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Project 2010

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2: 01/01/10 Have a Ben & Jerry New Year! I went to the store Saturday, and they had one Cherry Garcia left, so I gave it to Mel. She shared it with me. That's True Love! | 01/02/10 White-Throated Sparrow. Kinda rare around here. Shirley Cash Rhodes; Great shot of the sparrow... Love to look @ your pix!!! Happy New Year!!!

3: 01/04/10 Signs of things to come. Kim Milligan Henderson; Snow Creme, oh yes the kids love it!!! Made like 3 batches from this snow!!! | 01/03/10 25 degrees + Cold, sore throat= Homemade Soup Bill Bennett' I like jalepino cornbread! Please hold the cracklins though. | 01/05/10 Thought Control! Elaine Benefield Bryan are one funny dude! If this works, teach me how! | 01/06/10 Snow Preparedness! Keturah Harris So you're one of those people. The ones who buy up all the milk, eggs, and bread. I'm on to you Daryl. | 01/07/10 Puzzle Time! Can you spot Midnight, the SnowCat? | Janie Buchanan Carver I see the white cat! Daryl Ray Circle him and send a copy to me. But, don't tell any one else. (There was no white cat)

4: 01/08/10 Snow Steps. Layne Chastain Great pic. This would make a wonderful album cover. You're a great photographer but I would have thought your only bragging right on this day would be your distant relation to birthday boy Elvis. | 01/09/10 20 Degrees + D.D. Coffee = Oh Yeah! Donna Hughes Ahh, morning inspiration! Not so much for me since I'm not a coffee drinker! But nice pic brother! The only thing that's lacking is the cake in the cake plate! | 01/10/10 I got the Blues! Maria McClung Pretty birds, I don't think they are very smart though. Out of all the birds around here blue jays are the only ones that fly into our windows daily.... They do not survive the "incident". Even my cat is full and tired of jay sushi

5: 01/11/10 Winter Casualty This was a gorgeous, red camellia left brown by the frozen temperatures...

6: 01/15/10 My Little Buddy My Little Buddy came to see us. You bring a baby in a house full of women, and you've never hears such cooing, and ooing. One smile just sends them over the edge. I wonder if he's ready for his own camera yet?? Annaleigh Joslin oh what a handsome little guy!!! so adorable!!! | 01/16/10 My 1st eBay purchase. OK, I saw an old camera I wanted today in Marietta. They wanted $45. He said I could have it for $40. I almost walked out with it. I came home and found it on eBay for $9.99, a few dollars more for shipping and handling, plus a donation to Red Cross. I might be back, I'm not sure. | 01/17/10 Ripples.... Like the ripples of a rain drop, everything we do, good or bad ripples on to others. As, I hope my photography does. I hope, in some way it ripples happiness, joy, memories... Hope my pictures ripple on to you. | Wanda Williams Smith; What a great Sunday picture and message to go with it! So true Look at acts of love - people never know how many are ultimately touched.

7: 01/20/10 Winter Silhouette Walking outside for the trashcans, looking up at the gathering clouds, the bare trees gave me this pic today. I'm in to silhouettes. Alana Stover love it, love it, love it! Did I tell you I love trees!? LOL | 01/18/10 Stovetop Toppings! ALL RIGHT! The drama is over! Well, almost. Seems one of the eyes underneath also met it's demise. We have a popeyed stove. Not to worry, they'll be a week...or two....or three.... Angel Jones; Yeah we can have real food now!!!! Ready for a Peach Cobbler!!!! (The Drama actually went on for two more months. If you want, I'll let you know what repair man NOT to use!) | 01/19/10 Nap Awakenings! Short nap this evening. Woke up to this. What do you wake up to when you take a nap? Careful now. Brenda K. Cagle; Dirty dishes in the sink:( | 01/21/10 Refrigerator Magnetism! So much for those plain white appliances like when we were growing up. Now refrigerators are for appointment calendars, pix of family & friends, Doctor's office, souvenirs, pizza man.... What's on yours???

