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Red Group 3rd Period

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FC: Frankenstein

1: By: Greg McNeal Alejandro Nevarez Kris Shepard Nehemiah Duncan

2: Victor's Timeline

3: Victor's Timeline

4: Victor's Timeline

5: Victor's Timeline

6: Victor's Letter | Dear Robert Walton: I am writing to tell you why you should stop your obsession with the North Pole. Well let me tell you that I had an obsession too. My obsession was all relate it with the science, I was too attached to that obsession that I ended up wanting to create life. I created a monster and trust me It was not easy. It took me a lot of time, I lost contact with my family ,even my sleep hours, I didn't sleep the whole time I was working on my little project. I did horrible things to get the material that I needed to complete my creation. I was in graveyards getting body parts. After all that, I created my monster...but it wasn't what I expected it was something totally different, horrible, big, inhuman. I did not create life. In that moment I realized what I did. I faint, I had a nervous breakdown, after passing that amount time without eating without sleeping and now the impression of my creation I couldn't handle it. I was exhausted, weak, but for my luck my old friend Henry arrived to me and helped me to recover for my breakdown. He told me that my family was worried and they had sent me letters, telling me they were happy and worried about me and they were waiting for my returning. But the last one was totally different they told my my little brother was dead. I couldn't believe it so I went there with Henry. After arriving there I realized that he was killed the worst part was that my creation did it and I did not tell them because I was afraid of what they could think or even believe me. The creature continued killing my love ones, after William my brother he killed Henry and after him he killed Elizabeth my loved Elizabeth she supposed to be my wife but he killed her. Thats how I hurt my family with my silence I let everybody died by my nonsense creation. I hope my story could show you what an obsession can do. Please Robert don't let an obsession being more important over what it really matters.

7: Robert's Timeline

8: Robert's Timeline

9: Robert's Timeline

10: Robert's Timeline

11: Robert's Letter | Dear Victor, I am writing to tell you how all this changed my life. When I came on board and communicated with you for the first time we had many things in common. We both were well educated, but we were still exploring to make more discoveries; but many thought we were wasting our time. We were pursuing an education at college, and we learned a lot about being educated. It affected me in a positive way because you taught me the things you knew about science and it was very helpful to me because within a few years all the work paid off because I mastered everything my teachers and you taught me. You had recommended me to professor krempe and you said I really had knack for science and told him that I love to study and reading. Also you told krempe that I love experiments and problem – solving , you also told him that I don’t have any friends and that my father said school is a waste of time. Sincerely, Robert Walton

12: Creature's Timeline

13: Creature's Timeline

14: Creature's Timeline

15: Creature's Timeline

16: Creature's Letter | Dear Master, I am writing you telling you how angry I am that you have abandoned me and ruined my life. The night I was born was the beginning of my terrible entorturement . I was not even accepted by you my creator. This is the beginning of the terrible scene of my life, I con figured that it would be like the night of the birth of a baby because in a way you are my father and you basically birthed me but no instead you scene and run making me seem like a monster already a motherless child. Aside from abandoning me and acting as if you never made me, you destroyed my wife after agreeing to make her so that I can be finally at peace. Thats a broken promise that made me feel as if you were trying to torture me even more. You made it seem like nobody, not even a wife, would want me it is like a night in the darkest most evil moment and feeling it makes me feel as if I am evil despite the things I’ve done all I wanted was to leave you at peace but I suppose you didn’t want it so for that I will disturb you to the point where you will never return to peace. For that one thing that you’ve deprived me of, I have taken the life of your beloved Elizabeth. What goes around comes around, and it just came around to destroy your life and feelings. You will be like me and have no one .

18: Mary Shelly's Letter | Dear Reader, I am writing to tell you the reason why I wrote this book and to explain some of the events that took place in my novel. The book was written for a competition between me and my friends to see who could write the scariest story. I got the idea from a dream I had about a dead body rising from the dead. That is the motivation behind Victor giving life to a non living thing. The theme of my novel is responsibility. Which constantly shows throughout the novel in many events. The first event that I am going to break down is one of the most pivotal moments in the novel. When Victor finally gave life to his creature. After all of the time that he spent to gather the parts and actually put them together the creature finally was given life. In the novel when the creature came to life and started mumbling and smiling at his creator. Victor was so terrified and scared of the revolting creature the he had created. So much in fact that he ran out away until the creature left and soon after went into a nervous breakdown. Him not taking responsibility of his own creation causes a spiral of tragic events in his family. Another crucial moment in my novel is when the creature kills Victor's younger brother William and frames the Frankenstein's trusted servant Justine. The murder was a mystery to everyone at first but then Victor thought that it was the creature trying to get revenge on his family. During the court case of Justine she was condemned to death was later killed. Later in the novel when the creature and Victor meet again, the creature admits to trying to grow the young William to like him but William screamed and tried to run away. The creature got angry and killed him. He then took his locket and planted and it on Justine later that night.

19: Mary Shelly's Letter | The final event I am going to explain is when the creature confronts Victor and commands him to make him a female companion. The creature found Victor and demanded that Victor make a female creature so that he would not feel so lonely on Earth after being shunned away by everyone else. Victor begins to gather the body parts to assemble the female creature when he begins to realize all of the downsides and bad possibilities that could come from it. His biggest concern was that the two creatures would cause even more destruction and death than before. Once he realized the possible outcomes he ripped up and destroyed the body in front of the creature. Victor’s actions angered the creature who went on to say “I will be with you on your wedding night”. Which was not an empty threat because later on Victor’s wedding night the creature snuck into Elizabeth’s room and killed her right before the wedding ceremony. The novel is still popular in present time because of the concepts, the theme, and ideas that are used in the book are still thought of and discussed today in modern time. Many people can relate to Victor with his responsibility issue. Just like how Victor did not take responsibility for his creation, many people today do not own up and take responsibility for many of their actions. Plus many scientist and curious people wonder about using science to possibly bring an undead body back to life or give life to something that once lived. Sincerely, Mary Shelley

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