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Rachel Philips

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S: Into the Woods By Rachel Philips

BC: This book is about a family who goes trick-or-treating Halloween weekend but the kids are not to happy about going. They cant find their parents and run into a few problems along the way.

FC: Into the woods By: Rachel Philips

1: I'm dedicating this book to all my friends and family! Thanks for always being there for me!

2: "Mom!" yelled Bridget. "Sophie's bugging me again!" "Just ignore her we will be at the campground soon enough." said her mom in an irritated tone. "You kids are something else!" mumbled their dad. They continued their long drive to the campground.

3: "I hate camping!" said Anthony in a furious voice. "We always go when its Halloween weekend and I never get to go trick-or-treating with my friends!" "Yeah!" agreed Sophie and Bridget. Everyone hated camping especially on Halloween weekend! "I bet you guys will have a fabulous time, and plus its someplace new!" said their mom enthusiastically.

4: Finally they arrive at the campground but are surprised at what they see. "Wow! This is the place that we have to stay at!?" says Bridget. "This place is a dump!" screams Anthony. "Now now kids I bet it isn't that bad!" ensures their parents.

5: "Now where is our campsite?" ponders their dad. "I don't know... oops looks like we cant find it! All right lets go!" say Bridget. "Not so fast there Bridget, its right here!" Everyone gets out of the car and starts to set up their Halloween decorations. "Whats the point of setting up all these decorations? This place is a dump anyways!" Anthony says frustrated. They continue to set up their Halloween decorations despite their anger.

6: "Hey mom Anthony, Sophie and I are going to take a walk around the campground!" yells Bridget. "All right just be safe! This place doesn't seem the nicest!" says her mom worryingly. The kids go for a walk and what they see does not reassure them. "This place gives me the creeps! Lets go back before it gets to dark!" says Anthony. Bridget agrees and everyone starts to head back.

7: "Bridget I'm scared!" cries out Sophie. "Don't worry Sophie we will be back soon!" reassures Bridget. As the kids continue to walk back to their camper Anthony spots something. "Did you guys see that?? Back there in the woods?" says Anthony franticly. "No, but I bet it was just in your head! Everyone is tired and you are probably just seeing things." replies Bridget.

8: "See guys were back... that wasn't so bad!" says Bridget. "Yeah it kind of was!!!" Anthony replies. All the kids go inside to tell their parent that they have arrived. "Hey mommy" Sophie says. "This place is scary can we go home??" "No you guys are fine, you are just thinking of excuses to go trick-or-treating! Now why don't you go to bed and get a fresh start in the morning."

9: Finally all of the kids fall asleep. After a good hour or two Sophie wakes up to a sound outside. She gets up and taps Bridget on the shoulder. "Bridget I think there is something outside!" says Sophie frantically. | Bridget wakes up. "What did you say Sophie?" "I said I woke up and I heard a strange noise outside, and I'm scared!" replied Sophie. Anthony wakes and up and is informed on what is happening.

10: "Okay, everyone stay here wile I go see what the strange noise is outisde." states Bridget. "Allright just be careful!" says Anthony frightfuly. Bridget walks outside and is alarmed at what she sees.

11: Bridget looks outside the camper window. "Oh my gosh everyone come quick!" exclaims Bridget. Anthony and Sophie run over in fear. "Did you guys see that? Those three shadows ouside?" Bridget yells. Anthony and Sophie shake their head frantically.

12: "Bridget wheres mommy and daddy?" asks Sophie. "They are in their bed Sophie its okay." replies Bridget. "Umm I don't think they are in their beds!" says Anthony worringly. Bridget looks over and to her surprise their parents weren't there! "Do you think it was their shadows outside?" asks Bridget. "Maybe, but there was a third shadow!" replies Anthony

13: "Come on, we have to go outside and look for mom and dad. They could be in some serious danger!" Bridget says. "NO! I am not going back out there! Its way to scary!" exclaims Sophie. "Well me and Anthony are going. You can stay in the camper ALONE if you want to!" states Bridget. "Fine! I will go with you if the other option is staying.... ALONE!" Sophie says hesitantly. On that note all the kids walk outside and start to search for their parents.

14: All of the kids frantically search around their campsite. "Maybe we should start looking for some clues to where they could have gone. They could be pretty far by now!" says Bridget. "I think I see something!" exclaims Anthony. "It might be footprints!" Bridget and Sophie walk over to see what he has found.

15: "We should go in! They probably went in this way, and if we go fast enough maybe we could catch up!" Bridget says with an excited look on her face. "I am not going in there!" Sophie says fearfully. "We have to go! We will do it for mom and dad! I don't want to go in either but its our only chance that we have to get them back!" exclaims Bridget. "I will be willing to go in with you Bridget. I might be scared but I am going to do it for our mom and dad!" says Anthony.

