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Raz's 2nd year

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Raz's 2nd year - Page Text Content

S: June 2011 -May 2012

FC: The Young Family Yearbook | June 2011 - May 2012

1: * Playing the Harmonica * Joust, your stuffed unicorn * When daddy does "super duck" in the bathtub * Bananas!!! * Reading Books * Playing Daddys Guitar * Giving the best hugs ever *Playing in the sandbox *Clapping *Spinning in a circle and getting dizzy *Sticking your tongue out and making funny faces with Mama *Chasing the kittys! *"Here Come the Dinosaurs" is your FAVORITE book. You had daddy read it to you at least 3 times every morning *Clap to the music and dance | *Playing with the phone and pretending to talk on it *Sweeping the floors *Saying "uh-oh" every time you drop or throw something *Whistling. You are AMAZING at that! *Dogs, especally your puppy Roland! You say 'woof woof' when you see one! *Peanut Butter by the spoonful *Climbing on the kitchen table and dumping out the cat food even though you are not supposed to *Using the chair to climb on stuff. *Watching Dinosaur Train *Saying "Choo Choo" *Saying "vroom vroom" at cars | Raz's Favorite Things

2: First Time Taking A Walk On Your Own Two Feet | Walking in our "hood" past murals and trees to visit of garden plot!

3: Puddle | Jumping

4: The pumpkin farm was a blast this year! The best part of the day was probably when your daddy chased you through the corn maze, you were laughing so hard. We were in the maze forever because you kept stopping to play in the dirt. | Pumpkin Patch

7: We were busy busy in October. We went to the pumpkin patch, painted pumpkins, and went to Boo at the zoo. On Halloween we all dressed as Pirates! You were so cute in your homemade outfit with the eyeliner beard and the tattoo sleeves! The whole neighborhood loved you! Your Nana and Puh came with us. Your favorite candy was the gluten-free Marvel superhero sticks we got to hand out after we trick or treated. We only did a few houses first, but then when it got dark we went out some more. You were so shy and Daddy had to carry you to every door! But you had a great time and got a whole bag full of candy! Some of the most interesting people we met were a Star Wars themed family, a crazy old man who handed out change and a scary house with a spooky family and strobe lights - and you weren't scared one bit!

8: Boo at the Zoo and Trick orTreat

10: A | Year | Of

11: M | S | E | S | E | S | One of the biggest messes you ever made was the epic Vaseline mess! You were playing in our room while we tried to get a bit more sleep, when we woke up of your head was COVERED in Vaseline. You had pulled out the vanity chair and used it to crawl onto my vanity and get the container. Washing your hair did nothing so we spent the morning putting cornstarch, dish soap, shampoo, baking soup, vinegar, and olive oil in your hair. Finally we called it a day and just used the greasy hair to make a cute faux hawk hoping it would come out after a few days of extra baths.

12: The Zoo

13: Our gift to you for your first birthday was a family zoo pass. We were at the zoo at least once a week most weeks! You loved it. You started off in a high back wrap but were soon running around the zoo on your own two feet. You loved the fish and birds! Your Daddy and I loved watching you as you ran around and pointed out the animals. The zoo was easily on of the highlights of the year!

14: Science | And | History | Museum

15: For your first trip to the Science and History Museum we were worried that you would be to young to truly enjoy it. Lets just say you proved us wrong! You launched DIY air crafts into air tubes, giggled at floating balls, looked in amazement at HUGE dinosaur bones from your perch in your daddy's arms, and splashed in the water from the kids fountains. Honestly, it was an awesome day!

16: Water Garden Adventure

17: We love to take you on adventures around Fort Worth. One morning we explored the water gardens. You really had a blast splashing in the tiny streams that ran along the walls. You just laughed and laughed and splashed and splashed! As you grow you start to enjoy wondering and exploring more, but you always look behind you to make sure we are not far behind. You always want us near to share the joy of your new finds.

18: Uh-OH!!! | MOUW!!! (AKA Meow) | Your Papa Mike, Nanna Stephanie, and Katie like to take you bowling. You love to bowl. We get you a ramp to put your ball down and you go crazy! You get so excited about bowling. It rocks!

19: You LOVE music! We have a big basket of instruments and you could play them all day.Every time you hear music you bounce, dance and clap.

20: THE DUCK POND | One of the places we love to take you is the duck pond. It has tons of ducks in all sorts of colors, a few geese (that mama is scared of), and turtles all in a pond. Some days we will take bread out to feed the ducks and others we have a picnic breakfast by the pond and then go for a walk. Once your Nana and Puh even took you! You don't like to let go of your bread though. You always hold on tight to it and just watch as we feed the ducks, but you do love watching the ducks eat and never tire of pointing out turtles, playing in leaves, and walking the trail of the pond!

22: Outside fun in the yard | You LOVE being outside! Helping Daddy in the garden, playing in your water table, or taking walks with mama and Roland are all things you love! You even love to play in the slip and slide and kiddy pool. As long as you are outside you are happy!

24: I love the leaves, I do not know why. Is it their colors or how they fly? They crunch and crinkle Under my feet; I pile them up And take a leap!

