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Preina's Diary

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FC: Preina's Diary

1: Contents Shift Happens English Lessons Camp Back To School

2: Dear Diary, 28/04/2011 Today is our first English lesson for the term and we were handed a book called ''Z for Zachariah'', and we read the author's letter. And later on throughout the lesson we started watching a video on you-tube which told us what was happening in the world, and so we came to know a lot of things like 600 people die and 200 people are being born, and we also came to know that there are being so many emails and text messages being sent in a day which is impossible to believe. After we finished watching the video we were given a couple of sheets based on the nuclear bomb which the book we are reading is about. After that was done we were all asked to read the first chapter of our book, as i read the chapter it got very interesting and imaginative in my mind how the girl Ann Burden who thinks that she's the last person on earth...and she does all the house work as well as looking after one of her uncle's farm. This story is really sad and depressing because this girl gets up every morning do all her chores and goes to the church with some fresh bunch of flowers, and fills the vase with water and puts the flowers inside. The author of this book Robert O'Brien has created and has written this book with very good heading which is a rhetorical question saying '' Will the last man on earth help her or kill her?'' Goodnight Diary.

4: Dear Diary, 29/04/2011 Today in English we were given out a worksheet which we had to do in groups. So Ms.Stott our English teacher gave us each a number within 5, and we were told to go and form a group which had the same numbers. In my group was me,Beadelia, Mandy, Maryam and in the group we were told to do an extremely difficult situation where we were given twelve people and descriptions of them, and we asked to keep 7 people we need and to cross out 5 people we don't need. After a few minutes we had 6 people that we kept and 4 people we crossed out...and the people who remained were a priest and a young woman who has a baby with no husband. After long argument of who to keep we decided to keep the young women and cross out the priest even though some of us weren't that happy with that. After we finished we were called inside the class to tell the whole class what we did, but sadly before it was our group's turn we had to leave for lunch since the bell rang. I continued the rest of the day doing fun things. Goodnight Diary.

5: Dear Diary, 30/04/2011 This morning i got up really late, that it was almost 12:00p.m in the afternoon. I did all my chores and went to my study table to do my religion assessment so that i can finish it slowly and before the due date. After doing my works i got ready and went to my language class which i go every Saturdays. I returned home by lunch time and relaxed a bit from the tiring work i had to do in my class. Then after a watching movie until 6:00pm i went to read my English book. After this i went to practice for my piano test...after struggling a few times i got the hang of it. At about 10:00pm i went to have dinner with my mum since my dad was at work. And after having a little chat with her I'm going to go to sleep. Goodnight Diary.

6: Dear Diary, 01/05/2011 Today i got up really early because me and my have decided to go shopping. I got ready about 10:30 am and we caught the train to Parramatta to shop in Westfield and then to go to Burwood. We did a lot of shopping than usual since it was a long time that we came shopping. My mum got me a couple of dresses and two lovely sets of jewellery which were on sale. After having a lot of fun together we returned home at about 5:30pm in the evening, and as soon as i came home i was very excited to see all the things I got today. So i was looking at all of them again and i soon realized that it was time for me to study, so quickly changed and ran to my study table to study and pack my bag for tomorrow. After I finished doing everything i went to have dinner with my family and had a little chat with them afterwards, until when i realized that that the time was 9:30. Me and my left my dad do his office work and are going to get ready for bed. Goodnight Diary.

7: Dear Diary, 02/05/2011 I had to get up at 6:00am today because it was time for school, and then i went and had shower after having my breakfast and tea, changed into my school uniform and hurried to the train station to catch my train at 7:50am. After getting on the train and arriving at Ashfield station I started walking to the school with my friend Caitlin who is in year 9. As we walked I called my mum as usual to inform that I'm at school. As we went inside the school i went to my locker first since the door was already opened. I sorted out all my books, got my books for the first two subjects and I went under Eora to see my friends. The weather was freezing today but i didn't feel like i was cold, so as the bell rang we all went to our homerooms and started talking to the other girls. As the day went on really slowly I felt so tired and wanted to go home and sleep but unfortunately after school I had to go for my piano class which was one hour. As soon as I got home from my class I was feeling so tired that I went into my room, got changed and went to have a really long nap and decided to get up a bit late. Goodnight Diary.

