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Rachel Collier's Mixbook(:

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S: Who am I

FC: Who Am I | 2010-2011

1: Who Am I | 2010-2011

2: Life Timeline | April 13, 1996 I was born | June 16, 1998 My little sister Bethany was born | September 2001 I start school at Baton Elementary | September 2008 I start middle school at HMS | August 2010 I start high school at CECHS | Jaunary 2009 I try out for soccer at HMS and make

3: Bread: $0.88/loaf House: $166,400 Stamp: $0.32/ea Car: $18,563 Gas: $1.29/gal | April 13, 1996 | One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix) by Los Del Rio Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion Nobody Knows by Tony Rich Project | Prices | Popular Songs | Us President Bill Clinton Vice President Al Gore | Popular T.V. Shows Friends Home Improvement ER The Simpsons Seinfeld Roseanne | Popular New Games Pokémon Gameboy Game Jumanji Game Baby Go Bye Bye Olympic Gymnast Barbie Doll Nintendo 64 | | Best Picture: The English Patient Directed By Anthony Minghella Best Actor: Geoffrey Rush in Shine Best Actress: Frances Mcdormand in Fargo | Academy Award Winners | 1970 - Rick Schroder, SI NY, actor (Ricky-Silver Spoons, Champ, Earthling) 1852 - Frank W Woolworth 5 & 10 king 1946 - Al Green Arkansas, singer (Lets Stay Together) 1743- Thomas Jefferson, 3rd U.S. President | Rachel Chloe Collier | Famous People With My Birthday | The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt | Books Released in 1996

4: Interview | I did an interview on my Papaw John L. Hamby. I learned a lot form it that I would have never known if I have not did the interview. With some of the things he lived through I do not know how I would have made it. They had to make most of there own closes and food. I couldn't imgagine living time period of serveral wars and being worried that you or your country could get bombed at anytime. I think they have the most wisdom

5: Dear Caitlin, I am writing to you to tell you how much you have influenced me. You may not know it but you have helped me to become the person I am today. I have always looked up to you. You are are my best friend and one of the longest on any anyone. One reason you have influenced me is because you are nice & friendly to everyone. You never make fun of anyone or leave anyone out. You always include everyone & watching you do that made me think how I need to be nice to people because thats how you should act. Another thing is you try your hardest on everything and are very responsible. You always listen to your parents when they tell you to do something which is very responsible & respectful. BY trying your hardest you have gone to the top of your class & gained leadership skills by being over the Beta Club. What I admire the most about you is that you're a Christian. That makes you kind to others, obey the 10 Commandments the best you can, & be a great friend. So thank you for everything you have done for me & being a great best friend. Even though we go to different schools I hope we can still keep in touch. Love Your Best Friend, Rachel Collier

6: My GreatestAccomplishment | My biggest accomplishment is getting the Dream Scholarship. The scholarship is going to help me go to a CCC&TI for two years for free after high school. Even though I am going to the Early College, I can still use it after words. I got the award from my 6th grade teacher Mrs,McCall. She nominated me and I got picked for the scholarship. I got the Dream Scholarship on 6th grade awards day in front of all of Hudson Middle School. Awards day was at the Civic Center. I have chosen this accomplishment because it has made a big impact in mine and my parents lives. It will affect me for the rest of my life.

7: I am never going to get rid of my Wonder Women blanket. It is so soft and she is my favorite superhero. When I was little I got a cow I called Miss Moo Moo and I am going to keep it forever. I have every yearbook from kindergarten to now at my house and I want to have all of those memories and remember everyone I went to school with my whole life. All of my pictures of me when I was little and for my whole life. My mom put all of them in a picture album. My good friend Katie made me a blue ducktape bracelet and I will always keep that to remember her. | My 5 Relics

8: When I am at my best as a person, I am dedicated as a professional athelte. | Metaphor

9: 1969 | 1971 | 1996 | 1998 | 1994 | Family Genogram

10: The way I can make my own carbon footprint is to us reusable water bottles. Everyday at lunch I get a straphome cup so I can save a ton of cups if I bring my own bottle. | Carbon Footprint

11: My Name and Family History | Rachel means sheep. The name Collier means coal. People with the last name Collier gathered, sell,, or burned coal. The last name Collier orgin in England. The year they immiagrited to the U.S. was in 1881. The life expectancy for the last name Collier is 70-75 years. The top occupation for my family in the 1800's os a farmer. During the Civil War there were 799 Confederate soilders and 639 Union soilders with the last name Collier.