26: \ | If I showed you a cup of water in the bath you would point to your head. You LOVE having water pored on your head!

27: First Shoes | we spend tons of time coloring | The Food Park | You love books and the library

28: Day at the Botanic Gardens

29: “The mark of a great player is in his ability to come back. The great champions have all come back from defeat.” ~Sam Snead

30: Eco-Fest

31: We went to Arlingtons Eco-Fest during the Summer. Needless to say your hippy parents loved it. When we got there you were asleep so you rode in the wrap on your Daddy's back. Everyone stopped us to admire you! | Once you woke up we let you down and you had a blast! They had a live symphony and these ground fountains that you loved running through. It was a fun day!

32: Decorating | Our | Tree

33: A tree full of homemade decorations. French Toast and making scrap garland, kissing ball, and pinwheel topper. Our awesome family tradition.

34: Visiting Santa

35: Daddy and Mama took you to go see Santa at Mrs. Bairds Bakery. this year. Before we left you played in the yard with Toggle. When we got there the line was SUPER long. It was cold but you had fun playing pick-a-boo and snuggling. When we finally got to Santa you did not cry at all. They said you were one of the only in your age group not to cry! BUT you were SO serious as you can see in the picture. It was so cute! It was a fun evening though.

36: Daddy had to work Christmas eve so Mama and you spent the day in the kitchen baking. We made cookies, mint chocolate cupcakes, and cinnamon rolls. By the end of the day we were both COVERED in chocolate, flour, and cinnamon! hat night I gave you a Holiday bath. We died the water green and made it smell like peppermint. When we got out we cuddled on the couch and watched The Nutcracker and some old Christmas cartoons. I was surprised that you managed to stay up past your bedtime to wait up for Daddy. When Daddy came home we all lay in bed and read How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Later that night you woke up all snifffly and got into bed with us tell morning.

38: On Christmas Morning you woke us up early as always. Every year you have a wrapped book waiting for you, this year you got 'Wolves in the Walls' by Neil Gaiman. After daddy read it to you we ran down stairs and let you get your stocking. You loved all the little gifts from Santa inside. Your favorite gift that morning was your doll. You kissed her head over and over. We ate homemade Cinnamon rolls that we made together the night before. Finally we got dressed and went to Mimi's house. You got to open presents with your cousins and spend lots of time with your family. You had so much fun! A few days later your Nana and Puh came home and we had a second Christmas with them and your Great Grandma and Uncle Robby. You had a great time playing outside!

48: Log Cabin Village

49: One pretty day we took you to see the Historic Log Cabins. You really liked the touch cabin and yard! They had play food, cute play chickens and eggs, and all sorts of things to touch including a water pump that you LOVED! You played in the dirt and with the water pump for a long time. You also liked the ladies in the historic costumes. You even wanted one of the nice ladies to hold you and she loved you of course. You were even interested in all the cabins!

50: Picnic & Pictures In The Texas Gardens

53: I got into Daddys Magic Cards!

58: You are obsessed with dogs. Every time we went for a walk you would want to find dogs and say "woof woof" to them. you really needed a dog of your own so we took you to the dog shelter and started looking. We looked at lots of dogs and almost gave up! The last dog we looked at was a sweet pointer who you fell in love with. We adopted him and named him Roland. He is so patient with you and you love him!

60: We go out for Frozen Yogurt A LOT. There is a little yogurt shop in a bustling block of shops that are under a bunch of lofts that we go to. We like to sit outside and people watch with our yogurt.

63: We took you and Roland out hiking one afternoon.

64: You have never been the best sleeper to be honest. You are an early bird who wants to be awake by 5 AM every morning. Every night we read you stories until you fell asleep. You have a floor bed in your room but usually end up in our bed by the morning.

66: Easter | The day before Easter Mama and you died easter eggs with natural things like spices and onion skin. We spent Easter with Nana and Puh. You blew bubbles and splashed in puddles. Your Daddy hid the eggs we died and Daddy, Mama, and Nana helped you hunt. You were awesome at finding them and every time you saw one you shouted "There's an egg"

68: Our Vacation

71: We decided on taking a road trip to go camping on the beach for our vacation this year. On the way we stopped and saw family. It was a lot of fun having a picnic with your Great Grandma and Uncle Robby and then spending the night with your Aunt and Wendy and your cousins. When we finally got to the beach we spent 3 days camping out right on the ocean. You loved playing in the sand, taking long walks on the beach, reading books under the beach umbrella, and finding treasures. You favorite thing was feeding the seagulls though. You would run down the beach flapping your arms and making seagull noises. You loved that! We made sun tea and Daddy built a camp fire and made us lots of yummy camp fire food. You even had your first samores! At night Daddy played us music with his guitar and me and you cuddled or played with Roland. Every morning you woke up with the sun and exclaimed "caw caw" with the seagulls. You were so excited to wake up and see the birds and ocean right outside the car. You were not a big fan of playing in the waves but we still had fun! It was the best vacation ever! SO fun!

74: Hip Hip Hooray, It's My Birthday Today

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