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Raelyn's Toddler Book

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S: Raelyn Ages 1-2

FC: Raelyn Ages 1-2

1: 4/19/10 Raelyn has gotten a little braver and taken a few more steps. Once she realizes she is walked without holding onto anything she sits or crawls. She is quite the independent one. She has begun swatting my hand away when I try to feed her, followed by shaking her head furiously. She likes to crawl and drag things in her hand. Lately her favorite is a toy stethoscope. She likes to play with Keaten’s wet washrag; When we bathe Keaten she will go up to the tub looking for the washrag and whine until we give it to her. Another favorite is to take all of my pajamas out of the drawer and play with them. She also likes to do this when you fold laundry. 5/15/10 Raelyn is growing up. She can say dog, arf arf, and duck. She loves watching baby Einstein’s neighborhood animals. She knows Fritz is a dog, and a few times it sounds like she says his name. She is walking now. Sometimes she still prefers to crawl, but her walk is much more steady. She brings you lots of books to read to her. She likes to put blankets on her head and crawl around. A dress up had with silver sequins and purple feathers seems to also be one of her favorite things to put on her head. She gets frustrated very easily and can scream really loud! She loves to play with Keaten, and still sucks her thumb.

7: 6/21/10 This baby loves cheese! Shes walking much faster, and constantly on the go. She has given up her morning nap and gets a little sleepy during the day but likes to rock in the chair with her night night and play with her feet. She can say and point to your nose. She can say nana for banana. She likes dogs and says ruff ruff. She can wave bye bye and hey. In the morning when she wakes up we go through a routine of her plopping back down on her night night and sucking her thumb like she’s going to sleep. After her medicine and a change of clothes we ask her where Keaten is. And she walks to Keaten’s room, usually dragging her pajamas, sucking her thumb. She’s cut one bottom molar and working on the other one. She no longer drinks from a bottle, which wasn’t a big deal to her at all. After Dr. Parker’s visit last month, he said to ween her off of cereal little by little and introduce whole milk. She seems to adjust fine so far. She actually drinks more from her sippie cup than she did from her bottle. She also drinks water well too, especially with ice. We are able to go more places now that she doesn’t take a morning nap. We usually have only one or two outings a day, depending on how she’s feeling. She likes to carry a spoon around with her and taps in on different objects. Raelyn still likes wearing hats, and sunglasses.

8: Memorial | Memorial Day Weekend 2010 At lunch Curt, Stephanie, and Lainey came over for a cookout. When the girls woke up from napping, we went to Pelahatchie to let the girls play with their cousins.

11: Indepependence Day 2010 | Cur

13: Summer Fun!

15: 7/13/10 Raelyn is almost 15 months old. She has been off prevacid for over a week now, and hasn’t had any milk of magnesia since then either. Her molars are bugging her but she’s almost got them all in. She has the top one on the left side to go yet. She’s working on it though. She loves her momo. She stomps her feet and begs when momo is around for her to sit with her. She loves to be rocked with her blanket and she likes to suck her thumb. Her favorite food is apparently cheese. She won’t eat meat of any kind. She used to eat those meat sticks, which I thought were grose but nutritious. She’s all about cheese these days. She won’t eat PBJ anymore. She can say duck, ball, dog, nose, and a few others. When I was washing the air vent cover, she pulled the air filter out and was about to climb into the air conditioner duct. She can climb on Keaten’s chairs in her room, and in the rocking chair in her room. She still doesn’t really like cartoons, there’s not much she will just sit down to watch. She does like a few educational videos or to watching kids sing. She knows the word eat. If you ask her if she wants to eat she will go to her chair. She doesn’t nap very long but is ready for bed by 7. It’s nice to not have to wake her up early anymore to take her medicine and make her wait 30 minutes to eat breakfast. It’s such a huge blessing to see her feeling better and not having to battle the reflux. She ‘dances.’ She throws things in the garbage. She climbs and sits in the laundry shoot. Occasionally she still gets in trouble for playing in Fritz’s bowl. She loves to play with a spoon and a bowl. It’s one of her favorite toys.

18: Lainey Came to Visit!

19: Finding Ways to Stay Cool Indoors

20: Raelyn has no interest in drawing on paper. Her body and her tray are much more fun. It took her awhile to catch on. She loves to color!