12: My favorite family tradition is putting up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving night. We started putting it on on Thanksgiving when I was born and just to have a day to do it on every year. We do this once every year. This gives us time together as a family that we all enjoy to do. We could be more prepared to put it up because the orniments are down stairs and so is the tree and it takes awhile to get all of the things together. | My Family Traditions

13: My Favorite Family Recipe | Brunch Casarole lb of sausage 2 cups of Colby jack cheese 5-6 eggs 1/4 cup of milk 1 crossoint 1 tsp salt 1/8 tsp pepper Brown sausage & drain. Grease bottom of 9x11 pan & line with crossoint. Make sure crossoint has edges pressed together to make a solid bottom. Pour sausage on top of crossoint. Spread cheese on top of sausage. Beat eggs, milk, salt & pepper & pour evenly over cheese. Bake for 25 minutes in preheated 350 degree oven. This is important to me because my mom always makes it for us for special occasions. I would always get really excited when she would make it because it taste so good. Also, I help her make it a lot.

14: Technology Timeline | Technololgy Timeline Laptops | 1996 | 2003 | 1999 | 2006 | 2008 | Laptop as thin as air | 2011 | Ipad 2 touch screen

15: My 3 Favorite Tech | 1. Cell Phone 2. iPod 3. Computer | I like my cell phone because that is the way I can talk to my friends. I like my iPod because when I am bored I can listening to it and it has all my favorite songs. I like my computer because i can do homework, talk to people,& get on Facebook with it. |

16: Play gautair hero on expert Play lazor tag Mow a yard Touch my toes Memorize certain things easily Make people laugh Text Without looking Play softball Play tennis Sing Spend money Floss my teeth Get on Facebook Put song on my ipod Play soccer Text fast Drive a car Read a clock Do a cartwheel Lace a shoe Chew gum Take a picture Eat fast Get friend easily Stay in school all day Wear Converse | Dance Skate Make a cake Wash a car Clean my room Drink allot Read a book Write a paper Make an A Chew on one piece of gum all day Build a boat out of bottles and tape Burn macaroni and cheese Make new friends Drive a go-cart Do my homework Get on a computer Buy new cloths Do my hair Sharpen my pencil Stay on Facebook for hours Listen to music Hate Duke Go to an UNC game Write 50 I cans | I Can.......

17: Being in with my friends Being with my family Playing tennis Going to church Dancing to music Spending time with my dog Riding my bike Shopping Eating Being on Facebook Listening to my ipod Texting people Listening to the radio Trying to play soccer Swimming Talking Painting fingernails & toenails Driving Watching a UNC game Taking a warm shower Sleeping Learning about history Watching tv Big TIme Rush (Kendall) Watching Nacho Lebra and Napoleon Dynamite | Kurling up with my Wonder Womean blanket Watching funny Youtube videos Eating at Poncho Villa going to the beach Riding rollercoasters Playing lazor tag Listening to funny people Reading mystery books Learning about space Meeting new people Do things that scare me Converse | My Favorites....

19: BioPoem | I am RACHEL cOLLIER i wONDER IF I WILL EVER FLY i HEAR People Sing i SEE PEOPLES ACTIONS I AM RACHEL COLLIER I PRETEND I HAVE SUPERPOWERS I BELIEVE IN GOD I TOUCH My goals I FEEL wishful I WORRY About Life I CRY about deaths I AM RACHEL COLLIER I UNDERSTAND why people feel the way they do I SAY a lot of embarrassing thing I DREAM of things that i think will never come true I AM Rachel(:

20: My Favorite Place | My favorite place is at my mamaws & papaws on a swing outside. They are my neighbors & are almost always outside & I love to go there. It is surrounded by trees & there is a tree right behind me. So if you swing to high you hit the branch's. When I am there I pet my dog because it always follows me there & I talk to my mamaw & papaw while I'm sitting there. I like it because when I get mad it is a good place where I can sit & cool down. The best thing about it is it seems like there is always a breeze there. I share this place with my dog, Coco, & my mamaw & papaw. When I go there I forget about all the things that bad happened to me that day & I feel great. I return there because I love it there & its a great place to be with my mamaw & papaw.

