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Rad Plaid

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S: shae

BC: Is it in you?!?

FC: Poetry

1: My Theme My theme of my poem is about me on the inside, which no one can see the lost thoughts that goes through my mind I pick this theme because I feel as though a poem is a good excellent way to express myself when I can’t show my true emotion | Some are happy and some well most are sad but at the end of the day it express who I’m really am deep down inside, that’s why I chosen this theme.

2: Free verse: A free verse is a poem that has no type of style, you can write what you want anyway you want. It also is a poem that does not rhyme or have a regular meter.

3: Poem: Remember | If I would die tomorrow will you even care, will you remember the girl with the dark brown hair, skin so soft lightish brown, every time you seen her she wore a smile never could tell she was down, will you remember her eyes as they sparkle like the stars in the sky, the girl who question when but never why the girl who believe anything even a lie, would you remember how she love to fast and how hard she tried to forget about the past or about her journey and how she never gave up she would crawl on her knees just for some luck, would you remember that girl who couldn’t find the door to life or the key would you remember her, would you remember Me

4: Ode: An ode is a long lyric poem that considers a serious subject and that is written in a dignified style.

5: February 11th that’s when someone special was born, she was light as can be hardly could see, she cried as they removed her from her mother and wrapped her in a pink cover she smiled and brighten up the room like the sun on a summer day, her hair curled like the back of somebody toes whose getting a great massage, ode to the way her eyes sparkle like the north star on a winter night, ode to the way she grew up and was determine to live her dreams, she was no longer her mother’s little princess she was now sixteen | all those years she laugh freely because she couldn’t see herself sad until she became less nave and cried because the pain hit her so bad, strong as a lion that rules the safari, she is quick on her mind like a cheetah is quick on his feet, ode to the way she don’t let anything bring her down, ode to even though she’s not a queen she still walks like she’s wearing a crown, ode to the way that she not scared to show her pride, ode to the way she smiles even though she sometimes feels like she want to lay down and die, | ode that she don’t need anyone on her team she’s find on her own, ode to that she still see that she have a life even when she don’t have a phone, ode to when she wake up in the morning she praise god because she get to live to see another day, ode to her ode to SHAE

6: Sonnet: A poem of fourteen lines using any of a number of formal rhyme schemes, in English typically having ten syllables per line | What is a sonnet??

7: She smile and laugh so happy she appear, But inside of her it’s a hard task, All she does is live in horror and fear, Laying there remembering about her past Sitting there wondering if she had died, Don’t even care about the truth anymore, Would they even care would they had cried, She wants a way out looking for a door Depression is seeking in clearly, She just don’t want to be here anymore, Trying to see life but everything is bleary, She thinks to herself what she is here for Don’t want to live you can see in her eyes, Drowning in her tears of lies and goodbyes

8: African poet about: Julius Chingono

9: Julius chingono was born in 1946 in Zimbabwe. He worked most of his life in mines and was also a rock blasting contractor. When he wrote his poems they were described with different emotions of compassion and precision, feeling deeply as he did for the hardships of the poor and marginalized, while he face the truth my using humor as he observe those who abused their station through corruption and hypocrisy.. Between 1968 and 1980 his poetry was published in several Shona anthologies, including Nhetembo, Mabvumira eNhetembo and Gwenyambira. His first and only novel, Chipo Changu was published in 1978, followed by an award-winning play, Ruvimbo, in 1980. He wrote many poems and was known for his achievements that’s why when he died in Norton on January the 2nd 2011. He left us with Flags of Love written in 1983 and flags of rags 1996, he will greatly be appreciated by those who knew him but also remembered by is great writing form and expression of poetry.

10: Julius chingono

11: AS I GO My pot is an old paint container I do not know who bought it I do not know whose house it decorated I picked up the empty tin in Cemetery Lane. My lamp, a paraffin lamp is an empty 280ml bottle labelled 40 per cent alcohol I picked up the bottle in a trash bin. My cup is an old jam tin I do not know who enjoyed the sweetness I found the tin in a storm-water drain. My plate is a motor car hub-cap cover I do not know whose car it belonged to I found a boy wheeling it, playing with it My house is built from plastic over cardboard I found the plastic being blown by the wind It’s simple I pick up my life as I go.

12: writing like Julius Chingono

13: as I look out the door and with a box in my hand my mother lets go and let me stand not just on my two feet but on my toes I am now on my own, wouldn't call it alone but now i just have to hear her voice on the phone As I take a step inside my new place that I call my dorm | a roommate comes in and a smile forms,no longer missing my mother, i make my up my room and read my book to get some knowledge cant believe I am here in this place called college

14: The reason why I chose Julius Chingono because I think we both shared something in common with our writing h wrote with passion and whatever came to his mind and I do the same thing when it comes to poetry like trying to make a statement in a poetic form.I think he was a great person to choose to research and write like even though you have to take a minute to understand his poem but when you realize his point that hes trying to make to make you will c how brilliant he really is when it comes him writing poetry.

15: Reference page information about Julius chingono by: poetry international web, where I got his poems :john baker blog poems: Are from Shae

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