22: 7/18/10 Raelyn is a very personable 16 month old girl. The cutest thing she does lately is curl her tongue up when reading a certain book with daddy. When he says yellow corn, she curls her tongue. She loves going to baby bookworm at the library. She does huge racecar circles around the teacher, and gets so tired that she is too tired to play by the end when its time to get down in the floor and play with toys. She loves her night night. She eats nectarines. For some reason she likes to carry around a pen, crayon, or spoon. She can say baby, dog, bear, night night, Keaten, dada, momma, and momo, Fritzie, rock rock, She still wont eat meat but she does like peanut butter. She has eaten cucumber, and mushrooms but not all the time. She will mow down some watermelon. She has learned to nod her head yes. But she does it in her own way. She kind of struts it like a rooster. She climbs on everything, everything. Days ago I was folding clothes and she was coloring at her high chair with keaten. She had taken the marker and drawn all up her arms and her forehead, and neck. I couldn’t wash out all the blue but got most of it. 8/6/10 Raelyn has been a busy girl lately. Yesterday was her first trip to the zoo. She was completely fascinated with the animals she saw. When she saw the tigers, she growled at them and wanted over in the pen with them. She also wanted in with the elephants, monkeys, and bears. The cutest part of her trip was when she saw the otters. They came out and swam right up by the glass where she was, doing flips, playing, and putting on a show, as if it was just for her. She also saw some ducks, and quacked at them. We rode the train which she did not like. She held onto me tight, but never cried. This past Saturday we took her to the splash pad for the first time. She really had fun, but the weather has cooled off, and she was cold in the water, but didn’t seem to mind too much. Last night she put the bathroom scales in the bathtub with her sister. Needless to say I bought some new scales this morning. I call her the two second kid. You can’t turn your back for two seconds.

25: 9/26/10 What a big girl Raelyn is becoming! She loves to sit in her mommo or her daddy’s lap and ‘feed’ them their food. It’s so funny. She has begun eating pickles, turkey sammys with lots of mayo, she seems to prefer homemade bread over store bought. Lately she has had a hard time with her teeth coming in. She wakes up a lot at night, and has bitten her index finger until it bleeds. She bites the side of her crib, she has even bitten my neck when I rock her. It really hurts. I give her Tylenol, that doesn’t really seem to help, she bites apples, that seems to help some. She and keaten play together a lot more these days. Although it usually involves raelyn chasing keaten. Raelyn doesn’t share people well, if keaten is in any of our laps, raelyn tries to push her out. She tells fritzie no no. she loves popsicles, and playing in the sprinkler. We have to pry the sidewalk chalk out of her hands usually when we come indoors. She got her to go to her first birthday party, at pump it up, with lainey. She had so much fun jumping with her daddy. She’s very personable, and likes to be right where you are.

26: Raelyn's First Trip to the Zoo | The elephants were about to be moved to Tennesee, so we wanted to take one last trip to see them before they left.

27: The otters at the zoo kept swimming right up to Raelyn next to the glass. It was so neat!

28: Lainey's birthday party at pump it up

29: Animal Sleepover Breakfast at the Library, below.

30: Raelyn's Half Birthday! October 15, 2010 | Keaten helped me make a huge cupcake and we all went outside and played, then ate the huge cupcake.

31: Raelyn Loves to Feed Her Family

32: 10/19/10 The light came on the day that raelyn turned 18 months old. On that very day, she began asking me, what’s that, and pointing to different things. She had watched me paint Keatens fingernails. So she too went to the same drawer, and pulled out a color, and sat on the stool, as though it was her turn. So I painted both of her big toes, a bright pink. She then pranced all over our bedroom, and repeatedly stuck her feet up in our faces, saying look look look. She wouldn’t stop unless you said pretty. It was hysterical. She’s really becoming a little person now. We, Keaten and I, made her a large cupcake for her half birthday. She loves garlic. She eats garlic toast, garlic chicken pizza, you name it. She usually eats at least 2 apples a day. Mainly I think because it feels so good on her incoming teeth. I put them in the refrigerator where they will be cold, and take the first bite so she has somewhere to dig into. I also have been giving her frozen bagels to chew on. They make some that are cinnamon flavored that have cream cheese on the inside. She still loves cream cheese. She shakes her head, nods her head, and laughs. She's full of life and very spunky. If Keaten is in your lap or beside you, she will take her left foot and plow a way through to sit with you. She love her night nights and carries them around with her often now, since her teeth are still hurting.