11: 02/01/10 The Ride! The other day one of the Docs I work with said he hadn't had a car to give him the thrill of his new Jaguar since his Mercedes six years ago. I leaned over to his assistant and said I wasn't quite over the thrill of my '98 Windstar! Oh well, she gets me where I'm goin' far... | In August of this year, the Thrill, and the fear wre gone... | Donald Allen; Fear the Windstar | 02/02/10 Yoga Mel! Mel's getting into the action too. I can't get her to the gym, so Wii Fit's a good start. GO MAYEL! GO MAYEL! | Lynn Brown Crosby I love my Wii Fit - you go Mel! | 02/03/10 Fried Taters.... Canola Oi, Omega 3, No Cholesterol, No saturated fats! Alvin Stewart; Daryl, I just finished some fresh hot cornbread that would have paired well with those. | 02/04/10 A Piercing Pic!!! Love'm, Hate'm; It's their choice. Em's latest acquisition! | Stella McCoy; Ouch! I can't stand pain....

12: 02/05/10 Photographs & Memories II When I look at my collection of cameras, I wonder who owned them? What pix did they take with them? Are their pix still being passed from generation to generation. I hope my pix are being enjoyed. And, esp. my people pix. I hope they'll be passed down for many generations to come. Who knows? Maybe even that forgotten family hanging on the Cracker Barrel wall. Fran Bragg; I've always wondered about the portraits in Cracker Barrel. I bet none of them imagined that was where their picture would end up! | 02/06/10 D-Ray; Photographer, Plumber Extraordinaire! Today's pic was taken by Melodie Ray! Rocky Francen Daryl, Looks like she got your good side... sorry, could not resist that.. sorry about the broken pipe, they are never fun.... | 02/07/10 Dianne's Potato Soup & Jalepeno Cornbread OK, back to the gym tomorrow!! Did I mention Mel's Peach Cobbler?? Donna Hughes; Looks yummy!! Too bad your pipe didn't bust tonight instead of last night when we came down!!

13: 02/08/10 My Vacation Account.... ....with not enough to buy the gas to get out of town. What's in your jar? | Kathy Edwards Miller; We can't even afford the jar | 02/10/10 Bertha Napping! I passed by my Ma-in-Law's door, and caught her in a state of meditation. This was a low-light exposure at 1/8th of a sec. She's a good Ma-in-Law!

20: 02/25/10 In memory of Mama, 2/25/32-4/28/09 | Mama LOVED March Flowers. No, that's not really what they're called, but that's what she called them. That's good enough for me. Her and her brother had a competition each year to see who found the first blooms of the year. She loved to bring them in, just as they were budding, to watch as they opened. After moving away, I was honored to carry on the competition. Mine usually were up first as I lived 20 miles south of her. I hope my girls will realize the significance of this tradition. Maybe they'll carry it on. Miss ya bunches.

23: 03/01/10 Time for your medicine! From tonics to bitters, elixers to cennas, I find old medicine bottles interesting, and colorful. Thought I'd share a couple with you, mostly from an artsy point of view. | 03/03/10 "Head Ache" Not feelin' real creative, so just decided to work with it. | Alana Stover ok, so maybe this is like my favorite! love how you captured the colors! | 03/02/10 The Swing! Made by my Daddy some 18 or so years ago, this swing has been a point of many silent thoughts, prayers, and quiet times. Seeing another snow on it reminds me another season has passed. Time for Spring, Please! | Tiffany Cobb Gleason; "Love, Love, Love this picture." | Bridget Bennett; "Feel better soon Daryl! =)" | 03/04/10 The Chaperone It's been YEARS since I chaperoned a school trip. So, I went today with Hannah's A&P class to see "Bodies; The Exhibition." We also did "Dialogue in the Dark," kinda different, but neat. I think we got all the chicks back safely, all 137 or so. I'll have to take the girls to Atlantic Station now. I think they'll enjoy! | Janie Buchanan Carver; "What a brave man you are!!"

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