21: Personality Shapes | loyal | Hard Worker | Organized | Don't Like Change | Tyler Zac Mrs.Bumgarderner | Enjoys Being Comfortable | Talkative | Hard Worker | Hates to Say No | Me Katie Alanis Eman | Leaders | Respected By Peers | Confident | Outspoken | Sarah Brandon Marrissa | Creative | Act With Out Thinking | Caleb Sabrina Kendra Nic

22: My Self-Image | What I think of myself: Can remember some things easy. I like the color of my hair. Talkative. What others think of me: Corny. Funny. Listens to good music. Nice. Talkative. What we think in common: Talkative.

25: My favorite stories to read are mystery, fantasy, detective stories, & the mostly history. I like Non-Fiction better than Fiction. I prefer short stories over novel. Between magazines or books I would rather have a magazine because I like to look at the pictures. My favorite book of all time is Dovey Coe. My favorite series of books is A Series Of Unfortunate Events. I have about 40 books at home. The person I discuss the books I read with is my mom. I go to the library once a month. I would rather watch T.V. than read a book. Watching the movie first before reading a book would be better for me. My favorite movie ever is Napoleon Dynamite. My favorite T.V. stars is Will Ferall & Adam Sandler. When I am not in school the thing I like to do best is going outside & playing sports. | Reading Interest

26: Rachel's Interests, Hobbies,& Collections | Collections: Key Chains Comic Books | Hobbies: Going Outside Playing Sports Listening to Music | Interests: My Beliefs Sports Education | Things I Like to Watch: Phineas & Ferb Big Time Rush What Not To Wear Ned's Declassified The Soup | Things I Like to Explore: The World

27: Multiple Intelligences | My top three intelligences are bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, and musical. Bodily-Kinesthetic is were you have body movement control, eye and body coordination, manual dexterity, physical agility and balance. The roles are adventurers, drivers, actors, athletes, dancers, and chefs. Interpersonal is when you can relate to others, interpretation of behaviors, include other people, and understand the relationships between people and there situation. The jobs for this are therapists, leaders, doctors, teachers, clergy, psychologists, and HR professionals. Musical is having a awareness,understand relasionships between sounds and meanings, reconize the tone and rythem patterns, and appreciation of the use of sound. You could be a singer, musician, compoers, DJ's, and music producer.

28: Self-Reflection | In Who Am I,I enjoyed learning about my family's name and what everything meant. My favortie pieces were Biopoem and my birth year. To do differently I would take more time working on each thing. I would take out take out technology timeline. I thought Who Am I was a fun experience and I learned a lot about my classmates and myself.

29: My Wildest Dream | My wildest dream is to be president of the United States. I want to go into politics so I can make a difference in the world. That is why it is my dream. I want people to look up to me and for me to be a influence for someone. I want to be president by the time I am 50. That will be the year 2046. Things that will be in my way to be president is people might not agree with what I think. Everyone has there own opinion so it would be hard to get the majority of the votes. The chances of becoming president out of everybody else in America is very low. People say you can do anything if you try, so I will not give up on my dream just knowing the odds are very low. I could also do anything in politics to help America.

32: Dear Me, I am very proud of you because you have made many new friends & for passing middle school. I am also proud you got picked to be in Early College with Katherine. You need to improve on doing your homework. Don't be lazy just do it right when you get it. Also, listen more during class. Sincerely, Rachel

33: Dear 50 Year Old Me, You need to graduate from UNC & be in politics. You better have made a difference in the world & manly America. I hope you live in a big nice house far away from North Carolina. You own a Camerao an old & new one. You are married & have two kids that are twins. You also, have a dog. It don't matter as long as its cute. Sincerely, Rachel

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