33: First Trip to the Pumpkin Patch, October 21, 2010

35: Raelyn wanted this pig, and this pig wanted Raelyn. He rooted as best he could under the gate trying to get to her. She pulled as best she could through the fence, and gave her famous piggie face. | Dad took off work to go with us. Steph and Curt brought cupcakes, which we ate for breakfast. Raelyn likes to eat Daddy's food from his plate.

36: Hudson and Arin's Birthday Party at Pump it Up

37: On Halloween Both Girls are Stuffy and Don't Feel Well :( | We ate yummy snacks, played hide the pumpkins, and let the girls rest.

38: Getting Ready for Church | Halloween Party at Baby Bookworm at the Library | Dinnertime | Cozy Shack Pudding, oh my.

39: ..rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness. Colossians 2:7

40: Thanksgiving Day We had turkey, dressing, and all the trimmings. Also this year, we had a sweet potato pie that everyone decided the meringue was delic!

42: Raelyn enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree. She helped decorate by throwing her empty milk cups into the tree!

43: Raelyn loves to color, or as she says, draw. She saw this green construction paper on the counter and had the best time drawing.

44: Raelyn has the cutest, scratchiest, little, "hewwo." She usually waves also. It's heartwarming.

45: December 2010 Raelyn can count with you, and say some of her ABC's. She still loves to color, or draw. She often looks for an ink pen by the computer in the study and draws on her arms and legs. She says hey baby, because that's what we say to her. She's had a few nights of nightmares the past few weeks. She says amen when going to bed, after mom says her prayers, and sometimes when she eats. She still loves cheese and peanut butter. She likes rolls. There's really no fruit that I've found that she doesn't like. A favorite is blueberries. Shes not afraid to get dirty, and if her hands get dirty, she wipes them in her hair. She lays down for you on occasion if you need to change her diaper. When keaten has to potty, she runs to the stool at the sink and pretends to wash her hands. You cant go anywhere without her night night. She often sucks her thumb and holds her blanket when we go in the car. A common phrase is, whats that, or lately, she holds her hand up high and says, da, for tada. She calls Keaten keatee. Loves necklaces and shoes.

50: Christmas Morning 2010 | Raelyn wasn't sure what all the commotion was about, but she let us postpone breakfast only for a little while to open Christmas gifts.

51: So they hurried off and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby, who was lying in the manger. When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child, and all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said to them. Luke 2:16-18

52: January 2011

54: 1/8/11 Raelyn is almost 21 months old. This month between 20 and 21 months has probably been the most advanced month of learning that Ive been able to see in her in her whole life. She can say words, and numbers, its just amazing. She still loves to watch ‘the baby show’ Brainy Baby. She counts to ten. She sees writing and will say her ABC’s. Still says ‘nilkkk.’ The most precious thing she does, I think, is in a course of even a few minutes, she will say, ‘heewwoo ____’ and wave to you. When she gets upset she says ‘rock.’ She still has lots of security in her night nights. She had trouble sleeping a few nights and I soon discovered she didn’t have enough blankets in with her. She likes to put her head on them and cover her head with them. She still sleeps with ‘beebee.’ She calls Keaten ‘keetee.’ She will eat grilled cheese sandwiches, the other night she ate a piece of cheese pizza, but her favorite thing of all is blueberries. She still likes blueberry eggos with cream cheese on them. To help her control her temper, Ive been putting her in time out when she has tantrums. She still hits the walls, but is starting to put the idea together that she only has to go there when she is having one. As soon as she stops, I get her out. She usually asks to rock. She likes elmo too. She will stand on my dressing stool and put a comb in my hand and say, hair peetee. Which means she wants you to comb her hair.

