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Red Pandas

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S: Red Pandas

FC: Red Pandas

1: Red Pandas love to eat bamboo . It's their favorite food. They also eat berries , nuts , roots and lichen . Lichen is a type of fungus . Some times they might even eat birds eggs and chicks. | What Red Pandas Eat

2: Red Pandas live the bamboo forests in the Himalayan Mountains.The Himalayan Mountains are located in Western China.They live 2,000 to 4,200 meters high!Red Pandas like it up there because it has cool air.The Himalayan Mountains have many trees up there.That way they can make a habitat there and live.The Red Pandas live in the hollow trees .They also have lots of bamboo and bushes with flowers on them to eat. | Red Pandas Habitat

3: What Red Pandas Look Like | Red Pandas look like many different animals.Like a raccoon,red foxes and I think that it looks like a cute little teddy bear.They are almost the same size of a red fox .Red Pandas have really bushy tails and have rings on them. They also have special features.One of the special features is that they walk on their hind legs to run away faster from their predators.And the other one is that they use their tail like a whip.

4: Red Pandas have many predators. Some of the main ones are the snow leopards , weasels and humans.Humans are destroying their habitat and killing them.Red Pandas are one of the endanger- ed animals.We can do more to save them if you really care. | The Red Pandas Predators

5: Red Pandas are around 42 inches long including their long bushy tails. They weigh up to 7 - 14 pounds. Usually the grow up to the size of a house cat but their big,fluffy,and bushy tails add 46 centimeters or 18 inches. They use their warm and bushy tails to wrap around themselves when it's cold in the mountains in China. | The Red Pandas

7: - Red Panda Bears are also known as a Lesser Panda Bear or a Ailurus Fulgen. - Red Panda Bears are omnivores which means that they eat meat and plants. - Red Pandas can almost eat 80 pounds of bamboo every day. - Red Pandas are mammals (similar to raccoons) and they belong to a family called Ursidae. - Red Pandas live in China, India, Bhutan, Laos, Nepal and Myanmar which is located in North East Asia . - Male Red Panda Bears are also known as a He-Bear or a Boar. - Female Red Panda Bears also have two other names for them which are She-Bears or a Sow. | Red Panda Facts

8: More Red Panda Facts | - Red Pandas are good tree climbers - They are most active during the day - Red Panda Bears are lonely animals when they are adults - The Giant Pandas are much bigger than Red Panda Bears - Red Pandas like to live in forests with lots of leaves, shrubs, bamboo - After waiting for 134 days, around 1-5 young are born -

9: - The young stay in their nests for about 90 days until they leave - Young reach the Red Panda adult size in 12 months - There are fewer than 2,500 Red Pandas in the world - Red Pandas share their habitat with the Giant Red Pandas | - Red Pandas become mature at around 18 months - Red Pandas mate in Winter and give birth in June - The Red Panda can live up to 17.5 years - Adult Red Panda Bears have a 44% chance of living and their cubs have a 86% chance

10: Even More Red Panda Facts | - Their bellies and legs are black - They grow up to the size of a house cat - The Red Panda Bears share some of their habitat with the Giant Panda Bear - Red Pandas make sounds like squeaking , chattering , and chip- munk like sounds - They are very shy except when they are mating - Young are very energetic when they are first born

11: - Red Panda droppings reveal their diets - In english , most people prefer to call Red Pandas Fire Foxes - Female Red Panda Bears can eat up to 200,000 bamboo leaves in 16 hours in one day - Red Pandas are the same color as the moss on the hollow trees they live in to help protect them from predators - Red Pandas are the state animals in the Indian state of Sikkam - The soles of a Red Panda has white fur on it - Over the Winter , Red Panda Bears lose up to 15% of their weight - They have an "extra" thumb nut is actually another bone

12: Well, as you can see, the Red Panda is not black and white like the Giant Panda. Red Pandas are also A LOT smaller than the Giant Panda. Like, the Red Panda can be 12-20 pounds and the Giant Panda can be around 300 POUNDS! Red Pandas have about 8 years to live but the Giant | Panda has about 20 years of life. Red Pandas can give birth to 1-4 young but the Giant Panda can only give birth to 1-2 cubs. When they are eating , they both have a certain position to eat in. The Giant Panda likes to sit on its hind legs while the Red Panda stands on all 4. | Differences Between The Red Panda And The Giant Panda

13: They are both endangered but we have more Red Pandas than Giant Pandas. Both of them LOVE to eat bamboo. Well, mostly the Giant Panda. They are both mammals. Both Pandas like to eat bamboo for the day. Giant Pandas eat bamboo for nearly 24 HOURS! But the Red Panda can eat up to | 12 hours each day! Both of them live in the high mountains in China. The mountains they live in are thousands feet high! Most of the time , they spend their time in trees and eating. They are also very shy animals. And they have an extended wrist bone that they use as a "thumb" to eat with. | Simalar Things Between The Giant Panda And The Red Panda

15: Dedicated To... My Friends,Family and Teachers

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