time... | on Sunday 10th March 2013 we had a big suprise! It was English Mothers Day, but it was a special day for a very different reason. Mummy and Daddy woke up and thought about the possibility of you, and how much they wanted you to come... and Mummy was feeling like perhaps it was time. She took a pergnancy test, and the test said you were on your way! Mummy and Daddy were completely suprised and in shock. The doctor had said you absolutely wouldn't be coming to our family yet, and yet here you were... growin inside mummy!

5: We were so suprised that at first we just couldn't believe it. We went to church and asked Mummy's very good friend Rhonda to look at the test. She was very excited and said she thought you were coming too! Mummy and Daddy were just so amazed that their hearts were jumping up and down and all over the place. They wanted you so very much that they were actually so nervous to believe it could be true that you were finally coming! After church they went and got another pregnancy test, a big proper one. They did the test and waited together... and after just a couple of minutes it said again that you really were on your way and growing in Mummy's tummy. We were oh so nervous, excited, happy, confused and many other feelings all at once. But mostly we felt so much love for you. Even when we felt scared and nervous, it was because we loved you so much we wanted you to stay with us forever!

6: We called your Oma Troke first on Skype to tell them the exciting news. Mummy tried to trick Oma by acting like you weren't coming and then suprising her by saying you actually were! Oma was so excited that she pulled the cord out of her computer by accident by jumping all over the bed! She was crying and oh so very happy. She said you were the best mothers day present in the whole world. Mummy thought you were too. Next we called your Auntie Marie-Elizabeth in America. We had to wake her up in the middle of the night to tell her the news. She didn't mind and she was so happy and excited to have another niece or nephew. She did a korean happy dance for you (but quietly because it was night time!). Then We spoke to your Opa Troke. He was very pleased to find out about you and looked very proud. He couldn't wait to have another German grandchild to love.

7: Mummy's friend Rhonda had been waiting for news ever since church and so we called her next and told her you were definately on your way. Mummy had spent oh so many hours talking to Rhonda about wanting you over the last year. Rhonda knew exactly how loved and wanted you were. She was over the moon about you coming soon. Later that evening we called and told Oma Jutta and Papa Heinz all about you. They were both thrilled by the news and were so happy it was finally time for you to join the family. Mummy and Daddy were still oh so very shocked that you really were growing in Mummy's tummy. They were so suprised they could hardly even speak! They were so sure it wouldn't be possible but you proved even the doctors wrong. You really were our little miracle. We were so grateful to have you join our little family. Charlie gave mummy lots of cuddles, Daddy rubbed you in Mummy belly, Amelie-Anne checked on you from heaven to make sure you were ok, Mummy held her breath and prayed you would stay forever, and your journey to earth began....

8: Weeks 1-5 of your journey... | What we were doing: During the first weeks of your journey we didn't even know you were on your way. We went about out normal lives and just wished and hoped for you. We started to get the flat ready for when you would come one day by beginning to get new furniture and organise things better. We were very busy at church and had a Pancake Day party and a Drive in Movie night! We celebrated Valentines Day together. Perhaps you felt our love and decided it was time to come. We crossed our fingers and waited for you. How you were growing: Lots happened to you during these few weeks. You started out so tiny you were too small to even see! By the end of week 4 you had already grown to be up to 1mm big. You already had a heart starting to form which had already started to circulate blood! By the end of week 5 you looked like a little oddly shaped prawn and were already around 1.25mm big. Your brain and spinal cord had already started to develop and it was possible to make out your head shape. Your eyes and ears were starting to be noticeable and your liver, kidney, muscles and bones were already starting to form. You worked very very hard these 5 weeks to grow big and strong. What you were doing to Mummy: Although we didn't know you were on your way already, you were already making Mummy feel very strange. Mummy was feeling very bloated and big. She was craving minced beef all the time and especially liked the smell of it raw. She started to feel very tired and dizzy and a little bit sick. You were already making parts of Mummy feel sore and big and sensitive. These were all clues that you were coming soon!

9: What Daddy was feeling and doing: You decided to come to us at a very exciting and busy time for Daddy. Daddy had only just started working as a teacher a couple of weeks into your journey. He was very busy working very hard at his new job. He took time every day though to make sure Mummy was feeling ok and made sure she was healthy and strong. Because Daddy was so good at looking after Mummy those first few weeks, it probably helped you grow healthy and strong enough to stay. Daddy is a hero.

10: Week 6 of your journey... | What we were doing: This was the first week we knew you were on your way. After we found out you were coming from our pregnancy tests (on Sunday 10. March) we were very very nervous. We were very scared because the Doctor had said it was impossible for you to be coming yet. We needed to know you were really there and growing healthy and strong. Daddy gave Mummy a blessing. Heavenly Father said he was trying hard to make us happy and that everything would work out the way it needed to for us to be happy. We hoped that meant you would get to stay - that would make us the happiest of all! We called the doctor to get him to check you were ok but he couldn't see us this week. We were still very nervous so we called our midwife Sarah. Sarah was very excited to hear about you! She had been thinking about us lately and hoping you would come soon. She was happy to know you finally were. She promised to come on wednesday (13. March) to check on Mummy and do another test to check you were really there. This made mummy feel a lot better. Mummy started making sure you would grow big and strong. She made sure she drank lots of smoothies and ate lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains to be sure you would be healthy. She started doing Yoga to feel closer to you and be stronger for you. Mummy also wanted to make sure she was ready for you whenever you were ready to come. She got her maternity clothes out and she started to get her hospital bags ready for when it would be time to meet you!

11: How you were growing: This week you grew to the size of a lentil (2-4mm). You started to look like a tadpole with a curved back and tail. How funny! By now you had a brain and even though your heart was only the size of a poppy seed, it was beating on its own now. Lots of importanz organs like your kidneys and liver kept growing this week and your head began to look more like a head shape. Your digestive tract, abdominal and chest cavities and backbone had all started to develop now. Your arms and legs looked like tiny buds and youhad your own bloodstream. You must have been so tired, you were working so very hard this week! We were so proud of how strong you were getting. What you were doing to Mummy: Mummy started feeling pregnant very quickly after she did the tests to find out you were coming. The very next day she began feeling a little bit of morning sickness. You made her feel very nauseas and tired but she had lots of rest and felt better again soon. She also felt lots of cramps in her tummy, which was the feeling of her belly growing bigger to make room for you! She was still feeling big and sensitive in places but she knew all of these feelings were worth it to get to have you. What Daddy was feeling and doing:

14: Your First Midwife Appointment

16: Your First Doctors Appointment

18: You're a ... (Boy/Girl)

20: Feeling you the first time

22: Your Baby Shower

24: The Baby Bump You started out so tiny and ended up so big. We wanted to take a picture each month to show how much you made mummy's belly grow. You made a big difference in 9 months.

26: The first time we saw you!

28: Choosing your name We spent many days and nights trying to choose your name. We wanted to pick the perfect name for you and it was so hard because there were so many we liked! Finally we chose your name forever.... (Name, definition of names i.e. Hannah - God has favoured

30: Your first home. / Nursery...

32: Can't wait to meet you - end of pregnancy

34: Going to hospital

36: You made it!

38: Meeting you for the first time.

40: Our Happily Ever After....

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