55: 2/8/11 I can hardly keep up with all the new things Raelyn is doing now. She can put words together, she can count, ABC’s, lots of things. She says ‘otay’ just like one of the little rascals. She also sometimes says ‘alright’ if you ask her if she’s ok. She pretends to be ‘stuck.’ I can remember keaten doing that too around this age, I’m not sure where that comes from. When she wants you to hold her, she says ‘up down‘, she also says up down for getting down out of her chair. Teething is still giving her grief, she often says ‘rock’ for you to rock her in the rocking chair. Sleep has become a problem, she can always go to sleep, im thinking due to the teething. She and keaten have begun rough housing which is absolutely the most fun thing to watch. Raelyn is always on top, Keaten usually stages it that way. They also chase through the house a lot as well. Lately, raelyn has begun asking people and things ‘what you doing.’ And she pokes her lips way out when she says it. She likes a plain piece of wheat bread lately. She can sign the words eat, momma, dadda, thank you, and help. She made a valentine today. If you ask her a question, she answers with ‘otay’, slowly like the little rascals, or she says no, which means yes. We have watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory a few times lately, she likes the beginning when they show the chocolate. She says ‘num num,’ and chocolate chips, and eggs, when she sees the chocolate turtles. Then all the sudden she says ‘please.’ The past few weekends we have been to Gig’s cupcakes. Raelyn and I sit in the car and Keaten and Daddy go in. She knows the store, she knows what’s in there, even though she doesn’t go in. Waiting for them, she says, ‘cut cates, num num.’ The hard part is getting home. She sees the box and begins screaming and demanding one. A few times we couldn’t help but giggle. She loves sweets. Cookie = ‘tutie.’ She models keaten quite often. Keaten loves for her to play. She’s often disappointed when baby sister has to go take a nap.

56: Valentine's Day 2011

57: Raelyn is fascinated with Keaten's panties. She gets them from her drawer and wears them over her clothes. She also puts them on her daddy's feet. | Sometimes she puts on a pair and puts one pair on each leg.

59: In early March, Raelyn and Keaten got a cold. | We built a rocketship!

60: 3/9/11 It's hard to believe we almost have a two year old. Oh I love rocking this baby girl! She loves it too. She asks for you to rock her. She mocks Keaten telling knock knock jokes, and has such a personality. She loves to play in the new sandbox. Often she will take Fritz a scoop to him with her shovel when he’s digging in the yard. She freely blows kisses when its nap time and bedtime. If you ask her if she’s ready for naptime, she meets you at the foot of the stairs. For her bath, she starts yelling bubbles. Loves them. We are still working on yes and no. She has them confused. She doesn’t like to be alone, and follows you. One of her bottom molars has come through but the other has not. This past weekend we had to take the girls to afterhours. Raelyn ran a fever, it got up to 102.7. She’s much better now. I think she caught a cold from story time at the library. From that, she learned ‘washy nose.’ She uses tissues and wipes your nose too. Phrases are numerous right now. She says ‘so fun.’ Washy hands, cheese for the camera, and so many others. “What ya doing, what ya doing?” She also likes to hand you the remote, since we are always looking for it. She says thanks, and please, and will say thanks until you say your welcome. She will ask me where I’m at if she cant lay eyes on me. ‘Mommy, where are you, here?’ Because I always answer, I’m here. She covers her mouth and says oh my goodness. Delicious, is one of our favorite things to hear her say. We have a routine now where she likes to sit in my lap beside the tub after I’ve bathed her, and she has me carry her to her room. She calls Keetie to play with her often. 3/27/11 I think we have a new tooth coming in, a molar, on the bottom. Had a rough night this weekend, but a funtime with Lainey and Keaten at the Children's Museum. Raelyn, I'm afraid, is going to turn into a blackberry! She eats so many of them, she loves them! She is a very social eater too. When she sits at the kiddie table to eat, or anywhere really, she says chair. Which means come sit in the chair while I eat! The other day she asked me to rock her, I was cleaning dirty dishes, so I washed my hands to come and rock her. Keaten said, I'll do it! And she and Keaten huddled together in the chair and she rocked her. It was so sweet. The two have become really good friends in the last month or so. Raelyn really likes 'tetchup' and hummus. 'Troutons' are good too. She asks for a tissue when she sneezes. And still loves to 'washy hands.'

67: This brings us to the end of another era in watching Raelyn grow up. She's a toddler, and almost two years old. It's so fun watching this girl grow! Everyday is something new. We plan to take Raelyn to the beach for the first time for her birthday. We will have a special party. Our next book will begin with a two year old. I love you, so much. I'm so glad that God allowed me to be your momma and capture moments and record the cute things you do. I love rocking makes me even happier that you like for me to rock you too! I love it when sometimes I'm the only one who can understand what you're asking for. I love to hear you say 'I yuy you.' There's noway to fully tell you all the things I love about being your mom. Just know that I do, and I can't wait to get to keep watching you grow up!

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