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Rad Plaid

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BC: It's the little things that make life beautiful.

FC: By:Cevie Brandon && Mitchell

1: Ancient River Valley Civilization | Ancient River Valley civilizations started around river valleys, but they are all different. Two of them are in China and Egypt. Although Egypt and China both had River Valley civilizations and were similar, they had even more differences.

2: What If The Ancient River Valley people had not learned how to farm? | If the Mesopotamians had not learned how to farm then there civilizations would cease to exist. Farming brought people together. During the harvest season everyone was made to gather the crops. If they had not learned how to farm then people would not have bonds together that make their civilizations whole.

3: World War 1 | The starting of this war was on July 28, 1914 until November 11,1918. It was triggered by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and stopped because of the Treaty Of Versailles.

4: What if Athens had not embraced Democracy ? | If the Athens had not embraced democracy then the Athens as we knew it would be completely changed. If they had not embraced democracy then very few people would be able to vote, and only the wealthy would be able to.

5: Cold War | The cold war began in 1945 when World War two ended. This war was not actually a REAL war, it was just the name given to describe the relationship between two powerful nations. The Cold War lasted all the way up until 1990.

6: What if the Mongols had not opened the Silk Road to safe travels? | If the Mongols had not opened the Silk Road to safe travels then they would not be as successful as they were. If they didn't open the silk road to safe travels then they would be non prosperous. They would have lots of hardships and not be well. The Mongols would be poor and lost.

7: World War Two | World War two began in 1939 and lasted until 1945. It was known as one of the WORST wars in History. WW2 took place in mostly Europe. During this war Japan surrendered to the U.S. due to the use of the atomic bomb.

8: What if the black plague did not attack Western Europe? | If the black plague did not attack Western Europe then 1/3 of Europe's population would not be dead. Millions of Europeans would not be crowding the streets of towns. People would not be fearful of dying themselves dyeing or a loved on dying. Thousands of people would not be dying every day before supper time. People would not be poor because of loss of work production and have more food. Europe would not have crumbled if the black plague didn't attack Europe.

9: Classical Greece/Rome | Athens was the largest city in Greece. All of the people in Greece believed in all of the same gods. Romans did not want one man to make all of the laws. Rome divided the power of the government into three branches known as the,Legislative, Judicial and Executive branch.

10: What if Gutenberg had not invented the printing press? | If Gutenberg had not invented the printing press then the world as we know it would be completely changed. If he hadn’t of invented the printing press then the way people distribute information would be completely different. The printing press increased information production dramatically and without it people would distribute information at primitive much slower rate. Without the printing press jobs and the world would be completely different.

11: Post-Classical Africa/Asia | During the post-classical periods the women were treated very pourly in Africa and in Asia. Alot of the women during this period of time were slaves and could only gain power by having a son who was going to be the next ruler.

12: What if the enlightenment ideas were not embraced by the colonist? | If the enlightenment ideas were not embraced by the colonist then they would not think as intelligently as they did. They would not of had any breakthrough in technology. They would not have any revolutionary inventions because of it. The colonist would have a difficult time living because of nothing being invented.

13: Post Classical Medieval Europe | During the Post-Classical period there were many improvements and changes. Art and architecture was devoted to the church in Europe. Trading was how they started spread their technologies. Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam were the top three main religions during this time.

14: What if Germany had not been solely blamed for WWI? | If Germany had not been blamed for WWI then WWII would never of happened. Because they were blamed that sparked intense anger on all sides. And it’s because of the treaty of versatile that had sparked the Germanys anger. The allies wanted to punish Germany for their crimes so they did it with the treaty of versatile. But that ultimately caused WWII.

15: Renaissance/Reformation | The renaissance was basically a rebirth of the Old Greek and Roman civilization. It took place in Italy. The renaissance ended in 1527 by the holy roman emperor. Art started basically because of the renaissance, it had a lot to do with it.

16: What if the U.S. had not dropped the atomic bombs on Japan? | The U.S. had not dropped the atomic bombs on Japan then the city of Hiroshima would not have suffered. Japan wouldn’t have to go through all the torture, pain, and suffering. They wouldn’t of had to rebuild their civilization and they wouldn’t of had to endure radiation poisoning. Even if the U.S didn’t surrender Japan still would have surrendered. Documents show that the U.S. already knew that but just wanted to test over residential areas.

17: Enlightenment/Revolution | The enlightenment was developed around the 18th century. The men and women who were part of this movement were called philosophers. The French revolution represents the enlightenmens ideas.

18: What if the Soviet Union landed on the moon first? | If the Soviet Union landed on the moon first then the U.S. would have had their American pride crushed. All Americans would have been enraged upon seeing the Soviet Union stick their flag on the moon rubbing it in our faces.

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