8: Dear Diary, 05/05/2011 Today I'm returning to school after staying home sick for two days. As I went inside i saw some of my friends and they asked my where i was. While we were talking I asked them what things did I miss out while I was away and so they told me. It is Thursday today so since we had sport we only had 4 lessons. The day went really quickly today, and so the whole of year 8 got to miss out on our first period since we had study skills. In study skills we had to watch a video and we were given a worksheet based on it. After this was finished the rest of the day was back to normal. After fourth period we all went to homeroom, and later on we went to lunch and went to indoor soccer after lunch. After sport we all went home early, so I walked to the train station to the catch the Liverpool train which stops at my station. After I went home i had my lunch and went to do my homework so that I can have a little nap. Goodnight Diary.

9: CAMP Dear Diary, 09/05/2011 Today I'm in camp with all the year 8 students and homeroom teachers. I'm sharing a cabin with my friends Sital, Sharona, Adeline, Michelle and Samantha. This is my first camp ever, so in the morning we had our first activity which was giant swing. It was fun watching everyone since I didn't participate in this one. After doing this activity in the rain we went to have our afternoon tea and then start our next activity which was high ropes. When we at the activity we were told get a partner as well as how to wear our safety suits. Since I was really really scared of height I asked my partner Michelle to go instead of me. From my point of view it looked really g=hard and scary, after this activity was finished we were told to go to our cabins to have shower so that we can get ready on time for dinner. So we went to our cabins, got ready and went straight to the dinning table to have our dinner. After dinner we went to the Waratah room to watch a few girls perform and to watch a movie . After doing all of these fun things we were told to goto cabins and get ready for bed and turn our lights off by 10:45pm. Goodnight Diary.

10: Dear Diary, 10/05/2011 Today we woke up in the morning at about 7:00-7:15 and we were told to get ready by 8:00a.m for our breakfast. So we got ready and went to the dinning room where we had toast with sausages and bean sauce which was lovely. Then we had to go to our cabins and pack our things as well as clean our rooms. After we were finished we were told to put our bags in another huge room where we will be collecting them later on. After this we were all told to goto the Waratah room where we met our buddies for the next activity which was survivors. The first thing we had to do in this activity was to move across the tires by only using 4 different sizes of wooden palettes, then our next challenge was to get all the tires from the first pole to the third pole in ascending order as well as to match the pattern on the tires perfectly. Since we were quicker than the other team we finished early, Goodnight Diary.

11: 10/05/2011 and after awhile we were all taken tothe final activity which was each member from our team had to swing on to the tires and stand still with everyone on the certain number of tires. After finishing this activity we went straight to lunch before we went to the waratah room to watch the power point presentation that our teachers made using the photos that were taken during our camp. After watching the beautiful slide show we were told group by group to go and get our bags which were in the large room. When it was our turn me and my friends went to collect our bags and went straight to line up in front of the bus that was closer to the place, since we came in two buses one was a normal bus and the other was a double decker bus which me and my friends got to get in since the other bus was crowded. We sat at the bottom deck of the bus where the teachers were sitting. It took us approximately 1 and half hour to get back to school, and we were told to sit under Eora to have a role call so that we could go home. After this was finished I exsaustedly walked to the station.

12: Dear Diary, 11/05/2011 Today is our first English lesson after spending two days on camp. On our English lesson we were taken to the Sophia center and we were given each pair a number and then we were told to create a six framed comic strip based on our book "Z for Zachariah". My partner was Samantha and we were given chapter 7 to do. Since both of us haven't yet read chapter 7 we sat down in the cushion and started reading. As kept on reading the chapter seemed interesting as I came to new things about the characters. Time went quickly and the bell rang soon. On the way out me and Samantha were talking about when we were going to finish it. Then after a quick discussion we decided to half half, and I walked to my locker since it was upstairs.

13: How I Felt! The moment I grabbed it, it felt cold I feel so overjoyed and happy I fell the day is warm and sunny I'm as happy as a girl with a lolly I hear my friends giggling and laughing So I stepped out into the warm sunshine My friends feel the same as me They felt like taking it with them I could smell the freshness of it from a distance It's the most beautiful and amazing thing dont you think? I treat it gently as an injured bird

14: It has a rectangular and a black shiny cover I took it outside and saw it glitter in the sunlight In the palm of my hands I felt it was as light as a feather It was plain on the front with a circle at the bottom You can talk as well as text It's got a gorgeous leaves background and many icons that fill the screen up Do you know what it is? May be I'll tell you what it is It's a black new phone, a present from my dad.

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