16: "So have we all decided that we are going to go in and look for our parents?" asked Bridget. "Well I will!" ensures Anthony. "But I'm not so sure about Sophie!" Bridget gets sick at the thought of never seeing her parents ever again. "Sophie I will hold your hand the whole time! We have to do this together! says Bridget trying not to cry. "Fine!" says Sophie hesitantly. "Only for mommy and daddy!"

17: All of the kids take their first frightful steps into the woods together. Suddenly they feel a cold rush of air. "Did you feel that? That cold rush of air?" asks Bridget. "Yeah!" says Anthony with fear filling his mind. "Let get out of here!" exclaims Anthony. "No we can't leave! We didn't find mom or dad yet!" says Bridget. "We will leave when we find them."

18: "We have to keep on moving if we want to find our parents before it gets to late. We cant let this creepy woods be the reason why our parents don't make it! Bridget says. Sophie suddenly stops and tears start to fill her eyes. "What if we never get to see mommy and daddy again? asks Sophie. "I promise you Sophie... mom and dad are going to be fine as long as we keep on moving!" says Bridget.

19: The kids continue to walk through the woods for what seems like forever. All over a sudden all the kids come to a stop. "Did you hear that? It sounded like it was coming from over there!" exclaims Anthony. "We should probably head over in that direction to see what it was. Maybe its our parents!" says Bridget hopefully.

20: "I think I see something over there in the woods." says Anthony. Bridget looks over and is stunned at what she sees. "A camper?" Bridget says confused. Everyone agrees that they should walk over hoping their parents are soon to be found. "Hopefully mommy and daddy are in this mysterious camper!" says Sophie. "Yeah lets hope so!" agrees Bridget.

21: "Look over there! It looks like a guy!" informs Bridget. The guy had a long beard and long hair. "What do you think hes doing out here? asks Bridget. "He could belong to the camper." suggests Anthony. "Well why don't you go into the camper and take a look. You never know... maybe our parents are in there." says Bridget. "You crazy! I'm not going into that random camper!" yells Anthony. "You have to! There is really no other choice!" exclaims Bridget. "Fine!" Anthony says with a sigh. Anthony walk over to the camper, opens the door, and walks in.

22: Bridget and Sophie keep a lookout for anyone suspicious lurking around the camper. "Come quick!" shouts Anthony from inside the camper. Sophie and Bridget run over quickly to see what has happened.

23: Bridget and Sophie get into the camper and their jaws drop suddenly. Right there in front of them are their parent tied up on a chair. "We have to help them out quick! exclaims Anthony. Suddenly they hear a noise from outside. "I think there might be someone outside!" whispers Bridget. "Perfect! Just what we need!" says Anthony sarcastically.

24: "You guys go through the camper and look for something to get the tape off mom and dad." says Bridget. Anthony and Sophie frantically start to look through the camper. "I'm going to go outside and see what that noise was. Keep on looking! We need to get out of her as soon as possible!" Bridget exclaims. Bridget walks outside and starts to look around.

25: Finally Bridget spots someone and he appears to be walking closer and closer to her. The guy get closer and Bridget's heart starts to beat faster. "Hey you! What are you doing near my camper!" screams the guy in the woods. The guy starts running towards her, pushes her out of the way, and goes into the camper.

26: Bridget runs into the camper behind the guy. Bridget looks over and sees that Anthony and Sophie are trying to untie their parents from the chair. "WHAT IS EVERYONE DOING IN MY CAMPER!" screams the guy. "GET OUT!" The guy pushes them away from their parents to stop them from freeing their parents.

27: The guy continues to scream loudly at the children. Bridget looks over to wear their parents are tied up, and notice that they are tying to free themselves. She tries not to show her excitement.

28: At last their parents free themselves. They stay as quiet as possible so the guy does not notice. Their dad searches the camper as quietly as possible and to his surprise he finds a frying pan. "Hello!" says the dad. The guy turns around in shock. Their dad takes the frying pan and hits him in the head to knock him unconscious. "You did it!" exclaims the kids

29: "MOMMY!" Sophie runs up to her mom and gives her an enormous hug. "Lets get out of here before the guy wakes up!" commands their mom. Everyone leaves the camper and runs through the woods to get back to their campsite.

30: The family arrives back at their camper exhausted from all the running. "We better leave this place now. It is not safe!" says their mom. "Everyone pack up your stuff and we are leaving ASAP!" their dad says. After a couple a minutes the family has their stuff packed and leaves the campground.

31: "I'm sorry we didn't listen to you in the first place!" explains their mom. "Don't worry... we are NEVER coming back here again!" assures their dad. "Its okay... we are all back together again and thats all that matters!" says Bridget. They continue to drive home and live happily ever after! THE END!

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