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Rad Plaid

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BC: It's the little things that make life beautiful.

FC: The Secret Language of Girls. by, Frances O'Roark Dowell

1: I dedicate this journal to Marylin. | Do you remember when we would do everything together!?

3: I got home and saw that a ambulance in my drive way.My dad was in a stretcher. I didn’t understand what was going on. Then when I saw the look on my mom’s face and I knew that something had happened. “I had just managed to outrun the basketball and scoop it up when the Ambulance lights began flashing in my driveway."pg.96 | Entry #1

4: I wanted to fit in with Flannery and Marylin but what ever I did ended up in a big mess. I also did not assume that Marylin would just forget about me being her friend and not include me in anything. Now she sits with the cheerleaders at lunch. She knows that i try to talk to her and fit in wtih the poeple that she is hanging out with but she also knows that if she does talk to me something bad is going to happen. The last time I talked to her was when she said to me "dont talk to me! What ever you say I have to report back to her so lets just not talk." pg. 180 | Entry#2

5: I would like to say that i got in to a fight with Marylin for a reason but there was no reason there so that wouldnt work. We had been friends for the longest time. There may or may not be a reason behind it all but she wouldnt be able to tell me if there were because she wasnt allowed to. Im still trying to figure out what stopped her from every beeing my friend but that will always be a mystery to me I guess. I dont know why I even try anymore. Even to talk to her when I know better than anyone that she is'nt going to answer me. "I cant tell you who it is but all I know is that i want to be your friend but it jut isnt safe for me or for you so lets just not talk, ok?" pg.196 | Entry#3

6: On top of everything that was going on with Marylin and Flannery, the kids at school were making fun of me and Patrick likeing each other.Even though it wasnt anything to get teased about. Its completely normal for people to go out so I dont know why they would make such a big deal about me and Patrick. Patrick and I hated it when people would make it ackward because we were sortof together in a friendish way. I didnt want to be mean and say that we cant act cute together becasue people were going to be imature and make fun of us because I liked him. "I dont know if this is a good idea for us to be together but we can give it a try."pg.265 | Entry 4

7: We both wanted to hold hands and be like a couple at school.At school was the only real time that we see each other ,but we could not because the people at school would see it and start makeing fun of us. Plus it would be a little akward.He didnt want to say anything to me ether because me and him were such good friends and we didnt want to make anything wired betweene each other but thats what it was comming to."have your guys held hand yet, but that is going to be so funny when we get to laugh at your guys walking down the hall all cute!!"pg.268 | Entry 5

8: We were like cats fighting over a ball of string only it wasn’t over string it was over friendship. The friendship that Flannery stole away from me. Me and Flannery had a huge fight about how she told Marylin away from me that that I couldn’t believe that she would do something like that to me, and that I didn’t understand why she would do something like this because I didn’t know what I didn’t to her. Not that she would tell me. I couldn’t believe that Flannery did this to me either. To me it didn’t make sense and I didn’t even mean to do anything. If I did do something she wouldn’t tell me what it was so I couldn’t figure out what had happened. It was pointless to try to I have just given up. "It’s not worth my time of trying to figure out what I did when as far as I know I didn’t do anything." | Entry#6 | "you stole her from me but I dont even care anymore becuase its not worth getting caought up in all your drama!"pg.334

9: I deffinitly didnt want to be her friend. Not after what she had done to me. I know that she wouldnt try as hard as I did, to ever get me back as a friend. I dont even care what she does anymore. If she tryed talking to me I would probubly just ignore her. Im just so mad at her. I will probubly have a grudge on her for the rest of my life. That isnt a bad thing though becuase at least I have a reason to be mad at her and hate her. She didnt and still doesnt. "Katie Im sorry ok but I still cant talk to you"pg. 263 | Entry#7

10: It was the end of the the year and everythind had gone from good to bad to wroce. It didnt seem like anything could get any worce but it did. Right after I decided to forget about Marylin I had forgoten about how obsessed with her I had been that I hadnt gotten any homework done or any real work done. Once again Marylin ruins things. My grades were going in the toilet if I didnt do anything about them. My mom hadnt known yet because my teacher wanted to let me know before she e-mailed my mom."Katie I wanted to let you know before I emailed you mom that your failing my class. I dont know whats been going on betweene you and Marylin but please dont let it get in the way of your work. Your a great student!"pg. 287 | Entry#8

11: Then Flannery started gossiping to her lame friends about me and Marylin didnt even try to stop her. She was saying how friendless I was and how pathetic I looked with out her or Marylin by my side. I didnt need them to be able to have friends and I decided to prove that to her. In the mean time though she contined to talk about me. Its not like her friends said anything back though. Some of them didnt have a problem with me at all, so the just giggled to please her and get on to a different subject other than me. " O my gosh, did you see Katie walking down that hall all alone? Isnt that the funnyest thing ever!!!"pg.145 | Entry#9

12: I had had quite enuf of all the drama that Flannery and Marylin were causeing and I didnt even know what I did. Half the time she would talk to me I would just try to ignore her and just keep out of her life for good becuase thats the kinor position she had put me in to doing. If she really was scared of Flannery then she woulduf just lfet her. She didnt have to get all cought up in her drama. "Im just dont with you Marylin! I dont know what I did but Im done. Im sorry, even though I dont know what Im sorry about but goodbye!!"pg. 321

13: -Oh who can tell save he whose heart heth tried.Lord Byron -There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in wich you yourself have altered. Nelson Mandela -Not all who wonder are lost.JRR Tolkin

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