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Rad Plaid

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BC: The End. :)

FC: It's the little things that make life beautiful | I Am the Wallpaper

1: Dedicated to my sister, Lillian. Here's what you missed this summer.

2: My 13th birthday. I had my 2 best friends come to celebrate, Azra and Wen. Azra and I both have a crush on him that we keep secret. Just as I was about to open my present from Aunt Sarah, my sister steels the spotlight with her new friends. Typical. I'm tired of being so invisible! Thanks to Wen though, everyone's attention turned back to me. Ugh, when is he going to come out and say he likes me? | Entry #1

3: "I am the wallpaper." - Floey Packer | <3 Wen <3

4: In Aunt Sarah's giant box that had me so anxiously waiting, was a training bra! I mean, can you say embarrassing?! Especially with Wen sitting right there; his face was so red! | Entry #2

5: That night though, Azra slept over and she told me to try on the bra over my PJs as a joke and took a picture. To my horror, I found that she had sent the picture to my aunt along with a thank you note! | Dear Aunt Sarah, Thank you for the wonderful training bra! I'll be needing it now that I'm in training! Love, Floey

6: Lillian got married to Helmet! Can you believe it!? At the wedding day I still couldn't believe it! Just when I was about to blend into the wallpaper, a boy named Calvin came to rescue me! And after a while of talking, I found that he was 15 years old and loved poetry! | Entry #3

7: I don't know what made me do it, (maybe the wine), but I danced with him and even tried to kiss him! It all ended in disaster though, when we fell over and I found my hand under his butt!! | "Life is suffering, Zen you die." -Calvin

8: It was time for me to become the new Floey Packer! I had to stand out and show everyone that I can be outgoing and interesting. I had to start with my wardrobe. I needed color ... and a new boyfriend;) I must forget about the agreement with Azra, it's clear he likes me better due to the constant phone calls. For some reason though, I can't stop thinking about Calvin. | "We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be." - Unknown author

9: Entry #4

10: Ugh! My cousins were almost the death of me! Richard and Tish are Aunt Sarah's kids and they were staying with us until Aunt Sarah came back from a retreat. Richard is quiet, but he sure can be a little devil. He had my picture for sure and he held it against me. Tish was sleeping in my room and couldn't be more annoying. She was always asking personal questions I'm not comfortable answering. | Entry #5 | "Maybe I have the photo, maybe I don't" - Richard

11: After hanging out with Azra, I came inside to write in my journal. As I approached my secret place where I keep my journal I noticed something was different. My diary was slightly in a different direction and the surrounding clothes seem to have been moved a little. I knew those brats went through my stuff! I wanted to explode at them, but I didn't know for sure, so I let it slide. | Entry #6 | "Even rock stars are entitled to privacy. " - Michael Novak

12: Welcome to Floey Packer's Private Life! Here you can find photos and diary entries that are all about he thoughts and secrets starting from her 13th birthday! We will be updating journal entries every day to keep up with the fantastic new Floey Packer! | Floeysprivatelife.com | Search (_______) | Photos | Journal | Home

13: "All violations of Essential privacy are brutalizing" - Katharine Fullerton Gerouled | I recieved a phone call from Wen saying that he thought I might want to see something.... To my horror, I found that Wen had the photocopy of that embarrassing picture Azra took of me on my birthday! He had gotten it in the mail, along with a note on the back with a website called Floeysprivatelife.com. When I visited the site, my heart dropped. The site had all my private stuff on it! Even my Journal entries about liking Wen and Calvin! My life is over! | Entry #7

14: I was furious at Richard and Tish, so instead of immediately shutting down the site, I decided to play around with them. I created false entries that were embarrassing towards my cousins. I later found out that it was not Tish's idea at all, but Richard and his buddies! Time for a new plan... | Entry #8 | "A goal without a plan is just a wish" - Kathleen Turner

15: Entry #9 | After keeping Richard from posting my journal for a while due to his own embarrassment, the page exploded from a picture he posted. The picture was of Azra and Wen kissing at a party! How could she betray me like that? How could Richard stoop so low as to follow me to a party!? It was time for confession. I chased Richard down and he told me he was bullied into it. I felt horrible and we both came up with a plan to get THEM on tape. We led them to a secret beach where we threw firecrackers at them and got it on tape. They looked hilarious! | “This is not a case of war profiteering. This is a simple case of payback and self-protection.” - Barbara Van Gelder

16: I decided not to post the secret beach because the beach was owned by a family who cherished it. I didn't want to reveal something so special. The last thing that was posted on Floeysprivatelife.com was a message from me saying thank you to all my fans and I hoped that they'd find an actual life some day. | Once that was done, it was time to make up with Azra who I hadn't talked to since the picture of her and Wen kissing. I guess we were never meant to be. | Entry #10 | "Are there any guys out there who are just NORMAL?!" - Unknown Author

17: Lillian stopped by at home to say one final goodbye to all her friends. Everyone seemed to be at our house that afternoon. Even Wen and Azra came by. I had to stay inside and watch the little kids, again. Then a thought popped in my head, "what ever happened to Calvin?" we were sending letters back and forth, but I guess he stopped talking to me because he found the website. I don't blame him. Just as I thought this, I heard a knock on the window. When I looked over, I saw Calvin in a cowboy hat smiling back at me. I couldn't believe it! He came inside and we talked, and kissed. Haha. I guess there is someone who liked me even before I was the "new" Floey Packer. | "Worry about your character, not your reputation because your character is who you ` are & your reputation is what people think you are" - Unknown Author | Entry #11

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