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FC: PORTFOLIO | My Quarterly Project Scrapbook. Camden High 709 3b

1: As a student in your pre-IB geometry I hope to excel and master the fundamentals of geometry. My goals include learning how to find the circumference and area of a circle, and figuring out parallel and perpendicular lines.i have always struggled in math so i hope to stay on top of things and do well in your class. Those are my goals for this class though. My goals for life are too join the marines, go to LSU or West Virginia, and owning a lot of hound dogs.

3: unit 1

4: Euclid, also known as Euclid of Alexandria is basically the father of geometry. But he is also one the most influential people in mathematics over all. Little is known about his life though as there is barely any references to him throughout history. But even these few references to him were made long after he had passed. He is credited with writing the elements which is a book of mathematical formulas and what not put into a logically coherent form. | Euclid is not even mentioned in the Elements. Only one man ever credits Euclid with writing the Elements. Even though the Elements is most famous for its geometric results, it contains other things such as the number theory along with many other magnificent mathematical discoveries.

5: quadrant is an angle or time measuring device | graphometer also called a semicircle is surveying instrument used for measuring angles. | protractor generally a square, circular, or semicircle instrument usually made of a transparent material used to measure angles.

7: Hypothesis: If you cant beat us Conclusion: Shop us The converse of this ad is, "If you shop us, you cant beat us".

10: the figures on the previous pages are triangles. Those were different types of triangles. The blue one is a right triangle because it has a 90 degree angle in it. The yellow triangle is an obtuse triangle because it has an obtuse angle, which is an angle greater than 90 degrees. The green triangle is an acute triangle because all of its angles are less than 90 degrees. And last but not least, the pink triangle is an equiangular triangle because all of its angles are the same.

13: UNITS 2&3

14: The difference between Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry. Euclidean geometry is the geometry that we all learn in school. it is the most common type of geometry. It is based on definitions, undefined terms, and the assumptions of the mathematician Euclid. Euclidean geometry is the study of flat space. Which means that you can easily depict these geometrical concepts by drawing on a flat surface. It has to do with Euclids famous parallel postulate. this postulate states that "Through a point not a line, there is no more than on line parallel to the line.". All forms of non-Euclidean geometry contain a postulate that negates Euclids parallel postulate. There are many forms of this type of geometry but it all has one thing in common, they are the equivalent to the negation of Euclids parallel postulate.

18: line star is the transversal line circle and line triangle are parallel to each other. angle rectangle and angle oval are corresponding interior angles. angle key and angle oval are alternate interior angles. angle butterfly and angle rectangle are alternate interior angles. angle football and angle baseball are alternate exterior angles (in reference to the previous triangle diagram) | parallel lines

19: the purple line down the middle is the bisector. it is perpendicular so it splits the figure in half. | perpendicular bisector theorem

20: Thales is known as the founder of modern geometry. But he was also known as many other things such as the father of science, and the first philosopher. His contributions to math include several theorems about triangles one of which is the the law of similar triangles. he also noted that any angle inscribed in a semicircle is a 90 degree angle. He was not only a mathematician though. He was a politician, ethicist, and military strategist. Wanting to know more about Thales? Well heres a fun fact, Thales used his law of similar triangles to help figure out the height for the great pyramids. Thales of Miletus ca 624-546 B.C. Greece Domain

22: FOR ALL MY FRIENDS WHO MISSED CLASS if two geometric figures have exactly the same size and shape they are congruent | #two polygons are if and only their corresponding parts are congruent#

23: this one goes out to the bros who missed school the phrase if and only if in the congr. poly. def. means that the convs and cndtnl are bth true | like segments and angles, triangls congruence is reflxv, symtrc, and transtv

25: its funny because a circle has zero corners so it has no points. therefore its pointless

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